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The Urban Clinic

In case you didn’t already know.. here’s a fun fact of the day: I used to be obese.

Like, literally obese. I was 80+kg, and even though I stand pretty tall at 1.68m, that’s still severely overweight. To the point of having legitimately worrying health concerns and problems, apart from just a plummeting self esteem. I have no idea how I ever let myself get that big, but ever since then, I’ve been trying to shed off and KEEP off the weight.

I’ve been relatively successful, losing more than 20kg – yay, go me!

But one thing anyone who has ever lost a significant amount of weight will tell you, is that losing the weight is the easier part – keeping it off it is even more difficult! Because you can lose weight in short bursts, but maintaining is depends on the rest of your lifestyle – every day, every month and every year! What’s worst is that no matter how much weight you lose, there will always be annoying problem areas with very stubborn fat for certain women. For myself, I struggle with huge love handles! My love handle situation is so bad, that it’s probably my second biggest insecurity of all time. Woes of a bottom heavy female..

But there’s hope and good news for us!!!

The Urban Clinic is the FIRST clinic in Singapore to bring in SculpSure – the world’s first FDA-cleared laser treatment for non-invasive lipolysis of the flanks and abdomen.

It is a state-of-the-art, controlled light-based technology for patients looking to get rid of stubborn fat. It is a a game changer in unwanted fat removal.

I was really excited to learn more about SculpSure through Dr Yanni Xu. During my consultation with her, it felt very much like talking to a friend rather than a doctor-to-patient conversation, because she is so warm and friendly!

She made the effort to understand my concerns regarding my face and body very thoroughly, and didn’t recommend me to do a whole bunch of procedures like other aesthetic clinics have previously proposed. She only suggested what she felt could benefit me more, and never once made me feel like there was anything “wrong” with the way I looked. The vibes at other clinics can feel a little judgemental sometimes – you can be rest assured there will be none of that here.

It made a deep impression me, and resulted in me feeling extremely comfortable doing any treatment at The Urban Clinic.

When I first walked into the clinic, I noticed how different it was from other clinics – a lot less white, less “sterile” and serious, much more fun, vibrant with good vibes all around! They’ve definitely done “Contemporary” right!

The Urban Clinic is the expression of Dr Yanni Xu’s dream to see many more people benefit from first-class aesthetic treatment.

They offer revolutionary aesthetic solutions and a range of products based on medical research. And the latest technology they’ve brought in, Sculpsure, will make any woman who wants to get rid of a problem area excited!

Since this is such an impressive machine and the first one in Singapore, let’s get down to the technical details… because it’s so important to do adequate research about what you’re doing to your own body whenever you’re getting some adjustments done, no matter temporary, or permanent! I have extracted helpful information about SculpSure from The Urban Clinic’s website to assist me in writing this post.

Innovative Technology to Sculpt and Define

The SculpSure 1060nm wavelength laser selectively targets adipose tissue (fat) below the dermis. Over time, the body naturally eliminates the fat cells. Positive results are seen in as little as six weeks with optimal results usually seen at 12 weeks. Sculpsure induces adipocyte injury by raising adipose temperature to a range of 42°C to 47°C with no damage to surrounding tissue.

A frame belt is used to hold paddles which are customized to targetted body fat areas. Using a controlled hyperthermic fat reduction technology, the paddles release energy at an optimum wavelength to be absorbed by fat cells; while leaving the surrounding dermal tissue intact.

No Disruption to Regular Activity

A patient can get right back to work or play after the 25 minutes treatment. Singaporeans lead busy lives. They require a body contouring solution which is fast and simple. Sculpsure meets this criteria and is ideal for on-the-go executives and busy mums.

Positive Customer Satisfaction and Lasting Results

In clinical tests, Sculpsure achieved patient satisfaction of 90%. Patients report that their clothes fit better and a visible improvement in their midsection (belly flab, love handles, or their hips).

Clinical trials report an average of 24% of fat cells reduced after one session. The results are visible within six weeks and optimum results will be visible in just 12 weeks. Results are expected to be long-term if a patient maintains his weight with regular diet and exercise.

So what do I personally think of it?

I got SculpSure done only on my love handles so far, which required two sessions over approximately two months. The pain level varied, some parts hurt more than others, and at any point in time when I felt like it was too uncomfortable, I would let them know to adjust the temperature, which provided immediate relief. I would say that the discomfort level will be extremely different for each individual, depending on your own pain tolerance and which part of the body you’re getting done. For me, the front side was so mild that I almost fell asleep doing the treatment.

You’ll feel cold and hot, then cold and hot sensations for 25 minutes straight… after the first ten minutes, your body won’t even recognize what temperature it is anymore, because it’s so confused by the constantly changing temperature settings! You will also feel contractions and pulsations in the area being treated, but they’re nothing intolerable.

Since the whole thing is only 25 minutes long (or short, in this case), by the time you start to get used to the sensations, it’s almost over. Back to whatever you have to do for the rest of the day, no down time! Apart from a slight aching feeling that lasts a few days, you won’t even remember you had anything done.

This would be a great treatment that office workers could go for during weekdays when they have their lunch break, because The Urban Clinic is located at Raffles City, so it’s really convenient for them to just pop by for a session before heading back for work. You’d be surprised to know that many SculpSure clients are actually males, and not a female dominated clientele group! I guess guys prefer more scientific based methods with proven technologies, rather than singing up for a slimming program at one of those centers, which some may feel are rather gimmicky and not as trustworthy as a medical clinic.

My results?



My love handles were visibly and measurably smaller & reduced after only TWO WEEKS!

Even my boyfriend, who is usually skeptical of these kinda treatments, commented that “they’re definitely smaller”! While it’s said that the maximum results will only be seen in a month or two, mine were obvious after just two weeks, which I found to be incredible.

No diet, no exercise, no lifestyle changes, no drastic measures had to be taken and for a 25 minute treatment, it sure worked its magic!

SculpSure is a procedure I would recommend for people who:

  • 1. Don’t want to commit to a treatment which requires many repeated trips or too much of your time
  • 2. Have specific areas of stubborn fat with a certain thickness
  • 3. Want to try something with scientific backing
  • 4. Prefer not having to diet to achieve inches lost

If you’re all of the above, then Sculpsure might just be for you!

Apart from SculpSure, Dr Yanni also did a botox injection for me to reduce bulging of the jaw muscles. I have a pretty wide jawline and very prominent jaw muscles that grow big because of the aggressive chewing I do mainly with my molars and back teeth, and a few simple jabs of botox will fix that right up!

They applied numbing cream, allowed it to set, then numbed my face even further with an ice pack (yay for taking extra precautions!) and what happened next actually made me laugh out loud.

They applied a vibrating device to my thigh (for distracting purposes) and then tapped me repeatedly on my forehead while they inserted the needle into my face. This hasn’t happened at the other clinics I’ve been to, but I really appreciated the extra effort just to distract me from the stinging sensation when the needle goes in!

The pain was extremely minimal, and definitely the most comfortable I’ve been doing any aesthetic procedure. I was actually laughing throughout the few minutes it took for the jabs to be done, because I found it ridiculous that someone was tapping my forehead the entire time.

The botox jaw reduction makes your face appear slimmer and sharper in a matter of weeks. The difference is obvious, yet extremely natural looking, and I can’t imagine anyone not loving this treatment! Thank you Dr Yanni from The Urban Clinic for providing such top notch services! I’m super pleased with my results of the treatments I have done, and I’ve been singing praises of this clinic to anyone who asks. If you pay them a visit, you’ll fall in love with the warm ambience of the clinic, just like I did!

The Urban Clinic

Address: 52, North Bridge Road, #01-15, Raffles City Mall S179103 (next to the taxi stand facing Chijmes)
Phone: +65 62540407, +65 62540419


Slim Couture Post 4: 10 reasons why I don’t want to be fat anymore or EVER AGAIN

Over the past few years, I’ve gained and lost more than 20kg. Yeah…. that is A LOT of weight.

At my heaviest I was something like 82kg.. and now I’m a few kg below 60kg. My ideal weight according to Slim Couture is 52kg, and even though I don’t dare to say this to their face (in case they laugh at me / in case it doesn’t happen), really, in my heart I’m hoping for 50kg. My height is 168cm. I know of girls around my height who are 45kg-50kg and they look amazing. If I’m going to set a target for myself, might as well put it at the level of “amazing”, right? My next goal is to be as slim as possible, not just to be of a “healthy weight” anymore, because I’ve already achieved that. Now, it’s moving on the next mile stone and honestly, it’s about ideals – not just the basics. I know I already have a lot of blog posts documenting my weight loss… but in this post, I want to dig a little deeper and share with you my innermost thoughts, and some secrets.

Being obese made me extremely upset.

I felt horrible about myself all the time, and I always came up with sad excuses to make up for what I lacked (confidence, a realistic perception of my own body and the determination to do something about it). Friends who hadn’t seen me in a long time always had to mask their surprise / shock / horror when they saw how much weight I’d gained. Even my own mother offered me MONEY if I “could lose at least 5kg”. I can’t remember the exact amount, but I think it was $3000 in cash. She was THAT desperate to see her daughter healthy, beautiful and happy again. Most days, I felt dejected, victimized, and most of all… unaccepted. In my head, a little voice always goes, “Why can’t these people love me for who I am? Why can’t they just be happy for me and accept that I like food, and that I’m okay with being fat?”

I got so so so angry at anyone who called me fat. I KNEW it was the truth, but I hated how everyone used “fat” as a weapon against me. At the end of the day, nobody likes their flaws being pointed out and thrown around for the fun of public humiliation, even if it is the truth. No slut likes to be called a slut even if they are one deemed by society’s standards, no short person wants to be called a midget, no ugly person wants to be labelled as unattractive and the more you call someone out for being less than perfect, the more likely they will recline further into their shell and block themselves out from the world.

I wish I had someone else to blame for my weight gain. I was so selfish that I almost wished I could scream and yell at my boyfriend for taking me to buffets at least once a week. We would (I shit you not) go for a Japanese buffet, then an ice cream dessert cafe straight after that. We were pretty much stuffed silly every single day. I bet Sam never knew I’d get so fat. He probably just wanted to make his girlfriend happy, and since food made her happy, he bought her food. The scariest part about weight gain is how quickly it all happened to me. Fair enough, I was extremely oblivious in my relationship and thought that because I had already found a man who would “love me no matter what”, I could let myself go and it would be okay because someone in this world promised to love me unconditionally… but I never knew I’d fallen so deep, and so far, that I lost not just my self-confidence, but myself entirely. Well yeah, I’m not blind and I always knew I was getting bigger in size with every passing day, but obesity hit me real good. It kicked me so hard in the face, that I was knocked out and in denial for the longest time. I thought that I was “curvy” and “real-sized”, but I didn’t realize I was actually disgustingly unhealthy and the worst part of being super overweight is looking in the mirror, and seeing your reflection scream back at you: “YOU DID THIS TO YOURSELF. This is all because of your laziness, greediness, and your unwillingness to do anything to change this situation.”

Some people don’t gain weight as easily as others. Some people pile on weight like it’s their job to do so. You could put on 5-8kg in just a month if you have horrible eating habits (which I did), and unless you’ve ever worked off more than 5-8kg of fats before… you have NO IDEA how fucking difficult it is. Let me tell you something. As someone who has yoyo-ed 20kg the past few years, I can say that weight is not difficult to lose. 1 or 2kg? No problem. I can lose that in less than a week. The real difficult part is STAYING MOTIVATED AND DETERMINED, and keeping up the weight loss progress. And losing anything more than 5kg, yeah, that’s tough. Fat people are fat for a reason. They love food / they are super lazy / they eat all sorts of bad food / whatever reason. Even if they know that they’ve gained weight and want to do something about it, the core reason for their weight gain in the first place STILL exists. Old habits die hard. I know for the love of god that I still love food to this day, as much as I did when I was 82kg. I could still eat 6 meals a day if I didn’t know any better. I still would be more than happy to have carbs for every meal and a soft drink + dessert to accompany it… don’t forget to order my starter along with the main course, too. My favorite meal is supper. What can I say? I’m a greedy girl. There’s no other way to put it.

But through all the emotional trauma, life changes and self-denial, somewhere along the line, I decided that “enough was enough” and I’ve just about HAD IT with being a fat girl. No more feeling like I’m worth less just because I’ve got flabs hanging out everywhere. No more crying myself to sleep because of something someone had said, or because I hated myself for what I was doing to me. No more wondering how it’d feel like to be comfortable in my own skin again. No more dying while climbing a flight of stairs. I HATED BEING FAT, AND GOD, I NEVER EVER EVER EVER WANT TO BE FAT AGAIN.

I came up with 10 very simple reasons why I never want to be fat again / why I hated being fat, and searched through my old pictures to bring you the very best of my worst pics for added entertainment value. I’m surprised by my own brazen (or you can say shameless) behavior, publishing photos that equal to social suicide but whatever, man. That person isn’t me anymore, and if photos of myself in the past can teach a lesson or provide some laughs to people, why not? This post revolves entirely around my personal opinions on obesity because I hope it’ll reach out to whoever needs this little push along their way. Everyone already knows the basic reasons why you should lose weight: for health, for self-confidence, blah blah blah. You already know that. I don’t have to tell you. My reasons in this post vary from personal, to superficial and plain legit. If you don’t agree with any of these reasons, let me tell you first that I don’t care. We all have the right to feel what we want about ourselves, but having come so far on my own weight loss journey, I thought it would be a real shame if I didn’t share these sentiments with girls (and guys) who might find them helpful. Even though I have not reached my goal weight yet and I’m still chubby in my opinion.. I’ll get there soon enough. Here’s my own motivation for doing so.



1) I want to wear cute clothes in normal sizes. I want to wear high heels without being paranoid of them buckling under my immense weight.

You see this photo above? I wore my pajamas shorts out to the beach (during winter) over my leggings. Because I couldn’t find any other shorts that could fit me. My bottom was a size 16. Everything else either didn’t fit, or felt terribly uncomfortable. So I wore my pajamas out. ….Sad? I THINK SO.

I want to be able to walk into any store, and instantly be able to pick out the style or piece that I like, without worrying “do they have XL for this?”. I want to be able to shop freely without shop assistants eyeing me suspiciously because they think I’ll tear their clothes when I try them on. I don’t want the shop assistant to instantly pick out “plus size styles” for me the moment I walk into the store telling me “this is what we have in your size”, giving me special help as if I’m some disabled person who’s not able to choose her own clothes. I want to be able to wear skinny jeans, tight bodycon dresses, crop tops and short shorts. Most clothes were made and designed for skinny people. It’s really difficult to find nice clothes that fit a UK 16 girl well. I’ve been down that road, and shopping trips actually end up being frustrating and demoralizing as opposed to a fun time a normal girl would have. Every mirror you look into wants to fight a war with you. Somehow, everything looks like shit on you. NOTHING FITS.


2) When you get fat, your boobs get enormous. Guess what? Enormous boobs are HEAVY.

They gave me severe backache. Even my feet would hurt from lifting so much weight on a daily basis. I couldn’t sleep properly at night because of how much my back ached every day. Don’t know how large my boobs were at my fattest, maybe a very large C or borderline D, but boy.. imagine carrying around watermelons on your chest. That’s what it felt like. They were so big, they literally hurt. Jogging or running was a nightmare because those things wouldn’t stop jiggling and bouncing everywhere. Every bra felt like it didn’t give enough support, and for some reason, bras were extremely uncomfortable to wear. I hated wearing bras back then.

Also, overly large boobs are obscene.. Overly-large-anything is obscene, and breasts are no different. Even when I wore an innocent tank top, I looked like I was trying too hard to be sexy or that I’m trying to flash my cleavage 24/7. Holy shit, look at my boobs in the pic above. Hahahah hilarious. My boobs aren’t even 1/4 that size now I think. I’m very happy about my current modest B cup, by the way. My chest and back thanks me for not heaving around watermelons all day, too.


3) I wanna take photos beside my gorgeous, slimmer girlfriends and not feel terribly inferior and horrible about myself.

I don’t want to “hide behind people” in group shots in order for me to appear smaller, and them, larger. I don’t want to only take pictures in a specific angle because that’s the only one I look semi-decent in.

Above: no photoshop.
Below: also no photoshop.

This changing-room-selfie was taken just this week. Not having to photoshop so much saves me plenty of time when I’m posting stuff online, and I am also no longer afraid of my own reflection.


4) I wanna feel sexy, happy and comfortable in my own skin – even when I’m naked. That beast above? NOT sexy.

It’s not a nice feeling when your thighs rub together when you walk, or when your armpits get smelly because the fats are blocking ventilation, or when your arse crack never gets to see the light of day because it’s squashed together from the mass that is itself. I guess when I was obese, I could pretend I wasn’t so by covering myself up with long flowy clothes… but you can’t hide from the naked truth. Staring at my own naked body was gut-wrenching.

It’s easy to pretend or forget that you’re actually super overweight when you get used to your own reflection and hide behind loose or “flattering” clothing. Or just tell yourself that you’re curvy, and that you look fine because you can “fill our your clothes”. Well I realized that once I stripped off my clothes and stared back at my own naked reflection, there’s A LOT of flaws that were staring right back at me. All that cellulite that I usually cover up with a long dress…. stretch marks…. lumps and bumps. Even if you hide them with clothing, they don’t go away – they still exist on you. Are you really happy in your own skin? Or are you only happy when you’re covered up as much as possible?


5) Even if you’re born with good features or a pretty face, getting fat can fuck that all up.

I’m not going to waste my time trying to think of how to phrase this in a less obnoxious way: I think I was born with pretty good looks. At least, I do not think I am ugly, but that’s not to say I think I’m a 10. I would give myself a 7/10. That’s a healthy dosage of self confidence, right? I’d be worried about anyone who gives themselves a 6 or lower. I’m happy with my facial features. But man, when I started piling on the kilograms… a lot of the original “me” got lost along the way.

I used to think that even though I was getting fatter, “at least my face still looks good”. OH HOW WRONG I WAS. Your body and your face are not two separate entities. They go hand in hand. If your body is weak, healthy, malnourished or obese, IT SHOWS on your face. Why do you think drug addicts’ faces look like hell? Because their body went through hell.

This is a recent selfie of me, which you can compare to the above:

Yeah, so my eyebrows are completely different and the new make up / angle helps a bit, but the main point is my face and features seemed to have changed completely. My face no longer seems as “stretched” or as wide. Oh my god, suddenly I have a nose bridge again! And no, I’ve never done fillers or anything. Also, not sure why, but my skin wasn’t as good when I was obese. Think it was all the unhealthy, artery (and pore?) clogging food I was stuffing my face with.

So yes, if you’re quite overweight, losing weight WILL make your face look better.



6) I don’t want people to look at me and think, “what the fuck is that fat person doing?”

Because we’re all judgemental people. If it was a normal girl riding that pony, it would be fine. But because I am SO FAT in this picture, I automatically look ridiculous, and even though the pony ain’t a living pony, suddenly we’re concerned for the pony’s health. Hey, machine pony, you ok? You sure you’re not breaking under that pressure? Well, okay, if you say so…

When I was obese, I couldn’t eat in complete peace because I always felt like people were judging me when I ordered or ate my food. They’re probably thinking in their heads, “Are you sure you want a whole pizza AND a pasta by yourself?”. Honestly, can you blame them? If you see a drug addict sniffing more drugs, wouldn’t you feel bad for them and perhaps even give a disapproving look or reach out a concerned hand? Or if an alcoholic starts downing shots like there’s no tomorrow.. surely there’s a cause for concern around here?

Yeah, people should mind their own business. If they know what’s good for them, they won’t say much in fear of offending you. But you can betcha ass they’re definitely thinking, “perhaps you should probably order a salad instead.” when you’re dining with them. Hell, they may even get uncomfortable around you because you eat so much. You may even look on in disgust as someone orders two desserts when the only thing they should be ordering is a personal trainer. I know I’ve done it to overweight people before (judge them), AND I’ve also been the one to gross people out by my habits (being judged).


7) For years, I dreamt of wearing a bikini out with confidence some day.

Swimwear is every fat person’s worst nightmare. Because on the beach, it makes no sense to cover up yourself completely… we have no choice but to bear our skin. Unless you wear a wetsuit, like I did, of course. Wearing that wetsuit and looking that thick… sheesh, I was lucky no great white shark came along and mistook me for a seal or a baby pilot whale.

I’m so happy to announce that in my recent trip to Bali, I actually wore a bikini set and went snorkeling in it!!!! YES I was embarrassed, yes I still had flabs jiggling in the wind as the speed boat whizzed through the ocean, but boy, was it liberating to jump into the ocean in nothing but my bikini. It felt AMAZING. I felt so free. Didn’t matter in that moment that I don’t look like a Victoria’s Secret angel, it mattered that I was proud enough of my own body to have a nice day out at sea without fretting over how fat and awful I may look.


8) I wanted the people who loved me to not be embarrassed of my physique. I wanted them to be proud of who I was.

I don’t know how my boyfriend still loved me even though I looked like that…. he even tried to cover my tummy for me. Aw.

Life is TOO SHORT to live a good part of it hating your own body. Stop that shit right now. Even though your partner may love you truly for who you are, nobody in their right mind wouldn’t prefer a fit partner. Fit partners live better and longer. When you’re really fat, it does not ONLY affect you. It definitely affects the people around you. It affects their thoughts of you and how they behave around you. It may not necessarily make your friends or loved ones think of you any worse, but being fat has ONLY ever brought about inconvenience – never convenience. Unless it’s keeping warm, then your skinny friends can snuggle up to you, I guess. I know a lot of my friends and family were getting extremely concerned about my well-being – “What’s wrong with Jessica? Why is she letting herself get so fat? Does she have an eating disorder? Is she depressed? What’s wrong?!” Because, let’s face it – being really fat is NOT normal. It’s unhealthy, both physically and mentally. If I had continued being greedy and lazy and getting fatter, I would not only be doing myself a disfavor, but I would be letting down the people who care about me as well. They, and I, deserve better than that.



9) I’m sick and tired of having to suck in my fat gut ALL THE TIME!

If you always eat huge amounts of food, eventually the fat will start depositing in areas like your thighs, arms, face, etc… But most immediately, it goes to your stomach. Look how huge and bulbous my tummy used to be!!! I had no waistline whatsoever. People probably couldn’t decide if I was just really overweight, or 4 months pregnant. Oh, I was pregnant alright, with a food baby that I carried around for YEARS! If I didn’t suck in my stomach it would hang loose and bulge incessantly. Yuck. With a lot of dieting and hard work, I finally have a nice waist line now!!! Never going to give it up. EVER.



10) Last, but definitely not least…. I don’t want to let myself give people reasons to insult me, or make me feel like I’m worth any less a person, just because I’m fat. Enough of the fat jokes, fat insults, fat comments.

Thank god I’m not fat anymore, because every Chinese New Year, my loud relatives no longer exclaim with widened eyes, “WAH!!! JESSIE!! SOOOO00O0O0OO0 FAT AH!!!!!!!!!!!! *pinch cheeks*”

….There is truly nothing more embarrassing than taunting relatives during Chinese New Year. Every flaw you ever had, they won’t hesitate to put it out in the open for discussion material. Nearing 30 but not married? Get hounded. Failing at school? Get hounded. Getting fatter and fatter? Get hounded. In front of all your cousins and other relatives…. where to hide your face?

The harsh truth and reality of the world is, if you’re fat, you WILL be judged, and you will be teased. But you can put an end to all of it.

…So there, are my 10 personal reasons as to why I don’t want to EVER be fat again. If you can’t relate to any of my points, congratulations, you’ve never been fat. Lucky you. If you CAN relate to what I’ve said, I beg you, do yourself a favor and start shedding those pounds. I’ve been where you are now, and it’s possible to emerge from that pile of confidence-sucking crap.

“Man, I regret losing all that weight, being healthier, looking better and feeling greater!” - SAID NO ONE EVER. I wanna thank Slim Couture for inspiring me to write this blog post. They did not ask me to write this post, by the way, it’s completely by my own accord and 100% my idea. If you’re new around here, Slim Couture is a TCM-method and Singapore based company, passionate in helping women achieve their target weight and physique. I’ve been visiting Slim Couture on and off since a couple of months ago, and they’ve aided me greatly in achieving my weight loss. I have so much to thank Slim Couture for! I know I say this every time, but I really do. Without the constant support from the ladies at Slim Couture, I would have definitely not be well on my way to achieving my target weight at this instance. I honestly SUCK at dieting, that’s why my progress is considered very slow compared to their other clients. Thanks to their Divine Slim treatment, I’ve gotten rid of 8kg, and an unbelievable amount of inches off my waist, arms, ass and thighs!

Check out my posts for more Slim Couture information here: Post 1 (beginning of my journey with them), Post 2 (weight loss progress), Post 3 (sam’s progress and our first event). For this post, I didn’t feel the need to hard sell because you all should already know by now how much I believe in Slim Couture’s treatment, and the gist of how their TCM methods work.. What you may not have known, though, is how much happier you’ll be as a fit, healthy or slim person instead of being miserably overweight.

Life-changing in every aspect, and without a doubt the best thing / most difficult I’ve done for myself in recent times. If you need help with getting started on your journey… I know of someone you can call.


Official website:
Facebook page:

18 Cross Street, #02-06
China Square Central
Singapore 048423
Tel: (+65) 6536 8586

190 Clemenceau Ave 2,
Singapore Shopping Centre, #05-29
Singapore 239924
Tel: (+65) 6336 8665


Slim Couture Post 3: Join us for our first event on 20th September!

Warning: there may or may not be a shocking photo of myself in my undies immediately below this sentence.

“Oh my gosh, look at her butt.” – Nicki Minaj in her newest video, Anaconda.

I’m not the only one in the world who actually likes that song (because of the video)… right? I think it’s hilarious. I can’t stop singing the song, especially when I made this collage of my side view with a photo I’d just taken earlier today at Slim Couture…. Check out my first and second post about my weight loss journey with Slim Couture if you haven’t already seen them. Damn right, look at that butt. It went from ginormous Nicki Minaj / Kim Kardashian-ish to, well, relatively normal. A normal kinda big. Hey, that I can deal with! Even though my weight loss progress with Slim Couture hasn’t been moving along in the kinda speed I’d had hoped for in the beginning no thanks to my usually non-existent dieting and frequent traveling + binging, at least I’ve got these photos for visual evidence of my efforts. The photo above is me with around 5kg+ loss, since the beginning of the treatment. I haven’t even dieted much (as any of my friends will tell you), perhaps less than 10% of what I’m supposed to (I’m sorry Slim Couture), so I do believe that Slim Couture’s treatment has worked wonders on me. Weight apart, my cm loss is pretty astounding. My ass looks like it shrank half in size! My tummy and waist are also way more slender. My boobs shrank considerably too (LOL), hence I could not wear the hideously large black bra in the first two photos any longer because it was so loose, it looked like I stole it from my grandmother’s closet. I don’t mind the smaller boobs though, large boobs are so heavy.

I don’t know how come I’ve become so okay with showing my underwear photos to everyone on my blog. I uploaded the above without even any second thoughts. I guess I got excited to share my progress with you all. I shrank it to a smaller size not to “preserve my decency”, but because I thought the visual disparities would be more immediate to the eye this way. I’m displaying unflattering photos of myself for the world to scrutinize and criticize on the internet, but hey, I don’t give a damn. I’ve reached the point whereby my physique is no secret or big deal, it is what it is and no matter anybody says about me (ew, her ass is so fat. yuck, shiberty has wide hips like a mother cow. omg did you see shiberty’s fugly pics in her granny underwear on her blog?) it is not going to faze me in the slightest. You won’t be able to tell me something I don’t already know. If it needs work, then work I shall. That’s exactly what I am right now – a work in progress.

I guess my weight is a matter-of-fact thing to me now, and I’m SO thankful that I can feel this rational about it…. because the worst feeling in the world is knowing you’re not in shape, and that you’re horribly unhealthy, yet feeling absolutely no resolution to do anything about it. Then letting people’s daggers of insults mercilessly rip you apart again and again. I know exactly how that feels, because my highest weight was over 80kg at one point in time. Accepting the situation for what it is – that you need help, be it physical, mental or nutritional, is so important because the first step to acting out changes in your life is solemn acknowledgement. You shouldn’t let yourself become too caught up with being ashamed of your obesity, as long as you’re working towards a solution. Everyone’s got their problems. You should embrace it like a real mental issue which results in physical consequences, such as anorexia and depression. People laugh at fat people all the time and think that they’re just greedy pigs who eat too much without exercising enough. While that may not be entirely untrue so to speak, that may not be the whole story.

Making that assumption is like saying anorexia only happens to bimbos who are so obsessed with vanity they don’t know how to differentiate skinny and malnutrition, or that depressed people are losers who can’t get a grip on their lives. It’s unfair to make such sweeping statements about a condition you haven’t been through yourself. If you’ve been through that shit, you won’t be so quick to judge others for it. I’ve been both depressed and obese before (happy to say that I am neither now), and I can tell you that if I could have it any other way in my life, I would NEVER have let myself fall into depression or obesity and I sorely wish it didn’t take me those few long years to fight the tough battles.

Sometimes there’s a back story that contributes to the main problem… some people actually have health issues that contribute to obesity, although sometimes, the reason for their obesity can be as simple as not having enough self-control. Some people drink away their feelings, and others eat their feelings. Both are unhealthy ways to deal with matters of the heart and mind. To me, food has always been a source of comfort. I love food in a way that few other people do. My idea of fun on a Sunday is to whip up a meal with friends. Food styling is currently my favorite hobby. I create customized desserts for a living. I’m a very discerning eater, sometimes maybe even a little snobbish. I love food, and food loves me so much that it wants to stay on my hips forever.

The reason why I gained so much weight is because I was too complacent, lazy, and uninspired to do anything about my horizontally expanding figure…. In a way, I wanted to “fuck it all” and just be “fat and happy”. Now, I realize, “fat and happy” are two words that are nearly impossible to use in the same sentence. I was doing photoshoots and trying to look good since I was 14 years old, and truth be told, I was tired of keeping it up. Looking good is a lifelong commitment. Eat right, keep fit, wax your armpits, shave your legs, groom your eyebrows, cut your hair, buy new trendy clothes that are often expensive… Jeez. Ain’t nobody got time for that. But, I realize that if you want something enough, you’ll make time for it to work out. If you look good, you feel good. It’s just the way it is. It’s not about being superficial… it’s about being realistic. Being really overweight, to me, is like having oily messy ungroomed hair that’s full of dandruff, yellow stained teeth with black cavities, bad breath or body odour.. these are things that are considered universally undesirable or unattractive not because everyone’s a judgemental asshole on a pedestal, but because these physical traits scream “I don’t care about me enough to take care of me”, or, “there’s something wrong with me”. And that, is a sign of unhealthiness. Everyone wants to be with somebody healthy, someone they can feel good around. I used to think that I was curvy, and that men liked curves, therefore I was still attractive and in decent shape…. because round is also a shape, right? *delusional*

But you know what? There’s a fine line between curvy, and plain fat, which I think gets blurred along the way based on people’s warped perceptions of beauty. Some people think they’re fat when they’re slim or SKINNY, while others think they’re cute and perfectly fine when they’re scientifically OBESE (me in 2011). You are definitely obese when your BMI says so. Yeah, some girls are big and curvy but it’s not full of cellulite and flabs. Look at Nicki Minaj. Girl’s got the biggest ass in the media industry, but she doesn’t have bulging love handles or soft lumps, from what I can tell from her Anacondo music video, at least. Damn, she’s in better shape than most people I know, and she’s HUGE. She’s REALLY thick in the middle. Bottom line is, you ain’t got no heavier bones or muscles that they don’t already give you leeway for. BMI calculators are very forgiving. I learned a hard lesson when I calculated my BMI one day and realized that it wasn’t even in the “Overweight” category like I’d expected, this freaken health website was actually telling me that I was very much OBESE. I cried myself to sleep that night, and tried to make myself feel better by eating more of my favorite food the next day. It’s a truly vicious cycle, low self esteem is. I disapprove of unnecessary and unconstructive blatant fat-shaming, but I also do not think promoting “curves” in the wrong way is acceptable. The kinda curves women want, are not jiggly lumps, simply put. I hope that by sharing my own opinions about what should be considered a healthy weight or not will help some girls out there who may be struggling with the concept of their size. They don’t know if they’re fat, obese, thin, or just normal. I would like to inspire, or rather, empower women who are overweight to do something about it. I don’t mean beat yourself up over it and feel shitty about your life. I mean hey, go on a sustainable diet, jump on the treadmill or go to Slim Couture. Do anything, except nothing.

Here’s some recent photos of myself, all cropped to square format because they were taken for Instagram originally:

I’m feeling a lot more confident, happy, and healthy these days.

I’m still flabby and a little thick, of course. If you touch my stomach, arms or thighs, they jiggle like jelly. I feel like Ditto the pokemon when I walk around. I’m definitely not toned, nor close to ideal physique still, which I would really some day like to be, after I work all these fats off. However long it takes, I hope, pray, and would like to believe, some day I’ll get there. I could definitely stand to lose another 5kg at least, before I start hitting the gym (being on the Slim Couture treatment means no excessive exercising). But for now, I do feel rather pleased with myself, for I know I’ve come so far from being a size UK 16. I have Slim Couture to thank for this. I can’t say I could have done this all by myself without them – that would be a lie. When I faltered, they stuck by me and encouraged me the whole time, always pushing me along when I needed the motivation. When I felt like giving up and cried out, “I can’t do this!!!” they would always firmly tell me, “Yes, you can.”

I’m not the only one who has benefited from Slim Couture’s treatments.

Look at Sam’s amazing results in just slightly over 1 month! He lost more than a total of 6kg. Guys tend to get tummy fat easier than girls, and that’s always been his problem area. Girls will collect fat on their hips, thighs and arms… but more often than not, for a guy, it usually goes straight to their gut. Slim Couture is open to helping not only the ladies, but men too. Sam tried to get rid of his tummy by crash dieting previously, but the results were slow and unconvincing.. and he only started on Slim Couture after witnessing that it worked on me. I’m honest-to-god convinced and happy that Slim Couture could help him get rid of his beer and food belly, which was no easy feat at all. He’s a lot more confident now, and has even started hitting the gym these days thanks to a new found appreciation for keeping himself fit. He looks better now than he does in the photos above!

Having said all of this… If you’re still not convinced about whether this method of TCM slimming works, or if you’d just like to find out more information about how this can help you or someone you know, I think you’ll be happy to know that Slim Couture is holding their first ever event on 20th September 2014, 1-4pm at China Square Central, 18 Cross Street, #02-06 Singapore 048423… and they’ve asked me to invite 15 of my followers down to come hear about my personal experience, alongside my good friend Yina Goh!

This will be a perfect opportunity to:

✔ Come and chat with us bloggers during this casual session
✔ Find out if it’s just good angles and photoshop or do we really look like that in person
✔ Ask the lady bosses of Slim Couture any question you’ve ever had about their methods, techniques and treatment
✔ Check out the actual premises of one of their outlets
✔ Receive 5% off your Slim Couture package if you sign up on that day itself
✔ Go home with a door gift worth $108
✔ Indulge in healthy food that won’t make you fat – catering will be provided and it will showcase the carefully selected approved diet foods
✔ Wish me Happy Birthday personally, because the event day is my actual date of birth! I turn 22 on the 20th of September!

You don’t have to pay or sign up or whatever to come join us that day. No strings attached, that’s a promise. Slim Couture isn’t into the hard-sell method and will not pressure you into buying any package if you’re simply not interested. The lady bosses are extremely humorous and nice in real life, so I’m sure we’ll all have a good time. All you have to do is be the first 15 to email them at, quoting “Shiberty X Slim Couture”, and you’ll receive an invite!

I’m awfully glad to have another opportunity to meet my followers! I would like to thank you for the support you’ve given me throughout the months and years in person, too. In all seriousness… I’m gonna be pretty upset if nobody shows up to wish me Happy Birthday, lol. Our partners, Sam and Yongzhuan (Yina’s fiance) will also be present that day to speak from a man’s point of view, to switch things up a bit.

Even if you’re NOT overweight or fat, you can still come to ask about how Slim Couture can help you target problem areas, or you can come on behalf of someone whom you know that might benefit from TCM slimming. The entire Slim Couture team, Yina and I, are extremely excited about this event, and we can’t wait to meet you in person. See you lovely people there!

Official website:
18 Cross Street, #02-06
China Square Central
Singapore 048423
190 Clemenceau Ave 2,
Singapore Shopping Centre, #05-29
Singapore 239924

Slim Couture Post 2: Weight Loss Progress

So you guys know I’ve been trying to lose weight.. (what’s new?!) but what I’m going to show you today is visual results from the past 2 months of my efforts! You will definitely be surprised.

It’s been a great journey with Slim Couture so far. Read my first post introducing them on my blog here.
To quickly recap:
Slim Couture is a home-grown Singapore company focused on helping women lose weight safely. Through the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, Slim Couture prides itself in providing 100% results guaranteed weight loss solutions to female clients with weight issues since 2010.
Having been on their program for 2 months now, I have hardly any complains. Initially, my gripes were that I couldn’t get used to seeing the marks left by the cupping on my body, and that the treatments can be painful. But as time went on, I realize that these two “disadvantages” are actually quite useful to me. For starters, the marks on my body are a constant visual reminder that I’m on this slimming program. I never have the chance to forget this fact. People are always asking me, “Oh!!! What happened to you?” and I reply with, “Cupping. For slimming. I’m fine!” It’s always good to keep yourself in check, and to let others know that you’re trying to lose weight.. Because whenever I eye fattening food with glistening eager eyes, my friends would shoot back, “Aren’t you supposed to be on a diet?!” 
…Sob. T_T Yes, I am. No more french fries for me!!! 
Secondly, the pain from the scraping is actually something you’ll get used to after awhile, and helps you build pain tolerance. Gua Sha and Cupping is actually known to provide health benefits, and people do them normally even when they’re not trying to lose weight. What used to be borderline intolerable, is now just a couple of minutes of discomfort and unpleasant sensations that I’ve come to realize, will quickly pass. It’s also very good at convincing you not to eat fatty foods! Less fats = less slimming = less pain. Honestly, gua sha scraping can feel pretty shiok on some areas too, like on your calves and on your back where there’s been built up tension.
So all in all, I’d have to say I am a satisfied client of Slim Couture. Seeing my measurements slowly but surely drop every session feels so good!!! I know I’m on my way to a better and healthier body. Although according to them, my results are reallyyy slow compared to their other clients… LOL no thanks to my incessant binge eating.. I really can’t control my appetite!!!! I’m sorry!!! But I do try my best, as much as I can! And I’m STILL proud of what I’ve achieved so far.. Slow and steady wins the race??? *comforts self* To be fair to myself, I’m showing progress, and it’s quite visible. At least enough for everyone to be telling me recently that I’ve lost weight – that has to count for something, right?!

My Weight Loss Progress from the past 2 months of undergoing the “Divine Slim” treatment with Slim Couture:

3+ KG Loss
Arms: 3.7cm
Tummy: 8cm
Thighs: 11.5cm
Never have I ever posted such vulnerable and revealing photos on my blog. I’m uncomfortable to even post anything too skimpy or suggestive on social media these days, but I’m doing something out of my comfort zone in this post because I know a lot of people genuinely want to know whether my results are real or not, so okay lah here you go!!!!!!

This is the real me! (with my head chopped off and in low resolution so as to protect myself)

Yes, I have a biggggg bum. I’ve always mentioned on my blog that I am bottom heavy, now do you believe me? My boyfriend likes to call me”J-Lo” because she also has a big ass and well, my name is Jessica Loh. :’D Sometimes he also nicknames me Kim Kardashian. My big bum is still big (lol), but dare I say quite a lot smaller now! If you move back away from your screen, the difference will be easier to notice. I haven’t lost that much on my arms (damn you arm fats) but I’ve realized that they’re not as obscenely large when I take photos these days. My tummy and waist are also smaller, and no, I wasn’t sucking in!

Don’t laugh at my huge granny bra. It’s comfortable. I know some girls are all about lacey frilly bras and g strings, but I like to be comfortable. Problem?!

Let’s zoom in on the parts that are the most apparent:
I used to have a stomach that bulged out so much, I couldn’t even look down and see anything but my toes, because I was constantly bloated. Now that I’m managing my portions and overall diet better, my stomach is actually quite flat!!! And I can look straight down. It’s a miracle. It’s not TONED, but at least it’s not BULGING.

It feels awesome to be able to walk around without having to suck your gut in! I also have a more defined waist and a less obvious muffin top. 

Woopiee!!!! ANDD I ALSO HAVE some sort of thigh gap going on now!! YAY! My big cankles are now more toned down. Those circle marks are residual cupping marks. 
Thanks to losing 11.5cm off my thighs area, I’ve actually started to wear jeans a lot more often now, much to everyone’s surprise! Everyone when they see me: Oh my god, are you wearing jeans? I’ve never seen you in pants before! Yeah, me too. I haven’t worn jeans since I got fat!!! Feels good to be in denim again, pants that I haven’t been able to wear for YEARS!
I am currently at the lightest weight and healthiest state I’ve been in probably, say, more than 3 years. I don’t know exactly when I started to gain weight, so it’s hard to say for sure, but my jeans don’t lie… when was the last time you saw me in jeans on my blog? My thighs and butt were too big to fit into anything relatively normal sized! If this is my progress in 2 months, I’m looking forward to see what I will look like by the end of the year – or even in a few extra months. It’s actually surprisingly easy to be on this slimming program, seeing as I’m not dieting as much as I should be and still losing weight (although I REALLY SHOULD!!!)

If you’re thinking of going for Slim Couture, please do yourself a favor and diet more than I did!!! You’ll be amazed by the results. 

I managed to convince Sam to try out for Slim Couture too. He’s always had a problem with his belly, and he’s been starting to get a little pudgy around edges too… his results in just THREE sessions are jaw-dropping. I’ve got to hand it to him!
Sam’s Weight Loss Progress in 3 sessions (approximately 2 weeks):

2.4KG Loss
Arms: 5.2cm
Tummy: 5cm
Thighs: 6.5cm
I do not have any Before / After pics of Sam yet, considering he’s only gone for three sessions.. but walao eh!!!! Don’t spoil market leh. It makes me look kinda bad, LOL. He’s almost at my level of progress, and I’ve been on it for 2 months, whereas he’s only had 2 weeks and already catching up to me. He’s not as easily tempted by food such as fries & ice cream like I am, and he’s way more determined when it comes to dieting. This is the sort of result you can hope to see if you follow their recommended diet strictly!
There’s a whole list of foods you can / shouldn’t eat, which Slim Couture will provide to all their clients, but I’m just going to briefly cover it here. No red meats, only white meats such as fish and chicken. No dairy, no nuts, no sugary or fatty fruits / vegetables (for e.g no avocado but yes to leafy greens, no mango but yes to dragonfruit), no processed food or sugar of any sort (duh. but I often have to taste test for my baking, so I fail miserably at this!), no deep fried food, no soups because of high sodium content, no simple or complex carbs except for 2 slices of plain wholemeal bread in the morning.

So what we basically end up eating is super healthy stuff like: tons of leafy vegetables, tofu, a lot of cherry tomatoes, various types of white fishes, chicken meat, eggs, etc….. If you stick to this diet, it’s almost impossible not to lose weight. Despite my lack of dieting and exercise, I still saw visible results with Slim Couture (as you can see by my pictures above) It’s not that I ONLY lost 3+kg in total during 2 months. That’s not true. I actually lost 1.5kg in the first week already – the problem is, I would somehow always find a way to put the weight back on sooner or later!!!! Just like during my Perth trip – I actually gained 2 kilos when I was away for only 5 days. Can you imagine that?! So at that point in time, I was heavier than when I actually started out with Slim Couture. -_- The most difficult part about weight loss is maintaining a steady progress, because it’s so easy to slip and falter, ruining all your hard work. 

Just a gentle note that you’ll have to wait at least four weeks after signing up with Slim Couture to start on your first session, because they’re pretty full with their appointments at the moment. 
Just you wait and see ok!!!! I’m tired of being a “big girl”. Dear god, I just want to be normal, and healthy. I’ll be back with even more impressive results next time.  Give me a bit more time! I’ll blog about Sam’s advanced results too. So far, he’s been handling it extremely well. Slim Couture is opening up a men;s outlet soon due to popular request, so I hope this gives my male readers out there something to look forward to. Couples can now also strive to lose weight the healthy and safe way together, just like Sam and I!

Quote “shiberty” to receive a complimentary slimming wrap worth $58 for every 4 sessions with them. This wrap will stimulate the slimming process and work wonders!


Official website:

18 Cross Street, #02-06
China Square Central
Singapore 048423

190 Clemenceau Ave 2,
Singapore Shopping Centre, #05-29
Singapore 239924

Eu Yan Sang – Weight Management Program Post 7

So, we’ve finally come to the last installment of my posts for Eu Yan Sang! After 7 whole posts, can you believe it’s been about 2 years since I started on their weight program?

Here’s taking a little stroll down memory lane.

Signing up for my very first consultation with them!

Extracted from my older blog post:  “I will never forget the day I walked through those clinic doors, because that day changed my life. I was bursting with excitement, yet afraid at the same time. Excited that someone out there was willing to offer their help to manage my weight problem, but also terribly afraid of the possible outcomes. For some reason, the idea that I was going to be fat forever was drilled into my head… What if even Eu Yan Sang couldn’t help me???”

I thought I would just become more and more obese until I was officially a blue whale, and that my situation was hopeless… I prayed that Eu Yan Sang’s weight management could genuinely help me, and it did. I was getting so used to life as an unattractive fat person, I didn’t think I could make the change. But hey, look at me now! Still chubby lah, but way more attractive and healthy at least!! THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE, you hear that girls?!

Don’t ever stop trying.

For some of us, including myself, maintaining an ideal weight or trying to get there is literally a lifelong battle.

With the proper diet and exercise routines, you WILL achieve results, as long as you persevere! Even if your weight rebounds back up sometimes because you’ve slacked off your diet, (happens to me a lot because I’m prone to binge eating) you can still get back on track. Eating bad for a day or two doesn’t mean you have to eat junk for the rest of the week. A fat week doesn’t equate to a fat month and most importantly a fat month doesn’t have to last a whole year, A LOT can happen in one year, and that includes getting rid of those flabs! Keeping fit is a lifelong chore, you don’t expect to maintain the same weight after your weight loss if you have unhealthy habits. Even people who are born with fast metabolism will realize one day that it slows down eventually, too.


Some time ago, I featured 2 out of 4 lucky winners of Eu Yan Sang’s contest to undergo their sponsored weight management program, and in today’s post we discover the successful results of the other two ladies after 3 months of treatment!


Pamela put on 12kg after she stopped breastfeeding, and found it difficult to lose this excess weight.

It was causing her to feel fatigue extremely easily, which compromised her ability to handle work and enjoy time with her very active toddler son. Her efforts to exercise were hampered as her knees would hurt every time she attempted strenuous activity.  The treatments kick-started a lifestyle change. She wanted to be healthier, and approached the Eu Yan Sang Weight Management treatment as a holistic health management program. She started being far more conscious of what she was eating, cutting down on simple carbohydrates and increased her intake of fruits, vegetables and lean meat. She supplemented her weekly personal training sessions with two more weekly cardio workouts.

The benefits started to reveal a slimmer waist line, trimmer hips and thighs. She felt more in control of her health and well being, increasingly able to be disciplined in her diet and exercise. The frequent headaches, dizzy spells and nausea that she had grown so used to became more manageable. She had more energy and could attempt physical activities that would not have been conceivable just three months before. She even went on a holiday to Sri Lanka and completed a climb of more than 200m to the top of the ancient fortress Sigiriya rock.

Pamela’s statistics
Weight (kg)
Waist (cm)
Upper Abdomen
Right Arm
Right Thigh

How do you feel about the Eu Yan Sang Weight Management program?
Great. Holistic, not just about weight management but also overall health improvement. 

What was the treatment like? 
Acupuncuture treatments worked very well to bring down my tummy and cupping was effective in making my thighs trimmer.

What have you learnt after the 3 months program in terms of weight management and health? 
It is POSSIBLE, even though I used to think it was impossible. I don’t have to resort to starving myself, I just need to make wiser and healthier lifestyle choices.  

What advice would you give for those who would like to embark on the EYS weight management program? 
Don’t give up. There was a period of 3 weeks where the weighing scale was not budging at all, and I felt very demoralised. The trick to losing weight is not to expect miracles overnight, but to persevere even when the results aren’t showing yet. 
Physician’s Feedback (Pamela consults Physician Lin JiaYi at Eu Yan Sang TCM Wellness Clinic @ Tiong Bahru):
Was she happy throughout the whole process or struggled?
She was quite good with keeping to her appointments, except when she went overseas (twice). And the holiday feasting didn’t help so it was stagnant for awhile.
What do you think was the biggest obstacle for her?
She’s very good in keeping committed. She has PCOS (cyst on ovaries) that causes her hormonal imbalance. One of the symptoms is weight gain, which was discovered during the course of her treatment. She went to see a gynae and got diagnosed.  Taking hormone pills could affect her weight gain, too.


Mary Ann has found the treatment beneficial and the first 2 weeks was especially motivational because she went on a strict diet, and lost a total of 3kg. She shares that her physician was very motherly, and always encouraging her to do better. Everytime she would go for her treatment session, her physician would advise on how she could do better and that she can do it if she puts her heart to it.

Mary Ann does not feel as tired as compared to before. Constant lethargy or fatigue is a common symptom and consequence of being overweight. She used to get out of breath while walking and talking at the same time, but no longer finds herself having to deal with that problem anymore. Another plus side would be that her bowel movement and constipation problems have improved!

Maryann’s Statistics
Weight (kg)
Waist (cm)
Upper Abdomen
Right Arm
Right Thigh
Can you share with us a little more on the reasons for your weight gain?
The weight gain was due to lack of exercise and absolute love of food. I used to do sports and eat a whole lot. But I ate as much as I did even though I stopped playing sports.
What’s the greatest difficulty during the 3 months program and how did you overcome it? 
I guess the greatest obstacle would be sticking to the plan – committing to the time and effort, traveling to the clinic and making it on time for the consultations were quite a feat

What have you learnt after the 3 months program in terms of weight management and health? 
My physician aside from advising me to cut on my carbohydrates, also introduced me to a chart that shows the different GI (Glycemic Index) in different types of food. I think that was really useful – it’s kind of like “counting your calories”.

What advice would you give for those who would like to embark on the EYS weight management program? 
My advice would be – do not be discouraged. A lot of times you would be dismayed by the numbers on the weighing scale – which I myself experienced. However, you would be surprise that the numbers on your arms, thighs, waist & hips do decline even when your weight doesn’t. Be patient, eat clean and exercise! 

Physician Feedback (Mary Ann consults Physician Chen Tong Mei at Eu Yan Sang TCM Wellness Clinic @ Jurong East):

Was she happy throughout the whole process or struggled?
She is quite a positive and optimistic person, and did not set a specific goal for herself. The weight loss was very fast in the beginning, and she lost 4-5 kg in the first few weeks. Her body measurements improve quite significantly as well. She was diligent with her sessions and had about 20 sessions in total. 
Thereafter, there was a period of work stress and the weight lost stalled, she was still looking better, even though the weight remained.
What do you think was the biggest obstacle for her?
Food control was a key factor. I asked her about her food intake, and realized that she tended to eat larger portions when she’s out and about. She also found it hard to find appropriate food options. 

And lastly, a little nugget of information for those of you who are interested in taking up this weight management program by Eu Yan Sang, here’s something you should know!

What is Eu Yan Sang TCM Wellness Clinics?

Eu Yan Sang TCM Wellness Clinics provide a sanctuary for those experiencing sub-optimal health issues to nurse themselves back to optimal well being. This ranges from fatigue, poor quality of sleep and other conditions triggered by stress and other factors. It caters to those who wish to take charge of their health and keep disease at bay.

Their wellness clinics also provide TCM weight management allowing one to not just lose body weight but maintain it at a healthy level, carried out safely under the strict guidance of a registered TCM physician. Keeping one’s weight in check can relieve other health problems caused by weight gain such as heart palpitations, shortness of breath and prevent the onset of chronic conditions such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, high cholesterol, bone and joint disease, severe metabolic disorders such as diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

There are currently 4 Eu Yan Sang TCM Wellness clinics located at Jurong East Central, Tiong Bahru Plaza, Marina Bay Link Mall and Novena Specialist Centre. You can check out their website for more details:


Special promotion for my readers: 
Thinking to try out Eu Yan Sang’s Weight Management Program? Visit any of the 4 Eu Yan Sang TCM Wellness Clinics and quote “Shiberty” to enjoy complimentary consultation*!

Terms & conditions apply:
Valid for customers who have not tried the Weight Management program before.
Offer valid now till 30 June 2014.
Not applicable with any other vouchers, patent products, promotion, packages, discounts or privilege cards.
Eu Yan Sang Management reserves the right of final decision in the event of any dispute.

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