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Mumtaz Mahal

So I know I’m supposed to post that super long and creative and fantastic wtf entry I promised to but I have failed :(

The entry is reallyyyyy long as hell and it’s getting quite tiring to finish it so I’ve decided to do it whenever. But omfg the Jesus Lizard video is so gold, how can you not be satisfied with it?!?

I have another gold story to share!!!

So like, a few minutes ago I was happy google-ing the most beautiful places in the world so that I’d know which places I should go to first…

Then I came across a few sites that recommended Taj Mahal in India.

pic credit: link as shown

And I knew what Taj Mahal was, but never gave it much thought.

I’m neither a tree hugger nor a vegan, but nature really is fucking amazing and one of my absolute favourite things to do whenever I have time (or I’ll make time for it!) is to just watch documentaries about nature.

Animals, tsunamis, really whatever I can get my hands on in YouTube. Gotta love YT, but their vids are all so short and low-quality, grr!!!

My recent obssession has been marine life :) I HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE FASCINATED IN MY LIFE!!!!

Ok wow major sidetrack!! Anyway back to my point.


So I’m impressed by nature’s wonders and not completely impressed by architecture or fancy buildings like the Colo-dunno-what they have in Rome and Taj Mahal.

And I was like, “Chey, dead king built some marble palace for his dead wife only what, big deal??? What for I want to see, not like it was built for me anyway! If I ever go to India, it’d be for the food and not a building.”

But I decided to do a brief background read-up about it and here’s what it says:

“Story goes that the emperor was grief stricken when he lost his beloved third wife, Mumtaz Mahal. It took several thousands of craftsmen, artisans and about twenty years to construct it. *insert the rest of boring story here*”

And I was like, ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?

Mumtaz Mahal?
How come so familiar???

I could’ve sworn I’ve heard those words before!

For a split second I was slightly impressed with myself for knowing something about ancient history even if it’s just a random name rofl.

But then I remembered – I’m disinterested in human history, I don’t even know the names of presidents, fat chance I’d know some third wife of some Emperor.


And very very comically, I suddenly recalled where I’ve seen and heard this name from.




….Yes yes yes, all the names start flashing in my head now!


Good grief, Mumtaz Mahal is the name of my favourite indian restaurant

which I force every pitiful soul who agrees to go out with me to dine at every time.

Wtf no wonder so familiar. Gotta love restaurants that name themselves after ancient third wifes of yadayada!!!!

Anyway that’s the pic of the restaurant I always talk about, located at Far East Plaza, so quit asking me about it eh. And don’t ask me what level it is etc etc because I will smack your head.

WTF you think Google is for??? How you think I got all this startling information from?!? Google is the sex and is my best teacher ever ILY Google!!!

I hope you all learned a little something today from this lor soh post about nothing really. LOL. But funny right?!?!? Right???


Mumtaz Mahal ILU!!! I want 2 b ur permanent food blogger!!! (“v”)


To my darling Fidel

“Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter won’t mind.”

Don’t be upset anymore babe! It’s not worth it. Shit happens but we shouldn’t let mistakes that were not our fault bring us down. You’ll always have me to count on.. Always.

I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!


Singtel Broadband on Mobile Advertorial

I think you guys know that thanks to Nuffnang, I received a brand new spiffy HTC Touch Cruise to do a review on!

But what’s the point of having such an advanced phone when I don’t have a suitable plan to match it?


I’m a student, I’m a blogger, I’m an internet addict.

I want and need to stay connected all the time and everywhere I go..

Without having to pay an exorbitant amount of money!

Almost like an immediate answer to my prayers, I just found out that Singtel has just launched its new service data plan called

Singtel Broadband on Mobile for Youths & NSFs!

Key features of this plan:

- You can stay connected anytime, anywhere for only $24.65* a month

- Surf the internet wirelessly and freely on your mobile or even your laptop!

- You will be given a data sim card and a modem, so how it works is that..

Whenever you want to surf the net freely on your mobile, just make sure you have that data sim card inserted in your phone.

And if you want to surf the net freely on your laptop, simply insert your data sim card into the modem that’s provided to you and plug it in.


How convenient is that?

You don’t even need to pay for a separate broadband plan for your laptop - kill 2 birds with 1 stone, just sign up for Singtel Broadband on Mobile for Youths & NSFs!



Do you know what this means?!

This means..

- I don’t have to put up with my school’s crappy and slow connection anymore! Hurray! Doing research in school would be so much easier and faster.

Me looking like -___-” while using my laptop in school cos the connection’s soooooooooooo slow.. But this won’t happen anymore!!!

- I don’t need no PSP or DS Lite to entertain me, I got the whole freaking world wide web on my mobile!!!

- I could even update my blog while I’m suntanning in Sentosa or taking a poop in the bathroom, LOL.

And as for you?

- You could surf on your mobile when you’re out and about anytime, anywhere! Yay :P

- You don’t have to hunt for places with free WiFi services anymore! You deserve greater flexibility and better connection.

The list of possiblities and opportunities are endless.

Just think of how convenient this would be!

I know of many people who don’t use the internet function much on their phone in fear of exploding phone bills.

You can now stay connected with ease, this plan is offered exclusively to Youths & NSFs because Singtel understands your needs!

Extra plus points:

Singtel has the most reliable network, so you don’t have to worry about connection problems. Plus, you pay a lower rate for more bundled data. What is $24.465 a month to stay connected everywhere?

*Terms and Conditions apply

Sign up at any SingTel shop or log on to for more details


Sponsored Advertorial – Milly’s SABAI JAI

School starts tomorrow!!!! :o

And how did I get myself ready for a brand new term of school?




I let myself be pampered, of course!

I went to SABAI JAI, by Milly’s, for a full body massage!

I was greeted by friendly and experienced Thai masseurs, and to my delight there was nobody else at the SABAI JAI!

I thought I had the whole place to myself… But by an hour later, the place was COMPLETELY packed. Madness. It’s that popular?!

I like how traditional the whole place looks…

I think massage parlours are very hypnotizing places cuz of the dim lighting and soothing music, and of course, with the right decorations!

Stepping into SABAI JAI reminded me of the time my mum used to own a private spa.

I used to go down to her spa every other day to get facials and massages and be pampered in all sorts of ways but I haven’t had such treatment in awhile cos I’m lazy to travel all the way to one place just to get a facial done.

Needless to say I was very pleased when Milly introduced SABAI JAI to me, because SABAI JAI is by Milly’s, which is a beauty parlour that specializes in hair and eyelash extensions! Also located ar Far East Plaza, just 2 storeys above.

Milly sure knows how to make a girl happy!

Upon entering SABAI JAI, we were given comfortable clothing to change into…

I brought Peggy dear along with me! We look like we’re in matching PJs :P

When we were all ready in comfortable clothing, they told us to go lie on twin beds and I thought it was a great idea to have 2 beds side by side cuz then you could have private couple massages with your boyfriend / girlfriend!

My mum’s massage parlour had separate beds in the past so I couldn’t talk to my boyfriend/friend a few metres away from me…

But just now I had Peggy lying right beside me and most of the time we were chatting and giggling away~




Then our massage began…

It was very relaxing, although some parts it was a little painful but a little pain during a massage is always good!

I realized that the way they massaged was different from the ones I’ve experienced before, thai massage includes a lot more “pressing”, rather than the “rubbing” method malay and chinese masseurs have used on me.

I think I like the Thai “pressing” method more since they don’t need to use smelly massage oil the “rubbing” method requires!!

The last thing I want is to walk around Far East Plaza looking and feeling greasy.

It wasn’t long before me and Peggy found ourselves in all sorts of interesting positions… LOL.

The Flying Kick Position

The Let’s Pretend Backbones Don’t Break Position

It was a very thorough massage!

From my toes to my butt to my back to my arms to my head. LOL.

I enjoyed it a lot, even the pain at some points, cos they really know how to pull and stretch your muscles in a way that you feel like you’ve done yoga by just lying there :P

Peg obviously enjoyed herself a lot too!

My masseur is a woman but she had such strength!

I asked them what SABAI JAI meant, and they said it’s Thai language for “relaxed and happy”.. That’s such a cute and appropriate name, because we left SABAI JAI feeling relaxed and with a smile on our faces!

The experience overall was great, and I’d definitely go back again for another massage. Hope Milly won’t mind me popping by too often ;)

James has also been dying to try out their massage and was so jealous when I told him I was gonna bring Peggy first, ahaha!

I’ll bring my baby there next week for a treat.

My massage lasted for an hour and the usual price is $48. They also have 40 mins full body massage, foot massages etc…

Definitely your place to visit after some hardcore, strenuous shopping in FEP!

Some other information taken from Milly:

What is Thai Massage?

Thai massage is an alternative massage therapy, also known as Thai Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage, Thai Classical Massage, or Thai bodywork. Thai massage is getting popular because it is both relaxing and energizing.

Thai massage therapist uses hands, knees, legs, and feet to move you into a series of yoga-like stretches. Through deep muscle stretching, joint release and emphasis breathing, Thai massage offers many of the same benefits as yoga – You can get flexibility, inner organ massage, oxygenation of the blood and quieting of the mind from Thai massage.

Thai massage is like doing yoga without any work (You remain passive while the Thai massage therapist does the movements to you). You can be amazed by how much more you are able to move and stretch when the Thai massage therapist does the movements to you.

Why Do People Get Thai Massage?

Thai massage can help many people to relax and reduce stress.


SABAI JAI is owned by Milly, who also operates

Milly’s lashes and extensions -
Far East Plaza, #03-129

Gorgeous, natural-looking long hair without having me to slowly grow it out myself made possible by Milly~

Oh and I love my outfit for the day!

Isn’t my top totally awesome?! Gotta love the intricate colours and details!

My previous detailed posts about Milly’s -

Post 1, FAQ about hair extensions

Post 2, Eyelash extensions

Milly’s is currently having a promotion,

For every 150 strands of hair extensions you do, you get a free hair mask and every 250 strands entitle you to a free hair straightener!

As for eyelash extensions, if you do it 5 times, you get 1 time free.




Why hesitate? Every girl deserves to be pampered like a princess!


After our massage, me and Peggy headed to my fav. indian food place at Lucky Plaza, a.k.a foreign workers hang out, and that’s not one of my fav places to go cos I get stared at like I’M the weird-looking one.. Seriously.

Anyway I really have to thank Maryann for introducing this place to me cos the food is good and so bladdy cheap and its value for money and MARYANN THIS IS WHAT YOU GET FOR NOT MEETING ME RECENTLY:

The best prata I’ve had in a long time!!!


My all time FAV dish – mutton curry!!!
Plus butter chicken.

I remember a few nights ago during the nuffnang dinner all the other bloggers were taking pictures of the food before they ate even though I suspect they were hungry and I was like,

“walao, food is for eating, not for taking pictures of!!” and I greedily ate my food while they were taking pictures… LOL.

Then Ming said, “then you’re not a true blogger!”

…Well guess what Ming, I’m a true indian-food blogger cos I ALWAYS take pics of my mutton curries even though they all pretty much look like the same brownish mashed up mess so there, hah!




After stuffing ourselves silly, we went back to my place and…..


I love camwhoring with my lappy’s inbuilt cam cos it’s so low-res, there’s no need for any editing xD

And they upload sooo fast…

Us after changing into our bikinis!!!!

I looooove my flower bikini..


Peg’s one is cute as well, pink with black polkadots!

During the past 2 weeks, I’ve went swimming like 6 times…

I’ve been swimming a lot recently, since I want to become healthier by exercising but I don’t wanna feel hot and sweaty!

Swimming is fun and a good exercise too.. But I would NEVER go to a public pool because they’re all so filthy!!! Omg.

I remember swimming in a swimming complex in Hougang many years back and I saw dead bees floating everywhere… And brown stuff on the floor that looked like poop.

So yes, I’m very thankful I live in Savannah because it is so beautiful here!

Except the crazy amount of bugs and moths that have been attacking my home recently. I HATE YOU.

5 days ago, I was eating Mango Sticky Rice while watching Harper’s Island on TV when an effing moth came out of nowhere and flew right into my face, causing me to fling Mango Sticky Rice everywhere and scream so loud that James covered his ears. And I ran all the way to my room and refused to come out. I HATE MOTHS.

2 days ago, I was having supper and enjoying my McSpicy when out of nowhere, this moth fluttered around my head, causing me to ditch my delicious McSpicy and made me wake my mother up by my scream and I ran all the way back to my room and only came out to finish my burger before taking refuge in my room again. I HATE MOTHS.

5 hours ago, I was enjoying my very cold shower and minding my own business when this moth came out of nowhere, and when I say nowhere I MEAN NOWHERE cos I checked the bathroom thoroughly before bathing, causing me to run out of the bathroom naked.

And that’s ONLY for the past 5 days.



Abrupt end with 2 photos of 2 girls in 2 bikinis.

Jess, Peggy and Pinky

Jess and Peggy.


….BYE NOW!!!

New school tomorrow
omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg.

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