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Launching my new website on 10th June 2011!!!


My brand new website with a new domain name and completely refreshing new blogskin will be ready to launch on 10th June, this Friday!!! It’s so soon wooooo!

I am so super excited pls because it’s GORGEOUS. Actually, gorgeous is an understatement. *beams unabashedly* My heart is beating fast as I type this. GOT SO DRAMATIC OR NOT???

It’s a lot more professional looking now. No more seedy bikini pictures greeting you when you load my banner page!!! Someone actually said she has to hide my blog from her mother everytime coz her mom might suspect she’s watching porn WTF lol. I don’t blame her, with the dodgy URL and all!!! What was I thinking? I guess no one will ever know :x

Anyway I can’t wait to show you guys the new site!!!!!

I’ve been waiting for this change for so, so sosososososo long and it’s finally here. I love my web designer to death. She managed to bring a fantasy-layout in my head to life. I hope having a revamped blog will inspire me to blog even more often and to take my posts more seriously. And also for you guys to refresh & keep coming back to marvel at its chioness lolol.

Honestly it’s really hard balancing work and blogging (especially now since the nature of my work means I don’t go out often) but I’m gonna blog tomorrow!!!

I’ll update this space with some pictures taken yesterday so check back on Thursday.

….Also, To celebrate the launch of my new site on Friday, we will be having a livechat session from 10 pm onwards on 10th June!

As usual, we might log on earlier if we’re free!!!

We will be streaming live webcam video action from my bedroom to your computer screen, all dressed up and talking about funny topics, answering your questions and entertaining your weird requests (like Jess and Sam, KISS KISS KISS!!!) hahaha so be there with us ok!! We’ll have so much fun!

I’m launching my site at 12am! Technically Friday night, Saturday “morning”.

So halfway through the live chat, I’d tell you people to “GO GO GO REFRESH!!!” and you can all shower me and my designer with compliments and go Oooohh Ahhhh. Don’t you wanna be the first one to see it? :P

Worth staying home on a Friday night for? YUP! It’s that special, well to me it is. This is a milestone in my blogging life and I want my awesome readers to share this moment with me. *tears and accepts an Oscar award*

….I’d like to thank my mother, my father, the lord I don’t believe in and my hamster for being so cute.



See you guys on 10th June Friday.


We’re back from hiatus!!!

Just a shout out to let you guys know that Shiberty’s Sweets is back from our short hiatus and we are officially open for business once again!!!

We’re bringing you guys new delicious flavours like Oreo Obsession, Mango Madness, Caramel Butterscotch and Raspberry Rhapsody to name a few!

You KNOW you want to try them. :P

We expect a pretty hectic schedule coming up so if I were you, I’d place my order ASAP to avoid disappointment!

Click this link to visit us now!!!


Live Chat #7!!!!!

It’s that time of the month again!!!! ♥

When you grab some popcorn and nachos and plop down in front of your computer screen watching me and Sam act like goons in front of my webcam via live video streaming on my blog.

SATURDAY, 2nd APRIL, 9:30 PM!!!!

For you newbies who don’t know what a live chat is…

You get to ask me any question you want, dare me and Sam to stupid outrageous things and chat with us live!!!

Sam says he might do another prank call in conjunction with April Fools’ Day! LOL. I am already frowning in disapproval as I think about it. Someone’s going to get offended!

Oh and you get to see my “new” (but not so new anymore) short hair on video for the first time!!!!



Live Chat #…..?

So it’s been ages since we’ve had a live chat, and Sam just reminded me to do one recently so here I am!!!!!!

I can’t even remember what number this session would be, LOL. 6? 7?

Anyway I’m thinking Thursday, 24th February, 9+pm onwards start!!!!! :D

So seeeeee you guys then! If you have any suggestions on what we could do during the live chat, that’d be great! No prank calls plz kthxbye.


******** And for those of you who don’t know, I updated a huge V’day post below this!!


Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!!

It’s that time of the year again when we all receive free money via ang paos, get fat from new year goodies, have mindless chatter about everything and nothing and see relatives we haven’t seen in ages.. yay!!!!

Terribly sorry for being so lazy recently ;_; Really, truly.. I am.

And I know a lame picture of me giving you a scrunched up face hardly makes up for anything but at least CNY will inspire me to blog coz I’d wanna post pretty pics with family!

Have a great one guys.

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