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say hi to xiia0jesS

` ` hew0x!!!

mui namez ish xiia0 jEsS . . .

nice twu meet eux . .

iie hail fr0m dhe planet ob yell0w alien twits && iie cum fr0m dhe pastt, year 2oo6 tuh be exact.

* hurhurr. *;;



Sponsored Advertorial – Milly’s

Sometimes time just flies by…


Before you even realize it… it’s all over.


So I always try to live each day like it’s my last

Surrounding myself with only the people I love

And doing things that make me happy….

I feel so carefree nowadays :)

Loneliness is no longer a factor, I’ve learnt to be at peace with myself.

Even if I have troubles, I know that by tomorrow they will all fade away.

If they don’t, I’ll make them go away soon enough.


So this is what it’s like to live without owing your life to anyone or anything else but you.


Sponsored Advertorial – Milly’s

Wooot, I bet many of you tried to spot my new hair in the photos… Too bad they don’t show much!

I’ll stop being such a teaser and post the photos already~

HUZZAH!!!! My hair is about to get a makeover…


Lookie! That hair, all mine! Luscious long hair in an instant….

Ok not really an instant, probably few hours, but better than leaving it to grow for a few years!


And finally, me with my long straight hair all tied up earlier on this evening:

Waaaaaaaaa. I know!!

I look like 20++ again!! HAHAHAHA.

But I like this look cos my hair is uber thick and long and it has a lot of volume cos ponytails don’t look that great if you have thin hair.

I haven’t tied my hair and went to town for like, ages! But today it was raining and really cooling so I decided to go casual and elegant today and I think I’m addicted to tying my hair now.

I love how the hair doesn’t fly all over my face, messing up my make up and instead everything stays neat while my scalp gets tingly from the chilly winds… Cool eh! Couldn’t do that when I had shorter hair.

I know I look cuter with short hair (OMG if I do say so myself) but I can’t stand having the same old boring hairstyle for long.

I love to update my look constantly and extensions are so convenient!

Long hair is a lot more versatile for styling too, vital for my photoshoots!

And long hair is kind of like a boyfriend… Sometimes you get sick of it, but when it’s gone you’ll always miss it =P

But I know one day I’ll go back to my short crop once more! Extensions just make changing your hairstyle frequently so much easier.

How long would I take to have my hair grow to this length right now? 5 years I reckon!!!!

Me with some loose curls that I tonged for this morning’s shoot!

Me and James had another couple shoot today… the photos are awesome!! Another thing you can look forward soon =P


Mucho thanks to Milly for sponsoring me my pretty hair extensions!!! (“v”)

For girls who are interested:

Milly’s 2 is located at Far East Plaza, #03-129

Check out this post for more info on my previous advertorials for Milly’s!

And here’s Milly’s website~


Now… time for “Jessica’s FAQ on Hair Extensions”

cuz I know I will be bombarded with questions so I might as well answer everything here.


Q: Did you do the clip-on kind or braiding method, and what’s the difference?

A: Braiding. It’s supposed to be more comfortable


Q: How many strands did you extend?

A: 400.


Q: Wa! That’s a lot. How much did you pay in total?

A: It was sponsored.


Q: Then how much would it cost me if I’m interested?

A: Good news for you, Milly’s is having a promotion now and the braiding method is going for $1 per strand instead of the usual $1.50!


Q: How come you put 400 strands?! Usually hear people put around 200 only.

A: Apparently I have very thick hair HAHAHA but most people require lesser strands so don’t worry. You can also get their inhouse stylist to layer your hair for you before you extend so you don’t require so many strands.


Q: Is it hard to maintain/troublesome?

A: The only hard part is when you’re washing your hair. It may seem a little heavy or troublesome at first but you’ll get used to it within a few days.


Q: How long can these extensions last for?

A: Depending on how you take care of it, my extensions can last me for as long as 6 months~


Q: Can you comb/wash/style/dye your hair as usual?

A: Yes, just treat the hair extensions like your own hair, you can do anything you want to it, really.


Q: I’ve heard that pimples will grow on your scalp if you have extensions?!

A: Eh, try to keep it as clean as possible and all will be fine. Pimples also grow on your face what.


Q: Will extensions cause major hair loss?!

A: No wayyy… I didn’t notice any hair fall increase during and after I had my extensions. The hair you see on the floor when you remove your extensions is just the amount of hair that was supposed to fall but didn’t because they were all stuck with the extended hair in a bunch


Alrighty, that’s all I can think of now..

Going to bed now, so beat!!! Wtf, super long day for me today!

And oh yea, Milly also does eyelashes extensions and print or mention this voucher if you’re interested!


Email if interested in advertising on my blog



Random update

Ok I don’t have much to update but I’ll just yabber on anyways cos I like to talk alot :D

I love having a blog…

People will read what they wouldn’t wanna hear another person say in real life.

Weird, huh?

Ok anyways today was a fun day cos I went to watch Dragonball with my mum and James.

My mum wants to watch Dragonball cos of Chow Yun Fatt, how lame and weird is that!!!!

I kept repeating,

“Mummy you sure you want to watch Dragonball a not… It’s anime leh, anime is cartoon, it’s like POKEMON you know? You sure you wanna watch a pika pika show?”

And she was like, “YES!! I said I want to watch already what.. Why you keep asking.”

Much to James’ delight of course. I was in utter disbelief. No way I was gonna watch Dragonball movie if not for the two of them..

Anybody I was pleasant suprised because the movie was very light-hearted and very lame but quite funny at parts, I was LOL-ing throughout.

I cannot stand the angmoh dude during those “HADUGEN” moves…. Tooo funnnyy…

Looks like something I could do as well… KA MI KA MI HA MA! Or something like that.

Very funny. Not bad if you’re really bored and need some lame jokes to brighten your day.

I still prefer Watchmen though…

I’ve never read the comic, the movie was weird, confusing, gory and lewd but I found it strangely fascinating!!!!!

Certainly wasn’t what I expected. I was very “into” the show and felt that it was much longer than 2 hours… I’m not a fan of comics or superheros but the characters were very intriguing.

What with Mr. Manhattan, the glowing man with the dangling penis who can stimulate you in bed while working and the smartest man in the world and all….

I likey!!!!

Ok enough about movies,

After our show at about 10pm we went Bowling!

Hahahaha I haven’t bowled in soooooooooo long… I kept missing the first few times but I got 1 strike and a few spares total. Was never a good bowler.

Still it was very fun! My mum and brother are good at bowling…

I honestly don’t think I’m good at any sport at all. Quite sad. But I think I’m good at things like… like…

Writing a blog? LOL.

Anyway I am quite sad now because my beautil super-long lasting nails are RUINED!

They were really long but my mum made me clip them off cause she was so convinced my nails were gonna be ripped off from fingers when I threw the bowling ball -___-

I was quite scared too so I did what she told me to….

Doesn’t really matter anyway, I got quite bored of the design and I’m going to get a new nail job done soon!

I need a really nice french manicure for my shoot on 27 march.

Omigosh its gonna be a fantastic shoot I know it will and I can’t wait for 27 march to come!!!


For now I have Perth with my baby James and my mother to look forward to…

Random pictures~

Heheheheehe drew this on James’ fingernails….. cute eh

He let me paint his toenails black & hotpink and let me draw this on his fingernails… gee the things guys let their girlfriends do to them =P

This bearbear is super cute plz! It has bling everywhere, Mum bought it to stick onto both sides of her Beetle’s windows…

Me love her car, it’s uber posh and cute and girly with bling and teddies and lacey pillows everywhere!

My gorgeous hot pink bling sandals my mum bought for me :D

I like them so much, I bought an extra similar pair at Charles & Keith! This was from Bugis. Or is it the other way round? Not sure..

Quite cheap, 30+ for a pair~

Ooooh shiny…




Kkkk going to kachio James now.

He has been very annoying recently and I can’t wait to annoy him back.

Before he reached my place this afternoon, we had a little tiff and I sent him this message :


I expected some sort of apology from him cos he was in the wrong, but nothing!!! Stupid boy was enjoying him lunch while I was starving.


So I messaged him again after 15 minutes:


….Wooooooooo! Take that, annoying boy!

Now he’s starting to snore, maybe I should take a video ;)

Bye bye all, another night and day with James, I wanna go swimming tomorrow!




Omggggggggg I am so lazy I wanna slap myself ten thousand times (but of course I won’t)


Not only am I lazy, I am also very very forgetful….

So I need a to-do-list to help me organize things I need to get done and what better way to get it done than posting it on my blog? That way I cannot ignore it.

Once done, I will strike the chore off my list!


1) Go down to my secondary school to collect my O’level certificate (WTF?! Now then collect)

2) Go down to or call up SIM

3) Book BBQ pit at my condo for bloggers gathering

4) Reply all outstanding emails in my inbox

5) Get James’ passport particulars for my mum to apply VISA James got his friend to come to my condo to pass it to me and I got my maid to collect it for me at the guardhouse…

6) Mail or pass model release form to LeahYay got my maid to mail it out for me

7) Settle flea market date and start packing exploding wardrobe

8) Buy whitening toothpaste (-_-)

9) Buy a hammie and cage etc! Hehe

10) Settle photoshoots in Perth with aussie photographers

11) Blog for Nuffnang’s Australia contest

12) Settle diamonds and couple shoots with Chester and Albert Diamonds shoot on 27 March, Couple shoot this Saturday! Can’t wait

13) Blog for Milly’s and other outstanding advertorials

14) Transfer important data from old computers to memory card

15) My list is never-ending but I can’t remember anything now…

Ok now I’m going to try and get something done hahahaha.

Will post pics of my hair soon.. I don’t like it too much now since it’s uber straight and long I think I look like a maid. But I can’t wait to tong it!!! My main motive was to have uber long and thick hair to tong :D

I extended 400 strands!!!!

Still like not very thick leh…. But I sat on that chair of 4 hours already and if I stayed any longer my ass might just have been permanently glued there forever. I’ve always thought I’ve very little hair but the guy who did my hair for me said I have a looot of hair just that they’re very fine~

Omfg yesterday when I washed my hair I felt like I was participating in a head weight-lifting competition.. WALAO HEAVY SIA!!

Thanks Milly for sponsoring me! Can’t wait to tong my long long hair :)

I’ll blog more about my hair extensions soon, until that hair post DON’T ASK ME ANYTHING ABOUT HAIR EXTENSIONS cos I will be answering all queries in that post.




Holiday destinations

I am soooo wanting a holiday right now!

Not that I’m particularly stressed at the moment or anything, but well, holidays are nice anytime right?

I don’t mind even if it’s just a short getaway, alot of memories and happiness can be derived from that 2-3 days!

Looking at this picture I took last year in Pulau Besar just makes me soooo nostalgic!

Aww this picture is so sweet and cute especially with our matching transition lenses LOL.

I miss the sandy shores and clear blue waters..

The other time I went to Sentosa for My Exclusive Match’s shoot, I was really really REALLY grossed out by the beaches/waters we have here in Singapore =(

…Which is why I’m really happy to announce that…


I’m going to Australia on 20th March!!!!

Hahaha everytime I go holiday like must announce. Very happy ma!

I can’t wait to visit Margaret River again omgomgomgomg

We stayed at Bunker’s Bay the previous time…

One of the most serene and beautiful place I have ever stayed in!

Heheh.. Drew this in the sand.

The sand there was really clean, soft and cold and fine… much unlike Sentosa’s, erm, dirt?

Took this picture with my lousy HP cam last time.

Didn’t take much pics cos I didn’t have a camera back then, but now I have 2 cameras so rest assured I’ll take sooooooo many pictures!

The horizon seemed endless… and the sky was like in shades of blue, orange, pink etc.

Maybe I was just dreaming but I felt like I was in paradise :)

It was kind like Pulau Besar, there was nobody in sight and you had the entire beach to yourself. I count myself pretty lucky for that,

because it’s very nice and romantic to have the whole place to yourself!

The other time when I was there, I wished James could have been there with me…




And now my wish came true!!



We’ve gone on holidays together, but only to places like M’sia etc.
Plus, he’s never been to angmoh countries like Europe or USA or Aus so he’s really excited to come with me too!

I think he’ll love it there.

Everyone’s really nice and friendly, especially Perth – the people there are really polite and it’s such a nice quiet town.

I loved car rides in Perth cos the scenery was just breathtaking…

Ok I am very very excited as I’m typing this cos we’re gonna stay at beautiful places, have good food and have lots of fun!

I had THE BEST INDIAN FOOD in Perth… It was seriously so good.

Ok ok I could go on rambling FOREVER about how happy I am and yada yada..

But I think I’ll just save all the excitement for the post when I get back from Aus ok!!!!!!

I can’t believe I’m going to Aussie with James omggggggggggggggggggggg.

Could I ask for anything more? Nothing beats going on holiday with your mother AND boyfriend!
I know it sounds weird like your mum and bf…

But my mum’s different from normal mummies, she’s uber gorgeous (besides the point) and VERY COOL!

She’s allowing me and James to have a few days to ourselves… and I plan to have a photoshoot there.

Omgomgomg I can’t wait. What sort of shoots should I have??!?!

I wanted to go to Bali, but I guess I can save that trip-planning for when I get back from Aus ehehehehe.

Speaking of beautiful islands..

(super squinty eyes cos the sun was even stronger than sg’s, OMG)

Here’s me in Phuket January 2009!!!

I’ve never posted this pic up because I never got to completing my Legend Of The Seas post..

hahaha to the few people who kept chasing me to finish that trip post, here’s the rest of it~

We stopped over at Phuket for a day…

I fell in love with Phuket immediately…

Even though it’s so commercialized, it’s still absolutely beautiful (besides the fact Patong beach is kinda overcrowded)

There were several beaches.. I think my favourite has to be Patong Beach hehe.

I saw people Jet Ski-ing and I was SO JEALOUS!!!!!

I kept whining and whining but didn’t get the chance to do it.. What a waste, Phuket’s stunning. I’d have a lot of fun zooming around in the waters~

We took a day tour and this awesome tour bus brought us all around Phuket…

I learnt quite a bit about their local culture, language and a lil bit about their island.

I never liked tours but this one was rather enjoyable!

Here’s me at their famous cashew nut factory~ LOL @ my siao char boh hair

Cashew nuts being taken from shell one by one ever-so-painstakingly… and here we thought machines did all the tedious work. Apparently not.

We also visited this temple… I dunno what it’s called leh.

LOL. Not much interest in religious stuff

We had to take off our shoes before entering the temple.. hahahaha reminds me of the two super cute indian boys in Slumdog Millionaire stealing shoes at the entrance of Taj Mahal!

At first I saw this buddha statue and I asked my brother, “omg.. why is the statue so flaky eh?!?! so old meh?”

And he looked at me with this -__- expression and told me that these tourists are actually pasting the gold flakes onto the statue..

Alamak. No wonder so flaky la.

They say this one very “ling” one.. a lot of peoples wishes came true.

I didn’t make a wish though!

My brother with his ray bans in the tour bus~

Us having dinner at this beautiful open-air restaurant beside the beautiful beach with pretty lights!!!!

Without flash.. what a nice place to have dinner at eh?

I’d like to think Phuket is angmoh tourist’ paradise..

Good food, beautiful and warm beaches, cheap thai merchandise that can bargain like mad~

Caught sight of this and immediately bought it LOL.

Super funny plz!!!!

I wear GUCCI PANTIES OK… *hao lian*

I’d probably never wear the bikini out unless just for laughs, but I’ll wear the Gucci lingerie on the nights I need to feel “extra sexy and expensive” for a boost :P

One last picture of the beautiful place which was infested with thousands of mozzies (did I mention?)

Phuket by night~

Beautiful place… would love to go back there again :)

But for now I still wanna check out Bali, heard it’s like Phuket but less people~ Woot!

I can’t wait to do so many water sports!!!

For now I’m just gonna look forward to going to Aus!


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