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Bintan, July 23rd 2011

Just got back from a 1 night getaway at Bintan (on 23rd July) and it was a lot more fun + prettier than I remember it to be!

Bintan is an island (apparently larger than Singapore itself lol what) that’s about 45 minutes away from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal in Singapore. Considering it’s situated so near to Singapore, I’m amazed at how serene is! 45 minutes is hardly enough for me to get from Simei to Jurong, but it can get me to Bintan (coz I stay near the ferry terminal lol)


The last time I was at Bintan in 2008, I remember the beaches being really yuck and the premises quite boring. Think I stayed at Bintan Lagoon which was a yawn fest. But this time I found myself having so much more things to do at a different resort – unfortunately we only had less than 24 hours there.

In the lobby of our resort, Angsana Resort & Spa.

I LOVED this place.
The staff all spoke decent English, everyone was really friendly and always ready to offer you smiles plus the place is clean and gorgeous to boot!!!

Chillin’ in the hotel lobby while waiting for welcome drinks to be served and for our room to be ready. We arrived a little early, at like 11am but since we only had 1 day and night there, we didn’t wanna waste a second of it!

First impression of Angsana Resort & Spa – a welcoming, happy-looking lobby!

The lobby + restaurants are not air conditioned to my horror, but I think it’s because the majority of their guests are white people and white people have an obsession with “tropical” temperature (aka burning themselves alive under the sun and in the heat)

I don’t think anyone realistic would stay in a hotel without air conditioning in Singapore.

From the moment we stepped out of the van into the hotel’s premises, we had people grinning ear to ear like this :DDD and exclaiming “WELCOME!!!” a little too enthusiastically haha. And the manager also came out to greet us.

And then we were served an icy cold glass of Lemongrass drink, much appreciated considering the blazing weather!

(By this time I was already very impressed. Sam picked out this hotel, normally he chooses crap / unlucky places but this was a gem)

After settling our room arrangements, we went exploring the hotel’s grounds to check out what was in store for us that day!

Lush gardens and water features!

I’d expected to be swarmed by insects instantly but the AMAZING thing is I didn’t get bitten ONCE throughout the trip!!!!

I mean this is truly amazing hahaha. I’ve always had a problem with insects at beach side resorts but I didn’t even see so much of a housefly in our hotel room. That’s because Angsana Resort actually burns these incense sticks everywhere that apparently wards off the mozzies and bugs!

It doesn’t have a strange smell either, it smells nice.. like a Balinese spa! Woody and soothing. HUGE plus points. They provide extra incense sticks in the hotel room for you to take home too (Y)

Pretty but overgrown water lilies

Pathway leading to the pool….


Right next to the beach / sea, surrounded by coconut trees and mini fountains and cozy little cabanas and day beds. Love.

Didn’t feel like I was an hour away from SG, felt like I was halfway across the globe!

99% of the hotels I go to have disgusting pools. Even so called 5 star ones have shameful pools! Dead leaves and insects floating on the surface, a pile of sand on the bottom of the pool etc… but Angsana’s pool was close to spotless, much to my delight. I hate dirty swimming pools.

As you will realize, I have nothing but compliments for this hotel. :)

Because when we were wandering around, a waitress walked up to us and asked, “Hi mam, would you like some frozen watermelon to cool off?”


(Btw, they also offered us a 2nd round of complimentary ice cream while we were soaking in the pool later on in the day. I’m almost shocked at how impeccable their service is.)

Walking over to check out the beach!

A good beach could make or break a beachside resort.

It wasn’t spectacular, but it was good enough considering it’s so near singapore – It’s still quite near to a lot of pollution. And there’s way too many resorts on this part of the island.

I appreciated how there wasn’t one empty bottle or ciggy stub or plastic bag or any sort of junk in sight.

Sam admiring the views!

I think if it wasn’t raining so much these days the beach would be prettier as it’d be whiter sand and not so wet / dark looking. Anyhoo, I wasn’t that concerned about how clean the sand was because I’m not one of those girls who wear tiny bikinis and sit around sun bathing all day…

The first thing I do when I’m near a beach is to search for signs of WATER SPORTS!!!

Wasted no time jumping onto a Jet Ski.

If I ever lived near a waterfront I’d so buy one of these. The adrenaline rush is like no other. I’ve been on sport bikes before and it’s hardly comparable to a jet ski!!! Why jet skiing is so fun is because instead of traveling on a boring road, you’re out on the open sea beside a beautiful beach resort, skimming through the ocean, and you feel like the king of the world, there’s no traffic lights, no rules, just you and your jet ski, getting increasingly excited as you accelerate and listen to the engine roar and getting mouthfuls of water while trying to cut / jump waves…

Every second is unexpected fun because you never know when is the next big wave that’s going to come at you and send you FLYING off!!!

You need to hold onto the jet ski really tightly in order not to fly off :D You HAVE to try it if you’ve never done it.

We paid for a 1 hour + guided tour around the island and it was definitely the best part of the trip!

The views were breathtaking. Bintan is soooo pretty, we got to visit the quieter part of the island that only accessible by boat / jetski.

Perfect sunny weather, calm waves, cool breezes. Sun, sea, sand, me on my jet ski going like 50km/hour screaming “WOOOHHHHOOO”! and then getting splashed in the face by a big wave.

LOL inexplicable happiness.

I liked how our tour guide kept very strict safety rules (he turned back to check on us every few minutes, and if I was trailing off behind the group, he’d come back to get me) but at the same time, challenging us by going quite far out at high speed and encouraging us to make sharp turns instead of going in a straight line all the time!

It’s too bad we were too busy zooming all over the place that I didn’t have time to stop and take pictures of the different beaches.

Halfway through the jet ski safari, he brought us to this secluded part of the island where the water was crystal clear and so beautiful omg!!! We stopped our engines and just floated there for a bit before he jumped straight into the sea and urged me to join him, “Come on in, the water is so nice!” (it was)

But then I was like “NOOOOO” because I’d seen ALOT of jellyfishes floating around my jetski just before (in another beach – it’s jellyfish season) and if you don’t already know, I’m terrified of jellyfishes. They look so harmless but are so fucking poisonous!!!

I asked him what species they were and he replied oh-so-casually, “They are box jellyfishes.”

I was like HOLY FUCK! DDDDDD: SAY WHAT?! and of course refused to jump off my jet ski but he literally pulled me off my jetski (playfully) and I fell into the water with a big splash. Meh I think the tour guide took a special liking to me because he always paid me special attention lol. Anyway I clung onto him for dear life even though I was wearing a lifejacket (just in case a jellyfish was nearby it could eat him first :P) and he kept laughing at me hysterically!!

WHY do people think it’s so funny that I’m scared of jellyfishes???

Reminds me of that time me and Gwen were at Cottesloe beach in Perth and I saw a bright red jellyfish and freaked out and all she did was laugh at me and did absolutely nothing to save me. Hello why does nobody empathize with me!!!


Our time spent at the private beach was entirely too short.. Before I knew it, we were already on our way back to our resort.

…And then it happened.

My jet ski made funny splurting noises.

Kind of like the noise your car makes when it’s about to break down on the highway. I remember widening my eyes and then cursing the jet ski, “You stupid thing!!! Don’t you dare break down on me when I’m in the middle of the sea!” (nowhere near any resorts)

But it ignored my threats and DIED ON ME WHILE THE OTHERS WERE OBLIVIOUS TOWARDS MY SITUATION AND HAPPILY JET SKI-ED FURTHER and further… and further away from me, wtf.

Until I could not even see them anymore, they disappeared into the horizon.

We were meant to travel in a single file and since we arrived the latest to register for the safari, we were positioned at the back of the group. The others had their jet skis on full speed and the engine is realllyyy loud so they couldn’t hear me shouting, “HEY!!!! COME BACK!!! COME BACCKKKKKKkkk….”

For a moment I felt like Rose during Titanic :’(

Come back! *blows whistle* /sadface


So yeah. Sam and I found ourselves floating on a broken jet ski in the middle of nowhere, and then I started wondering WHY DO THESE THINGS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME?

Seriously… every time I go on a holiday, something weird / stupid / dangerous / unlucky / unexpected like this ALWAYS happens. To meee! Never to other people we travel with. ME. Why liddis???????????

Eventually our lovely tour guide realized we were missing and so he came back to get us. He looked like an angel in that moment :)

He checked our jet ski and informed us that we…… ran out of fuel.


Of ALL things, the last reason should be that we ran out of fuel!!!! By right I should’ve complained to the management / hotel. What the hellll why would you rent out a jet ski with insufficient fuel? But I was in a really good mood that day so I decided to let it slide. My tour guide was a very nice guy as well, so I didn’t want to get him in trouble.

The only way for us to get back to the resort at the same time was to tie a rope and securely link the two jet skis together, dragging the broken one along slowly. LOL. We were going really, really slow…

This is me looking bewildered by the whole situation (crazy hair, wind swept for over an hour), and my tour guide, Arti! He’s tall, skinny, dark skinned and speaks with a British accent. If you ever visit Angsana Bintan, go look for him, he’s fantastic at his job! Also mention that Jessica (the one with the broken down jet ski) sent you, LOL see if he remembers.

We shared an enjoyable conversation on our way back while poor Sam was being dragged along on the 2nd jet ski….

It was one heck of an experience all of us won’t forget!! ♥

Tired, but exhilarated! :)

Cooling off in the pool

Isn’t it a beautiful day?

Had to wash out all that saltwater from my mouth and hair… after a quick refreshing shower, we’re back on the beach! Something really calming about dining by the sea, listening to the waves gently brushing ashore and staring into vast blue openness.

The food at bintan is gooodd but expensive, USD $5 for a can of sprite omfg. And 28 USD for some light snacks @_@

Taking a stroll on the beach as the sun sets ♥

Matching slippers provided by the hotel hahaha uber comfy!

Difference in our foot sizes

So peaceful. If I ever worked in a hotel, it’d be a beachside one for sure!

Blue skies & plane trails


Went back to our hotel room to get a little rest. Seriously sleep deprived these days, there’s just so many things to do :(

This getaway was definitely needed to keep me sane.

An hour later was dinner – BBQ buffet!! YUM!!!!!!!!

I love BBQ food and it’s smoky flavor ♥ And I mean real BBQ, not the cheating type of BBQ like seoul garden using hot pans… You can never replace the natural flavour of real charcoal!

Sam cannot maintain whenever there’s good food around lol


Say hi to Watermelon Man!!! He’s so freaking realistic looking -_- I can’t believe someone actually sat there and carved him out of a bloody watermelon lol

Side view. Whenever I walk past this I swear I feel it’s eyes on my back following me lol

A picture of the live band because they were REALLY good together!!!

I normally hate live lounge singers coz they suckkkk but they were awesome. They sounded like mexicans but they were singing in Malay haha

Immediately after dinner, we went for our spa massage appointment.. wrong move!!!!

I was stuffed to the brim with food, and when the masseuse pressed down hard on my back (I was lying face down) I had the WORST stomach ache + felt like puking and had to hold back my smelly farts throughout the whole session hahaha fml. At least the session was almost 2 hours long and I fell asleep halfway so I was relieved of the discomfort. The spa treatment was awesome, service top notch once again (pampered like queens and kings!), my only complain was that sometimes the massage hurt quite a lot :(

Not sure is it because my muscles were aching like shit or because she was using too much force. Could be both… Woke up the next day with sore muscles everywhere, particularly my shoulders and arms because of the jet skiing aagghhh.


Caught an early ferry back to Singapore at 8am the following morning. Can’t believe we got so much done in ONE day! We even managed to squeeze in a bit of complimentary buffet breakfast before rushing off.

Goodbye Bintan!!! You were awesome!

Already looking forward to the next time I’m here.


Sunway Lagoon

Backdated Sunway Lagoon post!!!

Wasn’t going to blog about this at first, it’s not exactly a particularly pretty / impressive / interesting place, but meh.. Better late than never I suppose :P

Sleeping on Sam’s shoulder on the unforgiving 8 hour bus ride there…

I like how he lets me rest my head on his shoulder and how I get foot massages when I plop my legs onto his lap!! Being a girl rocks. (just one of our many perks hehe)

Makes me feel like I’m going to Genting.. when in fact I’m going to Sunway Lagoon!!!!

Turns out I should have went to Genting instead, urgh at least I didn’t have high expectations for it.

I like long car rides when there’s pretty scenery to look at :)

Malaysia doesn’t have pretty roads but at least it has vast greenery! Anything is a refreshing change from the concrete jungle that is Singapore. I don’t feel so cooped up when I’m out in the open. It feels like the world is a big place afterall, can’t say the same when I get to one end to the other of Singapore in 50 mins!

My squishy heart cushion that helped me relax better during the long journey.

It started out relatively awful… massive jam which made the trip 2-3 hours longer than it should’ve been, and there was an accident…. I think I saw a dead man.

I was napping while we were crossing a highway with big traffic jam, and at a very specific moment I felt my eyes being forced open (like you’re sleeping and suddenly you jolt awake) and what should I see lying on the road but a corpse covered by a big white cloth???

Took me awhile to register what was going on. At first I was super sleepy and groggy like, “Huh? What’s this? Are we in Malaysia already???”

Then it’s like “OH FUCK IS THAT A DEAD BODY ON THE ROAD??????????????”

I’ve never witnessed a fatal accident on the roads before so I was quite freaked out… the image kept replaying in my head. Thankfully I did not see any decapitated head / limbs / grotesque images besides a still body lying on the road. I assume he’s deceased because they covered him with a white cloth……. and that really creeped me out.

Like why did I suddenly open my eyes at that very moment when the body was RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME??? I was happily sleeping!!! God, what are you trying to tell me?! I took it as an obvious warning sign / bad omen and was very very careful throughout my trip. :(

Really just my luck to come across such a scene when I’m leavin for a supposedly happy getaway. R.I.P :(


Morbid details aside, we finally reached Sunway Lagoon after what seemed like forever!

Janice and Jeremy looking a bit funny after a long and tiring trip, lol!

Walking to our hotel…

And… it wasn’t very impressive. One of the less flashy hotels I’ve picked for our trips but not a lot of choices to choose from in that area..

It wasn’t so bad inside though I just think the exterior design is god awful.

Yup… an immediate improvement. My spirits lifted from then on because I love hotel stays!!!!

Where we stayed at. A huge plus point is that the theme park is literally next to your hotel! Only a stone’s throw away and from your room window you can catch all the action going on.

We went during mid-late January but they still had Christmas decorations up!!! I reckon hotels should keep their festive decor up all the time, year-round. It doesn’t HAVE to be Christmas, but how cool would it be if everytime we went on a holiday it felt like Christmas all over again!!!!!

I ♥ XMAS!!

View from our hotel room (which was very different from the pics on the hotel’s website, cheat ppl max), this was their water theme park. They have a total of 5 different themed mini theme parks combined into 1 large one but like only 60% of the theme park was open and available to the masses. A lot of attractions were renovating / closed which is really annoying.

What’s with Malaysian theme parks and their faulty rides?! I go Genting everytime also this ride spoil, that ride spoil. Like this don’t need to open for the day already la, waste people’s money!!!

By the time we settled down it was close to dinner time, so we had a nice early dinner, explored the hotel grounds and when night fell, we went for a spaaaaaaaaaaa treatment!! SHIOK LA I ♥ SPA!

LOL I it’s redundant for me to say “I ♥ Christmas and I ♥ Spa” because who in their right freakin mind wouldn’t?!

It was decently priced (cannot remember now maybe 200+ to 300SGD for like 2 hours plus for 2 person) and the service was excellent!!! I think great service is part of what makes a spa so enjoyable to visit. It’s the ONE place I am absolutely guaranteed good service. And good service is bloody hard to find these days especially in Asian countries.

For example, I had several mosquito bites that I was furiously scratching while waiting in the spa lobby while our room was being set up. The counter girl saw me looking very uncomfortable and she came over to offer us some lavender oil.


I thought she was trying to sell us some products but she told me to apply some oil on my bites and it actually WORKED! Itching stopped in a matter of minutes and the redness plus swell reduced. I was super amazed lol who knew.

Massage bed where we had orgasmic massages :’)

My masseuse had such softtt and smooth hands omg made me wish I had hands like that! So gentle to the touch. Too bad my job doesn’t require me soaking my hands in moisturizing lotion everyday!

Romantic candles, flower petals and bubble bath to start off with!!! Everything else… we had to wear minimal clothing so no pics lolol.


So let’s fastforward to the next day!!!!

Rise and shine!!! I am ready for theme park madness :DDDDDDDD

Much to our disappointment, it was raining and gloomy in the morning… but by the time we had lunch and we got down there it stopped immediately. What can I say??? God loves me!!!

Jan and Jer!!! I love her long hair omg I can’t believe she chopped it all off

Bb & me!!!!!! :)

Lolol it was unbearably hot so he ran into that mushroom fountain you see in the picture behind him and he came out looking like that

So my first impression of Sunway Lagoon is that…….

People are very weirdly dressed.

A lot of people weren’t even wearing swim suits, they were full on wearing normal going out clothes like long sleeves, tights / leggings and everything to go on the water slides and shit. Doesn’t feel like I am in a water theme park at all!!

Waiting for our turn at a slide!

The slides were ok ok lor… Quite boring actually. They look big but no thrill factor involved. Maybe I’m very biased coz I’ve been to really nice theme parks before and I’m very anal when it comes to holidays because I expect everything to be perfect! (like Orlando T.T)

Small eyes run in the Loh’s family blood LOL

Hi-yah! I am strong!!!!!

And my bf is cockeyed.

I photoshopped my armpits whiter, among a few other things :P I cannot stand girls who take pics showing their armpits, especially when it’s like hairy or dark dark one omg.

I liked this slide!!! 2 seater (LOVE coz I can hear Sam laughing hysterically and going WEEEE)

And we got to go backwards at the end part ^.^

It was really packed that day, we got bored of queuing up for like 40 mins just to go one slide so we chilled at the pool instead.

Janice and Jeremy are forever making out. Buay sian ah?!!!!??? Everytime we take their picture they’re either 1) cuddling or 2) kissing.

Well that’s one problem with going out with needy couples lol

We were making fun of them for always making out (reminds me of Gwen & Blake LOL) and so we had a KISS-OFF!!!!

Deng deng deng!!!

Round 1, FIGHT!!!!

Round 2!!! Good comeback, with female taking dominance this time! :P


I think I win, coz obviously my kiss is so magical that Sam’s hands are up in the air as if he so happy, he wanna fly. LOL!

Sam was posing under one of those giant pails that collect water and eventually topple over, unloading a tremendous amount of water onto the heads of people standing below!!!!

But we failed to get a good shot of him…

Pic 1 – ruined by running little boy’s backside.

Pic 2 ruined by random walking dude… MOVE OVER LA!!!

Pic 3…. again, ruined by people once more.

All this time we were trying to take photos, people just kept walking into our direction when they could’ve EASILY avoided us, not like we’re in a narrow pathway!!!!!

They see us trying to take a picture also won’t siam one! Just waltz across our way and plant their asses in the pic only.

HOW RUDE can these people be!!!
Srsly ffs.


Weeeeeeee wildlife park!!! Always fun to see animals :D

Holy shit, it’s a giant fucking CHINCHILLA.

I’ve never actually seen a proper pic or a chinchilla irl before, is this what they’re meant to look like?!!!!?!?!!? WHY PPL SAY THEY CUTE AH? Mad fugly!!!!

Looks like a mad oversized wrinkly old saggy version of my cute hamster, Pudding.

This chinchilla’s ears are so big I could shove my whole fist in there!!! And goodness knows what gunk would come out with it. Ewwww.

Another old-looking animal.. some white money lol.

Sunway Lagoon, y ur animals all look like they 90 years old and menopausing?!?!!? Not cute de!!

Urghhh I hate this ride!!!!! Pirate ship. All it does is swing you back and forth and mash up your brain. 100% puke.

Roller coasters, however.. are a completely different story!!!!

I love the feeling in my stomach when we go down the dips. I love the actual SPEED involved, not so much inertia shit going on because we’re actually making distance. I love the wind in my hair and watching everything look like a blur as we zoom past.

I love the involuntary screams I let out as we’re getting our body thrown around in all sorts of directions as the coaster picks up pace and sends us into a frenzy!!! Love love love it.

Sam was walking around the theme park topless, LOL. That’s what happens when you combine dry and wet theme parks together.

And that’s me looking funneh with all my make up washed off from the water slides before…. my fake eyelash from one eye fell out too hahaha

And we’re off!!!!

Having fun you guys???

Them going off in another coaster!!! My bro’s scared of heights / theme park rides so these mini coasters are the only ones he’d go on LOL

We walked past this water feature and I exclaimed, “Ooooh look!! Waterfall!!….. But why the heck did they have to put that massive fence and block our view for? Kinda pointless right?”

But soon we discovered the valid reason for it :P

There were 2 TIGERS in the enclosure!!!! Madness. They roar-ed a bit and wow-ed everyone there lol.

Here kitty kitty kitty… Who’s a cute wittle kitty kitty? ^.^


HAAHAHA reminds me of Carlos Mencia’s stand up show omgggg you have to Youtube “The Best of Carlos Mencia”!!!

And here comes the coolest part of the whole theme park – the world’s longest suspension bridge!!!! It really WAS extremely long. (423 metres across the whole area)

And really, really high up!

Best way to see the whole park.

Although you kinda wonder what you’re missing out on since a lot of the park isn’t open to public (closed, under maintenance, yada yada)

The colorful buildings remind me of Genting for some reason

Wasn’t easy for me to walk across this thing T_T

I have a fear of extreme heights. I am not DEAD scared of heights (I do like roller coasters, remember?) and I can look down 60 storeys from the top of Marina Bay Sands, no problem.

BUT I really don’t like it when I am forced to walk on shaky platforms (the suspension bridge bounces and creaks wtfsmlj) or when the platform I am walking on has holes / glass to allow me to look DIRECTLY DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!

FEELS LIKE I AM FALLING T______________T And I get super duper scared. I clung onto the side of the bridge and onto Sam for dear life.

They seem to have no problem with the heights!

Felt my heart in my mouth everytime I glanced down. I know the trick is to keep walking and don’t look down…. but since when did “Don’t look down okay!!!!” ever work???

My only consolation was if I fell through the bridge at least I’d land in water lol (which at a certain height can feel like landing on cement anyway, I know, but it’s psychological comfort)

Our last stop for the day – ATV Riding!!!!

They made us wear funny caps. I wonder why they always make you wear shower caps when you ride on Go-Karts or ATVs??? Is it because they scared you got dandruff or what?

Sam being Sam.

Lol I love his eyes :)

Looking miserable because I was. EXHAUSTED from walking around the whole day!!!! Everyone else was complaining about being tired too so it wasn’t only me. I could barely stand on my 2 feet, I kept swaying while trying to stand still lol

AND I was being eaten alive by the second thanks to mosquitoes and 10 000 other random fucking bugs.


My loony bun is fine benny lava!

(IDK why but my bro in this pic makes me feel like singing that song LOL props to you if you know what I’m talking about!!!!!!!!! Have you been high todayyyyyyyyyyy?? I see the nuns are GAY!! I have the lyrics memorized omg what’s wrong with me)


And that was the end of that!!!!

We jumped onto the ATVs when it was our turn and it was probably my favourite part of the day. ATVs rock!!!! Talk about an adrenaline rush. I especially love it when we’re going uphill on rocky terrain coz it’s the hardest.

Reminds me of amazing times spent in Phuket with Sam, our first ever overseas trip together and that was when we JUST got to know each other!!!

You can read the post here, has hilarriousssss classic photos and funny moments!!!!

I don’t remember much of what we did after the ATV ride besides going for a nice indian dinner, lol. That’s why I try to take as many pics as I can to remember the moments!

They said Sam looks like Malaysian here. I agree. LOL.

This was us before we boarded our coach back the next day. We shopped around at Pyramid Mall and I got some really cheap stuff from F21!!!!!!!! Love how their F21 is sooo big and not crowded unlike Singapore’s stores always so many ppl.


In conclusion, I’d say Sunway Lagoon sucked. It wasn’t a waste of time since I DID have fun, and I did come back with fun holiday pics and a pleasant-ish experience but was it worth the money, the time and long bus ride? No!

Could have gone somewhere else, like to Phuket or something for the same amount of money.


Really stress + work overload recently :( Everyday means another endless list of things to do!!!!! Not enough sleep, muscle aches, lack of personal times… boohoo.


Penang Trip – Part 4

Continued from where I left off before - visitors must remove their shoes before entering the temple!

After removing my slippers I started prancing around like I was some indian native doing a ritual rain dance..

The floor was BURNING hot!!! There was no carpet or surface mat to absorb the heat besides our feet T_T

So I just googled for this temple’s name and it’s calledWat Chayamangkalara”… What a mouthful!!! I think I’m just going to call it “the temple” from now on lol

Upon entering, we were given these candles to light up and offer to the gods.. even though I’m not religious I do everything my mum says to humour her.

There’s something about a temple that is strangely comforting… it’s like when I step into a temple I immediately feel comforted and reassured if I have any worries on my mind. Maybe it’s the burning of incense sticks that is so familiar and welcoming…

Well it’s somewhere between welcoming and suffocating :3

Wat Chayamangkalara, or otherwise known as the Reclining Buddha temple is named so because it has a MASSIVE reclining Buddha in the middle of it – 99 feet long!

It is the largest reclining buddha statue in Malaysia, but the largest one in the WORLD is 300 feet ish!!! Crazy.

A real sight to behold.

Every inch of the temple was covered in intricate detail, I couldn’t stop admiring their work – is every temple this beautiful or did I just never notice this in all the previous temples I’ve been to before?

Ever since I’ve gotten my DSLR I seem to have developed an acute sense of detail.. even though my eyesight is still shit, I seem to be noticing things that I’ve left out before – it’s like when I look at something I see it from a new perspective every single time!

Don’t worry, I got permission for shooting these photos.. at least I think I did. Everyone else was doing it, plus the caretakers saw me doing it but didn’t give me any evil looks or shooed my away so I guess it’s ok?

The temple is made public to all races and religion, free-of-charge entry and it welcomes people to come admire the beauty of it all so I don’t suppose cameras would be a no-no! It is also a tourist destination after all..

Some people wished for health, love, wealth and good luck.. whereas others just wished for their debts to be cleared.

Don’t really know what this means, but then again religion never made any sense to me

My mum told me to donate some money into this particular box next to the buddha because it was “my” year, the year of the Monkey.

I could’ve been a rabbit, a tiger, or even a snake.. but I HAD to be a monkey!!! Whhhhhhy?

I blame my mum and my chinese zodiac for my unnecessarily hairy underarms and legs.

I can’t remember what the rest of the text said but apparently I’M GOING TO BE FAMOUS!!
Even the gods agree!! xoxoxoxoxo

I couldn’t have looked like a bigger tourist if I tried – snapping pictures of a wall.

Or a pillar / whatever it’s called.

At the entrance / exit of the temple.. I ♥ this picture – there’s so much colour and vibrant hues going on!!

And as you can tell, it was REALLY rlyrly hot. Possibly hotter than in Singapore..


Our final destination was probably the most fascinating one – visiting a real Peranakan House!

It’s the same one used to film the Mediacorp’s channel 8 famous drama The Little Nyonya in – when it’s not hosting grand events and tv shows, it’s a museum open to the public.

Royalty who used to live in the house.. don’t know if they were REALLY royalty but they were very important people and obviously FILTHY rich!

Ancient trishaws outside their house – I assume this was their mode of transport back then? Well they probably had grand sedans and shit but this seemed like the very first “Taxi” we had in Asia.

GRAND entrance for a grand house!!

This house is undoubtedly the most amazing house I’ve ever seen. You’ll soon see why - so much tradition that is now lost still preserved in this house-museum!

This was the first thing that greeted me at the doorway…

Yeah, pretty amazing huh?

Janice & I and my mum looking very cheeky in the background, lol!!!!

Bonsai plant coz we azn like that.

Edited this picture to look vintage-ish like the 50′s :P

I assume this was the era of when the house was built?

Everything is so regal-looking wtf it reminded me of the Raffles Hotel because of its timeless look, except this was more detailed and chinese-y

They look right in place here hahahaha /I’m so mean I always tease them about their age/

Shiny and pretty… *________*

Must.. take… picture…..

This looks like a church window to me

I was just walking around the house imagining what it would feel like if it were mine. I’d have awesome backdrops for self-photoshoots all the time!!! And would totally have sleepover parties.

P.S – I know I wear those pair of slippers WAY too often.. but they broke when I was in Sunway Lagoon last weekend and I had to leave them behind in the hotel room, so I now bid them goodbye :’(

Thanks for your 2 years + usage!!! Sorry for abusing you and wearing you onto beaches, into toilets, anywhere and everywhere basically.

You were comfy, and you have served me well. RIP in flipflop heaven.

Got vintage?

Portrait of the original owner I guess? ……….I feel her / him / it staring into my soul T_T

I would be pissed if I were her too. Like “OI WTF YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE?! And take off your shoes for gods sake!!”

They have 2 levels and we’re only on the first one!!! This is ONE of their dining tables.. pretty sure there’s like 2 or 3 in total!

I hope my house in the future will have a fresh flower centerpiece on the dining table too :)

It just adds such a lovely homely feel!

A sparkly chandelier.. because nothing expensive is out of place in this house. You don’t even need a reason.

If it’s flashy and expensive then it goes with the theme!!! That’s why I love it.

AHAHAHAHA Uncle John looks soooo cheena here!!! In his defense he was blinking but it’s so funneh. It’s so ching it’s almost alien.

Don’t worry UJ you still cute (in a jolly grandpa fashion) and my mom adores you.

It was quite hard trying to find my family amidst the crowd and navigating through this ginormous house because I was too engrossed in taking pictures..

I know it looks empty but it was actually very crowded and I’d usually have to stop people in their tracks to take a photo that looks “empty”!

I really REALLY hate random passersby in my pictures.

Like “oooh here’s a nice pic, but say.. wait a minute – why is there an extra head popping out of my neck and who’s this guy picking his nose behind me?!”

Up the stairs and onto the 2nd level we go!!!

Kukubro and I!!!

Random pic but I just HAD to include this!! ♥ My mum is sooo cute :)

This was the master bedroom and it was strangely unimpressive. The rest of the house was SO big and grand, I was expecting the main bedroom to be something a lil more than this!!!

Still it’s heck loads better than mine though hahaha

Random stuff in the bedroom (that probably costs a bomb)

I don’t like dressing tables thanks to horror movies. I always imagine some ghost behind me while I brush my hair at midnight or something… so I go out to my living room to put on make up lol (where there are huge ceiling-to-floor mirrors)

I don’t know what this room is called but they had all sorts of colourful pots and other glass artifacts in here!! I shall call it the colorful glass chamber.

The funny thing about this house is that they have this rectangular empty space in the middle of it, so when it rains I suppose it’ll be pouring through this big hole in the roof.

Quite an innovative idea, since you can just sit on your couch admiring the rain from inside your house!!!! And write moving Chinese poetry. Or tell your man slaves to wash your feet or something.

(having someone else wash your feet is one of the greatest and simplest pleasures in life)

This is a weird photo of me but imma post it anyway since it’s with family!!! I should’ve have sat so far back haha my legs look so awkward.. what a goon.

Is that a big chair or is that a big chair?! You can’t exactly call it a couch can ya.

Ending this post off this pic of mum and I!!! ♥

It’s my desktop wallpaper now :):)))

Thank goodness I have her genes to look forward to as I’m growing up hehe.


And so we’ve come to the end of my Penang Trip travelogues!!!

We did actually visit more places than that but my cam battery died, lol, and they weren’t as interesting anyway.

It was a short holiday but a super fun one, AMAZING FOOD was the highlight of the trip!

Besides the food, it was culturally enriching, physically exhausting but most of all, it was quality family time and that’s the whole point of holidays (besides having fun and relaxing)

I can’t wait for my next trip with my family :)

Will blog about getting a new hairstyle and Sunway Lagoon soon!!!


Penang Trip – Part 3

So I totally forgot to blog about Part 3 of my Penang Trip, lol.

That’s what usually happens to my travelogues.. When I first get back, I’m still super psyched from the recent trip and wanna tell you guys allll about it but give it a week or two and I’ve forgotten most details already LOL my memory sucks.

I know I haven’t been updating as often as most people would like me to, but I’ve been quite busy recently, and I really don’t have much else to say sometimes!! I hate blogging everyday mundane posts. If I’m going to blog, I wanna make sure it’s something actually WORTH reading, not something people would take a look at and go, “Meh.” then close their browser..


So I figured this blogging style suits me much better - instead of updating every 2 or 3 days with insignificant posts, I’ll blog once or twice a week with long-ass posts and tons of pictures or food-for-thought wordy entries.

Sounds good?

I think so too! Quality over quantity, people!

Anyway, here’s Penang Part 3.

Group picture in Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa lobby!! ♥

I really miss that hotel.. It had such a relaxing seaside resort appeal.

I’m leaving for Sunway Lagoon in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in a couple of hours and I’m gonna be there for 3 nights – I hope I’ll take lotsa nice pictures so I can blog about my trip properly!!

I miss shooting with my DSLR so much, but I doubt I can / should bring my DSLR into theme parks.. :3

The 2 monkeys I’m going to Sunway Lagoon with, along with Sam :P

Mum booked a private tour bus just for us so that we could choose the exact attractions that interested us most – and silly me went to pick a Toy Museum as our first stop of the day, LOL.

They call themselves the World’s Largest Toy Museum but I highly doubt that is true!! It wasn’t all that big (it was big but not OMFG MASSIVE) and wouldn’t there be ginormous toy museums in places like Japan where there are crazy fanatics of manga and anime, etc??

Anyway all of us have never been in a toy museum before, and thought it’d be something to see at least once in our lives… cuz um.. you should do everything at least once?

Rows of cabinets filled with collectible figurines!! They must have hundreds of cabinets in there.

The corpse bride… right?

Why does the chick on the bottom right remind me of America Ferrera?? (Ugly Betty)

I think it’s the far apart eyes and face shape.


Holy crap, scariest toy character in history, hands down. I remember watching Chucky when I was a kid and I wanted to throw away all my soft toys after that :(

Why would anyone want to keep a chucky toy?..


Chucky and friends… *whimpers*

Together they will take over the world.

Now, is this creepy, or is this fucking creepy?!

I didn’t mean to start my post in such a morbid way, really, but when I walked into the toy museum I was expecting things like Domokun, Hello Kitty and other cute stuff.. not I WILL EAT YOUR BRAINS kinda toys o.O

Soldier boys!! Pew pew

LOL Terminator!

Below is a whole series of us posing silly with famous life sized characters

Angelina Jolie lookalike..
. yeah right I wish!

Have no fear, Spidey is here!!

Actually I don’t even have to purposely stick my gut out.. I’m a natural at being an ogre hahaha

“Did you buy em from Forever 21? I also want~ Looks very stretchy and snug!”

Long lost brothers :P

HAHAHA looking at Kung Fu Panda always makes me laugh!!!! He just looks so fat and cuddly and funneh yet annoying at the same time. Don’t you wish you had a friend like that??

I wanted to take pictures with more life sized characters but mum was rushing for us to go to our other attractions so we moved on to the other toys section :(

Shoulda taken our own sweet time coz we ended up with heaps of extra time at the end of the day!

How cool would it be to see a real mummy in real life??

HUANG ZHU GE GE FTW. I never liked the dowager from the start..

Such intricate craftsmanship!! You gotta admire their work. I love little handicraft items like these!

Barbie and Ken gettin’ in the swing yo!

Tell me I wasn’t the only one who forced my barbie dolls to french kiss each other when I was 8 years old, LOL. I almost feel a little sad for all my toys.. when I was angry I’d make them “murder” each other and they’d have to start getting revenge on each other.

Sadistic kid :(

Why can’t us mortals really look something like that in real life? Without all the plastic of course…

Lao fu zi - lmao they really do have the randomest toys! They also have street fighter, and some hello kitty – anything you can imagine, really :)

However since we weren’t toys or figurine fanatics, our amusement soon wore off and we were off to our next destination of the day!


Our next stop was to visit a (supposedly rather famous in Penang) buddhist temple – which I enjoyed very much even though I’m not religious because I got to take a lot of nice pictures here!!

Squinty eyed people because the sun was BLINDING!! I was squinting even with huge shades on.. My brother was walking around with his eyes closed hahaha

I adore the beautiful, timeless architecture and design – churches, temples and mosques have amazing attention to detail! (well they did have a lot of money invested)

Gorgeous colours!!!

But sometimes these statues kinda freak me out.. though I guess that’s kinda the point coz I think they’re meant to guard against evil and scare away evil spirits?

Flowers in faithful devotion

How pretty are these candles?!
I wanted to take one home!

I really like snapping pictures of random stuff. This dragon looks so oil painting ish. Amirite or amirite?

Shoes must be taken off before entering the sacred temple!


What does the inside of this beautiful temple look like and what happened the rest of the day…?

I guess you’ll have to find out next time, coz I have to go now, so sorry people!!!!!

LOL wtf I know, I hate to do this to you guys but omfg it’s 6:30am now and I have a coach to catch that leaves at 8am, and I gotta be there at least 30 mins in advance, and I haven’t picked out my outfit yet and I need to find my leggings and my clothes are in a pile of mess wtf and everything is so last minute I’m MAJOR panicking here.

Can you believe I only packed for my trip 3 hours before we’re meant to go and we didn’t even BOOK our transport and hotel until like 8 hours before the trip.. madness.
I won’t get internet connection there so I can’t blog there, but I promise to blog ONCE I GET BACK!!! I will only be gone for 3 nights :)

Don’t miss me too much, won’t be moderating comments / answering formspring / updating twitter when I’m gone (crazy 3G data charges)

There will be plenty of nice pictures to look forward to though!!!

Take care everyone!

Wooooooo I’m so excited
even though it’s only Malaysia.. haven’t been on a trip in awhile and I really fucking miss being on roller coasters and just in theme parks in general I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

I’ll talk to you guys sooooonnnn


Penang Trip – Part 2

Continued from my Penang Trip – Part 1 post!!!

My jumper says Love Maker.

Love Maker not as in slut, Love Maker as in I’m a big happy hippie who loves whales and also loves to love other people!!!

Spread love, not hate!! ♥



Our second day in Penang was dedicated to Watersports!

I’d missed watersports so much. I think it’s ridiculous how Singapore is such a hot and humid place year-round but there’s so little watersports to do here wtf… WHY?

How come no jet skiing and wakeboarding in Sentosa? Or parasailing?

Or maybe have but I don’t know??

Started our day with complimentary hotel continental buffet breakfast in the morning.. is there a better way to start your day than with a big hearty meal?
(yes, with a full body massage from your bf hehe ^.^ i love waking up to massages)

Getting foooooood!!

My favourite part of any breakfast is the EGGS. I can’t have a decent breakfast without ma eggs..

I like them scrambled with a little milk, salt and better and butter, but I love my sunny side ups too!!

This picture made me laugh because it reminds me so much of someone I know called Bobby!!!

Bobby is an asian chef who works in a hotel (four seasons) and he looks so much like good ol’ Bob hahahaha

My plate… of random food.

I used to LOVE buffets but I think I’m over them now.

I definitely prefer quality over quantity now… I like ordering a lar carte items in upper scale restaurants so I don’t have to deal with physical discomfort or poor service or mad crowds or unclean places, which I find very vital because it largely affects how much I’m enjoying my meal.

I still don’t mind hawker once in awhile though.. PENANG hawker ftw I miss it so much!! *won’t shut up about it*


After breakfast, we went back to our rooms for a little cat nap while waiting for the watersports activities to begin at noon time, then it was back downstairs in the glorious sun on the super hot beach!!!

Walking there, feeling so excited… My heart’s racing!

I don’t know why I get SO excited every time I do watersports.

Still walking….

Still walkin’! LOL.

I’m wearing a beach dress that’s made out of the same material as a normal swim suit, so technically it’s a swim suit dress and it’s AWESOME!!

It looks like a cute dress that you can wear both in and outta the water, so you don’t have to bring extra clothes or change at all, if you wanna play on the beach AND go into the water!

It was raining the day before and I was crossin my fingers hopin for a bright beautiful day… WISH GRANTED!!! Thank you thank you!!! :)

People sunbaking!!

I don’t know why the whole concept of tanning yourself could be considered enjoyable or desirable since I can’t stand the heat and would do anything to be fairer..

Most suntanners are either 20+ years old jocks and vain girls, or 60+ years old WHITE retirees who are completely sunburnt to the core like lobsters LOL

Here’s your typical 60+ years old white retiree sunbaking with some enlightening book in hand!

Looks like the good life to me!

Cafe by the beach side… very scenic indeed!!

Mum and Uncle John checking out the beach!! Mum’s like, “waahhhh its tooo hoottt….”

Saw this guy taking a long stroll by himself and thought it’d make a perfect emo shot!!

*sings Eric Carmen’s All By Myself*

Amazed at how I got such a clean shot when the beach was actually filled to the brim with tourists, boats, jet skiis, etc!!

Mum and I sitting on beach chairs while Uncle John negotiates our watersports activity rates!
The sun was BLINDING, I couldn’t even open my eyes… they’re very sensitive to light! I know it doesn’t look that bright in pics but you have no idea.

Glad my brother found a cute girl who’s really nice and suitable for him :))))

Uncle John was the first one to get strapped up and launched into the sky on a parachute!! They asked me to go first but I kinda got cold feet :P

He’s like 60+ but totally not scared haha!!!

Parasailing isn’t scary anyway… wish my mum would’ve given it a shot, but she was like, “I CANNOT!” LOL

I wanna be totally spontaneous like Uncle John when I’m that old!!!


After his turn, it was mine to go!!!

Was super nervous (I dunno why. Maybe it’s cuz it was in Malaysia and I was doubting their safety precautions and measures T____T)

Had really shit hair that day… looked like some tragic F4 boy’s wind-swept hair kind of look wtf.
Don’t I look totally sizzling hot in my harness?? lol

While the guy was strapping me up, he was hastily giving yelling brief instructions into my face…
I’ve parasailed before but directly from a boat, not from the beach before!!

He’s like, “OK, when I tell you to RUN, you RUN! When I tell you to go ARMS-FREE, you lift your hands up!! When I tell you to PULL, you pull this rope here!!”

……………All that was running through my mind was, “WTF? What if the rope breaks and I land into the sea and a great white shark jumps outta the water and chomps me into pieces??”

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so negative and paranoid when it comes to these things :3


I was daydreaming, completely unprepared when the guy suddenly yelled,


And I was like HOLY SHIT WHAT……….. OK *runs*


I took a leap of faith…. and… I’M OFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOOOO look at me go!!!

There was a boat pulling me along in front, and lifted me off the beach straight into the air!!!
Mad exhilarating!!

I screamed for awhile (in ecstasy) but calmed down after a minute because it was actually very calm and peaceful up in the air. Great way to enjoy the views :)

I must say that it wasn’t as enjoyable as my parasailing experience in Orlando because these guys just weren’t as professional!!!

Because of the way you have to “run” for takeoff, the harness can get caught in very awkward and uncomfortable positions.. the proper way to parasail is to sit on the harness as if it was a dangling seat.

This harness was supporting my upper thighs and even my crotch instead of my legs!!!

Very awkward position throughout. The trip was much shorter and it didn’t fly even HALF as high as I did in Orlando…

I think I went only 10 storeys high, but in Orland I went 30?? No SHIT!!

That’s me in the air coming back down to solid ground, after circling the island once!!!

Again, it was a new experience for me because I had to manually reach up for a really high rope up in my parachute and PULL it down fucking hard to lower my parachute onto the ground!!!

IT’S TOTALLY NOT EASY LA OMG the people who went before me, (Uncle John, random couples) made it look effortless because they were big strong tall men

but I am like this weak little girl who can barely open a soft drink can and they didn’t even warn me how demanding it was T____T

I got really scared because I was afraid that I’d miss the landing patch and end up face planting myself into the water (where a great white shark would be waiting for me) and the parachute would land on my head, thus drowning me as I can’t reach the surface to take in oxygen…
Or worse, land in the patch of sharp rocks and boulders or trees!!!!

HAHAHA look at that guy on the left running towards me, so afraid I’d go SPLAT or something!

Thank goodness I managed to find the strength in me to pull down that bloody rope and got myself landing safely in time…. Safely, but very ungracefully!!!

Most people would run when they touched the ground to remain on their feet, and others would stumble to the ground, but I just went SPLAT and landed on my fat ass.

Pretty fucking funny actually.

This was mum and Uncle John’s face when they saw my elephant landing. Really got so funny meh???

They were like, “JESS YOU’RE LIKE A HIPPOPOTAMUS!!!!!!!!”

……..Well, thanks for the encouragement, people. I’m just glad I made it out of there alive, lol!

Getting unhooked from the parachute!

The parasail guys were all like, “We thought you were going to land in the water!” and all laughing at me :P

Bro and Jan’s turn now!!! LOL @ the guy on the right spreading his arms like a chicken in example!!

He’s like, “YOU MUST FLY, OKEH????”

OK RUN RUN RUNNNNN RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111@@@@

And there they go!!!!!! I could hear Jan’s squeals from so far LOL!

Giving myself the thumbs up sign while waiting for them to be done parasailing. LOL. Totally enjoying myself :)
Nothing like watersports on a hot day to get your adrenaline pumping!!!

This was what the sand on Batu Ferringhi was like… quite thick and rough so it was painful to walk on @_@

They’re back!!!

As you can tell they’re a hell lot more graceful than me HAHAHAH they landed like an agile feline, so deliberate and effortless.

In my defense, they had my giant tall brother to pull the stupid rope down so it’s obviously a lot easier for them la!


We took a rest and then it was time for the second activity -


I ♥ Jet Skiing so much omfg favouritest spots eva!!!!

Walkin to our Jet Skis!

Me getting briefed on how to use the Jet Ski. (which was unnecessary cuz I’m a pro, wooooooooo!)

I adore Jet Skis because they’re so exciting but brainless to use also! No experience or knowledge required…

You just have to love the SUN, SEA AND SPEEEEED!!!

When I first took control of the jet ski and rode out to sea, I went really slow as I was still nervous but once I got used to the controls and warmed up to the situation and embraced my inner wild child, I WENT SO FUCKING FAST HAHAHAHA!!!!

I swear it felt like it was over 100km/h. What’s the highest speed a jet ski can go? Cuz I went almost 100% speed!! Like 95%?

Really fucking fast la, one wrong turn or move and I’d be sent flying into the sea head first!

I still remember my jet skiing accident with Sam in Phuket, where I went too fast in choppy waters and this HUGE wave came and took us underwater, throwing us off the jet ski and dragged it away in the current, too far for us to swim back to it!!!

Had to bob around in the middle of the sea, while being constantly dunked by crashing waves on top of our heads and then coming up to the surface gasping for breath (MONSOON SEASON YO!! note to self- never visit beach during wet season)
Finally we got rescued by people who spotted us….

I was a little more wary of my recklessness this time, but still it was so much fun!!! It reminded me of being on my ex’s sports bike, but this was BIGGER, BETTER, FASTER.

You get water splashing on your face, and even if you fall you hit soft water!!!

Plus my favourite thing is the JUMPS you get when your jet ski goes over a wave and launches you into the air!!! And your whole body and butt gets lifted off the seat, you feel like you’re flying, woohoo!!

Random pic of Jan on her ski!

Cruising leisurely was fun too, singing my favourite songs old loud while passing by fishing boats as the friendly people waved to me, I almost lost control once while waving back, LOL!


I was like. “FUCK SHIT WTF WAS THAT OMG ok just a fish not a shark.”

I was also half hoping to see some dolphins or whales but I was just being naive obviously… the water’s so polluted, any whale would die there!!!

After bout 30 mins or so of Jet Skiing, went back to shore cuz I told myself if I don’t show some self-restraint and go back now, I’d completely lose track of time and not go back at all!!! Honestly I wanted to stay out cruising on sea for the whole day.

There were so many other jet skis on the water.. at least 5 more? Busy watersports day!

While you’re jet skiing you have to avoid hitting the parasailing boats and fishing boats!

My brother coming back on his jet ski like a hero, holding his sunglasses in place with one hand, lol!

Woooot Baywatch moment much?!?!

He’d never been jet skiing before and was TOTALLY psyched after that!!! He’s like,

Hardly see him that excited for anything at all!!!

Last pic on the beach!!! Adrenaline filled activities craving S-A-T-I-S-F-I-E-D.

I could taste the sea salt and sand in my mouth WTF. It’s because I was like “:DDDD” throughout jet skiing and splashes of water kept going into my mouth rofl

We were gonna head upstairs for a shower but on our way we passed by the gorgeous swimming pool… it was such a hot day, and the water was deliciously cold – I couldn’t resist!!!

Managed to convince them into jumping in with me! :)

It was a BEACH paradise indeed!! Would you look at how beautiful our surroundings were?

Hahahah they’re so cute!! Yay for underwater cameras!!!!

Janice’s eyes don’t hurt at all underwater omg. plus she has perfect eyesight. I’m so jealous!!

My eyes are mad problematic. They turn red very easily and are super sensitive to light and chlorine, soap, etc!

He’s 26 years old this year in case you were wondering

Omg omg omg we saw this guy with a HILARIOUS tank-top tan line, it looked like he was wearing a bikini!!!! Can you see the guy at the back??

I told Jan to go pretend I was takin a pic of her, but really, my main focus was the funny dude in the back with the sexy tanline! Way to go bro!

Goofy underwater shot

Relaxation at its maximum


After our glorious swim, it was nap time AGAIN!! Omg I loved that Penang holiday. Lots of fun, lots of food, lots of massages, lots of royal naps :)

Watersports are so freaking tiring!! Don’t you notice you get SUPER tired after being in the water?? What is it about water-related activities that are so draining?

I got woken up by mum for dinner and we drove into the city for a grand seafood feast.

Right beside the restaurant was like a dried up piece of wet land (???) that’s meant to be filled with water when it’s high tide!

Quite a strange view… but ok… at least it was remotely windy out there.

Couldn’t help but edit it to look all vintagey because of its natural sad looking elements!!

Not a big fan of seafood, but everyone else thinks it’s grand, so yeah..

I was taking a picture of the signboard and accidentally blocked this white guy’s path, then he smiled and said, “It’s okay. You can go first” in the FUNNIEST accent.

It was like the accent for retarded asian people who can’t speak english or something… y’know, like slow motion “yewww… kan… goo… fuurrssttt” complete with sign language and the retarded slurrrrrrrrrrr.

I looked at him funny and said, “It’s ok, I can speak english.” with my best put-on American accent LOL and he was like, “Oh you must be from Singapore!!!”

So we ARE known for being smart afterall!!! Yay!

Long walkway to get into the restaurant

I ♥ this photo of them!

Got them to pose for this photo because the lighting was great. It’s so hard to get good lighting with DSLRs, everything’s always either underexposed or more rarely, overexposed.

The images look really bright on the screen but they’re actually dark when you open them up in the computer wtf.

To get the lighting in the picture above, I had to set my aperture really small, exposure to +2 (HUGE!) and had a strong amount of natural sunlight!!! Madness.

Pretty twinkling fairy lights that lined the walkway..

I am so excited for Christmas, people!! Even though I don’t have plans for now, I know it will be just amazing :)
I even bought Christmas stockings to hang in the house hehe

Ok sudden change of topic, live seafood o______O

I dunno about you but to me it’s REALLY disturbing to see live animals kept in unsanitary living conditions within cages like that. Why can’t you put it in the back of your kitchen or something?

Like, I know that food on our places was once a living breathing animal but do you honestly need to SEE IT WITH YOUR OWN DAMN EYES just to confirm it’s fresh???

Isn’t that a bit excessive? I’m sure that’s kiasu asian culture!

Couldn’t help thinking WTF this would taste like… I’ve never seen anything like this before

Placing their orders… no idea what they’re ordering but don’t really mind since I’m no seafood fan

Prawns are so ugly. Srsly.

It was empty when we arrived, but packed up nicely once it hit 7-8pm!

I love all that vibrant red!!!!

Cute lanterns that reminded me of Chinese New Year :)

Some chinese sign that I can’t read. #Fail#
What does it say??

Peanuts as appetizers, another thing I’d never understand but don’t question tradition!

A cup of ice.

Because food took stupidly long and I got bored waiting, I took all sorts of nonsensical pictures. At least they played strangely pleasant oldies music while I absolutely adored!!

My shimmery gold cardigan, beady pink necklace and dinner time cleavage.. because, why not?

My best buy ever, along with my iPhone. Gadget Gurl 4 lyfe!!11111


Momma’s Boy!!! (or old man in this case hahaha)

After foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, our food finally came…

First dish was a MASSIVE bowl of Shark’s Fin and scallop soup.

Was slightly hesitant to eat it at first, since before I went on this trip I’d just been watching youtube videos of people heartless slicing off the dorsal fins of sharks then throwing them back into the sea to die…

But I thought to myself that this $80 bowl was already sitting in my face, whether I eat it or not would not affect the life of any live shark now so I gobbled it up. Plus it helped that it was super yummy.
The serving was MASSIVE!!!!

I love the ocean but I really hate some creatures in it… well like sharks for example. You eat people for what??? I can’t help to not feel that bad for you! The less sharks, the better coz swimmers / surfers / divers / fishermen etc have less to worry about too.

I know they’re a huge part of the ecosystem and whatever but meh… I really don’t like em yea.

I don’t have a problem with people eating sharks fin at all, I just think they shouldn’t be so wasteful to use only the fin of the shark and throw the rest of the body into the ocean so that it’d float to the bottom of the sea!!

Why don’t they just use the whole shark, I wonder??

Is it high with mercury toxins so it might cause mercury poisoning, as the same with dolphin meat? Or is it simply just not yummy enough?

Why don’t people kill more sharks and less whales??? Whales don’t eat people PLUS they’re much more lovable and intelligent and graceful and useful!!

Some leafy chinese veg fried with soy sauce and topped with crispy garlic pieces. Yum!

This weird ass shelled creature is called a Mantis Prawn. It looks like a prawn without the curved body and its Bigger than 30cm!! Giant prawn. (creepy looking as heck)

Quite yummy tho… they fried it with some spicy and salty seasoning :))))


Black pepper crabs… nothing compared to Jumbo’s, but still very yummy!!!

By the time we’d finished our meal, it was already dark….

So all the twinkling lights turned into bokeh!!


“Bokeh” is a Japanese word that means a pretty fuzzy circular out-of-focus light source that usually gives off a surreal feeling in a photograph! ^.^


Afterwards we went shopping at some random mall where I noticed EVERYTHING in Penang was on sale. Wtf??

The clothes were so cheap I wanted to buy em all!!! But I told myself not to waste anymore money on stuff that I wouldn’t use often enough to justify its cost so I didn’t buy anything in the end.

I’m so mature now!! *pats self on back*

3 hours of shopping and it was, once again, time for food.
Our gluttony is so excessive, once you get over the fact that it’s a luxurious lifestyle, you realize it’s moderately disgusting HAHAHA is there any day that we don’t stuff our faces??

I liked the hawker at Batu Ferringhi a LOT better!!

But you can’t have what you want everyday!


And that, dear lovely people, is the End of day 2 of my Penang Trip!!!!

Stay tuned for Part 3 ^.^


An update on my CURRENT life – Been leading a very carefree lifestyle these few days…
I don’t wanna think about the future.

I wanna live in this moment, RIGHT NOW, and stop fussing my little head over things that I have no control over.

I like living this way. Doing what I want, when I want it, with who I want.

It’s amazing, like freedom I’ve never experienced before :)

I know it won’t last long so I’m treasuring every moment I have.

Also, my new hamster Pudding is SUCH a dear!!!

I ♥ him so much.

He lets me cuddle him and feed him and stroke him and poke him and he’s so active and fun loving!!! So different from Hunnybuns.

What a great decision to have bought him.

Thank goodness things are so much better now, I hope they remain this way.

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