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I don’t think I have ever felt this way ever in my life.

I just did a tweet rant about this but I think I’ll do a short blog post instead coz I’m still feeling emotional and I wanna remember this moment.

A short while ago, I suddenly burst into tears and I couldn’t understand if what I was feeling was happiness, or sadness. I think it’s a mixture of both. Happy because I should be thankful, but sad because it’s all over. I thought about how amazing the past week of my life has been and I feel so, so SO incredibly grateful for it. I know I haven’t updated my blog for awhile, but if you follow me on Twitter / Instagram you’d know some of the things I have been getting up to.

This week that I spent in Perth…. man, it’s just been out of this world. For an impromptu trip this has been really special. The whole time it was happening, I’m like, “is this real? Surely nobody has it this easy. Really?”

I can’t summarize the week’s activities in one blog post, but I have a few pictures and stories to share.

My Perth story begins!!! A really rough outline of it anyway. The only pictures I have are the ones I’ve tweeted, these are all from my phone.

Arrived in Perth, and stayed in this beautiful 3 storey home. For free. Thank god for this because Perth is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in and I definitely wouldn’t be able to afford something this luxurious on my own. This was minutes away from the Burswood casino and Burswood dome where I played blackjack and watched Taylor Swift live.

We also got to drive my mum’s Volvo Sports car around wherever we wanted to go.. for free too wtf. This made life in Perth so convenient and carefree because accommodation and transport are the two biggest worries of any traveler!!!

First thing I did in Perth was go grocery shopping with my mum… and that made me so happy. I SO LOVE the supermarkets here in Australia. (I’m blogging this from Melbourne now btw)

I dunno why I haven’t moved to Australia already. Their supermarkets are really SUPER coz they’re hugeee and stock such a wide range of products!!! The variety that’s so readily available is insane. I love cooking and food and I was absolutely thrilled by all the options available and most of the food was reasonably priced. You might think I’m overreacting but this is coming from a deprived 19 year old who has to depend on her own cooking for affordable & nice meals but finds herself stuck in an empty supermarket near her home..

Either that or eat her maid’s shit cooking or go out everyday for extravagant meals which is not really feasible in the long run. You know the NTUC Fairprice at Simei runs out of the most basic ingredients such as MUSHROOMS or SALMON. And they don’t even stock stuff like scallops or the right kinda bread sometimes. So for me to walk around in a supermarket that was like, 10 times the size of what I get back home was such a good feeling. Australia’s produce is so fresh and huge, I’m in love. ♥ Onions as big as my face. If I lived in Aussie I’d cook up crazy meals ALL The Freakin’ Time!!!!

I bought Taylor Swift’s wonderstruck perfume!!! Which totally caught me by surprise coz Sam pointed it out to me while we were at Changi Airport’s departure hall, otherwise I would’ve walked right past it without knowing. FINALLY, I own a bottle of magic! I’ve waited so many months for this to be released in Singapore. Oh and that is me doing my best Wonderstruck impression hahahah.

Tried chilli mussels for the first time! I’ve never liked mussels but these were awesome!!!! Anyway the point of this pic is not about the mussels, but rather, I wanted to say…

Thank god we have awesome friends in Perth that drive us around, taking us out to amazing food places to eat and just spending time with us making our time here better. You know who you are!!! ♥

The weather in Perth was perfect!!!! Better than what I had hoped for. Sunny and windy without being humid or too warm / cold. I think good weather is highly essential for having a good time in a foreign country. Thanks to the good weather I was so eager to get out of the house and explore everyday, and I took nice long strolls in parks with my boyfriend and my mum which I LOVED. Appreciate that I was able to spend ample quality time with them throughout the week.

It’s so rare to see the both of them this carefree. Their faces light up and seem like a whole new person and it makes me incredibly happy to see them happy.

This is me in Perth. Everyday was awesome hair and make up day and I got to wear all my summer dresses, yay!!!!! I’ve got a happy person’s glow.

The food was always SENSATIONAL :’) My taste buds were on fire every day. Quite obviously, food makes me extremely happy.

I have never had that much good food in such a short span of time!!! EVERY meal was mouthwatering & delicious and we never fail to have dessert afterward. Now this is another little thing that’s a big deal to me. I love eating and having dessert with people. Most people have meals with each other coz they need to eat, but to have dessert with someone else means a different thing. People smile and talk more during dessert, and they just seem to be having a good time. You don’t HAVE to have dessert, people CHOOSE to have dessert. It’s a luxury, and a social thing. It’s when conversations steer away from work and all stress-related issues and we talk about the most random, lighthearted things… I say this because I have meals with strangers all the time, but I only have dessert with my closest friends and family and I always enjoy the whole experience immensely. I hope I don’t sound crazy for associating sweet food with happiness lol but if you give my theory some thought it does make sense!!!!!!

And while we’re on the topic of dessert, here’s Sam racing against time to eat a soft serve cone bought from an ice cream van in the park, under Aussie’s unforgiving sun. Ice cream was made for summer days like these.

Shopping… I LOVE SHOPPING!!! & the shopping was so cheap in Aus because everything Summer-related was on sale coz the season is over for them now!! Most of my dresses were only about 20 AUD which is even cheaper than blogshop dresses but of much higher quality :’) It’s so hard to find good cheap deals in Singapore.

Lots of cute dresses from Valleygirl, if they had this store in SG I wouldn’t even glance at Forever 21. And of course my shopping was made even more fun by the fact that my mum was spontaneously over-generous and decided to pay for a lot of my things this trip (usually I pay for my own holidays) and she kept picking out cute outfits for me to go try on!!! I love her so much!!!

Speaking of my mum, we celebrated her 55th birthday on the 26th of February. I made her a b’day brunch which had eggs benedict with parma ham, salad with italian dressing, cherry tomatoes and feta, & Peri Peri chicken! I refuse to believe my mother is already 55. I keep thinking she’s only 45 because she looks and behaves like one.

She had mad luck at the casino on her birthday – 30 minutes in and she won $1550 AUD. All hail the strong AUD dollar!!! How’s that for a birthday present?

Had brunch at this gorgeous Rose Farm atop a hill.. It was so damn scenic and have I already mentioned the weather was beauuuuuutiful?!

The food… was even better than the scenery I reckon!! Check out our kickass slices of oreo chocolate cake and mango cheesecake. When you have meals like that every single day HOW CAN YOU NOT BE HAPPY?????

THIS…. 89wufdfsher35ssjssllffjfj LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s what I posted on Instagram:

“Holy crap, I still can’t believe it. I SWAM WITH WILD BOTTLENOSE DOLPHINS IN THE OPEN SEA TODAY!!!!!!!! I actually did it. I’m so happy I could die, a lifelong dream is fulfilled!! :’) I’ve waited so many years to do this. It amazes me how incredibly social and intelligent dolphins are.. I have no words for how much I adore bottlenoses and orcas. In the water, I was stunned by their grace and sheer size, so so beautiful. They appear quite slick from the surface, but when you’re swimming with them up close, they’re much more burly looking! We were out at sea for like 5 hours and swam with over 15 different individual dolphins from different pods. One family had the most ADORBS BABY dolphin that was less than a week old!!! Wtf the most precious thing I have ever seen. I especially loved it when the dolphins swam right underneath me, less than a meter away and looked up at me. They’re so conscious of their surroundings, I’m sure they were just as curious about us as we were about them. That was Definitely one of THE best experience in my life!!!! It was magical to say the least. One more activity checked off my list of “Things to do so I can die without regrets.” <3”


They say happy people glow and I think I’m glowing in this picture because I barely have any make up on besides my eyebrows and yet I don’t look so bad. (I think LOL)

More dresses I bought!!!!!!

Shopping at Garden City with my mum and Sam!!! Looking at this picture makes me giggle.. Mum’s like “lets go check out that other shop over there!! :D” and Sam’s like “…not my most favorite thing to do. And your shopping bags are heavy.””

More glorious food… foood…. I have so many other food pics I haven’t posted!!! Asian food tastes like HEAVEN after you’ve had Western meals for a week straight.

Just Phillip and I ♥

Random vain pic

I got this at K-Mart where I bought a buttload of cheap & cute PJs :D They all have adorable prints or slogans on them!!!!

Brunch that Sam, my mum and I cooked up!!!! Cooking as a family is so therapeutic! Most people can only have brunch on Sundays but we had brunch everyday like a boss. I’m sorry if I sound like I am gloating but I just really wanted to share with you guys all the good things that have happened to me recently!

Frolicking at Cottesloe Beach!!!!! Where we danced for hours in the waves of the Indian Ocean and turquoise waters of Western Australia. Lol ok I make it sound really glamorous but it was not I kept getting dunked in the water and I choked on sea water a couple of times and a lot of sand got into my contacts but HEY IT WAS AMAZING. Taylor Swift visited this beach a few days after we did and she loved it too!!

Western Australia is such an underrated place. I don’t understand why people keep saying it’s a boring place to live or visit. There’s so much to see & do here. Open your eyes people!

Summer breeze ♥

This, is the view from King’s Park. Where Sam and I wasted an afternoon away just walking among it’s well kept grounds and carpet grass while munching on ice cream. I could never do this in Singapore because 1) weather’s too hot and humid for walks.. 2) our parks are nowhere near as nice or well-kept and 3) our parks don’t have views like this!!!

They say some of the best things in life are free. The beaches and parks in Perth are it!

You’ll find a lot of couples and families lying down on the carpet grass, looking out into the city skyline or up into the blue blue sky. You know what I love about Australia? How family-orientated people are. You can tell it means so much to them and they try to spend as much time with them as possible! I hear from people working in Perth that when the clock hits 5, people rush home to spend time with their families immediately. On the weekends no one goes out with friends because it’s family-time.

Well for the true blue Aussies at least.. not the Asians living there.


The day I saw Taylor Swift live again in concert, for the second time. I can’t decide if I liked this or swimming with dolphins more. Both were LIFE CHANGING.

My dress for the day

I braved 3 hours in the SCORCHING Australian sun, with no sun block, or chairs, or anything to relieve the discomfort, with hundreds of other fans… We just stood / sat on the road outside the stadium waiting for the performance to start. We were there early coz we had standing pen tickets and wanted to be as near as possible. It was so hot you wouldn’t even believe the misery everyone there put themselves through just to be that much closer to Taylor.

That’s dedication if I ever recognized it!!!!!



I WAS LIKE……. “:’) This was what I came to Australia for.” I booked my tickets to see her even before I arranged any flight or accommodation / tours, etc.

I CAN’T EVEN BEGIN TO EXPLAIN TO YOU WHAT IT FELT LIKE looking at her and having her look back at you and being so close and seeing the Speak Now our right in front of my eyes, barely 3 meters away, I could even see the blemish she had on her face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This experience was ten gazillion times better than the show she had in Singapore a year ago. I love T Swizzie so so much.

She’s a huge part of my life. I listen and sing to her songs like every damn day and I can always relate to her lyrics. She also happens to have the most charming personality ever!!!!!! I screamed and screamed when she came on, I cried when the touching / sad songs came and I sang every lyric to every song. It was one of the best nights of my life. What made it even more amazing was that Sam was next to me singing along too hahahaha I listen to her songs when he’s in the same room so much, he’s a fan now too!!! We danced to her slow songs despite being packed like sardines in a dying, hot & sweaty crowd and it’s something I will never forget.

Thank you Taylor for inspiring me in so many ways you don’t even know!!!!! I LOVE, LOVE love you, and my mum, and Sam, and my friends, and all the people who are good to me… I love my readers who still regularly check back for updates on my blog even though I tend to be poofy and sometimes don’t update for extended periods of time!


So…. yeah.

My week has been amazing, as you could probably tell by now. So great, in fact, that I burst into tears because I’m now sitting in Sam’s bedroom in Melbourne wondering how the hell I am ever going to top that. I’m not saying life will never be better than this, BUT I FIND IT SO HARD TO DEAL WITH ALL THE AWESOMENESS that has been bestowed upon me…. There’s so much else I haven’t blogged about as well, I think it’d be impossible to share every thing that made me happy because that would take me all night and I’m getting quite sleepy.

I feel a lot better after blogging this, I’ve stopped crying and now I’m trying to accept the fact that life isn’t always going to be a fairytale. Life will soon be returning back to normal…

But I’ll try to live by this quote,

“Don’t cry because it’s over, but smile because it happened.”

Long live all the magic we made.


Whitewater World

At Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Whitewater World is Gold Coast’s newest theme park!!!

I LOVE water theme parks, but a lot of them tend to be outdated and wayyyy too dirty. I was so so glad that Whitewater World turned out to be beautiful, clean and super new! :* The best in terms of cleanliness and facilities I’ve ever been to! Considering the last one I went to was Sunway Lagoon, this was an extremely welcome change.

Sammy and his favorite Elwood shirt ;)

Than god Fidel brought this spray-on sunscreen. Australia has the worstttttt sun. I think I must be a mountain tortoise because I was so fascinated by the fact that sunscreen came in spray-form. (I don’t use it often, generally I avoid going outside in the noon) No more sticky rubbing, yay!!!

I HATE spreading sunscreen all over my body because it leaves white streaky marks and it looks / feels awful.

AMAZING weather that day! One of the best days out of the whole trip. Everything went pretty much perfectly. ♥ That orange thingy you see is actually called the Hydrocoaster.

It’s the best freakin water slide I’ve ever been on!!! I have a video of it later on! :D

Super light make up on for the wet day ahead~ I would’ve gone completely without, but I knew I would be taking pictures and to save myself more time on editing…

Getting our tickets and thankfully the theme park was probably only at 20% occupancy level. My type of crowd, the quiet one. Enough people so it doesn’t feel like a dead place, but little enough to have enough privacy and fun without waiting for queue lines!

Ready for some screamin’ and splashin’ and soakin’ up the sun!!!!!

I’d specifically bought this black swimsuit top (the one under my white cover-up, the black swim top covers the tummy and everything) from SeaFolly the day before because I wanted to everyone a favor and not wear anything too skimpy @.@

Say cheese!

My other qualm about water theme parks is that you have to walk around barefooted.

I’m really particular when it comes to my feet. I hate stepping on dirty stuff (uncleaned floors etc) and I hate stepping on wet / damp floors. When you combine the two… e_e

I spent the first half hour tip-toeing around, trying to get as little gunk on my feet as possible. But eventually I stopped being an anal prissy princess and stomped around barefooted like a man.

I swear I was taking a picture of the chairs but then she bent over!!

The Australian sun was so hot, we wanted to jump into this glorious pool right away but the water was F-R-E-E-Z-I-N-G. I don’t know if this is an exaggeration but it felt like only 10 degrees!!

Love you :)


Have you guys ever been on a toilet bowl water slide? This had the biggest dip and splash!! It was extra thrilling doing the whole thing with your eyes shut because you don’t know what to expect.

It’s such a pity I couldn’t record this ride because Australia’s security is really tight, I could film anything I wanted in Orlando, USA.. but not in OZ. Oh well, at least I managed to sneak a Hydrocoaster vid in!

Ok so I keep going on about the Hydrocoaster, it’s time to show you a video of it!!! It’s the first ever water slide I’ve ever sat on that goes UPWARDS instead of just downwards. So basically it’s like a roller coaster except you’re on a float instead and getting splashed every few seconds.

Sounds awesome?? It is!

Sam filmed a video of us on our 3rd or 4th time riding it! It was every bit as exciting as our first try.

WATCH it to hear Sam, Fidelis and I going “Woohoo!! Weehee!! AHHH” LOL. Look at the speed at which it moves and the upwards inclination omg. Sometimes it felt as though we were too heavy and fat and that we’d fall backwards instead of go uphill.

This video makes me smile so much! Don’t ask me why we were squealing like little girls when it’s “just a water slide”…. It’s a lot more exhilarating than it seems, I promise!

I find water slides to be generally more exciting than most roller coasters. Reason being I feel so “exposed” when I’m on a float, just wearing a swim suit and in the open with no seat belts to protect me from falling out of the float and dying, as opposed to being strapped up so securely on a roller coaster… makes sense right?

Anyway have I mentioned that another water slide video I took 2 years ago now has over 200 000 views on Youtube? LOL wtf right. It also has a lot of random horny comments on it from desperate men which Sam finds highly amusing.

The thing about water theme parks is that you have to climb like 6 storeys just to ride the slide, because obviously, they don’t have elevators. I take 10 minutes to climb up and 30 seconds to slide down. Repeat process x5. FML. With every climb I take 3 minutes longer hahaha

Stairs climbing T_T

Sometimes I’m secretly very happy when there’s a queue coz that means I get to rest halfway and I’m not expected to make it all the way to the top in one shot. It makes me sad when I see a 50 year old man huff past me effortlessly while I drag my arse step by step.

x x x

I was too chicken shit to attempt this. I’m usually all for thrilling rides but this one was like WTF.

This spiffy looking tube that looks like it might shoot you up to outer space is called The Wedgie. It’s a vertical drop at the start!!!!!

The floor beneath your feet will SUDDENLY GIVE WAY, and you’ll fall at a near 90 degree angle into a tubed slide. And supposedly, in the process, you’ll get a big wedgie! ‘sif I’m gonna go on that shit! I hate rides that suddenly happen instead of building up momentum!

Sam was the only out of us who dared to tried it… See if you can spot him lining up for his turn!

He went on it mostly because I egged him on and wanted him to tell me if it was effed up or not. He said it was nowhere near as intimidating as it sounds.

And this is him coming out of the tube – he sure does make a big splash!!!

I love seeing daddies alone with their kids :’)

The kiddy area!!!

Filling up buckets of icy cold water on an elevated area waiting to unload it all on a unsuspecting adult (or a kid even muahaha) when they walked past below you. Cheap thrills I do love.

Just Sam taking a bath. :P

There’s 5 year olds playing here… and then there’s me.



You’re never too old for slides! You go, baldy!!!

Sam’s naughty face. LOLOLOL

All my make up washed off by now :3

There was once I shamelessly went to a water theme park with full make up and falsies. Falsies came off by the first slide haha whaafail.

So for those of you who don’t know, this is what a toilet bowl water slide is like!!! Except the Green Room was more fun than this. :)

The best part about being an adult is that you can have candy for lunch if you wanted to.

Fun times!!!!!

Awesome wave pool is awesome.

…End of our funtastic day at Whitewater World. ♥

(omg did I just use the word funtastic? yes I did. *facepalm*)

I wish SG had something like that, Wild Wild Wet is too poorly maintained and is too small. A good water theme park would do SO well here considering it’s blazing hot every single day!!!

Now that we’ve got Universal Studios… can we have a nice new water park, pretty please? x


Movie World, Gold Coast, Australia

I wasn’t feeling too well that day (remember what I said about being sick for most of this Australian trip FML), so unfortunately we only managed to cover half of Movie World, before I gave in and collapsed in the car.

We packed our itinerary for the trip so tight that we fell sick from holiday-ing too much. Theme park after theme park after beach after activity coupled with the crazy Australian weather = sick tourists. True story. Well at least I got to try the new Superman coaster which was uber fun!!! I’ve been on the other rides before, the last time I was here with my mum.

Here’s Movie World for you guys, in pictures!

Upon sight of this shop: O____O”!!! asldkalsfo85924rajlasad1111111111111

What 10 year old Jessica lusted over.

I was THIS close to getting one and playing with it everyday.

Sunshine, daisies, butter mellow.. Turn this stupid fat rat yellow!

They were SOOO expensive, otherwise I would’ve bought one! Think the Elder Wand was $100 AUD. And AUD was strong when we went, stronger than USD.


It’s just a piece of plastic!!!! Almost heartbroken that I had to leave the store empty handed, because the merchandise were of pretty subpar quality, matched with exorbitant prices.
When I finally get to visit Universal Studios’ Wizarding World of Harry Potter, however… now THAT is a different story. Sure to go nuts. I hope I never lose this child-like amazement whenever I think about Harry Potter. Or when I think about theme parks. I hope I can stay this wonder struck forever. It keeps me youthful and happy inside.

Hahahahaha oh Hermione. What did they do to you?

I remember going on this coaster when I was much younger, with my mum.. she came out cursing and white-faced. It was hilarious.

Possibly my favorite ride in Movie World!


The Rest of Sydney in Pictures – Part 1

Spending a quiet afternoon roaming the streets of Bondi by myself

Trying Nando’s for the first time.. I don’t understand the hype. Mediocre tasting chicken with hot sauce

I walked into this cutie’s clothing store at Bondi and ended up chatting with her for almost an hour since she didn’t have any other customers. It was a quiet off-peak time at Bondi. It’s really nice and refreshing to meet new people & friends in foreign countries :)

These shop owners see me shopping all alone so they make an obvious effort to entertain me as much as possible. It was sweet ♥ I am always moved by a stranger’s kindness and how genuine some of them are, even though I don’t know them at all.

This dude works at 7-Eleven, but owns a beach front house in a prime location that’s worth millions. I found that really interesting.

We caught an Italian Symphony at the Sydney Opera House.

I don’t know why I did it since I knew I was going to stare blankly into nothingness for 2 hours, sitting in sheer boredom (which is exactly what I did) and the only other people there were elderly folks who were nodding and humming away to the tunes.. but what the heck.

I figured everyone should try everything at least once.

I love the twinkling lights.

#Epic moment in the train when we were so glad to have bought tissue boxes because our apartment ran out of toilet paper 2 days ago. LOL.

I miss Australia.


Moreton Island

Rise and Shine!

We got up in the early morning, hopped onto a tour bus, and made our way over to the Port of Brisbane, which was an hour’s drive away..

Today we’re heading off to a secluded island called Moreton Island....

To SNORKEL and go sandboarding!!!!!! :D

No food provided on the tour bus, but my trophy boyfriend made me chicken caesar salad the night before, so I didn’t have to starve during the journey… Woopie!!!

I can’t stop snacking when I’m on road trips. This is SERIOUSLY addictive stuff.. peppery and salty and chewy. Wishin’ I had some now.

And we arrive at the Port of Brisbane! It’s such a beautiful day, thank god for gorgeous weather that shined down on us.

Getting boarded into the boat that would take us to Moreton Island… it definitely wasn’t the tour boat I expected. O_O

You’ll see what I mean in a bit.

This is Fidelis going.. “WTF so cold, how to snorkel later on?!”

This little food corner in the boat was a lifesaver. It was another an hour ish before we reached Moreton Island.

Steak pie. NOMZ.

Hey you! Haha he looks so scruffy in the mornings.

Kept my make up minimal that day because it was going to be a day of full of physical activities, sun, sea and the sand… surprisingly my falsies did NOT drop off nor did my eyeliner get smudged at all.

Am I good or what? n_n

A pretty blue pic of Brisbane’s port :) We were soooo lucky with the weather, it didn’t rain once during our 3 week trip!

As we’re approaching the island, we got called to the bottom floor of the boat… where….

We saw a LOT of big cars and trucks. O______o

This boat actually transfers people AND their cars to and fro islands. Of course, only 4WDs were allowed considering the rough terrain of the island..

Why would people need their cars on a secluded island?

Well you’re allowed to drive all around the island, so I guess you can get a lot more sightseeing done this way? You cover more ground, and get shielded from the sun. Some people drive deep into the island and camp in the bushes!!!

It was extremely amusing seeing everyone buckled into their cars, ON A BOAT. I was like…

“Ok, I’m in a car. On a boat. On the sea. This isn’t strange at all.”

The tour we booked, if you’re interested.

However, I do not highly recommend this… There are possibly better tours out there. Moreton Island is beautiful, but this particular tour was kinda overpriced and shit at some points, though it did have its unique highlights.

Excited munchkins!!! Time to soak up the sun! The weather warmed up a little bit, but was still less than 20 degrees..

We drove off the boat, onto Moreton island…. where I took a first proper look of it.

And I was just like…


WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT! I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen bluer skies and waters?!?? Promise you it looked like this or even bluer in real life!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

It was just amazing how serene it was.

Those old, rusty looking boats are shipwrecks by the way.

Purposely sunk there more than 30 years ago!!! Because of the shipwrecks, it’s a protected and safe place to snorkel (no sharks or predators or jellyfish or rip currents) just tons & tons of harmless fishies!

Very reassuring for a noob first-time-snorkler such as myself. :D

I do have a mild fear of the sea.. it is SO incredibly beautiful, what with its vastness and sparkling waters and the beautiful animals that live in it, but honestly, if you don’t know what you’re dealing with you could die in it within a couple of minutes.

So much could happen. Drowning, jellyfish stings, stepping on sharp coral and sea urchins, getting sucked out into the open sea by rip tides, eaten by sharks…. and more. Okok enough with the morbid talk.

This place was a haven. :’)

Gotta get geared up and into the water quick, we had finish snorkeling before the tide changes!

Sammy the Sea Lion in a wetsuit…

HAHAHAHAHAHAH it was our first time trying on wet suits. Superrrrrr difficult to put on pls I could barely get it past my fat thighs and ass LOL.

Fidelis & Me!!!! Lmao @ how everyone’s eyes are closed in pics cuz the sun was so harsh!

PLEASE try your best to resist your urge to burst out laughing at the sight of me squeezed into a wet suit. I know I look like a hei ba zhang ok… lol.

There you go.

If you ever wanna black mail me, you know which picture to use!!

Gearing up was harder than I thought… Sam had to put on my wet suit and flippers on for me. :3 I am so helpless when it comes to outdoorsy activities.

You have to put on your flippers at the water’s edge (you’re not meant to wear them on land) but when I tried lying down and put my flippers on, I kept floating around like a ball?! LOL.

Couldn’t stay still enough.


I dipped my little toe in and immediately let out a shriek. The scorching sun is so deceiving, it does nothing to heat the water up. Since the air was less than 20 degrees I have a feeling the water must be barely 10+ degrees at most.

Thank god for wet suits, I might’ve hyperventilated and froze to death otherwise. I think the adrenaline and excitement helps keep your body warm too.

I was too busy making stupid happy faces at my camera to notice anything else. LOL.

Funny and friendly Indian guys in our tour group.

They frequently stopped and asked me if was OK, cuz I was always lagging behind… It’s so heartwarming when strangers are that kind to you! ^___^

Fact: snorkeling isn’t a glamorous activity.

Your nose and mouth gets squished, and most of the time you’re spitting water out of your mouth. LOL it was still incredibly fun though!

You see this pink boogie board? The tour guide gave it to me because I told her I wasn’t a good swimmer.. (LOL NOOB RIGHT) considering we were gonna snorkel for an hour straight, I figured it was good measure to keep it with me.

Turns out I didn’t need it at all because the wet suit keeps you so buoyant, you can float “standing” in the water like this! :

In fact, the boogie board was more of hindrance than help. :3

Funny pictures of Sam hahaha it was his first time snorkeling too!

The thick orange gloves was to keep our hands warm and protect ourselves from sharp coral, potential bites from fishes, etc.

Say cheeeeeseee!!! :D

At first I was trying too hard to adjust to breathing underwater and keeping up with the rest so much that I couldn’t really enjoy the view beneath…. so I took meh pictures of shipwrecks, of the sea bed and of people in the water.

I think a sting ray was hiding underneath the sand!!!

The pictures do get better later on (sort of, still just fishes though), unfortunately most of the coral / fishes weren’t colorful and the colorful ones were too fast and squirmish for me to take pictures of! I didn’t see turtles or exotic animals like I’d expected to. :( I heard another tour group saw baby reef sharks and dolphins!! LUCKY!!! I would’ve died of happiness.

But, something really REALLY amazing happened later on in this trip which made up for it (save it for another blog post omfg so excited thinking about it) that totally changed my mind about having bad luck with wild animals. The experience was incredibly special. But that’s for another time!!!

Sam says hi!

What the deuce is this intestine-lookalike-thingy lying on the sea bed? Dolphin poop? Sea snake sheddings? Sea worms?!!?

Striped fishies!!!

I think the shipwrecks were pretty hard to navigate through, some passages were so narrow and sharp, it’s inevitable you scrape yourself on coral or rusting metal while trying to swim through.

Lucky our wetsuit was real nice and thick, I reckon it would’ve resulted in extremely painful cuts otherwise.

A lone starfish

Snorkeling with false eyelashes on. #winner

Don’t mind my picture spam, I was having such a good time, couldn’t stop snapping :)


Sam said he found the elusive Loch Ness Monster. HE IS SO MEAN LOL

Eventually we got surrounded by more fish….

And more fish…


So much fish, that I was almost scared I’d get lost in a maze of fish and they’d all eat me alive. o_O

In my past life I was a mermaid. #thingsyoudidn’tknowaboutme



/End of snorkeling pics.

Even though we didn’t see as many sea animals as I would’ve liked to, I still concur it was an awesome first-time experience, being able to take a peek at what life is like underwater. It was safe, guided, and so much fun..

I can’t wait to go snorkeling again!!!!!!!!! ♥

We got out of the water and our wetsuits, basked in the sun for a bit while we waited for lunch to be served!

An assortment of cold food, like ham, cheese, crackers, tomatoes, veggies…

So this was my lunch. Potato chips, dijonnaise and sweet chilli sauce, tomatoes, ham, cheese, salami… wrapped together and eaten like that!

It sounds disgusting but really, it wasn’t that bad. Kinda nice actually, the chips made it crispy, sauces made it tasty, and the ham + cheese gave it substance. I’m a simple person. Lol.

(not really, I just eat anything when I’m hungry)

Sam looking tired from snorkeling~ It’s pretty tiresome to swim for an hour straight, even if the wetsuit helps keep you afloat. I did better at it than I predicted I would!


Our next activity got the best of us.

We got roasted (as roasted as a turkey on Christmas) in a hellish glasshouse non-air-conditioned bus for 30 minutes while we drove towards the sand dunes, preparing to go sand boarding down the slopes.

It was just TOOOOOO DANG HOT to be out in the sun unsheltered, let alone be walking through this godforsaken desert in the middle of us!!!

This picture is deceiving. Made it seem fun when it wasn’t.

It really didn’t help that we were all dehydrated from swallowing sea water from snorkeling before. Worst part of the tour?! No supply of water or sunblock… -______-

I remember telling Sam, “I would rape someone for a drink right now. Kill a baby bunny for a 7-UP.”

Everyone soldiering on.. but I know they were all dying inside.

I’ve lived in Singapore for 19 years (and this place is hot, hot, hot) and I’ve been to boiling places like Indonesia and Phuket and all the tropical places near the equator, but I’ve never been in a hotter place than THIS.

The desert was so dry, so hot, that BEES flew into my ear. Why the hell would bees fly into my ear?! Good question.

Sam said because my ear hole was cool, and that it had the most moisture out of anywhere else in the desert, the bees got attracted to it and wanted to fly / stay in there.. but of course my trashing around and shrieking disallowed it to do so.

WHAT the FUCK. T___T

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention we also had to carry our sand boards and walk a few hundred meters in the sun and thennnn climb up a STEEP, giant sand hill.

Climbing up sand slopes must be worse than climbing up snow. The sand just keeps giving way under your feet, and you keep losing your footing, it’s impossible to climb up……….

All I could remember thinking was, “Why did I pay money to do this? Why???”

This was how steep it was. It doesn’t look that steep in pictures but considering I was going to take a nose dive down this hill…. yeah, seemed a lot steeper in person.

Everyone getting prepped to go downhill

Sam waxing his board up. The waxier your board is, the faster you go!

The landscape was sort of beautiful. If you disregard the fact it felt like a hell hole.

………And I’m off!!!!!!!!!!

“Elbows out to the side like chicken wings!” – LOL.

I was rather apprehensive about doing it… (I like going downhill and getting air-time, but only on roller coasters, not having my body fully exposed on a flimsy board fml) but I thought to myself, “Don’t be a pussy. What’s the worse that could happen right? It wouldn’t create a painful impact, even if I fell it would be a cushioned fall thanks to the sand.”

But I was so wrong.

It was the SAND that eventually did me in. As I was going downhill, I had my whole face and mouth filled with sooo much sand, I CHOKED and teared like mad.. almost had to rip out my contacts. I kept trying to spit out the copious amount of sand I accidentally swallowed on my way down, to no avail.

That shit gave me the worst sore throat I’ve ever had in my life.

The sand from sandboarding + dehydration + sea water from snorkeling fucked my throat up real real real good, spat and coughed up blood the day after that, lost my voice and got a raging fever a few days later, and throughout all this I had an amazing amount of thick, dark green / yellow phlegm for the next TWO WEEKS after that. I coughed like shit every day, and had to have an empty cup ready by my bed side because I would cough and spit in it every few minutes. Actually, half spitting half vomiting lol.

I coughed so hard, it was hard to breathe normally, and I puked in my own mouth a few times. I didn’t BREATHE, I just WHEEZED. And I think I also spread the virus to Sam and Fidelis.

Couldn’t sleep well or enjoy myself properly. :’( It took more than a month for my cough to finally go away. Sounds dramatic but it’s a true mother fucking story. #pissedoff

I was so glad when the sand boarding part was over, and we could go back to the boat.

Fresh air!!! Ahhhh…

Sat on the top deck enjoying the views and the sea breeze. Oh and we bought ourselves a soft drink. The best tasting drink I’ve ever had in my life.

Amazing how the weather and landscape changes to a desert just 20km inland.

I was chatting with other people onboard the boat, and a guy told me how he caught a lot of fishes and saw sea turtles and dolphins while he was on a fishing boat. He wasn’t even snorkeling! ;____;

Check out the beautiful holiday apartments!!! Super duper jelly. I saw other people going on ATV tours, which was something I’d muchhhh rather have done than sandboarding.

Moreton Island ♥

Doesn’t this picture look like postcard material?

Farewell now Moreton!!!!!
Despite my crap experience with sand boarding, I still had a great time, and tons of beautiful & funny pictures to show it!

The boat ride back to Brisbane was really nice and relaxing. It was about an hour long and I had ample time to sit back, relax, and look out to sea, thinking about everything and nothing.

The sun had gone behind the clouds but it was still bright and windy.

I told Sam,

“Hey, let’s try to spot dolphins, I REALLY want to see some!!! You take the left side, I’ll take the right side, if you see some dolphins, YELL OUT.”

And so we did. We kept our eyes peeled for signs of animals in the sea, and concentrated intently on making out dorsal fins shapes in the sea.. Whaddya know? After 30 minutes, Sam goes,


And would you believe it - we spotted 3 dolphins jumping in and out of the water!!! FWAH.

That was my first time ever seeing a wild dolphin!!!!!!!!!! You have NO IDEA how long and how much I’d waited and wanted this moment. They disappeared behind the waves within a few moments, but I was happy just to catch a glimpse.

It felt like they made a special appearance just to make me happy, even for just a bit. I know it sounds silly, but that’s how I felt anyway. :’)

It made a very special moment for Sam and I to be alone at the back of the boat, looking out to sea while the sun was setting in the background, spotting dolphins together ♥

I think it’s these quiet, personal, I-love-you-so-much-I-feel-like-flying-let’s-sail-into-the-sunset-in-each-others-arms moments like these that really count in our relationship.

And that was one heck of a day at Moreton Island.

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