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R.I.P Pudding ♥ Nov 2010 – Oct 2011

I’ve been back from my Aussie trip since a few days ago.

But I’ve been putting off blogging for as long as possible, because I’m really not that thrilled to talk about this… I kinda want to pretend it didn’t happen. But as soon as that thought reached my brain I felt a pang of guilt. What sort of horrible person goes on a flamboyant 2 week long holiday after her beloved hamster dies and completely forgets about it or denies it ever happened?

All pets should be remembered in life and in death. I’m so cut up about this because even though Pudding was only a hamster, he was my very first real pet. (I’ve had another hamster before this, but that one was shit scared of me for some reason so I gave it away soon after)

I’ve never had to deal with the loss of a pet before this. And I loved Pudding so much.

He died entirely too early… till this day I’m not sure what the cause of his death was. He wasn’t sick or unhealthy. He was as fit as a tough hamster would be. He’s only fallen sick once in his whole short life, and the day before he passed on, he was still prancing around like an energizer bunny and sprinting in his little hammie wheel without a problem. He seemed happy. He was ALIVE.

I’m beyond confused. I’ve always ensured a healthy, moderated diet for him and he wasn’t fat and lazy like everyone elses hammies. He was always excited to play with me, any time, any day. Whenever I went near his cage, even if he was sleeping, he’d wake up and run onto his wheel (it’s the place I lift him out of the cage from) or on to the top of his little castle because it’s the highest point in his cage.

And I think that’s what makes this so hard. I know that pets, like humans and everything alive, all die one day. I don’t think I would take this as hard if I had seen it coming. Like if he was really old or seemed to have fallen sick. But I didn’t expect my first pet to die, just like that, in less than a year.

I was expecting him to live for around 2 years.. supposedly the average life span of a dwarf hamster. But after doing some research online, it seems Pudding hamsters (that’s his breed, yeah I am unimaginative with names) have shorter life spans because they’re a relatively new breed. (?) I read up on unexpected hamster deaths and a lot of hamsters seem to drop dead for no apparent reason, ugh. Because they’re so tiny it’s really hard to tell what went wrong with them. It’s not like I’m going to do an autopsy on my hamster right. One day they’re healthy, the next day they’re gone. :’(

I’m thankful I got to go on a nice long holiday right after it happened, helped me cope a lot better. Everyday was so jam packed with activities, I didn’t have time to think about anything else. If I had to stay home every day and stare at his empty cage and think about how he’s gone…

I don’t think I would’ve handled that very well. (This was his cage 1 day after we got him so it was still rather empty, we loaded it with toys and other fun stuff afterward.)

It was past 1am when I came home late the other day.. (this was the night before I left for my Aussie trip) When I walked to my room, still completely oblivious, my brother asked Sam, “Have you told her yet?” and they both exchanged glances. I was confused but didn’t think much of what that question meant. I thought it’d be something stupid like, “Have you told her you accidentally screwed up a cake order and you have a horde of angry tyrant customers under our block?” sort of thing.

But then they told me.

And the first thing I said was, “What? Are you serious?”.. Assuming it’s some sort of rude, sick prank my brother was playing on me.

I don’t remember if I said anything else, because in my head, all I could think of was.. “No. What? No. No. What? How could he have died? He was perfectly healthy the last time I saw him, which wasn’t too long ago. No. Just no.” and I didn’t burst into tears like I thought I would. I think I was in utter disbelief and I sat down for a couple of moments to regain composure, before walking stiffly over to his cage. I was all like, “Ok Jess, stay calm. Just a hamster. Possibly a bad joke. No need to overreact. Be cool.” *takes really deep breaths*


But the moment I saw my cute little hammie just lying there, ever so still and lifeless, I couldn’t help it. I sobbed silently into my own palms like a big cry baby.

It wasn’t like Pudding at all to be so still.

I sat myself down next to the cage and lowered myself to view him at eye level. He wasn’t breathing. He wasn’t sleeping although he looks like he could’ve just been taking a nap. But I know Pudding well, and he doesn’t sleep like that…

He has 3 sleeping positions:

1) On his wheel, with his head tucked under, lookin all angelic ♥

2) Just lying on some bedding, body outstretched and elongated.

Or, 3) his favorite position…. obscenely squashed against something. Be it his cage glass, or his food bowl, or anything he can find. How is that even comfortable??? Silly hamster.

Sam then walked over and started comforting me. Told me that Pudding was just found lifeless that afternoon while I was out with friends. No accident happened, he went peacefully (hopefully). “He does look at peace”, I thought to myself. I hear gruesome stories of pet deaths all the time and am thankful mine wasn’t anything like that.

After another 2 hours of sobbing and asking why’s and how’s, we buried the little fella in a nearby garden where he can rest in peace.

Sam made a box out of cardboard, we filled up the box with some bedding, laid Pudding inside with his favourite sunflower seeds and wrote a message on the box.. which I later on decided wasn’t enough, so I ripped a page from my diary and wrote Pudding a letter.

I actually saw Sam cry real tears that night. (sometimes he fakes it to gain my sympathy when we have a big fight uh oh)

I’m not sure if it was because he saw me so upset, or because he adored Pudding like I did. But it made me feel a lot better knowing I wasn’t alone. The last thing I needed was someone telling me I’m silly for crying over a hamster.

He even edited a video in memory of our little Pudding :’)

The first part of the video is us singing along to the Nom Nom Song (it’s a real song so don’t judge us!)

The second bit is me teasing him… he’ll do anything for a sunflower seed lol. He was so light that I could lift his entire weight just by having him bite down on a seed. And the last part is a long segment of Pudding falling asleep. (and me poking the glass to wake him up and laugh and he goes back to sleep and repeat process.)



Some of my fav pictures of him ♥

I miss looking at his sleepy face. I also miss stroking his soft, furry coat and poking his little nose. I miss taunting him with sunflower seeds because it fuels me empowerment issues :P

Whenever I felt exceptionally lonely, I’d go out to the living room and play with him for an hour, and I’d instantly feel better just having his little feet scurrying over my dress and seeing his greedy face lap up all the sunflower seeds. I could stare at him doing his everyday hamster activities for hours on end.

I lost count of how many toilet rolls he shredded up when he was younger!

I like holding him up high and looking at him from eye level. It’s so different from looking down at a hamster via giant view, because if you view them at eye level you can realllyyyy see their adorable facial expressions.

I recently posted these… it’s my fav pics of him :’)

I like how he reaches out his little paw and holds my fingers when he eats. Sometimes he just sits in my hand and looks up at me sooo endearingly I could melt.

Many days I’ve slaved away in the living room making cakes and hearing him running about in his wheel and cage while making all sorts of noises. It made cake-making that much less lonesome and boring. Nowadays I don’t sit much in the living room no more. It feels different and kinda empty. A few people have been in my house, seeing me going goo goo ga ga over his cage like an insane obsessed mother with a newborn baby… only they understand how much he meant to me.

Who knew a tiny hamster could make such a big impact on your life..

I miss you Pudding. ♥

I don’t think I’m going to get another pet after this, so I’ll always remember you as my first and my only pet.

Thanks for being such an awesome hammie, giving me and Sam hours and hours of laughter and entertainment. Thanks for never trying to escape or run away and for always being happy, it made me happy to know you seemed happy even though you never had any hammie friends to play with. Thanks for never biting me or squeaking or misbehaving. Thanks for making my friends and family squeal whenever they came over. Thanks for keeping me company when I cry at nights and when I’m bored out of brains in the afternoons.

I hope hammie heaven is filled with endless amounts of fresh, soft bedding and the highest quality of sunflower seeds that you can stuff yourself silly with.

I ♥ you my little furry friend, RIP.


Fat-Free Yoghurt and why I can never be a froyo waitress at Frolick.

Something that enraged me this afternoon: (this part is going to be quite lengthy and draggy and ranty… so if you lazy and wanna skip to entertaining but just scroll down till you read the part about Frolick)

I had a heated email discussion with a previous cake customer who wasn’t happy with me or my services. She buay song because she was not very clear with the design she wanted, in the end the cake design wasn’t to her fancy.. and also because we were about an hour late in delivering the cake (this is our fault, fair and square. we had too many orders and her order took longer than expected. we simply couldn’t finish in time. as i say all the time, things go wrong with cakes. we can do it in advance and prevent the mad rush on the day itself however we prefer delivering fresh, made-on-the-spot cakes)

Anyway, a few days after receiving the cake, she sent me a hostile email blaming me for the undesired cake design. I told her, it’s her job to make sure she relays accurate information to me. I can only follow her instructions, I cannot read her mind.

She ordered a ROUND cake but linked me a picture of a SQUARE cake. Using common sense thinking she had some too, I assumed she wanted a similar design but in round shape instead because she specifically and consciously chose a round cake. You don’t go to a cake shop and ask, “Hello, I want to buy a round cake, but square. Have not?”.. Doesn’t make right? So I created a similar design to the cake but in round shape.

Dunno whether she’s fickle minded or whether she doesn’t know the difference between square and round. But I kena scolding from her, she said I “failed to deliver the design” and she also, “if you were going to change the design you should have informed me.”

Derp derp.

That aside, she was also angry at us for being late on the day itself. This I can fully understand and admit it’s our fault. It’s my choice and consequence for choosing to do the cake designs on the day itself, many cake shops have policies of completing projects at least a few days in advance to ensure nothing goes wrong at the last minute, however there is simply no space for me to store so many cakes, thus they have to go on the day itself.

She claimed my customer service sucks because I take 2 days to reply her on average and because I did not apologize for being late that day.

I told her, yes, it’s true, we are apologize for not apologizing on the day of delivery as it was a mad rush and we regrettably forgot about basic courtesy. I also told her that if it means anything, I am now apologizing for being late.

BUT we cannot be blamed for taking 2 days to reply her email, or worse, her own mix up when it came to choosing a square or round design!!!! I don’t understand why people get so pissed off when I take longer than 24 hours to reply your email. I work as fast as I can, for goodness sake! I don’t owe YOU in particular anything. Just because you need a cake doesn’t mean I die die have to accept your order? What if I’m sick or too busy? If I don’t feel like it, I can not accept anybody’s order request just coz I don’t like their face if I wanted to. That’s the plus point of being your own boss. You work according to your own schedule. Since when did I have a roster saying I must work 9 to 5 and reply all emails within 24 hours???

You know why other bakeries can reply you so fast? They have bakers, delivery personnel, shopfront assistant / marketing manager, cake decorators, all sorts of staff… If I had so many people working under me, obviously things would be more efficient around here.

But no. There’s 1 of me, and MORE THAN 100 PEOPLE WAITING FOR THEIR REPLY, everyday. Besides baking, replying emails, I also need time to eat, play, sleep, shit, blog, and do other things right? Where got time to provide you instant response? She said, “I’m a customer too, why should I be treated any differently or wait for 2 days just for your reply?”

MY ANSWER: Because the 100+ other unreplied emails in my inbox are customers too? Don’t you get it? If I reply your email on Monday, you take 1 day to reply me on Tuesday, I might only get to read your new email on Thursday because I have to go through 100+ other emails before getting around to yours! I work via chronological order. You want a cake, so do these other people. I have to play fair by replying everyone equally. Not like you are willing to pay more means I give you special treatment?

Nobody is pointing a gun to your head and begging you to buy from ME. There are so many bakeries out there, honestly, if you send in an order and don’t receive a reply within your expected time frame, wouldn’t a normal smart person just approach another bakery as a back up plan or something? All I can say is, I do as much as I can. If that’s not good enough for you, then I cannot help it, you are welcome to approach more established bakeries. As long as you haven’t paid up, I do not owe you anything, neither am I committed to you.

I am committed to my cake buyers and lovers on the whole, not to anyone PERSONALLY.



ANYWAY, that helped me let off some steam, here’s the real issue.

Even after attempting to clear things up with this unhappy cake customer, she still buay song la. She rambled on and on in an unpleasant tone, about how displeased she is, and I was planning to brush it all off as I’ve already said my piece, all until she said THIS:

Oh, for flying fuck’s sake.

I am “MERELY JUST A YOUNG KID”??? Y u want to get so personal? I know you not happy with me, and I wasn’t very polite with you from the beginning, but instead of letting it slide you wanna start on how I’m just a young kid and make me so annoyed.

Yes, I am younger than you, I am in fact 19 only.. but I already have a relatively successful business drawing a very decent salary per month (hey what do you know? it wasn’t because of her invaluable advice and business lecturing) I don’t wanna sound like a show off so I’m not disclosing how much that figure is on my blog. The amount is irrelevant. My point is, what the fuck is everyone else doing at 19? Why wanna say like I’m some big failure? That’s hugely insulting because I’m actually very proud of who I am and the things I do. What were YOU doing at 19, if you are older than me? Unless you were running for the bloody olympics or doing something huge, don’t lecture me about being a small kid or success. You are just a big talker working as a waitress in Frolick. -_-

(I know this because I saw her facebook)

Me, being me (you know me, sigh, it would kill me to back down from an argument I’m damn stubborn I know), couldn’t help but reply her a sort-of-polite-yet-sort-of-taunting-reply (I know I should’ve just let her be, but lmao, I cannot maintain when ppl wanna argue with me. I’m all like,”U WANNA DANCE, BITCH? #trollface”

So this is what I said.

Not the best idea, that I’m aware of… but it’s already been said and done, and this was what I said.

Watch out for Huizhen’s next reply, it’s CLASSIC.

She said WHAAAAT? Did she just say what I think she said? Girllll you did NOT just drag your company’s name into this! I only mentioned Frolick casually, but now you wanna say something IN FROLICK’S NAME? You sure not?

Oh noes…. Kk, let’s read that again to be sure!

DISCLAIMER: All statements and assumptions and theories of Frolick denying undesirably physically built people work opportunities are based on the statement made by Huizhen Lee. I take no part in verifying it’s authenticity or confirming it’s validity, I am simply relaying the information in a dramatic, entertaining way. ^^

HOMAIGAWD. *kowtows*


I am so fucking sorry that I have cellulite and flabby thighs and a jiggly stomach and an unhot body that is unfit for work in FROLICK. Because it has always been my life’s ambition to work at FREAKIN’ FROLICK, serving froyo. How did you discover my wildest dream?

Some people might point out that she didn’t spell out the word “F-A-T” directly. But that doesn’t make her statement any less obvious or demeaning. So let’s not pretend to be stupid. You know what she’s trying to say, and I know it too.

Oh ya, the girl in the pic above… that’s her, by the way. Her name is Huizhen Lee and she is the star of today’s blog post. Yes I am posting her picture because, well, I thought everyone should know the criteria to apply for work at Frolick. Must be gawgus like her. When you insult me like that, I don’t even give a shit whether you used to be my cake customer. You just turned from Cake Customer to Bitch Who Wants To Dance.

Guys, guys.. (or girls, rather) listen up!!

If you are FAT, CHUBBY, UGLY, HOMO OR STUPID OR DEFORMED ETC ETC… You probably can forget about joining Frolick already. I am informed that you have to be as divinely CHIO and THIN as this girl *points above* to work there, like it’s some sort of exclusive chiobu sanctuary where they bask in each others chioness while serving yoghurt. I dunno how it works dude, but this is the general idea I’m getting from this chick.

I was all like…. Woah, steady, girl. Do you know what bringing Frolick’s reputation into this means not?

It means,



Oh… snap.

FROLICK, Y LIKE THIS??? Y u no love your customers and workers, flabs and all?

Just serving yoghurt only what. What makes you guys so special that us non-thin people cannot be a part of? What’s the big secret / deal?

I used to buy Froyo from you you know. I dunno if this info from Huizhen is true, but if it is, then I am honestly disappointed. If I am fat, so not good enough to buy froyo you too isit? What the fuck is this – elitist froyo?! Froyo socialiate high fashion model store?! Even if it’s not true, why would your staff member slander your name liddis?

Congratulations, worker’s rights have just taken 100 steps backwards because apparently if you’re fat you’re not good enough to work at a yoghurt store. You know how many FAT and SKINNY and NORMAL SIZED people you are potentially offending and scaring off your store? Just by letting her get away with this statement is unsaid consent by itself.

What sort of message is your staff member sending across to girls and boys alike out there who are dealing with self-image and weight problems? Or for people desperately seeking a job, only to told they’re 1 kg too heavy and it simply won’t do. The kind of “FAT” I’m talking about is chubby people like me of course. Obviously I’m not thin, but I’m nowhere near obese so why should I be less competent of a worker than a thinner girl? If I’m not any less competent a worker, does it boil down to LOOKS then? Are LOOKS really so important?!

I mean seriously, what a disgrace this is to Frolick, big name company reputation being tarnished by small fry ah lian.

Hmmm “unforgettable experience”… I wonder what she means. You wanna add special ingredients to my froyo, or you wanna show me how good YOUR service is? By the way you reply your email and talk about your own company, don’t think you’ll be any better at it than I am.

It’s tragic that I was not born into a LOADED family like yours. Wowowow your 21st birthday celebration was held in an MBS suite, BFD! Sweetie, I bo dai bo ji also get to go stay in their suites for free, just to shake legs and soak in the bath tub. 21 years old and you’re still leeching off your family? Urgh. What for work at Frolick when you don’t even use that money to pay for your own shit? Btw, I have the answer to your last queston in the above paragraph. #justsayin’

But I’m not like you, base all insults on looks only. So this is the last time I will mention your looks, or the lack thereof. Because I for one know there’s actually more to a person than that. However, guess I’ll never understand what the environment at Frolick is, because, like you said I’m not THIN or CHIO or good enough to work there.


IF YOU’RE FAT, Huizhen says... You’re not GOOD ENOUGH for Frolick.

U can haz your grapes bub, but no Frolick’s awsumsauce TooThin4U yoghurt.


Poll time! Do you guys think Frolick will do anything about this?


But Huizhen is a member of Frolick and therefore in a way, representing Frolick itself, so yeah.. this is rather personal to me.

Me? I am just someone who used to buy Froyo from them that probably won’t anymore, because I feel unwelcomed. And of course, offended. This is coming from someone who has worked at Frolick for awhile now, shouldn’t there be some sort of credibility to her words?

I have no confirmation from Frolick yet whether this is all true, thus giving me freedom of speech at the moment. It’s anyone’s guess or say. You are as welcome to share your opinions on this matter as I am entitled to my Delete Comment button, just so you know.

Will Frolick just keep quiet and pretend nothing happened and hope this would go away unresolved? Well I’m not so sure myself, I am not confirm that all of this is true, so I decided to ask Frolick myself.

Since this screenshot is broken up into several segments, I thought I’d just copy and paste what I wrote to them here.

“Dear Frolick, earlier this afternoon, I was rudely informed by one of your staff members that Frolick does not hire FAT people?!? This is a shocking revelation to me and my friends, and everyone I have relayed this information to. They have always had a relatively positive impression of Frolick and it’s staff members until now. Since said person I got this information from has been with Frolick for awhile now and is a representative of your company, she probably has insider info?

It all started when I casually told her, hopefully next time I get the chance to work at Frolick. But she shocked me by revealing that Frolick does not hire FAT people. “Just a heads up”, she said. I have tweeted about this on Twitter and another of your staff member confirmed this information with me. She continued on to say, “opportunity to join Frolick? let’s just say cut down on your calories first.”

I am now wondering out loud, is this really true? What is the reasoning behind the unfair bias towards people who are overweight or chubby? Fat people are people with abilities and emotions too, right? Being fat doesn’t mean a person cannot become a valuable worker to a company. Fat people should have equal rights when it comes to working. If everyone has this sort of mentality, then unattractive or overweight people are doomed to be jobless. In this case I had better inform everyone that if they’re chubby and looking for a job, Frolick is not for them.

I am very disappointed to hear about this as I am dealing with weight problems too like many other people and feel self conscious about it, but never in my life did I expect that I can not even work at a Froyo store I enjoy patronizing because of my looks or physical condition. This hurts my feelings and I’m sure many overweight or chubby people out there (and even skinny people who are reading this) will be outraged by this statement made by a Frolick member herself. It’s not like I’m fat until I’m disabled or obese or any less competent a worker / customer. The world is already superficial enough. What about ugly people too?! It’s highly correlated and I hope Frolick does not deny people opportunities just based on looks. If fat people are not allowed to work at Frolick, surely we can at least buy from you??? Or still not good enough for you?

My underlying question is, are your workers carelessly slandering the company’s name, or is there a good reason for this sort of treatment? I’m not ready to accept just one person’s statement yet as I am halfway convinced, however I am keen on expressing my desperate concern. Should it be true, this whole situation and discrimination against chubby people such as myself is ABSURD. If this is not accurate information, perhaps you’d like to ask why this staff member would even say such a thing. I still have the recorded evidence of this conversation between me and your staff if need be. My friends and I will be waiting for your answer.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.”


Now awaiting their response.

Will let you guys know when I’ve received one. In the mean time, imma go watch a movie and snack on froyo from another yoghurt store and get even fatter while bawling my eyes out. I cannot even work at Frolick, what’s the point of trying to diet? /sadface

P.S – If you think I’m overreacting, damn right I am. I am pissed off, so don’t expect me to be a little ray of sunshine. I’m not even pissed at her for being rude to me in the other emails. I’m a rude bitch myself, I know and admit it. What’s truly unnerving about this is the fact that she has the nerve to claim fat people don’t get to work at the elite froyo store SHE works at. Coz she + Frolick is so damn good eh? SMH.

If people told you such an absurd thing wouldn’t you be stunned too? I know I’m not thin, or have a good figure, but telling me that I’m not good enough for your froyo store is stupid. I’m not fuckin’ perfect, sorry. But I think I’m much better off without this “opportunity”, thanks.

And, of course, I speak on behalf of all chubby people out there. ♥ It’s ok, if next time when I have my own cupcake store, I will employ anyone who’s a good worker.

THIN, FAT, UGLY, SHORT, TALL… Everyone should be treated the same. At least by froyo stores. *rolls eyes*


The launch of



Tell me you love it!!! It’s so sparkly, how can you not! I’ve finally shifted domain. It’s about time ♥ Oh and just so you know, I haven’t finished labeling my posts and changing the “About me” and “Fav Photos / Posts” sections yet but I’ll get around to doing it ASAP!

Also the comments and my sidebar links may not work but in the mean time you can gush to me or talk to me at lol.

I absolutely ADORE my blog design, proudly done by Kai Yi @, a very talented freelance web designer!

I’m so fortunate to have met her through a blog reader / cupcake customer, who then indirectly introduced me to Kai Yi and voila! I had a web designer sponsor. Can’t even believe my luck.

I was ridiculously picky right down to the nitty gritty details, like exactly what font she should use for my banner, what color tone, what text size for my sidebar, color scheme everything. But yet somehow she managed to fulfill all my demands and adding her own unique flair to the design, thus bringing my fantasy layout to life! She deserves so much credit for that. For creating a gorgeous design that’s her own work, yet still managing to make it suit me so much.

Thank you soooo much Kai Yi. You’ve done an amazing job!!!

She’s been super patient with me all this while, complying to my ten thousand requests, I think she must have sent me at least 15 drafts lol (which is a lot!!!) I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a trustworthy creative person to come up with an original, professional & appropriate design for you! :) You can contact her at does commercial sites too!

So, if you’re wondering what inspired this blog design….

It’s the song Enchanted, by Taylor Swift.

I fell in love with it after closely listening to the lyrics. I was… enchanted.

“This night is sparkling, don’t you let it go / I’m wonderstruck, blushing all the way home / I’ll spend forever wondering if you knew / I was enchanted to meet you.”

Lyrics so honest and real, anyone can relate to.

the song, the message and the special warm fuzziness I get when I listen to it. It’s about falling in love, BEING in love, and being enchanted with something or someone. It’s a wonderful feeling that fills you up inside. It makes me think of laying under the stars with your soul mate, frolicking around dandelion fields with your summer love and even staring in awe of the aurora borealis in the night sky. (which is a dream of mine!)

I immediately thought… WOW. I’d love to have this somehow implemented in my new design!!! I needed a big change, and this was perfect. Hopefully this will remind me to always be enchanted by life itself, and to share what I love about it with you guys.

Well, obviously I don’t expect y’all to miraculously start falling in love with ME (ehehe), but I hope the layout successfully depicts a feeling of surreal happiness, or at the very least, the nostalgia of being in love and being enchanted.

Thank you
to my lovely readers for sticking by me, through my ups and downs, my dramatic and boring days, my terrible blog skins and lengthy dodgy URLs…

This is a new chapter in my blogging life and I’m so happy to share it with you! I feel so grown up now. Imma cry :’) Special shout out to everyone who joined me in Live Chat #8 tonight, thanks for your encouragement and support when things got a little dramatic and out of hand nearing the launch time.. I love you guys SO much!!!


You were really good to me while you lasted. Brought me quite a lot of attention, drama and new experiences actually.

But here’s to change, and bigger, better things.



The launch of Shiberty’s Sweets!!!

So I have exciting news to share with you guys!!!!!!!!!!!

As you all might already know, I’ve been really busy with a project recently. And today it’s finally coming to life, like for real!!!

Thanks to the lovely response from you guys regarding my previous post asking if anyone would like to order personalized cupcakes from us…

Sam and I have decided to OFFICIALLY start selling em through our very own website! I spent the whole of yesterday and today setting it up, and finally I’m done after many hours of hard work :D

Here’s a screenie to show you peoplel!

My new website is called


And it’s located at ♥ ♥ ♥

I was going to name it, but the double S kinda bugs me and is already taken -_-

Presumably by one of my readers…. who like to chop peoples names… for what?!?

Anyway, do you like the layout? Does it work fine on your browser?

I know it’s a very basic blogskin, I had to put it together in quite a hurry. I had basic coding help from, made the banner myself with photoshop and edited the pink cupcake from this free graphics page, and the rest are free for all trinkets and backgrounds I conveniently found on the web. Yay!!!!

So I know it’s not very professional looking and it’s childish (kinda like my blog, right?) but I didn’t study design or coding so cut me some slack? I think it’s superbly cute at least :)

Speaking of which, I desperately need to find a professional designer to design my website for me….. at a decent rate. I’ll do a free advertorial for ya portfolio! Any takers?!


I can’t believe I’m selling cakes and cupcakes now, y’all!!!

I seriously never saw myself as the kinda girl. I could barely even crack an egg and fry it in the past, now I’m actually SELLING food items wtf!!!!

Recent order that I did – sunflower cupcakes ♥

I am actually REALLY pleased with this cake selling business, because I’m (working towards) achieving something I thought almost impossible. Many months ago, I was watching people making and decorating cakes on Youtube and I thought to myself…

“Doesn’t that awfully look fun?” and for some reason I got really into it and wanted to set up a bakery so bad!! Of course, I had no idea how to bake or to even work an electric mixer so it was out of the question back then. I told Sam about my ideas and he said he’d support me if I decided to go down that path.

He even drew a sign that said “Shiberty and DaNang’s bakery” but we settled on the name “Shiberty’s Sweets” instead because, well… Shiberty is already a known name to you guys and other people, I use it for my blog, facebook and others so what the heck, might as well throw in free advertising for my blog in the mean time haha! Plus since it’s a recognizable name, I hope this way people would be more inclined to trust me with their orders and have faith in our abilities.

Like, if I were to name it something generic like “Delightful Desserts” or something, who the hell would recognize it right?! But I think “Shiberty’s Sweets” has a nice ring to it which will stick in people’s head so yay!!!!

As I was saying before, many months ago I had this dream where one day I’d sell pretty desserts for people to enjoy on their birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. Just something about looking at a pretty cake brings me so much happiness, you know? /drama/

I wanted to share this joy with other people, but I didn’t know how to.

Some of you might even remember the days where I couldn’t bake a basic cake properly, it’d fail MAJORLY, see pic here

LOL so yeah…. I’ll say I’ve come a far way along.

Of course I know I’m not at a professional level yet, there are many things I can improve on and many skills to be learned but I feel so productive and happy that I can turn a hobby into something that will earn me some money AND make other people (plus myself) pleased at the same time!

Receiving positive comments from people and customers makes me grin like crazy, it’s really what keeps me doing what I do.

I wanna thank my readers for their encouragement, because without my blog audience, this could’ve never taken off! Without your overwhelmingly positive response for all my blog posts, I wouldn’t be inspired to take this a step further and without your willingness to support me, nobody would even be buying cakes from me in the first place.

My grandmother saw me working 4-5 hours on 15 cupcakes the other day, and she frowned at me and said in Hokkien, “Why are you doing this? I’ve been seeing you work from morning to late afternoon, just for these small little cakes, how much are you selling them? Can you really earn that much money? Is it worth the effort?”

She tried to convince me to give it up as it wasn’t worth it, and for a moment I did ask myself…. Wtf? I could be blogging for more than half a thousand per advertorial and it’d take me the same amount of time or even less, but I’d be earning so much more.

Or I could even be setting up a blog shop or taking shoots – why am I selling cakes at a miserable amount of profit?!

But then I remembered that I’m not doing this for the money, I’m doing it for the satisfaction it brings me. Maybe next time I’ll start charging higher prices and think about the monetary value of this whole business, but for now, I just wanna do what makes me happy. I’m not in desperate need of money anyway, and I’d much rather do something that makes me happy but doesn’t pay much then to do something I’m not excited about and have it pay a lot more.

I don’t know how long I can keep selling these cakes, since I’m going overseas to study soon (term stats in July, for the billionth time I’m telling ya) but send in your orders while you can, people!!!!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, I’ll try to blog about other things besides just baking stuff but as you can imagine, I’m terribly busy at the moment. And I’ve been going out a lot less…. Suddenly, I don’t feel so interesting anymore. Meh.

Nonetheless, remember that I ♥ y’all!!!! ^_____^

And thank you, once again, for giving me the opportunity to pursue another interest of mine. You all have been incredible :’)

Click to visit Shiberty’s Sweets and to show me + Sam your support!!!!

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