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We Are The World

Seeing as I don’t know what pictures to post to suit this entry, I’m just going to upload a random picture of me that’s not necessarily related to this post at all.

I just came back from school, and instead of attending a lesson we actually had singing auditions! It was for some music video my school was going to film and they were looking for talents. It’s compulsory if you want your attendance marked (my school is SUPER uptight about attendance) so everyone had to go through it.

It was quite a unique experience, there was excitement in the air as it buzzed with giggles and nervousness of students who had mixed feelings about the impromptu idea of auditioning your voice in front of everyone as they just stood there, all ready to objectify you and to judge whether you have talent or not.

I was nervous too. I mean, you don’t just reach school feeling all lazy and reluctant and suddenly you’re told to sing in front of a crowd. I don’t know why I get stage fright, since I reckon I sing and speak pretty well but I suppose I’m always afraid of screwing up. I’m the sort of person who kicks myself again and again over situations whereby I felt I could have done better. If people were present to judge me and to remember it, even worse.

Turns out all that worrying was for nothing.

Surprisingly, or to be truthful not that surprisingly, I got picked for a role and it looks like I’ve accidentally signed up to be part of some “We Are The World” music video my school is going to produce soon. It’s a good thing though, for the first time ever I feel like I’m actually participating in a school-related activity, even if it’s just for some video.

I’ve never been one to be active in school, be it participating in lessons or mixing around with friends. I try to skip as much of it as I can.

I bumped into an old classmate at the recording studio, and we got talking. He told me that my old class missed me when I was gone. (I switched class) I told him not to lie and he had to convince me he’s not. It’s nice to hear something like that from a person whom you thought didn’t care about your existence, even if it was said only to make you feel better.

Somehow, we ended up discussing “class politics” and I said I don’t know very much about it since I distance myself from everyone.

He said, “I can see that”

There’s something about the look in his eyes when he said that sentence made me wonder what kind of person other people think I am. Most of the time I really don’t give two hoots, but I won’t deny that at times I do get curious. Sometimes I feel regretful that I don’t try to socialize very much with people at school, because it’s heartwarming to see how close classmates can be but ever since high school, I’ve shut myself out from people around me.

Sometimes I envy people who have a thousand and one friends, because most of the time I feel like I have none. Sometimes I wish I could open up to people more, and try to find some good in them that would make me want to put in effort to be friends with them. Sometimes I feel lonely, and I feel like I’ve got no one to hang out with. Sometimes I wish I was like everyone else.

But as time passed, I realized that I am nothing like everyone else. Not implying that I am better than them in any way, but I just feel different. I am different. We are all different. And I don’t want to try and fit in with the crowd.

I cannot go up to someone and smile at them and strike up a conversation just because they’re my classmate. I’m not the sort of people who is friends with everyone.

I find it pointless to have small talk with people I honestly don’t really care about. I know that the only reason why I am talking to them is because they are convenient conversations. They are people who happen to be stuck in the same classroom with me at school.

Sadly, they are nothing more than that and my assumptions are only proven right when holidays come and I realize I don’t make any effort in staying in contact with them after lessons have ended.

I only want to be friends with someone whom I’m not making use of / someone who’s not making use of me, someone who is not convenient but I would go out of my way just to be in touch with and someone whom I feel can add positive meaning to my life. Someone whose company I actually enjoy.

And I think I’ve realized just how hard it is to find that special someone.

I know I’m expecting a lot out of just a friend, you don’t have to remind me. It’s the reason I have so little. I think the ones that I do have, I can count with my fingers on one hand.

I can get along with people just fine, but I find it so hard to like someone enough to want to get to know them better, to feel like they are worth my time. I don’t know if this may come across as being snobbish, but trust me, I wish things wouldn’t have to be this way too.

I suppose I don’t give people a chance, that’s why I don’t get any either.

Being the way I am has forced me to become comfortable with being alone. I used to be afraid of loneliness, but then I realized it really isn’t all that bad after all.

It means not having to suck up to anybody I don’t particularly like. And that’s something I find very appealing about being alone. I get to do things my way, whenever I want, however I want. Most of the time I find that people are more trouble than they are worth.

Being alone doesn’t mean I don’t have anybody to talk to. The only people I want to talk to, I make damn sure I have plenty of contact with them, like Sam and family. The rest of them, I tend to forget about their existence, as they do with mine.

Sometimes I feel quite surprised that I have a fairly significant amount of blog readers. Because most of the time, the things I say in my blog are things people can’t be bothered listening to in real life. It makes me wonder if there really are people out there who care about the littlest things I do or say, that makes them want to read about it constantly on a website that’s poorly named “Underage-Girl”

I understand that one of the reasons I distance myself from people is because I feel like my opinions can’t be accepted, and we’re just not on the same level. The things that I find interesting, they find boring and vice versa. We don’t laugh at the same jokes, we don’t enjoy the same activities and most importantly, I’m afraid to offend people.

When I talk to people, I always find it to be a huge battle between the person I want to be and the person people would like me to be. A few years ago, some friends whom I used to be really close with called me a hypocrite because they said that I’m different from who I am in real life and on my blog.

I wanted to cry out to them, to let them know that who I truly am is what I am on my blog and even though they were my best friends, I just couldn’t be who I really was. For that, I felt like they never forgave me and ever since then I’ve distanced myself from people.

I told myself that if my true opinions are so easily disregarded or not welcome, then perhaps I shall give no opinions at all. It’s all, or nothing.

Till this day, I enjoy living in my little bubble filled with just my boyfriend and my family. Surround myself with only the things I love. I offend much less people this way, and I get to be 100% who I’d love to be. Say the things I wanna say, do the things I wanna do.

No more impressing other people or badmouthing them. No more insignificant conversations and no more having to keep up with other people’s affairs. Once in awhile, a friend comes to talk to me and I’m glad to be reminded that I still have people I’m happy to call “friends” out there. The fewer, the better – that just goes to show how important they are to me.

I’m not saying that every single person out there isn’t worth my time. In some cases, I have tried opening up to people I like but it looks like I’m not worth theirs.

Maybe one day I can bring myself to appreciate the beauty in other people. Find that there’s much more to them I didn’t know about. To stop being so quick to judge them.

But for now, I just like focusing all my attention on myself and the people close to my heart. As self-centered as it sounds, I like who I have become. I love the fact that I have no doubts about my opinions, no fears for standing up for myself because I owe nobody nothing. This way, I never have to apologize for being the way I am.

I love not having to answer to anyone for my actions. I never have to give a reason for what or when or why I do.

Maybe this explains why in recent times I only blog about Sam and Jess, Jess and Sam. I feel like he is the only one in this world who truly appreciates me. He accepts my flaws, my personality, my opinions and everything that comes along with it. I try to accept his, too.

In the future, if I am fortunate enough to find that special person I can call my best friend, I’ll be sure to let you guys know.



Everyone is afraid of something. Whether they’d like to openly admit it or not.

My phobia happens to be Lepidopterophobia.

Big word huh? Sometimes I feel like my phobia name is actually mocking me.. but that’s ok. I suppose it is a rather silly phobia at first impression, but when you really look and think about it properly, maybe I won’t seem so crazy after all.

According to this source,

“Community for people that fear butterflies and moths is known as Lepidopterophobia. The after affect of this is anxiety which is termed as Anxiety Lepidopterophobia.

The word Lepidopterophobia dereives from the word Lepidopterans which is any of the large order (Lepidoptera) of insects comprising the butterflies, moths, and skippers that as adults have four broad or lanceolate wings usually covered with minute overlapping and often brightly colored scales and that as larvae are caterpillars.”

I got this from a website about depression -_-

I don’t think I’m depressed, but I definitely feel anxious about Lepidopterophobia!


Yes, I am afraid of Butterflies and Moths.

..Wait, don’t laugh just yet!!!!! They are more scary and harmful than they seem!

Now you’re probably wondering why I would be scared of supposedly “harmless, beautiful creatures”? May I correct this warped bullshit by just reminding you that they are NOT pretty!!! (and certainly not harmless)

How the fuck are butterflies “beautiful”?! Insects, in any form, are DISGUSTING.

I hate every insect, but with moths and butterflies… It’s a different kind of war man.

Take a look at them CLOSE-UP, and judge for yourself!!!

WARNING: Squeamish people who hate insects with a passion, especially moths and butterflies should be mentally prepared to look at a terrorizing image.


*finds it hard to breathe*

I can’t believe I posted a picture of a fucking ugly butterfly on my blog!!!!!! My blog is polluted now. Wait, scratch that, there is no such thing as an ugly butterfly. They are ALL ugly.

I mean, will you please look at that thing!!!! It is not pretty at ALL, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU! You know what’s really pretty? Me. Haha.

Ok sorry I just had to put that bit in.


It’s fucking hairy, it looks damn evil with those beady eyes, it has freakishly long and thin antennas and it has so many legs and the fattest abdomen ever!!!

I feel myself die a little inside every time I look at that image.

I know people find the “wings” the pretty part, but will you just look past the supposedly “pretty” wings *barfs* and actually take a look at WHAT’S UNDERNEATH?

Haven’t we always said that “it’s what’s beneath the surface and what lies on the inside that counts”?

Well guess what!!!!

What lies beneath the surface of this supposed “pretty thing”…


IS THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All butterfly / moth bodies look very similar so there!!! They are all hideous.

Many people say their wings come in pretty shapes and designs, but personally I think they look damn freaky and dangerous. Kind of reminds me of ugly freakish bright patterns that natives draw on their faces and masks when they go to war.

That’s what nature teaches you - unnecessarily brightly colored designs?


“Butterflies will not harm me, but they will make me harm myself.”

I know moths are less brightly colored…

But don’t even get me started on them.

WTF IS THIS?!????? Possibly even uglier then butterflies! *shudders*

You know what’s the worst part?

There are heaps of ugly creatures created by mother nature, but I don’t go out of my way to hate them just because they are ugly. What I truly, fucking hate about butterflies and moths is how supposedly “beautiful” and “harmless” they pretend to be, when in fact they are evil little blood suckers.

Kind of like the dirty cheap slut who won’t stop flirting with your boyfriend in a “friendly manner”!

Very few know of their true form, and those who do hate them with a vengeance just like I do!

I hate how butterflies and moths have NO sense of direction,

and they send themselves FLYING INTO YOUR FUCKING FACE.

First of all, they sneak in to your house through a tiny opening by the window when you’re not looking like a ninja then they find themselves a cozy spot on your wall.

Then they wait.

They wait for hours, days, just for you to come home….

Never once, do they leave their spot. They lie in the darkness, preferably in the toilet so when poor innocent Jessica switches on the bathroom light at 3am to pee, what does she see?


“Omfg it’s attacking me!!! It wants to eat me!!”


With every other animal / insect in this world, when they sense danger, they will run away. But no. Cb butterflies and moths will just flutter around like crazy with disgustingly powdery furry wings and terrorize you even further.

And call me crazy, but I believe that moths / butterflies can sense fear.

They ALWAYS fly towards the one who is scared of them.

I’ve tried so many ways to avoid them but somehow they always find their way towards me. I am not crazy, I wish somebody would believe me!!!

Scenario 1 -
I come home late at night. Very aware that moths are the most active this late, I am paranoid and check every corner of my corridor to make sure there’s no cb moth lying in wait to attack me.

The coast is clear. I let out a sigh of relief.

I let my guard down, and ring the doorbell. Just to be be completely sure and make myself feel better, I do one last spot check while my maid comes to get the door.

….OMG WTF IS THAT?! Tell me that’s not a fucking big, black moth that I missed out in the corner!!!

Omg plz don’t notice me plz don’t attack me I’m just going to go inside my house and leave you alone you can attack my brother who thinks you are harmless…”

Then WHAM!

Moth immediately reads my mind and feeds off my fear.

One second it was completely still, almost looked asleep but the very next thing I know it comes FLYING TOWARDS ME AT 100KPH and flutters around my face.


Why do they ALWAYS go for my face?!? The powdery substance on their body can blind our eyes! Not permanently, but still.

When whining to Sam one night, he in all seriousness said, “perhaps they want to feed off the proteins in your eyeball.”



The list of reasons why they are creepy goes on and on.

I find it freaky how they keep ramming their heads into light bulbs over and over again!!

I find it freaky how they were LARVAE at first, before becoming winged creatures of doom. OH MY GOD.

Flying larvae!! How is that not scary.

I get so freaked out when I see moths and butterflies, I will run away faster than you can ask where I’m going. I will scream and cry if one gets too near. And I will punch anybody who gets in my way of escaping.

I think one of the scariest experiences in my life is when I was showering late at night, happily splashing myself with cold water.

I already checked my bathroom beforehand to make sure it was moth free.

And out of NOWHERE, this fucking big black moth appeared (yes, my house area is full of this species) and started fluttering around crazily!!!

I couldn’t do anything because I was completely naked and wet, and the moth was fluttering in FRONT of the door, therefore I couldn’t escape!

I was so terrified because it was coming dangerously near me, all I did was sit down in a corner and cry, at the same time holding up the shower head in front of me to spray water so it wouldn’t come any nearer. In the end I had to call for my maid to get it out for me. All of this while still naked and crying LOL.


So yeah…

I don’t really know where I got this phobia from, ever since I could remember I’ve been having nightmares about them and frankly speaking it would be a lot more convenient if I was the kind of girl who could just be brave and swat the insect away!

It also doesn’t help that my numerous traumatizing encounters with these creatures also elevated my fear. I reckon people who don’t hate insects are the people who are fortunate enough to not get caught in fucked up situations where they’re all over your face, on your bed, or just making your life a little more miserable for that 1 minute.

I was reading (GREAT WEBSITE!!!) and came across this really interesting theory:

“I saw this programme once about phobias. They were mainly focused on arachnophobia (which I note several of us here don’t have), but they also interviewed a woman who was terrified of cats. The experts analysis of her fear was that it was something about the nature of cats which she found disgusting (this was a big breakthrough, incidentally, that the roots of the ‘fear’ actually appeared to lie in disgust).
Her personal shrink reckoned that, since she was rather a prudish individual – for want of a more neutral term – she found cats’ free-roaming, unshackled existence to be abhorrent.
I’m a person who likes to know where I have things, and know where I stand. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that the flittery, panicked, chaotic and random movement of moths and butterflies is what really puts me off the little fuckers in the first place.”


And that’s totally true!
I know that moths will not eat me alive, but I hate the fact that I CANNOT stop them from coming near me. Personal space man!!!

I hate their super fast, super unpredictable movements because I cannot defend myself.. and I’m a very defensive and jumpy person by nature.

I also hate the fact that they seem to make no effort in avoiding humans. They just smack into your face all the time.

I also hate the fact that people think they are so cute / harmless / whatever, fuck you if you are one of those people!!!!

Lastly, I also hate the fact that some people make fun of me because of my phobia. Yes, I know it is irrational but I don’t laugh at other peoples phobias!

I’m not scared of heights, small spaces, roller coasters, spiders, snakes, rats, or any other common phobias. I just really hate insects, moths / butterflies in particular.


…….So that’s my story about Lepidopterophobia.

I feel so much better after typing all of this out because it’s something that has been bothering me deeply for the longest time!

The first step to overcoming your fear is acknowledging it.

I suppose I’ve taken a step forward. I never used to talk much about it and I couldn’t even bring myself to look at pictures. Now the pictures are on my blog!!!!

How about you guys?
What are YOU really afraid of?

Come and share with me, no matter how irrational or silly it seems! Nothing I would laugh at. I’m afraid of butterflies and moths.

Leave a comment, I’d love to know!

Makes me feel less alone when people share their common fears.

P.S – Does anyone have the code to include the date at the top of your post? I can’t seem to extract it out of a normal blog skin! Do share!! ^.^


Dear John was a war movie

I just finished watching Dear John and as crappy a show it was, it made me think and it made me cry. War movies always do that to me.

Every single time someone gets killed, even if it’s the bad guy, I put my hand over my mouth and let out a silent gasp and think to myself what a horrible scene I am watching.

Well not just being killed, but being abused, tortured, mistreated in any way.

Senseless murders, poverty, domestic violence, or killing in the name of “serving your country”… The list of films goes on.

No matter how many times I see people being “sacrificed” like that in movies, I can’t seem to be able to get comfortable with the idea of sitting inside a cinema and knowingly watching violence and cruelty taking place in front of my eyes.

I know that it’s for show… And that the person in the movie was not actually hurt. But to casually regard it as a form of entertainment is something I find hard to swallow and maybe that’s why one of my favourite movies is Harry Potter.

Violence based on fictional stories and real life situations are two very different genres of movies.

What really gets to me about violent films is the fact that most people don’t realize not everything in the movie is just for show. The audience will simply shrug it off and think that it is made up for their entertainment.. But the truth is, sometimes, the violence and devastating tragedies we see in movies are actually taking place and happening in this world.

Perhaps it does not exist in your world because it is something you will never experience and it takes place very, very far away from home but it exists within the same world that we all live in together as human beings and it is a fact we should acknowledge.

Afghanistan is but a plane flight away.

I find it sickening that instead of doing my part to make this world a better place, I am sitting in front of a screen watching devastating real situations being scripted and acted out, absorbing everything as a form of entertainment.

Whenever I watch a show like that (when I am forced to / can bring myself to), I ask myself, “Is this really all that entertaining?”

I hardly ever watch shows with a lot of violence, and when I do, I usually don’t want to but I sit through an entire 2 hours of it anyway because I try to convince myself not to be a sentimental freak and just accept the fact that it’s a god damn show.

When I go out with friends and even family, violent movies always seem to be a popular choice and I can’t turn them down and tell them everything I’ve said in this post so far. Is anybody even going to understand how I feel?

If you’re wondering why I watched Dear John, the movie is based on a best-selling book written by one of my favourite authors, Nicholas Sparks and it was more of a romance book / show more than anything.

Since the romance bit is quite crappy in the film, I found myself focusing on other points instead.

For the record, I’m not talking specifically about Dear John only in this post, but every other movie that is related to it.

Very rarely, watching these shows is indeed interesting / enlightening (but NEVER as casual entertainment), because it opens my eyes to the rest of the world – things I haven’t seen before, and probably never will see. It lets me know what’s going on outside of my sheltered life in Sunny Singapore.

In other places, the sun don’t shine all that bright.

But not in Sunny Singapore.

Nope. Life is all fine and dandy for us Singaporeans, but how can I ignore something that is right in front of my face? Even if it is just on a fucking cinema screen.

I guess a girl like me can’t do much to change this big world. I can hope for wars to stop, but the violence continues. I can change myself, but not the rest of the world.

I can make myself sit through a movie that thrives on ruthlessness, blood shed and sheer senseless violence but the movie doesn’t end when the 2 hours are up. I go home, I sit in front of my computer as I do everyday and I reflect upon what kind of world we live in.

Is it really okay to have such movies being made so frequently? War movies are usually big hits with the audience, that’s why there are so many of them but what is the meaning behind it all?

What do young kids think and feel when they watch such movies?

What do the grown-ups feel? Does it affect them at all, or are they too used to seeing the ugly side of life?

I hate it when they try to make it seem like there is a moral behind the story. It’s their feeble attempt in convincing us that there is some good in the show. Like when they have a happy ending to a war movie and all is fine and dandy. This country has defeated another, yay, victory…

Victory to one, defeat for another. Devastating for both. Killing a person out of selfish intentions is considered murder.

Killing many people dressed in a different uniform on a battlefield out of selfish intentions caused by politicians and people with power in a bid to serve your country is considered a heroic act.

How does this world work?

It is hardly considered a victory, much less as glorious as it appears to be.

Like I said, I lead a sheltered life and I don’t know very much of what it’s like to be caught in such a situation at all, but I do know that when there is war, there will never be a happy ending. Whatever message they are trying to bring out in certain movies is stupid because no one is buying it.

Not you, not me and certainly not the rest of the world because war is still going out there, for reasons nobody can truly explain.

The only reason left to encourage the production of such films is the fact that senseless violence sells. And after all this ranting, it is the main point I am concerned about.

What kind of pleasure do you derive from watching violent films? Do you really enjoy watching people suffer?

Just because I happen to be leading a perfectly normal and happy life, fortunate enough to not experience such things, does it give me the right to ignore these issues and not take them seriously?

What if it was happening to me? I’d be outraged that instead of all that money used to make the stupid movie about my situation, it could have gone into helping me.

Every time I watch a soldier die on screen, my heart goes out to the widows and mothers of fallen solders who gave their lives on the battlefields, because they have to put up with film after film making use of such a tragedy to generate more money.

Do we really need to see one more war movie? Haven’t we seen enough?

We barely understand it, we can’t seem to stop it… But we make blockbuster movies out of it?

I use the words “violent films / war movies / unfortunate situations” loosely. Of course there’s more than war, violence etc that’s screwing the world up. I just can’t find the words to describe them.

I am, by no means, a “World Peace & Anti-Animal-Cruelty” kind of person. For now, I am too selfish to become an activist, because I’m pre-occupied with leading my sheltered life. But at least I don’t want to be part of the majority who is completely ignorant anymore.

Perhaps I’m just a young girl, maybe I don’t understand… But I think the first step to moving forward is to actually not recognize such events as everyday, insignificant affairs.

Sometimes I feel silly for getting so emotional and worked up about these things, because really, what can a girl like me do about war and violence except revealing emotions that normal people wouldn’t care about on her blog?

But then I suppose caring but not being able to do anything is better than being able to do something but not caring.

I’m not trying to stand on my moral high horse here by making people feel bad about watching such shows. I just think we should all be a little less ignorant.

If you like that sort of “entertainment”, good for you. But the next time you watch that sort of movie, think about what you are really watching.

Compassionate feelings, even in the faintest form, is the only thing that keeps this world sane.


Skincare for dummies 101

In recent times, I’ve come across some posts regarding “skin care product recommendations” and those, are usually sponsored advertorials which feature expensive products and at the end of the post I find myself going, “well that’s moderately interesting, but i ain’t gonna spend $300 on a damn cleanser that pops bubbles on my face or because it removes my dead skin.”

If I wanted to do that, I’d mix sand with soda and wash my face with it.

Just kidding.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not really the [ Step 1: Cleanse face in circular motions / Step 2: Pat face with toner / Step 3: Finish off with hydrating mask ] kind of girl.

Fancy, but not something I’d bother with often.

…So yeah, then I had this ingenious idea, “I should come up with so-called beauty posts that actually provide helpful, inexpensive tips that every girl can pull off” and so this post is born.

You know, just simple information that could go a long way.

No “buy my $300 product for beautiful skin” kind of bullshit.

This could go horribly wrong, since I’m not a skin care expert and I’m not even sure whether these tips are helpful or not to you all but they work for me, and I suppose sharing is caring and I do care about you even though I don’t know you exist :’)

I’m gonna start off simple today, focusing on very simple ways to prevent blemishes. Hopefully I am able to continue with more helpful and interesting tips in the future.

Kkk enough talking, here’s the good stuff!!!! Ready or not here they come.



Jessica’s Skin Care for dummies 101

The easiest blemishes to get rid of are the non-existent ones.

That’s my one-liner translated from “prevention is better than cure”. If you’re a young adult like me, then pimples are your worst enemies. Zits, blemishes, whatever you choose to call them… they’re all the same.

And they’re ugly. They also happen to be a recurring problem that almost never seems to go away. It’s not that I don’t cleanse my face properly, but they just keep showing up!

Then one fine day, I realized something.

My blemishes always appear on the same parts of my face. Most commonly found on my forehead, secondly above my lip, and thirdly on the side of my face.

At first I brushed it off and thought it was just because I had an oily T-Zone but everything always happens for a reason, so says the bible anyway and here is my reason.

Are you one of those girls who constantly finds the need to re-adjust her fringe every few seconds?

Well, you might want to stop doing that so often because that could be what’s causing you those irritating blemishes on your forehead that you could never figure out why they keep appearing.

Victoria Beckham says hi. (I google-image-d pimply and she was the first on the list. LOL)

Let’s zoom in.

Ewww I know right…

These small little blemishes on peoples foreheads are usually caused by dirt build up that is trapped in our pores.

Our hands, along with our mouths and private bitties are the top places to collect the highest concentration of bacteria in our body.

We hold and touch so many surfaces everyday – from waking up and using the toilet (wash your hands!)

Then going to school / work and holding the MRT hand rails on our way there, then coming back home to log on to the computer and type in Jessica’s blog URL on a keyboard that’s hardly cleaned (yeah nobody ever cleans their keyboards)

Just think about it – there is so much bacteria being collected from the things that we touch all the time! EVERYTHING has bacteria on it.

Imagine this - You are holding onto the same hand rail as a seemingly innocent and normal old uncle standing right beside you in the MRT but hey,

That very same uncle could have been taking a shit, digging his nose and wanking off 15 minutes ago,
ALL without washing his hands!!!!

And guess what? You’re holding the very same hand rail he touched!!


Whatever that was on his fingertips is now on yours, including the rest of the bacteria collected from other passengers.

MRT hand rails are possibly the least of your worries.

Don’t forget about money - one of the DIRTIEST everyday things we put our hands on.
It’s been passed on from person to person for decades. It’s been in the filthiest wallets and hands and god knows where else it’s been.

These are just a few examples of the simple things in our daily routines we’d seldom stop to think about how filthy they are.

The longer you go without washing your hands, the more bacteria you collect so if you are a vain bitch having a bad hair day then Congratulations, you re-apply bacteria to your face every 2 minutes when your fingertips touch your forehead so you could re-adjust your fringe!

This explained why I would always have pimples on the very same spots on my forehead.

When I stopped touching my forehead so often, the number of blemishes I had there also decreased dramatically.


No pimple-preventing serum is going to help if you’re just going to reapply all that bacteria on your sensitive skin again.

For this reason, I never let anyone touch my face because every time they reach out their hand towards me I imagine them pooping and not washing their hands then I flinch.

I especially hate it when they go, “Wow Jessica, your complexion is so nice!” then they reach out to my face to touch it WTF. If it’s so nice, why do you want to ruin it with your dirty fingers?!? Who touches peoples faces anyway? Off-limits tyvm!


Ok back to my post.

After solving my forehead blemishes, I was rather pleased with myself but I was bugged by another problem.

If dirty fingers are causing the blemishes on my forehead, then what the hell are causing the pimples on my cheeks?!

I don’t touch my cheeks all that often.. at least not enough to cause pimples.

But something else does - My cellphone!

Perhaps most men don’t re-adjust their hair as often, but they definitely use their cell just as much. So this applies to EVERYONE.

Uh-huh. Your beloved BB / iphone / whatever other random phone you are using is the perfect place for bacteria breeding.

You use it everyday,

It’s warm (perfect for germs to multiply),

You leave it on random surfaces…

Then you pick it up to answer a call, and at the same time conveniently giving the side of your face a nice 2 minute germs bath.

Ooooh, don’t forget the constant tapping of keypad while you send out SMS-es, your fingertips spread some germs lovin’ again!

…The best part is that they are never, ever cleaned.

Not occasionally with a tissue when you’ve dropped food on it, I mean properly cleaned with soap, like your hands!

How many times a day do we put these bacteria breeding grounds phones to our faces?

Certainly enough to cause a sensitive teenager’s skin to break out from time to time.

According to a recent study, in some cases they can cause skin infections as well.

“There are more germs

found on your cellphone

…than on your toilet seat.”

And I’m not pulling all this information out of my arse… I actually do my research! Go google everything I’ve said in this post if you don’t believe me. (why wouldn’t you anyway? I’m convincing)

So the next time you put something to your face, think again!

It could be housing millions and millions of germs that shouldn’t be anywhere on your face.

My suggestions?

Clean your phone frequently with anti-bacterial wipes.

I also try to make it a point to bring hand sanitizer wherever I go.

Yes, I’m serious.

No really, stop laughing at the idea. You know what else is really funny?

Your facial expression when you look at your phone under a microscope and see with your own eyes, just how much germs and bacteria is living on your cell.

Wait, don’t just clean your phone – clean everything that comes into contact with your face!!!

Wash your hands regularly, and oh oh one more important bit – girls, make sure your make up is clean as well.

Don’t be a cheapskate, throw away that 2 year old foundation bottle. Make up isn’t supposed to be kept that long.

In this warm climate we live in, bacteria thrives everywhere, and your make up brushes included. Instead of applying foundation, you could be applying germs!


Oh and one last thing about hair…

People have this misconception that having bangs would cause forehead blemishes.

Honestly, how dirty can hair be? Not even half as dirty as your hands. I had bangs, and I didn’t see any increase in forehead blemishes….

More than likely, it’s your dirty fingers, people!


Well I hope that this post was interesting and helpful, even if it was in the slightest sense.

Remember kids, that MRT hand rail isn’t really quite what it seems!!!!! There is more to seemingly clean surfaces than what meets the eye.

P.S – random images taken from google. Credits go to respective websites (click on images to go to their link)

P.P.S- I know how you feel.

I never looked at cell phones and hand rails the same way again.


I has iPhone!!!!! Weeeee

Forgive me for the lack of updates!

You know how it is when Sam’s around…. It’s always food food food, shopping, and living the good life!

Hardly any time for myself, let alone blogging.

♥ ♥ ♥ Oh and thank youuuuu for all the super sweet comments on my “Never Good Enough” post! ♥ ♥ ♥

I’ll continue blogging about (hopefully) thought-provoking topics when Sam’s gone, but for now I am just toooo tired and sleep deprived, so I’m just going to spam random pics and vids, roar!!!

I wanted to post a fucking funny video of Sam singing “My Heart Will Go On” like a tone-deaf retard but he won’t let me!!! …. Yet.

It is pure gold I swear… I’m still working on convincing him.

…My next blog post will be about relationships. I think.

Or what else do you guys think I should blog about?

Yay for nicely styled hair

Sam thinks his blurry pics are artistic looking.

Been watching a lot of Gossip Girl lately, so my dress sense and hairstyles are totally inspired by Blair and Serena!

I was going for Blair’s hair

Swensens food kinda sucks but at least their desserts are sooo good!! Cookie summit + root beer float + apple crumble FTW!


Oh oh oh and guess what!!!!!!!


I was in class today, and my mum suddenly called me and asked me if I wanted a 32gb iphone.

I said yes (duh), and when I came home, I had a new phone in my hands!! Awesomely random or what?

Thanks Mummy!!!!!!

I love it! I’m only paranoid about damaging it now.. I’m usually really careless with my phones, that’s why I insist on laoya ones!

Like the LG Ice Cream, ultimate bimbo phone.

Got my fab nails done at Milly’s

Byebye pretty pink phone!!! :(

I’ll miss you and your chio-ness. The iphone looks so boring, especially when pretty much EVERYBODY has one.

People asked me why I didn’t get Blackberry instead. Whatever for?!

A BB is no different from any other smart phone. It’s just a “branded phone” for the “cool kids” which is bullshit. A phone is a phone, idiots. The keypad so stupidly small also. For ants to type on issit?

The only reason why I wanted an iphone is cuz they have so many random apps, great for curing boredom!

Thousands of apps and games and other stuff, here I come!!!!!

Can someone recommend fun / useful apps and games? Thanks lots!

Ok byebye for now!

Here’s a random, and completely unnecessary vid of us hahaha


Nom nom nom. I ate so much that I almost threw up. SELF-CONTROL, JESSICA!!!

And yep, Sam really had a whole chicken to himself. And LOTS more.

And yes that’s me singing Little Mermaid at the end of the video hahaha we bought the DVD and watched it the night before and “Part Of Your World” was stuck in my head for a long time!!!

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