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Instagram Updates

The beauty about creating content with your iPhone is that it’s instant and so hassle free!!! Been taking pictures of everything around me (something I’m usually not bothered to with my DSLR) and Instagram just makes it so much more fun!

Random happenings in my life captured on my iphone:

This shelf in my room is carrying soooo many trinkets I’m almost afraid it might give way!!!

All these souvenirs / gifts were collected over years and are ALL so very precious to me ♥ You can’t really see it but on top of this shelf is another one full of stuffed toys!!!! I wanna bring it all to Perth with me but I realize it’s a silly idea :(

One reason I hate moving places: I have to throw so much of my stuff out!!!

But I like being a hoarder.

Sam sleeping like a baby hehehe!

And no, he doesn’t sleep with that dog, I put the dog on him to take a picture LOL. He went from looking like a sleeping pig to almost sleeping-angel-like :)

This…. is my boyfriend shaving my legs for me, coz I can’t be bothered to do so. :P

This is the point an alarm goes off inside your head, telling you to take a step back, observe your relationship and make a mental note:

“Okay. Our relationship has gone from romantic, to… comfortable.”

What our rainbow cakes look like before we assemble them and stack em on top of each other!!! The random holes on the surface is when we poke chopsticks into the cake trying to check if they’re cooked right LOL.

HAHAH I love this photo!!!!!

I posted this photo to Facebook and Twitter asking people to guess what it is and everyone was too shy to say “a dildo.” even though I know everyone was thinking it!!

So what is it, really?? It’s my newest toy!!! Love it.

………A metal dildo, of course.

…..I kid. It’s actually a metal rolling pin for my fondant experiments.

Yeah I’m not as interesting as you thought :(

My mum follows me on Facebook and when she saw it she’s like “WWWHAHAAATTTTTT IS THIS” and I’m like “Chill, it’s a rolling pin.” then she gave me the o.O face and walked away.

My brother looks like this random poster guy from Ikea so much!!!!!!

Mr. Pudding sleeping ♥ ♥ ♥ Second most important male in my life :D

He’s SO FREAKING ADORABLE!!!! Been spending extra quality time with him recently since I’m going away soon. I can tell he’s getting more and more attached to me since we’re having more play time but I think this is actually a bad thing since he’s going to wonder why I left him when I move to Aus.

I love him sooo much, but I can’t think of anyone to give him to when I leave, no one at home wants to take care of him……. T_T

The best way to spend a Sunday afternoon:

Going for brunch with your family, coming home to a playful hammie and lazing on the couch nomming on THIS heavenly tub of ice cream.

This + Swensen’s Yam ice cream = DA BOMB. (does anyone still say that nowadays?)

Sam has been cooking so much recently!!! Here he cooked steak and cheesy potatoes mmmm look at the garlic cloves whole. Our cooking always has TONS of garlic + onions!! It’s like the secret ingredient to every dish, really.

And this was my lunch he cooked today: Golden mushrooms drenched in sukiyaki sauce, wrapped with bacon and deep fried chips with Mcdonalds’s curry + garlic chilli sauce.

Now you know why I’m so chubby!!!! When your bf cooks like this it’s really inevitable.

He also made strawberry shortcake!!! Mmmm..

Now that we have Shiberty’s Sweets, we hardly ever bake for fun or for personal consumption but this is one of the few occasions he decided to be extra nice!

A pair of pretty pink heels I found lying around, completely brand new, never worn before!!! I have another in black.

Super cute heart heel!! But I have this feeling it’d crumble under my weight as I’m crossing the road and something tragic would happen so I didn’t wear it out in the end.

I have so much nice stuff stashed away, unused and unloved, I’m thinking of having a garage sale before I leave.. the only problem is, I don’t have a garage, LOL. And online sales would take up too much time.

Joanne making a wish on the b’day cake I made her!!! The girls & Jun Kai came over to my place for a fun day to celebrate Joa’s birthday and it was sooo good to see all of them again.

We chilled by the pool, took silly underwater pictures with hilarious poses, played classic board games such at Taboo (def one of my fav things to do at home), ordered a feast consisting of bbq stingray, pizza, hotplate tofu and whatnot.. good times! Even though we had our fights and misunderstandings along the way, the fact that after all these years we can all sit in my room and get along so well, laughing our asses off at the same old jokes as though it was just yesterday we were in school skipping classes and rebelling against teachers together.. says so much about how much these girls will always have a special place in my heart :)

The only bad thing that happened that day was I stupidly sliced my finger right open as I was decorating Joa’s cake in the morning.

Instead of cutting Joanne’s birthday cake into half to spread some cream inbetween, I cut my finger ALMOST into half!!!!! Note to self: stay away from sharp knives, and stay away from cutting things in the morning.

Morning drowsiness is dangerous indeed.

Ran into my room and poked Sam with my uncut hand and he saw the blood oooooozing out of the cut finger and he was like “WTF!! What happened?”

All I gave him was a sadface :( lol. Then he bandaged me up :’)

Name bracelet I got from Isetan @ Shaw Centre!!! Near the McDonalds area :)


And yes I have hairy arms (and legs and underarms and upper lip HAHAHA). Don’t judge!

Hung out with Wendy yesterday! Made a personalized batch of cupcakes for her (saving the pics for another time) in hues of pastel pinks and purple as a belated B’day present, and in return she bought us delish Delifrance egg mayo & tuna croissants!! Yum!

Oh and above is a photo of her frosting some cupcakes HAHAHA never thought I’d see her doing this. She actually found it all really fun! And unbeknownst to one of my customers, they ate 4 chocolate cupcakes frosted by Singapore’s top blogger, LOL. I think she’d be great as a pastry artist because she’s so creative.

Well then again… I may be wrong, looking at this cupcake she made for me :3

DON’T WORRY!! Your hair is still fabulously blonde.

I forgive her coz she brought Tinkerbell DVDs and we spent like 3 hours watching adorable mice pulling pixies around in carriages and watching Tinkerbell trying to gather pixie dust!!

Never thought I’d say this but Tinkerbell is actually a really entertaining movie(s) (there are sequels)

The graphics were surreal-looking and everything was sooo sparkly and fluffy. Funny jokes and decent childish storyline, all in all an awesome Disney production that I think should’ve made it on the silver screens instead of straight-to-DVD. Unfortunately halfway through the first movie we had to abandon it and go to the next one coz… “The disc is dirty”.

Lolol inside joke. Sam’s voice keeps playing in my head!!!! “the disc is dirty. the disc is dirty.”

Wendy why your disc so dirty one!!!


Keeping up with the times


So I have 2 announcements to make.


I know I’m very slow *feels ashamed* but I figure better late than never, right?!

So if you like me or my blog or my boobs, go like my Facebook page okie?! ^.^

I’ve had a lot of people try to add me on my personal Facebook and I lazy to reject them so the requests just keep piling up, so much that I had to set my Facebook account strictly friends-only, no one can send me any requests andddddd since that is a rather drastic measure I thought it’d be easier just to create a “public” facebook account, so my personal one won’t get clogged up!

And of course this is another shameless method for me to satisfy my never ending craving for attention.

AND another platform for me to interact with my readers! You can go talk to me there and leave your comments / ask me questions, I will reply them all~~~

Also I think it’s just a good feature to have in general. I’m keeping up with the times I can’t believe I didn’t do this like last year -_-

If you wanna get updates via Facebook when I post a new post, or if you wanna receive updates via Twitter even though you don’t use Twitter or to simply stalk and praise me….

You can do so here!!!!!!

I have 1 like at the moment and it’s quite sad indeed.. so show me some love? :* ♥ ♥ ♥

I just got a new phone so I’ll try to post as many pics, updates etc as possible to Facebook.

I’ve also tried to add a “like” button to the bottom of my posts but eh I think I somehow coded that wrongly because it doesn’t synch up with my Facebook… I will ask my designer about it when she’s free.

Which reminds me, I will be posting a sneak preview of my new blogskin soon!!! I swear it’s fabulous, especially compared to this crappy makeshift blogskin I did up in Paint in a jiffy I don’t know why I thought it was good once upon a time. *facepalm*

It’s okay, though. I am shifting domain, shifting to a new country, shifting new blog skin…. my life is going through a drastic image / lifestyle haul very soon!!!

P.S – Probably going to have a mini contest giveaway soon on my Facebook soon, only people who’ve “liked” the page can comment in order to participate. I’m thinking of giving away a set of personalized yummy pretty cupcakes – or maybe one of my favourite mascaras? (new one of course)

Not sure yet!! Gimme suggestions! Also you can tell me what to blog about on my Facebook~~~


Second announcement:


LOL again I know it’s not new news at all but give me a break plz! I’m super happy!!!!! The graphics are so much sharper and better than iphone 3 and the camera is HEAPS better, I’ve been having a lot of fun snapping pics with instagram

(you can search for Shiberty and follow for instant pic updates, even the ones I don’t post to twitter / blog / facebook)

So can anyone recommend me fun iphone apps??

I was using an iphone 3 before this but the novelty wore off rather quickly, and I stopped playing iphone games like months ago. Once in awhile I’d play my die-hard favourites (like Scramble / Word with Friends and other word-based games!) but now that I have a sparkly new phone, I wanna download all sorts of apps!

I downloaded the basics like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (omg I love it, it’s the new instant lomo photography) and also some of the top downloaded free games but they’re all quite shit.

Ok, that’s all for today’s update.

If you haven’t already noticed, I’ve been trying to be a lot more active online! Trying to blog more, tweet more, even signed up for Facebook. I guess I just want to be a bit more relevant, y’know? Afterall I’m moving to Australia soon… what if everyone stops reading my blog then and I become just the chick who used to blog but now lives in Australia?? FML!!!!

So not going to happen! Imma be more pro active and not fade into oblivion. (which I think I already have but it will all change soon)


Random pics that never saw the light of day

Was browsing through My Pictures folder earlier today when I came across some pics I meant to share a long time ago but for some reason or another, these pics never made it on my blog.. But here’s a revival for them!!

They don’t really have particular meaning or point to them… I guess I just like them coz they’re decent photos even without any photoshopping :D

By photoshop I mean editing bodily features, I HAVE to edit the lighting of every single pic I post on my blog, even if it’s a crap one taken from my iphone. I think I’m obsessed with editing contrast and hues.

With Sam @ our favourite indian restaurant!

I have tried so many indian restaurants from all over the place and even famed ones in other countries, they just can’t compare to Mumtaz Mahal @ Far East Plaza! (5th floor, look out for red signboard, near chicken rice / indonesian eataeries, opposite escalator)

I have been promoting them for a long time now, because their business isn’t really that good (baffling, I love their food) and I’m terrified they’d close down due to not having enough customers, so I figured they could use with some free advertising from me. Especially now that I’m going to Perth soon and will visit them a lot less often, I don’t want them to close down on me!!! I still want amazing indian food when I come back to visit Singapore.

I like this top!! But like a lot of my other clothes, it disappeared into the mysterious depths of the black hole that is my closet after the first time I’ve worn it. I seriously dunno where all my nicer clothes go, I’m highly convinced my maids have been stealing excessively from me -_-

With drastically different hair lol

Bahahah couldn’t resist posting this pic because I think I have a very kind gaze here!! I know it makes no sense but whatever meh this entry is pointless anyway

Reasons I have completely stopped camwhoring in the toilet:

1) Nobody likes seeing toilet bowls, sinks or contact lens cases in the background of pictures.

2) The lighting makes my nose looks unnecessarily huge

3) Feels very low class!!!

My fav necklace of all time is this vintage piece of YSL heart shaped pendant that says “In Love Again”

It’s sooo presh! I found it a couple of years ago wrapped up in this pretty silk packaging unused in one of my mum’s accessory drawers and I asked her if I could have it, and she said yes! I changed the chain to something a little bit modern, at first it was like.. silk also? Can’t really remember.

She said she got it at least 3 decades ago when she bought something from YSL and they had a limited edition promotion that gave these out!!! Perhaps during a V’day promotion?

Blowing bubbles, splashing in the water and soakin’ up the sunshine. Beautiful day.

Lookin effing tired after a longgg night of filming for a school project. But it’s all good because I received pretty flowers at the end of the day from my boyfriend for a job well done!

I was one of the actors (nobody else wanted to be) and my role was a drunken whore HAHAHAH I had to walk around with an F&N soda can pretending it was beer and that I was wasted.

I’ve never even been drunk or wasted in my life before so needless to say I couldn’t relate to the role very well.

I see you.

Is that fungus I spot on my tongue?

LOL jk.

Check out ma last birthday cake!!!!!!!!!!!! A KILLER WHALE CAKE ♥ ♥ ♥ It looks a little melted and messy but I reckon it’s still fab, it’s an orca after all!

This was still when Sam and I were clueless about cakes (but interested)

We’ve come a longgggg way. I can’t wait to see THIS YEAR’S cake because I’m sure Sam will make it epic!

LOLOL just realized how close I was to setting my hair on fire just to act cute in a pic.

+ my finger looks broken

This was what our tongues looked like for at least the next few hours after eating that much black food coloring – you know what this means??

Never order any design which requires a significant amount of black in your cakes, especially if you wanna take pics and people will be around!!

Me + spongebob + a name sticker on my arm at an MTV event yonks ago. Random? Yup.




This week has been extremely emotional for me… a lot of ups and downs.

One day I’d be bouncing about in happiness, the next there will be moments of hysterical sobbing.

Oh well, the shitty parts don’t bug me for too long though, because like a wise man once said, there will be no happiness without a little pain. Without moments of sadness and loss to serve as the greatest reminder of how we are truly privileged in our happiest times, how else will we selfish, forgetful humans learn to constantly appreciate what we have?

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. So no matter what happens, I’m here to hold my head up high. Even if I have my teeny weeny moments of mental breakdown, such as going ape shit and breaking and flinging stuff in my room (a sort of tantrum I never EVER throw!) I know I’d better pull my shit together soon because I can only imagine it’s going to get tougher from here.

I would love to tell you guys all about my problems and let off some steam, but a lot of them are very personal (family-related) and I’m not a fan of airing dirty linen in public unnecessarily, so I guess I can’t say very much besides the fact that I’ve been very, very fucking stressed. But it’s a-okay, looking at pretty cupcakes on a near daily basis is keeping me somewhat sane, although that’s redundant to a point since making them constantly is what’s driving me insane in the first place!

Everyday, it’s either running errands, or replying emails (which is a new phobia of mine – opening my inbox, because there is always MORE work mails to reply to!!), or baking and decorating cakes, or playing Maplestory with Sam to keep him entertained, or cooking for family, and the few hours I actually have the time to myself, I choose to plonk myself down on my bed and fall asleep in exhaustion.

I swear you can see prominent-ish dark eye circles underneath my eyes now, a feature I didn’t have before!

People around me haven’t even been trying to make it easier on me either, in fact they are more often than not the cause of my problems.

And I realize in times of desperate need, I am REALLY the only person I can truly rely on. Friends and family are real swell and all, but no pillar is stronger than faith in yourself. Today after another mini mental breakdown, I am making a personal promise to love myself more.

Eat healthier (instead of always skipping meals), exercise more (yeah fucking right but there’s nothing wrong with comforting yourself), indulge in things I love more frequently such as photography, shopping, traveling (how long has it been?) and of course, blogging. I have realized that by neglecting myself, I have also inadvertently neglected my blog for quite awhile now. But I try to share as much with you as possible most of the time, going as far as a public online diary allows me to. Being politically correct is tiring, can I just the fuck the world and say how I really feel?

Will you still love me tomorrow?


Short hair!!!! Again.

Mum came back from her trip awhile back and we surprised her with the birthday cake we baked as she came through the door!!!

She was all like, “Wow!! This cake is very nice.”

…NICE?! Nice is a gross understatement mum!! You should be like “ZOMG WHAT A PRO CAKE!!” :P

Hahaha cuz my bro recently called my mum “a noob” and my mum immediately shot back, “YOU’RE THE NOOB ONE AH!” at dinner. So fucking hilarious we all cracked up loudly in the middle of a public restaurant!!!!

Betcha noob mums don’t use the word NUB!!!

On my way to get my hair done in mama’s car!!!!!

Here I’ve just got my brow embroidery touch up done @ Browhaus Paragon! So the next few pics I should be sporting perfect(ly fake) eyebrows. :D

Pls do a google search to look for my previous Browhaus entry before asking me unnecessary questions about how it went etc ok!!!

It was quite painful as usual :(

But super worth it!!!! I actually feel much more confident now with nice-looking well defined eyebrows. Before I had two botak batches that would make my heart sink everytime I looked at them!

I’m now thinking whether I should back off from the red lippie from now on. Some people say it looks great but others say like shit, too old, etc etc.

I dunno why Sam can never look normal in an average camwhoring shot haha!

I was having a good face day that day, so minimal PS-ing was needed. Joy! ^____^

My hair looks nice enough in this picture, but good golly me… You’ll see the real horror that it is soon enough!!!

Looks like a squirrel burrowed in my hair, had a bitch fit, flailed around endlessly before finally dying and decomposing there.

Wait, have I used that line already? I always say that to describe my hair. It seems like the only apt description there is.

Very happy with my new eyebrows ^.^

And mum got me this spiffy black lacey top!!!! Thanks momma!

I was camwhoring a lot to distract myself from the annoying traffic and puking :( I get car sick so easily. It’s almost always a guaranteed headache + nausea.

At Clover @ Far East Plaza getting my hair done!!!!!!!!! I got to know the owner of the salon through a friend a coupla years ago and they’ve always done my hair very nicely and they’re friendly too!!!!

Great service and professionalism so give it a go!

My hair was DISGUSTINGLY TANGLED omg they should star ME in “A Tangled Tale” instead of that blonde chick.

I’m surprised they had the patience to just sit there and pick at the tangles for like, 1 and half hours?!

Fail attempt at taking a picture of my stylist doing my hair at the top of my head lol.

But now you get a glorious view of my nostrils ^.^

Oh my, don’t mind my bald spot X____X

I would PS it away but I’m lazy.

What?! I’m human and flawed too despite how impossible it seems!!!


Lo and behold!

My beautiful hair.

I told you a squirrel died in there!!!!!! You have no idea how hard it was to wash my hair, sleep at night, or do anything without feeling like I’m walking around with a bird’s nest on my head. :(

I am SO GLAD IT’S ALL OUT!! Thank you Clover! They didn’t charge me extra for the amount of time, trouble and extra manpower required to take out my tangles. I reckon other salons would have charged a fee or turned me away.

Because really, who would want to face that shit?

ALL OUT!!! TYTYTYTYT SO HAPPY. Yup that’s what my hair looks like wet, if you ever wanna imagine me fresh out of the shower xD

They snipped off quite a bit of hair and A LOT of clumps just… fell out of my head. Apparently they were already fallen off but got tangled so they didn’t drop just yet.

I’m pretty sure all the crazy combing broke many hair strands as well too lol…. worse than having hair extensions.

Having my head massaged and hair washed by the stylist after all my tangles were out and running a comb through my hair without a single knot was one of the most AMAZING feelings ever.

Everytime I get my hair all done nicely, I tell myself…. “Don’t worry hair, I’ll take care of you from now on!! Never again will I disgrace you and let you turn to shit” but it’s always a lie :’(

Give it a couple of months and my hair would have something drastic happening to it again. Goodbye, dreams of silky long hair.

And this is me with short hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At Marina Bay Sands nomming on dinner buffet after doing hair. ^.^

I personally don’t think there’s a HUGE difference. I did chop a significant lengthy chunk off, but for some reason I’m not looking at myself going… “Omg, what happened?!”

Guess I’m too used to ever-changing hairstyles!!! I know I probably look best with normal long hair but I do enjoy change every once in awhile. I’d HATE to have the same hair constantly.

So so so do you like it?????????

If you think it’s auntie don’t tell me ok I don’t wanna hear!!!!! The hair stylist told me I look very Korean, hua hua hua so I don’t care watchu say u just jeluz I know it.

My expression is obviously… “SO, you like my new hair????”

Why am I so easy to read!!!!!!!!!

Dunno what’s so funny. I think I was just delirious with hunger.

LIKE I AM NOW. Fml so hungry but nothing to eat except amazingly gorgeous and yummy cupcakes I baked earlier today, which I will be sharing with y’all soon.

But cupcakes aren’t the same as savoury food :(

-waits till 4am so I can order Maccas breakfast… it’s 3am now-

Random pic of Jer and Jan because they waited for me to do my hair for like 2 hours so we could have diner together. TQ for your patience!!! ^.^

And LOOKIE! Jan cut her beautiful long hair short too!!!!!!! She obviously looks a lot cuter in that hairstyle than me. Plus her hair actually looks healthy, not like mine, all fried :p

I must say that having short hair is very refreshing though.

This is probably THE SHORTEST I’ve had it my whole life!!!!!

Save cost on shampoo + conditioner, absolutely NO tangles, since styling is so limited you don’t have to spend a lot of time maintaining it…. hell yeah. Plus I think I look “Fresh” in a way. LOL.

Like “fresh” out of a chemistry lab explosion – “Dude, what happened to your hair?!” is a question I can predict I’m going to be asked a lot in the near future.


Since I’m so effing hungry, here are some random food pics we’ve cooked recently.

I told BB boy I haven’t had good mushroom soup in ages (outside sell one all Campbell or premade shit yucks) and he made me gourmet mushroom soup blended from fresh PORTOBELLO MUSHROOMS!

Also a heart puff pasty to fill me up!!! I love youuuuu ♥ Sweet or what?!!

In return, late at night I made him some roasted vegetables… Roasted onions, whole mushrooms, tomatoes (spiced + seasoned heavily of course so it’s MAJOR yums)

And potatoes!!!!!

I’m over roasting potatoes. Boiling then frying them ensures better consistency, plus it’s kinda easier too!

Bloody hell I need to stop thinking about food T____T

….Fine I shall go play Neopets now to take my mind off food. Haha what a convenient excuse.

2 self absorbed pictures to end this post with.

You are given permission to marvel at my astounding beauty k thxbye.

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