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Straightening my hair again

2011 is definitely the fastest year of my life thus far. It’s less than a month to my birthday and I remember last year’s birthday like it was yesterday.

I guess work really makes time flies. I’ve never worked harder for anything else in my life :) And it’s high time I took a well-deserved, long break!


2 whole weeks of NON-stop action and fun. :DDDD! At first it was just all-talk and “maybe” and “ifs” while we discussed the idea 2 months ago, but just yesterday we’ve booked all our flights, tours and accommodation already. Literally shaking with excitement. I ♥ my baby girl so much and we will be meeting Sam in the Gold Coast. A holiday with your bbg and your bf – does it get any better? Kinda wish I could make a stop in Perth and visit my mum since I really miss her but our itinerary is so long already.

Some of the things we have planned:

Beachfront holiday apartment on Bondi Beach

Hang gliding off a cliff in New South Wales (!!! BEEN DYING TO DO THIS FOR SO MANY YEARS)

Theme parks like Movie World and Dream World in Gold Coast

Snorkeling off pristine beaches in Brisbane

And moreeeeeee. *dies* .. *excited face* ……… *spasm*

I’ll make sure to record EVERY bit of it down and share the journey with you guys!!! You’ll feel like you were on the trip with us hehe. I won’t be lazy this time and take less pictures after the first few days. I will force Fidelis and Sam to snap a picture of our every waking moment :P

I am so stoked about blogging details of the trip even though it hasn’t even started. Hope I have free time the next few days to schedule some pre-blogged posts so my blog can auto-update itself for the 2 whole weeks I am absent.

Anyways! On to a much lesser exciting topic…… hair.

Finally got rid of my frizzy hair, the perm has faded for so long and the aftermath was a giant uncontrollable fuzzball. Fidelis got me some hair vouchers from Clover in return for shooting the pictures for Clover Fashion and convinced me to rebond my hair, so here we go!

Before we start… Clover Hair Salon is located at

Far East Plaza, #03-12. Tel: 6836 2748

No, I am not sponsored by them, but they’ve always been nice to me and good with my hair plus the owner is Fidelis’ friend so I’m just doing them a favour by blogging for them!

Speaking of which, any hair / beauty treatment salon interested in being my long-term hair sponsor?

Will advertise for your salon with blog posts and pics, etc! I usually do my hair for free at Milly’s (my nails sponsor for a few years now), however since most of her staff are chinese speaking it’s a little difficult for me to communicate and tell him what I want. I don’t even know how to describe the type of perm I wanted to my hairstylist, I just said “quan quan” and he gave me whatever perm he chose in the end, lol.

Am STRICTLY looking for salons that have mainly English-speaking staff.

Preferably in town or east or somewhere not close to the west since I live in the East. We can work out finer details through email, so if you’re interested in collaborating with me, pls email me at ♥ ^.^ I can advertise for almost any other services except hair extensions and nails, I’m a strictly Milly’s girl, hehe.

You can’t tell here, but my permed hair was REALLY knotted. And frizzy and limp and fried and awful. Well ok, maybe you can tell after all lol.

I was at a photoshoot recently and the photographer said in a funny diva voice: “Gurlllll, ya HAVE to do something wit yo hair!” in a diva tone, while slightly shaking his head.

HAHAHA somewhat embarrassing but mostly funny actually. I’m like the laziest person on earth and each trip to the salon takes money and a few hours of my time omg. A few hours of sitting there tirelessly and staring at myself in the mirror -_-

Last picture of me with frizzy hair!!!! YAY!!!

Fidelis looking slightly psychotic and martian-like with that head gear lmao. I get to see her again tomorrow for a blogger’s event! So looking forward. AND the day after she’s coming to my place to shoot more pix for Clover! Love taking pictures of pretty girls :)

Stylist of the day working her magic on me… And err, yup, that’s my 2 exasperatingly different hair color tones. Don’t worry I’ll get it colored soon e_e

Fidelis snapping a candid of me looking icked out cozzz I actually HATE products on my hair. And on my face. I cannot stand any sort of “powder” or foundation or even sunscreen on my face. The only thing I apply is moisturizer otherwise I will break out in pimples everywhere and get reddish / itchy skin.

Same thing for my hair, whenever I have hair spray, wax, leave-in treatment or even conditioner…. I’m in a desperate rush to wash it all off. I dunno, I guess I like feeling primitive? Lol. I’m all fake lashes and thick eyeliner but some things I’d rather leave natural and untouched. Otherwise I feel so “covered up” like my face and hair cannot breathe O.O

Me: “hey let’s take pictures! perfect time for camhoing.”

Fidelis: “HAHAHA wtf why you look so fierce!!!”

I tried to lean in closer to her but she backed off abruptly. She no like my product-laden hair :’(

Hey haters! This face is for you.

Fidelis: You are smelly.

Me:… *pulls a convincing “go fuck yourself, bitch” face*


Andddd we are all done with rebonding!!! :D

Straight hair again, yay! I hate how flat my hair and how it looks so boring but I think it is an improvement from my perm-aftermath hair before lol.

The ends are still soft of poking out because my hair is really fine and layered. The length also means it pokes out a lil more but it was better after they dried it with a hairdryer.

Taken with my iphone coz my dslr is so heavy I cannot use one hand to carry and take from side angle o_x

SO STRAIGHT AND SMOOTH RIGHT?!? They did a short treatment for my hair (I think?) so it’s improved a lotttt! In a matter of like 2 hours? Just compare to this pic!

Old me. -flips hair-

I am now brand new. lolol

All done!

Are you happy to see my fuzzball gone? Hahhaha everyone say it’s such a relieving change. I didn’t think it was THAT bad… right? I do miss the volume terribly tho.

Bby girl looking fab with her new red color! Our hair looks so straight and smooth here ♥

COUNTDOWN TO OUR AUSSIE ADVENTURE: 8 more freakin’ days!!!

Waiting for indian food at our usual, Mumtaz Mahal. Oh and we didn’t plan to wear matching animal prints clothing but I guess we have some sort of synergy going on heh

♥ x ♥ x ♥


After hair + food, I had my ugly chipped nails prettified at Milly’s while Fidel waits for her bf to pick her up! It’s ULTRA convenient that my nails sponsor, hair salon and favourite indian restaurant is all located under one mall – Far East Plaza. I could spend the whole day there without being bored.

And after a whole day of tiring shopping can pop into Milly’s for a free classic mani / pedicure. Love being a blogger :D

Milly’s specializes in Hair Extensions, Eyelash Extensions and Nail Art.

I like glitter but Sam likes French Manicures, so I got an inbetween! :) Everytime I get my nails done I spend the next few days just staring at my own fingers..

So pretty and eyecatching!

Far East Plaza outlet
14 scotts road #03-129, Tel: 67376723

Bugis outlet
Bugis Street, Little Red Dot, Tel: 63384137


Other recent snaps:

Pretty yellow rose Sam bought for me some time ago. Been waiting for an opportunity to post this photo. I don’t know why but looking at this picture is strangely calming. ♥

Almost as if I can feel sunshine on my face and hear birds chirping.

We’ll be in Oz during Spring, I seriously hope I get to spot some gorgeous blooms!

One of our frequent Supper Sessions with Nich!

He just got his license (he’s my age leh omg I need to get MINE NOW) and he always drives me around everywhereeee. I ♥ friends who drive! I don’t just mean the lazy / selfish people who have a car, I mean good friends who actually drive you around willingly without you having to ask. ^.^

His car is SO COMFY it has this really nice old leather smell (hope I don’t sound perverse lol) but I always fall asleep in the front seat about 10 minutes into the drive.

Sibeh song. Friend picks you up from home, drives you out to supper (he treated us btw, why he so nice one?), drives you back home and you can even fall asleep in the car coz he knows the way to your house! He’s been such an awesome buddy recently ♥


The calm before the massive storm….

Rainbows and clear skies await afterward.

Sweet hand written note one of my cake customers, Melody, gave me!

I am really grateful to have the nicest people supporting me and Shiberty’s Sweets all this while. :’) Or I might have gone well insane by now with all the stress.

How cute is the hello kitty card? Oh wait and speaking of the cat with no mouth…

Recently pimped out my iphone with Hello Kitty stickers LOLOLOL.

I’ve NEVER been a Hello Kitty girl, in fact I’ve always found her appeal kinda redundant coz she’s so simple and doesn’t even have a voice or mouth…. but I walked into this store and it had all sorts of SUPA cute Hello Kitty stuff and eventually gave in. Bought hello kitty pens, notebooks etc :(


Sam made lamb stew the other day and it was soooo good! We’ve been cooking quite often and it’s a real joy. It’s usually a lot better + cheaper than the food we get outside. Our mentality now = the more we save, the more we get to spend on our upcoming trip so.. Save, save save awayyy!

at Mandarin Gallery. OMG LOVE THIS SO MUCH!

I can’t eat Ramen from places like Ajisen etc anymore. I’d feel like I was eating Maggi Mee. I have heard great things about Tanpopo too (is that how you spell it?) so I can’t wait to try it soon :D Any other good ramen places to recommend? And I mean GOOD places! Not fast food chains. “Authentic” ramen is so hard to find.

Snapshot of pretty Beatrice @ and Brad @ eating Churpie cupcakes from Shiberty’s Sweets made for Churp Churp’s first community gathering!

I got to learn a magic trick from an illusionist that day woopie!!! Now I can perform magic on ANYONE, as long as I have 2 books I can amaze your balls off I swear. I can read your mind lol.

Spotted at Mandarin Gallery: No Eating, No Sleeping and…. No making out?!?! :o

We were meant to be kissing (I think?) BUTTTT we’re just not one of those girls who kiss each other on the lips for photos sake.

Funny ass Neoprints we took during our double date!!

ROFL @ the pic on the left.
Do you like my Neoprint editing skills? :D

Piccy of my hamster, Mr Pudding, being UBERRRR KAWAII!!! I usually frown upon the word kawaii (even the word kawaii is act cute) but this one is a valid reason.


…..Beware, the pix below get EVEN cuter.





20 fun facts about me

Just cuz ;)

1) Besides baking, I also know how to cook (and do it rather often)..
I don’t do it exceptionally well, but I’m pretty decent. I know how to cook chinese, italian, mexican, indian, japanese and other sorts of cuisines! My fav sort of food is just Western in general.


2) The only piercings I have on my body are on my ear lobes and even though they’re still there, they are half closed, earrings don’t fit through them anymore. :(

(and I’m too chicken to get it pierced it again. besides, they insist on keep closing so.. w/e. I do like earrings though)


3) I go shopping for clothes or unnecessary materialistic possessions about once a month, or less. Probably the most surprising fact of all.. The last time I bought any clothes for myself was way more than a month ago.


4) My chinese name is Ye (4) Ting (2). My full name is Jessica Loh Yet Tin.


5) My dream holiday destinations are: 1. Maldives (do I really need to explain why?), 2. Orlando (for all the theme parks that I ♥!), 3. Norway (one of these days I’m going to fall asleep gazing at the northen lights and swim with killer whales)


6) I hate G-strings / thongs. I don’t understand how girls can deal with them and even claim they’re comforable. Do you have no butt cheeks or sense of feeling in your ass? Do you like constant wedgies?!


7) I am slightly dyslexic. Well, that’s what Sam tells me anyway. For the longest time, I’ve struggled with several seemingly simple concepts such as writing the alphabet “S” or the character “&” backwards. I’d like to believe it’s a legit reason why I’m no good at math (terrible, in fact, got like 20/100 for my O’levels)


8) I used to have a fear of black, blank-screen TVs thanks to the movie “The Ring”. (still sort of do) For many years of my childhood, I used to stare at the TV in my bedroom in wide-eyed attention and horror till I fell asleep just in case something decides to crawl out of it..


9) My childhood ambitions were: A singer (music means so much to me, I still love singing these days and I STILL wanna be a rockstar!!!!), a lawyer (because I liked to argue.. but then I found out about politics and corrupted governments and stupid laws)


10) My favorite colors are pink, white, and gold!


11) I ALWAYS cut away the brown sides / corners when I’m eating bread. Same thing with pandan cake or anything that has a brownish side to it. Call me a spoilt brat if you must 0:)


12) Sometimes I go up to 3 days without showering…. LOLLL don’t judge!!


13) I’m quite blind. My degree is like 600 in one eye, 500+ in the other. :( I deeply regret not taking care of my vision… helpless without my glasses.


14) I only eat leafy vegetables. This means salads, kang kong, xiao bai cai etc… but I stay far away from zucchini, cucumber, peas, and the likes. Bleurgh. Long beans is an exception. :D


15) My current favourite blog is She writes well, easy on the eyes, talks frankly about traveling, cooking, photography, life, love and random thoughts… everything I love to indulge in!


16) As dedicated readers already know.. All of my boyfriends thus far I have met from online games. Number 1 was through Maplestory, number 2 was through Gunbound and number 3 (current) through Left 4 Dead. What’s wrong with me?! I don’t know. o___O


17) I have never gotten drunk. I’d like to keep it that way, lol.


18) I can’t swim properly, I can’t ride a bicycle and I can’t whistle. I can’t roller blade or play any form of real sports for that matter. *scratches head* I am as athletic as Hermione Granger.


19) The first time I had ever slapped someone hard across the face was my ex-boyfriend, for lying to me about some hoebagbitch. It felt really, really good. And although I felt sort of guilty for hurting his pride, I had to look away so he couldn’t see that I was half-smiling.


20) After I finish this random blog entry, I’m going to jump into bed and play iphone games till I fall asleep.


An update

Actually I really don’t have anything sufficiently substantial on its own to blog about but I decided it was time to take Sam’s ridiculously funny (but embarrassing) video off my blog’s front page lol.

He will never live that vid down!! -evil laughter- Buahahaha

Oh ya.

Guess where I’m going?

The place with the comfiest bed in the world omg!!!! I wish I can plonk onto the marshmallow giant white nice-smelling sheets right NOW!

View was especially nice because we stayed on the 54th floor! Or was it 55? Damn I can’t remember now but the room was GINORMOUS wtf Sam says it’s bigger than my house I think he may be right if take away the bathroom square feet.

I feel like it’s my 2nd home. I’m going again on Thursday -_- Don’t ask me why, my mum gets member privileges and it’s better than home in certain ways so I’m not complaining!

1) My maid is not there to annoy me and 2) Food is foc plus better than my maid’s cooking and 3) The bed and cable TV totally wins me over! AND AND AND 4) It means having no cupcakes to do!! Wahahahaha. (I complete them in advance before going to stay)

Ya I know I blogged about MBS just last week -face palm- and a lot of times before -double face palm- it’s nothing new anymore but srsly I don’t go to much other places besides go out for meals, go MBS, go movies and occasionally shopping + karaoke (I will prove this later on, you see the pics all related to these activities)

Such is my average, mundane life. I’ve been ranting a lot on Twitter so I don’t have much to complain about either lol.

Nevertheless repeated content is better than no content and I justify this post with hopefully pretty photoshopped to deat) pictures of my adoring self!

I believe this must’ve been your expression seeing my updateless-blog for more than a week.

But it’s okay… I am back to enchant you again!!! *sparkly eyes*

I call this the “desperate attempt to hide neck fats – have no neck at all.” pose

Sam tryna act sexy for you guys (girls?) because apparently I haven’t been sluttin it up enough!

What did I say about food quality being better than home’s???

I LOVE buffets because of the free-and-easy atmosphere without any uppity manners or waiting for people to serve you but I don’t think I get to enjoy the food at all. Too much variety of mediocre quality :3

Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t go for it again though. -glutton smile-

Another reason why I keep going to MBS is to spend time with my mummy ♥

Signing for the bill. I feel like a grown up!!!

You know I don’t even have a proper signature yet? My signature looks somethin like this:

Yes, with the heart LOL. My capital J looks like some korean word and it’s so embarrassing. How do adults come up with professional, mature looking siggies?!

Then again I’m still a weetle kid… I mean cmon look at that face lolol

Fooling around with my iphone bunny casing :P It’s major cute but the fluffy tail that’s meant to act as a stand for the iphone keeps FALLING OFF gahhhhh


In other news…

My hands and feet are mad ugly!!!

My hands look like this everyday because of all the food colouring I work with on a daily basis. They don’t come off even with soap. You need to rinse a lot of times before it goes away :/

As for my FEET…


At first, only 1 split halfway down the middle. Then, the other one CAME RIGHT OFF. (the one you see in the pic above)

And THEN the first one that split in the middle fell off TOO after a few days wtf. I must be dying!!!!! People say that I don’t have enough nutrients – is that true? It hurts quite a bit and it’s damn weird having no little toenails, I feel like a freak of nature /sadface

Totally unrelated pics of Strawberry / Oreo waffles and whipped cream and cinnamon that Sam unexpectedly served to me via breakfast in bed one fine morning. Ah, it was a good day.

Even the strawberries are cut into little heart shapes hehe :)

He bought me a little gift too! This cute photo frame I saw in a gift shop the other day, I told him I loved it and wanted to put my mum’s and his pic in it so he went back and got it another day!

My mum eating durian. One of our many many meals together this week. (Ya I know this post got no link, from toenails to waffles to durian)

But I realized something… FAIL financial handling runs in our family!!!! Every time before we go out for lunch or dinner we say, “Ok, today’s budget is less than 50 dollars / 100 dollars / 20 dollars” (depending how big our appetite)

BUT… Every single meal ends up at least $100!!!! Epic fail!

We specifically drove all the way to Serangoon to eat at this porridge hawker place which she said was very nice but it happened to be closed on that day -_-

So we settled for Punggol Nasi Lemak, which was NOT cheap at all, at least $8 a person for rice and some cheap ingredients wtf. Then they had durian and other fruits which costed 80+ dollars.

My jaw dropped… I’VE NEVER HEARD OF PEOPLE SPENDING SO MUCH ON FRUITS BEFORE!!! Even giant sweet strawberries from the alps of Hokkaido or wherever only $20 la! Madness. I know durian is expensive but I cannot justify spending even 10 cents on this smelly turd.

But the endurance of the stench was worth it, but in the end they accompanied me to have my ABSOLUTELY FAVOURITE Selegie Tao Hway!!!!! This bowl of beancurd silky smooth goodness is nothing short of divine. It melts in your mouth, it’s much healther than a lot of other dessert options and it’s so cheap!! A dollar plus only.

I swear if I could have it everyday I would!


HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ok I have to stop with the retarded youtube videos as of late. That’s the 4 of us being realllyyy stupid at 1am singing Karaoke. Avril Lavigne’s “What The Hell” is so fun so sing even though I can’t reach the high notes!!!

Without make up and without photoshop. Great singing cannot be distracted by vanity!!!

Mentai pasta supper @ TCC afterwards. I LOVE THIS!!!! So roe-y and creamy and heavenly!

I ♥ Mentai more than I ♥ my boyfriend, true story. Who can recommend me a nice place to have mentai pasta? Pretty sure this is not the best in Singapore coz it’s not even a Jap restaurant lol!

I made a really bad move the other day.

I decided to cook chicken and beef enchiladas for my family for dinner, but didn’t realize Mexican food was so expensive to cook!!!! Coz good cheese is so hard to get and expensive in Singapore. (why??? WA MNG TI WA MNG TI! I LOVE CHEESY FOOD!)

Mexican is meant to be cheap food. -_- But in the end I spent over 30+ dollars on average tasting enchiladas. I could’ve cooked gourmet salmon or lamb chops instead grr


Anyway guess what… iphone pic spam time :D

You will be happy to know I ditched the blue alien-eyes for honey hazel lenses instead!! Hurrah!

I like them *opens eyes wide* THISSS much.

I know I pull this expression entirely way too often. But I like it!!! Kind of like a spastic yet adorable chipmunk.

What my genuine smile looks like. Small eyes, wide big cheeks

What my act chio smile looks like. Eyes forced open and not so cheeky smile LOL

Why do couples like to bite each other??? :3


“…Ouch Charlie, that really hurt.” – Am I the only one who imitates the Charlie Bit My Finger Again baby voice everytime I say ouch???


I’ve been hooked onto Hanging With Friends on iphone lately. And I like to spell stupid words with it :P And I cackle like a witch everytime people can’t guess it.

Who has the app!?! I challenge you!!!! You can find me at

I just don’t understand why they won’t let me submit this totally legit word.

End of random blog post.



The launch of



Tell me you love it!!! It’s so sparkly, how can you not! I’ve finally shifted domain. It’s about time ♥ Oh and just so you know, I haven’t finished labeling my posts and changing the “About me” and “Fav Photos / Posts” sections yet but I’ll get around to doing it ASAP!

Also the comments and my sidebar links may not work but in the mean time you can gush to me or talk to me at lol.

I absolutely ADORE my blog design, proudly done by Kai Yi @, a very talented freelance web designer!

I’m so fortunate to have met her through a blog reader / cupcake customer, who then indirectly introduced me to Kai Yi and voila! I had a web designer sponsor. Can’t even believe my luck.

I was ridiculously picky right down to the nitty gritty details, like exactly what font she should use for my banner, what color tone, what text size for my sidebar, color scheme everything. But yet somehow she managed to fulfill all my demands and adding her own unique flair to the design, thus bringing my fantasy layout to life! She deserves so much credit for that. For creating a gorgeous design that’s her own work, yet still managing to make it suit me so much.

Thank you soooo much Kai Yi. You’ve done an amazing job!!!

She’s been super patient with me all this while, complying to my ten thousand requests, I think she must have sent me at least 15 drafts lol (which is a lot!!!) I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a trustworthy creative person to come up with an original, professional & appropriate design for you! :) You can contact her at does commercial sites too!

So, if you’re wondering what inspired this blog design….

It’s the song Enchanted, by Taylor Swift.

I fell in love with it after closely listening to the lyrics. I was… enchanted.

“This night is sparkling, don’t you let it go / I’m wonderstruck, blushing all the way home / I’ll spend forever wondering if you knew / I was enchanted to meet you.”

Lyrics so honest and real, anyone can relate to.

the song, the message and the special warm fuzziness I get when I listen to it. It’s about falling in love, BEING in love, and being enchanted with something or someone. It’s a wonderful feeling that fills you up inside. It makes me think of laying under the stars with your soul mate, frolicking around dandelion fields with your summer love and even staring in awe of the aurora borealis in the night sky. (which is a dream of mine!)

I immediately thought… WOW. I’d love to have this somehow implemented in my new design!!! I needed a big change, and this was perfect. Hopefully this will remind me to always be enchanted by life itself, and to share what I love about it with you guys.

Well, obviously I don’t expect y’all to miraculously start falling in love with ME (ehehe), but I hope the layout successfully depicts a feeling of surreal happiness, or at the very least, the nostalgia of being in love and being enchanted.

Thank you
to my lovely readers for sticking by me, through my ups and downs, my dramatic and boring days, my terrible blog skins and lengthy dodgy URLs…

This is a new chapter in my blogging life and I’m so happy to share it with you! I feel so grown up now. Imma cry :’) Special shout out to everyone who joined me in Live Chat #8 tonight, thanks for your encouragement and support when things got a little dramatic and out of hand nearing the launch time.. I love you guys SO much!!!


You were really good to me while you lasted. Brought me quite a lot of attention, drama and new experiences actually.

But here’s to change, and bigger, better things.



Marche, Hangover, Hermes, Lychee Tea, Varicose Veins, Roses & Bangs.

Before I start,


10PM, 10th June!!! Be there with me!
I will be launching my new website at 12am sharp. :)


Lol check out the ultra long blog post title!

Abstract or what? Coming up with interesting blog titles for random posts is always hard to do, so I decided to just say it how it is.

2 days ago I finally met up with Nich again after soooo long! He’s one of ma best school mates from MDIS :) And one of the very few I actually still keep in contact with.

He’s always so full of smiles!! (and full of shit LOL he cracks the lamest jokes)

I think who you choose to stay in contact with even after school has ended says very much about your friendship… Sometimes you think you’re close to someone but then school ends and you never ever talk again. Wtf.

*is thinking of a girl’s name but won’t say it*

Having lunch at 313′s Marche!!! (PS-ed the shit out of my eyebags as you can probably tell, I’m so tired these days e.e)

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee their crepes. (and their rosti too!) Smoked salmon with sauteed mushrooms in cream sauce and fresh veg. THE BEST OF DA BEST!

Btw, how do you pronounce crepe? I always pronounce it as “creep” and I’m pretty sure that’s wrong lolol. “Let’s go have some creeps for lunch!”

The first thing I noticed about Nich was how TALL he was. I always remembered him as tall, but not that freakishly tall! I’m 1.7m and he must be at least 1.8 or 1.85 that day?! I was like “Wtf why you grow so tall suddenly?!?” and he’s like “It’s my shoes lah!!”

To which he proudly kicked up his foot to show me and I was like… WAH! NICE!

I casually asked him what brand it was, and he replied “They’re louboutins.”

At first I thought he was just teasing me and I was like “…o.O Huh? They have guy shoes meh?” and when I figured out he’s being completely serious, I excitedly asked, “Omg do they have the signature red soles too?!”

And they do!!!!!! -easily amused- I never imagined guys wearing louboutins.

LOL my $5 pair of slippers from Bangkok look soooo sad and dirty besides his shoes FML. I feel damn cheapskate suddenly hahaha.

There is a great story behind this pair of louboutins!!!

Firstly, his partner bought him a pair of Gucci shoes and Nich said, “You know chinese superstition has it that if you buy your lover a pair of shoes, they’ll walk away from you.”

Like 2 weeks later he woke up to a box of spanking new shoes and a note by the side of his bed saying, “Baby, if those pair of Gucci shoes would make you walk away from me…. Surely this pair of Louboutins will have you running right back.”

Now tell me that isn’t the awesomest shoe story you’ve ever heard!!! :DDD

Lol I was so excited and squealy throughout lunch as he told me all about his life that I’ve been missing out on since I left school!

After lunch we walked over to Cineleisure to catch Hangover 2 (which I was actually looking forward to see because Hangover 1 was hiillaaariioousss)

However it was so disappointing!! There were a few good laughs but that was about it. I definitely wasn’t rolling on the floor howling with laughter like I was with the first.

Who’s seen it and agrees?

All the jokes were old, the start and middle of the show was too draggy and the end was abrupt and anti climatic. It’s really sad how sequels to shows are 99% shitty!!! It happens with every good show.

Pirates of the Carribean, Mean Girls 2 (did you know there was mean girls 2?)

After I finish typing this blog entry I’m gonna watch Kung Fu Panda 2 with my family and I can bet it’s going to be a shitty too zzz please let it be at least bearable. Sam’s been dying to watch it so I’m just accompanying him.


Us having tea at Mandarin Gallery like bored tai tais, because Nich couldn’t stop raving about this tea lounge “Arteastique”…

I’m like, “By tea, do you mean pastries etc?”

And he was like, “No. Tea tea. Leaves. You’ll like the place, not because of the tea, but because you can people-watch the rich people there and soak up the pretentious atmosphere!!!”

LOL true enough when we got there, there were pretentious people everywhere wtf. Sitting around with their prissy Chanel bags and adjusting their hair, or they have their head in a book about living the zen life or something. Not a bad thing besides the fact that the moment you step in, you feel people judging you from head to toe. I mean seriously, who actually has time for tea like that? You must be one bored mofo!

(and we WERE bored mofos that day hahaha)

My lychee tea that Nich ordered for me! I’m no fan of tea (I’m still obsessed with soft drinks like a kid wtf) but this was actually really refreshing and nice! I wouldn’t pay 7 dollars for it, but you know, if I had nowhere else to go and wanted a relaxing place to catch up with an old friend I wouldn’t mind going to Arteastique (even the name gives off a pretentious vibe)

Check out my new birkin!!

Lol you didn’t actually fall for that right? If I had spare money to blow on stuff like that I wouldn’t be making cupcakes everyday and I would go to Maldives for a holiday instead!!!

I DO kind of want it though…. *grabby hands*

Anyway if you’ve ever wondered what’s inside a birkin bag:

The most RIDICULOUS bag content I’ve ever seen!!!!! Hermes organizer… Hermes men bracelet…

I’m a girl and I carry around 4 things. My phone, cash, my make up pouch and an extra sanitary pad.

“Nicholas, is this really necessary?!?!”

“….No. I’m so full of shit right? LOL omg”

At least he admits it hahaha! That’s what I love about him he always says what’s on his mind. Also because he’s super funny to be around lol. I’d feel insecure if I walked around at night with that much stuff that screams “rob me!!”

On a side note: I totally love the prints of my F21 maxi dress! ♥ I know it’s not Spring anymore but I couldn’t care any less. Singapore doesn’t have seasons anyway!!

The iphone 4 cam is actually really good (better than my compact cameras wtf) but this pic was edited by Nich to make our complexion smoother LOL.


Afterwards, we walked around town to try cupcakes from different stores (monitoring competition!! doing research for my potential future-store) and I can’t believe how unappealing cupcakes are outside.

They either have shit designs or none at all, tastes like crap or ridiculously overpriced. I mean there are a few good stores of course, but most are junk.

After trying out cupcakes from a store in Centrepoint that I thought would be our biggest competitor, I can safely say we’re so ready to take on this business in Singapore wtf. Coupled with all the good reviews we’ve been receiving from customers these days, I’m so stoked abou doing this!! My mom is coming back to Singapore tonight and it’s about time!!!

I’m under 21 so I can’t do much on my own, need her to be around to sign papers, etc. I really hope this works out somehow. But even if we don’t get our own shop eventually, I’m happy staying at home making cakes for a coupla more months before going to uni.


A really dead-looking pic.
This is what I’m like 90% of the time.

I keep working and working, that I don’t even shave, or put on make up, or dress out, or do normal things that people do anymore (been trying to change that this whole week)

And I decided.. that this has to stop!!! I can’t let cupcakes take over my life, though it is my interest. I can’t let myself go at 18 because of work. At least I still have to be moderately interested in having a normal lifestyle. I mean, who’s going to read my lifestyle blog if I don’t have a life, right? LOL.

I put on make up probably less than twice a month, so I don’t post many pics of myself at all, but a couple of nights ago I decided to snip my fringe off (with a pair of kitchen scissors LOL) and embrace a new look!!

By a new look I don’t really mean brand new since I’ve had bangs before, but I thought having thicker eye make up drawn on in a style I don’t normally wear and putting on blue contacts plus styling my hair and taking vain pictures would be kinda interesting!

Blue contacts from Maxi Eyes. They make me look kinda scary at times D: But it’s ok scary is better than boring, right?

Act cute also better than boring right?

LOL ok not so sure about this one. I’m meant to be gasping btw, I’m not holding up 4 fingers like a retard for no reason. Like “Oh! Reflection! I never knew you were so beautiful.”

My skin has been looking literally perfect ever since my first trial facial session at New York Skin Solutions, wtf. I’m not trying to haolian ok I just want to share with you girls a good deal.

I’m not wearing any form of bb cream / sunblock / powder in these pics btw! And my skin isn’t photoshopped. I’m REALLY tempted to sign on with New York Skin Solutions’ 10-sessions package but I know it will be sooo expensive…

They have a first-timer promotion going on (actually maybe ended IDK you can call them and ask), I went for a 2 hour + collagen facial for only 10 dollars!!! CRAZY. Be prepared for a lot of hard selling tho, we spent 1 extra hour listening to them trying to convince Sam and I to buy their products or to sign onto their package haha.

Even Sam’s skin has a noticeable difference afterwards!!! Looking smoother, firmer and fresher. I highly recommend (if you have the money, if not you can be cheap like me and run away after the first $10 trial)

I’m taking reflection shots instead of just normal camwhoring shots dead-on because I believe people look better in their reflections. Like the camera may warp the proportions of your face sometimes depending on the angle, but if you take pictures via the mirror it’s the closest thing to real life you’d get!

Amirite?? LOL

-imagines some physics teacher shaking her head and sighing at my bullshit-

Pfftt hair why you grow so slow!!! It’s been more than 6 months since I’ve cut you and you’ve barely grown 2 cm. T_T

Hokay I look slightly possessed here.

After having dry lips for many years, I have figured out the secret to having soft and nicely colored lips! (without the lip color bleeding or having your lips dry out halfway during the day and become flaky with dead skin)

I can finally pull off nude lips (so-long red lipstick! remember those times?) because healthy lips look the best in nude / natural colors!!

My blue underwater cam looks damn obiang :P

iPhone pics time… because these are so pixelated they don’t need to be photoshopped :]

Onion head!

iPhone image editing apps are so much fun to play around with!!!

LOL vain bitch

Something about bangs make me look like a 3 year old. Fml.


End of photo spam!

Sorry this post up later than promised :(

I fell sick unexpectedly… for the dumbest reason.

I took this pill (a drug prescribed by doctors for overweight people to lose weight)

Because a friend took this and apparently lost over 10kg!!! Amazing right? I read reviews online and apparently the results are GUARANTEED, no matter how modest. I got too excited and actually bought the pills without a prescription. I thought I could miraculously shed the weight I put on over the years in a month.

Normally I wouldn’t do something so stupid and screw around with my health (I used to have low blood pressure & anemia & I still have a rather weak immune system) but recently I’m kinda desperate and my judgement got swayed because of THIS!!!!!!!!!!


Just looking at them makes me wanna cry.

I don’t wanna have zombie legs!!!!! They look so motherfucking scary like I’ve got some sort of disease. Have you ever seen a zombie apocalypse movie? Before they turn into flesh-eating monsters, this is what their veins look like wtf.

At first they started off as very faint lines which I thought were stretch marks, but they’re not. They turned out to be varicose veins and they’re spreading!!!

I googled for some cause factors and the most common reasons are:

1) Poor blood circulation / sitting cross legged often, causing unnecessary constant pressure on the affected area, stressing the blood vessels

2) Weight gain, also got to do with putting pressure on the blood vessels

3) Inactivity or long hours of sitting / standing.

I tend to sit down a lot, whether I’m surfing the net, sleeping or decorating cupcakes and I ALWAYS sit cross-legged or in some funny position with my legs up in the air!!!!

And of course, the unhealthy weight problem too.

They can be lasered off, but they say if you don’t get to the root of the problem it will come back eventually. And lasering them off can cost up to thousands (or so I’ve heard) :(

Does anyone know how to get rid of them??? :(

I’m desperate!!!!


…..Ok, I got sidetracked a little there.

So as I was saying, I took the pill without a prescription and now I’m paying the price for it. ***Warning: Follow statements are gross but true. Don’t read if you’re easily grossed out lol.

A few hours after my first capsule, my stomach and abdomen area started having discomfort and strange cramps…. then I started leaking OIL.

What the pill does is that it blocks like 30% of the fat from the food you eat, preventing your intestines from digesting it, so obviously the oil has nowhere to go but to get released through your asshole right? (this is where the real gross part begins)

I read that the side effects of the pill is oily stools, but instead of oil, I shat out BLOOD. Not like trickles of blood, like bloody 10ml of blood or more la!! Well IDK how much exactly but I was hollyyy shit my toilet bowl is red.

My friend reassured me that some people have blood when they first start on this pill and not to worry. Throughout the rest of the night, my stomach discomfort and cramps continued… and even worse – whenever I thought I was gonna fart, I was actually discharging oil instead. This continued for a full day!!!! And the oil is motherfucking smelly and it’s like orange, as my friend described, it looks like satay sauce LOL. OMG I can’t believe I’m telling you this, I’m really sorry if that’s too much info ok skipping the gross part and onto my main point.

I woke up the next day with extreme fatigue.

Like fuck man, my bones ached and my muscles were so fking sore and I couldn’t even get up to ice cupcakes properly. I just felt like I needed to sleep the whole day away (which I sort of ended up doing) and that I had no appetite to eat anything (because that would mean more disgusting oil discharge) or any energy to do something productive.

Even my breathing seemed really heavy.

And this was just from ONE pill. -scary epic music-

I stopped taking the pills after the first 1 because of the abdomen discomfort but this is my 2nd day since I’ve taken the pill and I’m still suffering from the side effects. The oil discharge hasn’t stopped, and I’ve been having the mother of all migraines the whole of today. My head is throbbing about as hard as my heart is beating.

This sucks BALLS.

Serves you right Jess, for trying to take the easy way out!!!!!!! I didn’t put on the weight in 1 day so I shouldn’t expect to take it off in another, I know, I know. Exercising and eating healthy is the way to go. Well, try telling that to a lazy person and see if they listen.

As I’m typing this I’m slightly feverish but ahhh I guess I’m feeling better. Hope tomorrow I’ll feel normal again by the time we start the live chat. I can’t believe the adverse side effects just from 1 pill. I’m swearing off these sort of things again… I’d rather be fat than dead!!!!

It’s a pity the side effects are so horrible though I mean the pill is actually effective.

At least something good came out of this! Sam has been treating me nicer and he bought me flowers today ♥

He also went out to buy groceries, came back and cooked lunch, cleaned up the house awaiting my mother’s return from Australia, and later he’s going to give me a full body massage to soothe my aching flabs. Sigh

Thank god.

Things aren’t so bad after all.

Ok, off to watch Kung Fu Panda 2, bai!

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