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19 things I did when I was 19

Seriously I think I’m a bit lagging behind. A week after 2012 has started than I do this list lolol but it’s okay, better late than never.

So I finally decided to sum up my 2011 into one blog post, sorta like a “flashback” on the year, just revisiting some memories and noting down the more prominent ones.

Nothing like a walk down memory lane to remind yourself of the lessons you’ve learned and what your goals should be next year. At this point in time I haven’t actually reviewed a list of things to blog about yet, so I’m hoping I don’t get stuck with this blog post halfway coz I ran out of interesting events to talk about. Now that would be quite sad. My memory is so bad that I can’t remember a lot of what happened last year wtf. -_- I even forgot what I had for lunch yesterday.

And this is why I need a blog. I need my own space on the internet to keep track of all the things that have happened in my life ♥ Because I swear, I’m going to have Alzheimer’s disease when I’m older… I already have it now. Now I’m mostly only going to blog about the nicer stuff coz obviously a lot of the shittier stuff I keep to myself and don’t pollute this blog with.

My 2011 in a (really summarized and brief overview) nutshell..

19 things that happened
when I was 19!!!!!!!!!


1) I permed my hair.
(January 2011)

WAHAHAHAHAH talk about a bad start to a new year. Fucking ugly. Looks so year 2000. FML.

Pls pls pls pls never perm your hair again Jessica. You look something like a 2 cent china whore. Nothing wrong with spending an extra 30 minutes styling it when you need it!


2) I saw Taylor Swift live on her Speak Now Tour.
(January 2011)

Thus beginning my healthy obsession with her. I say healthy because she’s a great role model for girls all around the world and everyone can relate to her songs. Nothing wrong with looking up to someone like that! I liked her before this, which iswhy I went to see her in concert.. but NOWHERE near as to how much I like her now! During her concert, I didn’t know a few songs she sung so I went back to Youtube them.

The more I listened to her other songs, the more I really liked them. Even as I am blogging this now I am listening to her songs. So yes, it’s official, I’m a fan girl.

Speaking of which, I bought standing pen tickets to see her live in Perth in March. I can’t wait LOLOLOL me and Sam are going nuts over it. I’ve officially poisoned him with her music cuz I listen to it everyday and he knows all the words to her songs now.

It’s going to be so fun dancing to her song with him during the last leg of her Speak Now tour ^______^


3) Spent Valentine’s Day with Sam.
(February 2011)

Bubbling hot spa with an open view of the sea.. A pretty unique experience.

We had a relaxing 2 hour massage, chocolate fondue, a dip in the pool, and alfresco Italian dining at night! Definitely one of the highlights of our year. Utterly romantic. I’m hoping 2012′s Valentine’s Day is going to top 2011′s. :)


4) Baked and decorated my Mum a birthday cake.
(March 2011)

Coated with fresh cream and adorned with fake flowers. :P

Now this event is really important. I’ve always had an interest for baking but I constantly failed at it. My cookies would turn out charred black and my cakes would be uncooked in the middle. However I watched HUNDREDS of Youtube videos online, read tutorial after tutorial and finally took the plunge.

Went bought several hundreds of dollars worth of baking equipment, and made my first cake. Put the theories and methods I learned about online to the test in real life.

I thought to myself, “Hey, I’m not so bad. This is quite fun. With enough practice, I might get good at this.”

And that was THE moment baking became a real possibility for me.


5) Chopped off my hair. *gulps* (March 2011)

Because it was a tangled mess beyond rescue. Thank goodness it’s slowly growing back now…

If someone held a pair of scissors near my hair now, I’d scream!


6) Attempted buttercream decorating for the first time. (March 2011)

This was my first ever piped rose. HAHAHAHA that’s quite pathetic even for a first timer.

But hey, look at what I can do now! People are always like “Eyyy how did you get so good at baking omg I’ll never be that good blah blah.”

You’re wrong. My first ever attempt at cake making was in March 2011, merely 7 months ago. That is a little over HALF a year. You just have to be determined enough!!! I would say baking is 40% talent, but 60% skill. It’s learned, you’re not born with the knowledge.

Put your heart to it. Anything is easier once you are actually willing to learn. Your attitude determines you from being the dude who has “potential”, or the person who enjoys great success.

Our first batch of nicely-ish frosted cupcakes. Sam said my pink flowers looked like vaginas, LOL. But still I didn’t give up!!!!!


7) I launched my business,
“Shiberty’s Sweets” at (March 2011)

Today, it is my main source of income. Nowadays, I’m known as “the cupcake blogger” – LOL. Imagine that. Hobby to occupation in an instant. A week after my first batch of cupcakes, I decided to set up a simple website with childish looking graphics and sell them online. Daring, if I do say so myself.

Thinking about it now, I was taking a huge risk. I was BARELY considered a beginner baker and already I wanted to sell it to other consumers. What if they got food poisoning and died? Omg. And to the first few people who bought cupcakes from me, if you’re still reading this little blog, THANK YOU.

Thank you, thank you thank you thank you.

You didn’t buy from me because everyone else was doing it too. You didn’t buy from me because I was an established or popular bakery or because I was better than others. You bought from this crazy blogger who had a passion for baking because YOU believed in me! I wasn’t even that sure of myself. I dunno what made you do it, if I were you I wouldn’t buy from me (AHAHAH) but I am really thankful for being given this opportunity. :’)

I think, if I didn’t have silent but strong supporters out there, I’d just be another girl who likes to bake but never quite made it anywhere. Because of your ever changing demands and support that never falters, I strive to improve. I have no time to sit around and be complacent. I’m pushed everyday. Pushed to be better for you, to come up with nicer designs, to work on my techniques and exploring new methods because at 7 months I am still learning.

I am honestly sorry to those I have genuinely disappointed during my time of operating Shiberty’s Sweets. If I didn’t reply your email in time, if your cake didn’t quite turn out the way you imagined it to be, etc…. I know people order cakes for special occasions and I hate it when I don’t deliver. It’s my first time running a business, albeit an online one, and I make mistakes. Sometimes my laziness or stubborn attitude gets the better of me, sometimes I don’t try as hard as I could’ve. But most days, I try until my bones ache and my back’s about to break. And I promise I will be even better this year. Just watch me.

/end of dramatic speech


8) Traveled across the border to Sunway Lagoon, Malaysia. (Technically Jan 2011 but only blogged about it May 2011)

It was… a rather disappointing trip.

I had fun, but definitely not as much as we all predicted. Sunway Lagoon sucks, and whoever ever said it was fun sucks too. And this is coming from an ardent theme park fan.

Managed to squeeze in some Spa time still. Yay.


9) Got my blog revamped
and moved over to (June 2011)

A much needed change!!! BYEBYE Pedophaelic moniker. To all of you perverts who have landed on this blog after searching “underage girls having sex with a monkey on mum’s bed” or something as twisted as that (I still get it till today), BEGONE!! SHOO!

For you new readers out there, this was my old website, hosted at Please resist the impending urge to put your palm to your forehead. :P

My web designer was a friend of a blog reader / cake customer. She offered to do my design for my for free and I was sooo glad because she did such a good job! And I’m loving the much more mature domain name. I used to hate it when people asked me for my blog link lol. I like how the new layout represents me. But until now I haven’t done a proper “About Me” page yet, omg epic fail… I’ve been meaning to write up a more interesting one. I swear I’m going to get it done before January ends. I CANNOT drag it any longer.


10) Escaped to a short getaway at Bintan, Indonesia. (July 2011)

Only 45 mins away via ferry! Already so much more idyllic. Ironically in Singapore, 45 minutes is the amount of time you’d take to get to the City / Town if you’re lucky and there’s no jam on the roads.

Stayed at a nice hotel…

…and soaked up some sun.

Went jet skiing around the neighboring islands and didn’t fall off it into the ocean this time. Yay! Well I did jump off my jet ski into the water but that was by choice, I didn’t get knocked off by a massive monsoon wave like I did in Phuket in 2009. Amazinggggg fun.

My jet ski did break down halfway though (or ran out of petrol) and we had to be dragged back to shore by another jet ski. Why do these things always happen to me?


11) Screamed out lyrics as Lady Gaga performed meters away from me live
. (July 2011)

She is an incredible live performer!!! Sam and I rocked out to her hit songs for more than an hour.


12) Made our first Proposal cake. (August 2011)

So this… should probably be big on the fiance’s list and not mine, but I thought it was awesome how we could be part of someone’s proposal!! :’) How often do you get to be part of a stranger’s big day? Getting married is such a big deal and only happens once in your life! (Well hopefully only once)

The sweet lady even emailed me to tell me how much she loved it! Definitely made my week. Wishing you and your husband LOTS of LOVE in your marriage!!!!!


13) Blogged about the controversial Frolick incident.
(August 2012)

You can read it here. What can I say? I did it out of part self-righteousness, part boredom and part spite. Well whatever it was, it worked because cake business and blog hits boomed.

It’s not a post I’m proud of or will speak of much in the future, but considering my post got retweeted over 100 times on Twitter and received quite a bit of attention from Singaporeans, I thought it should be on this list somewhere. My opinions in that post may differ from the ones that I have today.


14) My first ever pet, a Pudding hamster called Pudding passed away :(… (September 2011)

I don’t wanna talk much about it in case I get upset again and everything I have to say, I’ve already said it here. I’ll miss you buddy! ♥


15) Took a long trip to Australia again. I’ve never been to Sydney!! (September 2011)

I tried an O2bar. wtf.

Went up the gorgeous Blue Mountains. Waterfalls and rain forests await.

Hai kangaroo.

Frolicked around Bondi Beach.


16) Hello, we meet again, Gold Coast! (September, 2011)

View from our apartment

Dream World

Movie World

Virgin snorkel trip in the turquoise waters of Queensland, Australia! :D

Sand boarding down giant sand dunes head first. Not as fun as it sounds.


17) Went up to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards with a huge number of other bloggers. (December 2011)


18) Obviously, I crapped out a shit ton of cakes and cupcakes for a lot of different people. (Throughout 2011)

You can click on the “baking” label on my blog to see all the work I’ve done! Hundredsss of cupcakes and cakes. Actually, wait, I believe they are in the high THOUSANDS. Sometimes in one day alone over 150 cupcakes were made.

Here’s a few events where Shiberty’s Sweets was featured…

Doing charity for Japan with Nuffnang

Budget Barbie with Clicknetwork thanks to Qiu Qiu!!

Cupcakes from Shiberty’s Sweets sitting pretty a Cozycot event :)

Extremely gratifying seeing peoples reactions to my cupcakes in real life and hearing them rave! Makes all the effort more than worth it.

My babies!

Did some interviews and shoots for / with my cakes.

I hope that means I’m doing something right.

My cupcakes in a magazine!


19) And the final activity I’m going to talk about is something I haven’t blogged about before.

I went whale watching in the Gold Coast on my birthday (September 20th) and it was


*…..revives and dies again*

Whales were breaching (jumping out of the water with massive force) everywhere around us and we even managed to attract the attention of a couple of Humpback Whales and they CAME RIGHT OVER TO OUR BOAT AND PLAYED WITH US!!! By playing I mean consciously responding to our actions and making an effort to interact with us.

Humpback whales grow to be about 52 feet (16m) long, weighing 30-50 tons (27-45 tonnes).

LOOK at how they wave their arms (I mean flap their fins lol) as if to say hello!!!!! I couldn’t believe that was happening to us. On my birthday. How perfect. :’)))) Probably the happiest day of my 2011.

These gentle giants were extremely intelligent. I have more pictures but I’ll save them for another blog post!!!!!! Because this one is already long enough. I don’t know what took me so long to blog about these guys wtf it’s one of my best memories EVERRRR in my life, along with this.

I obviously love dolphins & whales, if you don’t understand my enthusiasm.


Okay end of blog post!!!!!

Feeling all excited now talking about the amazing encounter I had with those humpback whales. Going to lie on the bed now and re-live those moments :D :DDDD Stuff like that DEFINITELY doesn’t happen every day. Counting my blessings.

HAPPY IZ ME. Starting off the New Year with a positive mindset that this year it will be even better.


Hi, 2012. Be nice to me please.

Today is the first of January. First day of the new year, 2012.

…….Not that you didn’t know that already.

I just have to repeat it to myself a few more times, so that it settles in, y’know? For some reason my brain is not registering that a new year has already begun. I still feel so relaxed, in the December mood. But now it is January which means… a lot of things. A new year means having new experiences, making new decisions, meeting new friends, and so much more.

Out with the old, in with the new.

Man, time really needs to pass slower.

I’m not used to this whole growing up thing. I swear, not that long ago I was still 13, rebellious, thin, and my biggest concern was skipping classes. I believed I’d stay young and ignorant forever. Sadly that’s not the case and I find myself thrust into this unforgiving dimension called Time. Time waits for nobody and nothing. You snooze, you lose. You blink an eye and WHAM you’re 5 years older. You blink another time BOOM suddenly another 10 years has passed. Next thing you know, you’re dead and buried in the ground.

If you’re wondering why I’m totally freaking out here… In September 2012, I will be turning the big Two Zero. FREAKIN’ TWENTY!!!! I am SO SO so soooo NOT ready to be a woman in her 20′s. I’m still going through puberty!!! *in denial*

People have been asking me if I’m gonna make any New Year Resolutions or if I’m gonna do a 2011 year re-cap on my blog and I’m all like… what are you talking about? It’s still 2011 hurhur e_e;

Oh and I am not embarrassed to admit I was kinda sorta very relieved when the clock struck twelve am and it turned to 2012 and we all didn’t drop dead like the Mayans said we would. Not that I believe in the whole conspiracy, but I thought it’d be very sad if I did die before turning 20 even though I don’t wanna be 20. A friend on Twitter told me it’s meant to be in December 2012 though, so at least we all still have 12 months left to live. I spent the last few moments of 2011 clinking wine glasses filled with Moscato with Sam, my brother, his gf and some friends who came over to play board games. Turned on the TV and watched fireworks go boom boom boom even brighter than the moon moon moon for 5 minutes before we all got bored and decided to do something else. We played Cluedo, Taboo and Who Am I till past 4am. I don’t know anyone who plays more board and card games than me, lol. I think I must play at least 5 hours per week. 5 hours is probably an understatement.

Sooooooo I’m not intending to rant the whole day, I actually have pictures for you don’t worry!!! The night before New Year’s Eve, I decided to host my very first proper house party ever, in celebration of a belated X’mas and the New Year. Invited my favorite bunch of old blogging people, the SPI peeps + a few other close friends and we had heaps of fun!

So glad to have them ringing in the new year with me ♥ They filled my humble home with tons of laughter and warmth.

Cooked up a storm for the party. Realized the hard way that cooking for more than 10 people is as difficult and time-consuming as it sounds.

Part ritual of becoming an adult – inviting your friends over and cooking a nice meal for them instead of ordering McDelivery. Dude in the red shirt is dear Nichy who was really sweet to come over in the afternoon and helped me with the monstrous amount of cooking. Thank you sweetheart!!!! :’)

Me wrapping Vietnamese spring rolls for the first time! Kinda fun actually. I wanna try making dumplings next.

First challenge of becoming a Vietnamese wife accepted. Sam’s home made spring rolls are soooo addictive – he uses his family’s traditional recipe and there’s prawns, minced pork, mushrooms, glass noodles, carrots & more in it. They were snapped up so quickly during the party!

I wanted to take pictures of how I cooked these dishes and do a step-by-step tutorial for you guys, but I overslept and didn’t have time… :(

So I hastily took iPhone snaps of some dishes once they were cooked instead. These are called Deviled Eggs and it’s my first time making them! It tastes like egg mayo but better, with an onion + dijonnaise + herby twist. People wanted the recipe after their first bite!!!

Aglio olio pasta with sun dried tomatoes, shredded chicken & shrimps plus a butt load of herbs!

Veggie medley. I love the natural vibrant colors of these healthy and yummeh vegetables! Buttered with onions, garlic, sprinkled with basil and salt + pepper. Actually probably not so healthy after what I’ve done to them lol.

All the food painstakingly prepared and waiting to be devoured by my guests!!! After 7, one by one, they all started rolling in…

Doorbells rang again & again, and people poured in!

Some of the peeps from the SPI gang!

So good to see these familiar faces all gathered on my living room’s couch :)

Looks like I’m invading an otherwise happy family photo haha but the kid isn’t actually theirs. I had my DSLR set up on a tripod in the living room and in between stuffing our faces with food and catching up with old friends, we were happily snapping away the whole night!!!

Picture spam incoming!!!

Gwen is back in Singapore!! Been almost a year since I’d last seen her. Got photobombed by 2 gundoos behind lol


1… 2… 3!

Everybody say “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!”

Happy faces all around! Look at the baby boy he’s like so chill and the rest of us are all like :DDD

Little Zac taking an (accidental?) self-shot. What a cutie.

Always ready to give hugs. He kept toying with my DSLR the whole night, showing keen enthusiasm you wouldn’t expect from someone his age. I think he’s going to grow up to be an amazing photographer!

Zac and momma on the left!! & Wen from Nuffnang

Hey gorgeous girls!

Remote controlled group shots are so fun :D

Nicholas. This guy has been a significant part of my life in the later part of 2011.

Sometimes I super duper love him, at other times I honestly just can’t stand him, I could stick my fist through his skull LOL. But most of the time I feel like life will not be the same without him :)

My awesome neighbors who live just next door, little Sarah and momma Lynn who came over to hang out with us!

Normally I wouldn’t dream of having kids around in my house (can’t stand most of them) but Zac and Sarah are inexplicably cute, I adore them to BITS!

Let’s take a food break and stare at this glorious piece of amazingly delicious Strawberry Jelly Heart Cheesecake that Sam got up early in the morning to prepare, while I was still sleeping. Everyone demanded the recipe for this one too.

I want some NAO!!

Some of the pile of snacks and presents people brought over to share! How nice :)

Nadia & her fiance David!

Jayrus, who is a cool papa to 2 beautiful kids.

I love how I have friends that are parents, some almost twice my age.. no discrimination here. Just pure friendship and mutual positive feelings. Age, lifestyle differences, sexual preferences, religion & race are not important. ♥

Gwennie the Aussie who lives in Perth. I went on a road trip and took a holiday with this girl in Western Australia during 2010, you can search my blog for my travel entries on it! We also spent some time together in 2008 in Perth :)

Sammy boy!

He got me fresh red roses for the new year. They’re sitting next to me right now. Gorgeous.

Valerie! When I first introduced Gwen to my friends, I said, “Gwen, this is Valerie. *includes casually to test Gwen’s reaction* …Oh, she is also the reigning Miss Singapore Universe by the way.”

And Gwen was like, “Miss Singapore?! o_O …On your couch? Really.” in her thick Aussie accent hahaha I knew Gwen would have a funny response.

Her teeth CANNOT get any whiter.

I had to PS mine to get them half as white as hers, lol. Speaking of which, I wanna get veneers!!! I have pretty straight teeth, so I don’t have to go through braces or teeth alignment.. but I need to get whitening done coz I haven’t been taking very good care of my teeth. :(


I remember meeting Kexin for the first time, thinking she was my age. (back then I was like 16?) Turns out she was 20+ and has a little boy. Talk about looking youthful O_O

Note to self: Clean the back of the chairs

I dunno who looks funnier, us or Gwen in the background!! I WUV EW xxx

I found it amusing how everyone’s hand is up in the air doing something in the photo :P

From Valerie’s Instagram!

Monopoly Deal bitchesssss.

You can’t tell but…. I had a Deal Breaker in my hand. Teeheehee

I eventually won the round… NOT by the Deal Breaker, but by normal strategies. Woopie!

Come midnight, people said their goodbyes, and started making their way back home…

But we didn’t stop there.

Presents opening time!!!

At first I’d posted a note on our Facebook event wall, telling the people attending this party that it’d be a good idea to have a “Secret Santa” activity where everyone brings a random present to contribute to a communal pile, and at the end of the day everyone who brought a present gets to take a different one home.

However, nobody replied to my note on Facebook (wtf so sad) so I posted a comment a few days later, saying “Nevermind, everyone’s probably too busy anyway….” but then on the day itself some people actually DID show up with presents, only to be told that the activity has been canceled due to the lack of response double wtf. So I got to keep all the presents at the end of the day!!!! LOL. Chocolates, underwear, lipsticks & more!!! MINE YAY.

Was this my plan all along? …..You could say so :D :D Lol I joke. I told the gang to take some of the presents home but they were like nononono you cooked so much etc etc so I gladly kept them all. Call me buay paiseh but I like presents lol.

A travel mug with a hand made note included!!

These are from Valerie! Of course a beauty blogger would give beauty products. They’re Lip Plumpers, but I haven’t tried them yet. Can’t wait to try the Elizabeth Arden one :*

Sam with Calvin Klein boxer shorts from ?… that are a taddd too tight for him! It’s funny seeing him in those though.

Our night still didn’t end there.


Wayyy too many of them. Nich got drunk at my place like a week ago then made these at 3am in my kitchen. Who mixes even more alcohol when they’re dead drunk??

They’re a lot more potent than they look!

Absolutely gone. Hahaha

Ridiculously hilarious moment when Nicholas tried to force Gwen to down another shot but in his drunken state, accidentally dropped the cold jello onto Gwen’s chest instead.

We were like… :o!!!!


Look at Gwen’s face rofllll. “It’s so cold!!!” she says, then continues to wobble it on her chest and stare at it for another whole minute before finally cleaning it off. Funny girl.

Random moment of self-worshiping my hair :’)

We played some games, ate some food, chatted a bit then I passed out after that. I don’t really remember what happened exactly but I’m sure it must’ve been funny.

Pretty awesome way to end 2011 with a memorable night.


Big thanks to everyone who came and made ourselves a great party!!!

Wishing you lot a blessed New Year with extra love, success and good health.

So this is the part where you expect me to do a year re-cap or to finally list down my New Year Resolutions but I still haven’t compiled a solid list. I know I’m a bit late but better late then never? I’ll let you know once I have it. :)


But HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!


Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011

I’m sorry for the lack of updates!!!!!!!

It’s just that, well you know it’s the X’mas season and even though I haven’t been doing a lot of cakes, I’ve been focusing on well, life itself. Doing X’mas shopping, spending time with friends and my boyfriend, etc. It’s currently X’mas Eve but I’m gonna force myself to stay up to blog despite being mad tired because if I don’t do it now, I dunno when I’ll ever have time to!!!

So here goes: my blog entry on the Nuffang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011.

I hadn’t taken as many pictures as I would’ve liked, but that’s the problem with my DSLR.. takes great photos but it’s so troublesome, I end up not taking any at all. My mum is getting me a new compact camera that is semi-pro and HD for Christmas. *HAPPY FACE SPASM*


This is me at 9am on the coach bus with all the other bloggers, looking like a 14 year old student. Lol. We’re on our way to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I actually managed to wake up early enough to do some last minute packing and made 2 boxes of cupcakes for the bloggers to nomz on our way there ANDDD I didn’t end up late or forget to bring anything which was a freaking miracle if you ask me.

While going over the bridge that connects Malaysia and Singapore together, I couldn’t believe how near yet totally different our countries are. Every time I come back from M’sia I appreciate Singapore that much more. For it’s safety, cleanliness, state-of-the-art facilities, infrastructure, organized roads and more.

After a painful 7 hour bus journey (it sure as hell felt that long, our seats couldn’t even recline backwards T_T) we arrive at the Marriott Putrajaya hotel! A pretty nice hotel that is located in the middle of nowhere. I appreciated how comfortable, quiet, clean, big and spacious it was though.

Our coach had arrived later than expected, and after waiting quite awhile to check into our respective hotel rooms, it didn’t leave us with a lot of time to get ready for the awards dinner! I’m like the slowest person to my make up and hair so I was kinda worried. Thank goodness most bloggers are perpetually late (guilty as charged) even if it’s for an awards show to honor their presence, because that bought me more time.

And I managed to get ready in time!!! :)

I bought this red evening dress specially for this event because I have like zero formal clothes in my wardrobe. I got it altered to fit me better and I’m lovin’ it. I think I chose the right color because most people were in hues or black and blue that night.

Now if only I had more formal events to attend so I could wear it more than just once…

You can check out the bareback details of the dress in the reflection image!

Ready to hit the awards!!


Mucho love to my boyfriend for accompanying me even though I know how badly he wanted to stay home and rest instead of traveling and getting more tired. December is such a ridiculously hectic month wtf.



Looking suave, boys!

Sam and Mike hit it off really well during this trip! He also gets along surprisingly well with Sophie’s boyfriend, Alaric….

Sam said he wants to start a club called the “Singapore Female Bloggers’ Boyfriends Association” for guys like them. LOL

Sam and Huiwen who looked gorgeous in her long blue dress!!! One of the first few Nuffies I’ve ever met, and she’s always been really nice.

My current desktop wallpaper ♥

Check out Wendy’s madddd sparkly blue dress in the background!!

Everyone looked super good that day wtf. All so pretty and handsome!

And no I am not saying myself ok haha I mean other people. No expense spared, everyone went all out and their efforts really paid off because most people looked the best I’ve ever seen them.

Before I left my hotel room, I did a quick check with my reflection in the mirror and thought to myself, “Hmm… not bad. Ok, let’s go!!!”

But when I saw how dressed up and pretty all the other female bloggers were…. self esteem went out the window, hopped onto a plane to go skydiving. LOLL. Seriously though, it was really cool seeing so many bloggers from different countries and walks of life all gathered in one grand ballroom.

Blogging takes people places!!

Brad aka LadyIronChef,
who won Best Food Blog that night!!! Congratsss!! :D

I know I’m not the only one who visit his blog when I can’t decide where to go for dinner. I lazy to list down all the winners of the nights / nominees, I dunno who most of them are anyway so I’m only going to tell you who won what if I took a picture with them that night.

Sophie and I!!! This girl is ridiculous. Whenever I see her, she is either 1) eating or 2) hungry. Chocolates, donuts, supper, she nomz them all without hesitation… When we go on double date with our boyfriends, our itinerary is like this:

Meet for a meal. Eat a lot. Do random shit like watch a movie or play darts. 2 hours later, go for another meal, and eat a lot again.

But only Sam and I will get fatter from the indulgence, while Sophie and Alaric stay damn thin. And I don’t think either of them exercise. Why like this? ;___;

Trying to take a photo of Brad but my camera focused on her instead. Forever camera ready. Look at that smug expression I almost want to smack her LOL why you think you so pretty is it???….

Ok la very pretty la.

No need to guess who is the Region’s Best Blogger & Most Influential Blogger!!

Wendy aka!!!!!! A most deserving winner :’)

I have been reading Wendy’s blog even before I started blogging on my own, and she was definitely a large contributing factor to why I picked up blogging in the first place. I admired her straightforward nature and boldness to speak whatever she felt!!! Still do.

Totally teared up when she started making her speech after being completely shocked that she won Region’s Best Blog twice in a row. I feel very happy for her success and count myself lucky to be her friend. She’s actually really nice in person you know. I always emphasize on this point when people ask me about her because people tend to judge too quickly from her online personality. Ok I admit she’s quite a bitch online, but who isn’t? LOL.

I’m not sure if I can express my like for her properly without coming across as an over-adoring fan / a suck up so I hope I’m doing this right. All the angry Australians were so sore about her winning, if only they knew how much she influences thousands of bloggers / readers all over Asia just like you and me!!!

I finally got to meet Cheesie of! Woopie!!!!! ^.^

the Best Fashion Blog Category!!

I love her traveling / fashion posts and used to read her all the time :) Now that I’ve started this cake business I almost never have the time to read blogs anymore.. or the time to update my own. #sadface

A blurry pic that would’ve been otherwise good. #camhopains

A group picture with Qiuqiu, Sophie, Cheesie, Wendy, Velda, & Beatrice!

Prettiness overload or what. O_____O These girls ah.

With Nadia!! ^.^ From

This and following picture credited to Qiuqiu

HAHAHA she made me chin very sharp and eye big big!

Picture credited to Brad

And omg in this picture you can see I was actually wearing…. FLATS.

Or slippers if you wanna call them that. Who the fuck wears blinged out slippers to a black tie event – I know right!!! But I couldn’t find a nice and comfy pair of heels, and Comfort owns Fashion for me, thus the inappropriate footwear. Lol lucky nobody really took full body shots that day. Every other girl was in like 10 inch heels.

I felt unusually short.

The Awards & dinner is about to start!!!!! From here on I don’t have alotta pics already because I was too focused on the food (starving) and the entertainment for the night.

Seated at a table with 2 Singaporeans and a bunch of older Aussie bloggers I didn’t know. Nobody was that friendly or particularly interesting so we made a switch of tables to join Nadnut as her table as she was just behind us. A clever move because I switched inbetween courses, and I got to have double servings of bread. LOL I think the bread was probably the nicest course / item of the night..

Official photos from Nuffnang:

The show started off with risque dancing… Which raised a lot of eyebrows. I’m sure some men totally appreciated the performance but I was too busy eating.

A stand up comedian which I thought was the best entertainment of the night! I loved his jokes about comparing Malaysia to Singapore because I can totally relate.

Wendy receiving her award….. Awwwwww!!! Look at that shiny pink ball of fluff grinning away.

All the nominees and winners!!!!!!!!! If you realllyyy wanna find out who they all are you can check out Nuffnang’s website…


Went over to congratulate the people we knew that won and wasted no time in heading back to our hotel room. UBER beat!!! We took a short rest, and then…

Played Monopoly Deal with Wendy, Mike, Sophie, Qiuqiu & Sam and ordered yummeh supper and talked about everything and nothing into the night!!! :D

Our conversation that night was so freaking hilarious and random. We talked about 2 fishes being in a guy’s asshole and more that I can’t even remember now because it was THAT random. But I do remember laughing a lot. Lol.

After that we concussed till we had to wake up for breakfast the next day.


The next day was a relatively quiet one for Sam & I. Had our breakfast, then decided to forgo the day tour that the other bloggers were going on and join them for drinks at night instead, because we were just sooooo freakin’ exhausted we would’ve passed out on the street so we slept in instead.

The 5 hour nap was AMAZING.

In the early evening, we caught the Nuffnang tour bus (1 hour+ journey!) to have dinner at Pavilion in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Actually Sam, Mike and I were at the lobby early, waiting for the tour bus to come. But it didn’t come for quite some time, so we decided to sit down outside a restaurant (still in the lobby) and have coffee instead so we could rest our legs. We ended up chatting and chatting and being so distracted that we didn’t even notice the tour bus leaving without us. LOL the fuck….. -____- Nobody came to get us either?

So we had the board China’s tour bus, instead of the Singaporean one. *face palm x100*

Random camho:
I ♥ Floral dresses and hairbands!

WE HAD THE MOST BEAUTIFUL INDIAN FOOD FOR DINNER!!!! Put a smile on my face for the rest of the night. You dunno how much I loved it.

Yes, beautiful.

I remember dining here with family about 3 years ago and I was so happy to find the same restaurant! :D It’s called Spice of India, top floor of Pavilion in KL. My favorite Indian restaurant called Mumtaz Mahal officially closed down all it’s outlets in Singapore (WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY)

And I haven’t been able to find an Indian fix that could match up to Mumtaz Mahal yet, but Spice of India blew me away.

Super recommend it I want to take 7 hour bus back to KL just to eat this.


And now I leave you with an abrupt ending because it is 3am and I am beyond tired and I have to wake up in a few hours and spend X’mas Eve with my family and I am so hungry just talking about the Indian food that I have to go to sleep now in order to stop myself from ordering McDonalds breakfast.

Not much happened after Indian dinner, we joined the Nuffnang people for drinks at this cool rooftop bar and chit chatted until midnight then went back to the hotel. Next day wake up, take 7 hours bus ride go home.

…….The end.

Thank you Nuffnang for organizing the trip for all us bloggers!!!!!


Before I go…


And a Happy New Year to you too! ♥ ♥ ♥

I am spending Christmas in Marina Bay Sands with my fam, and I bought everyone neat presents, I’m so excited to see their faces when they open it!!! I want to stay and blog more and recap my year and talk about my ideal X’mas wishlist and stuff but I really have to go.

Wishing you lots of joy and love this festive season. I hope everyone gets to spend quality time with the people they care about because no one deserves to spend X’mas all alone, even if you’re not religious or into commercialized holidays. It’s about the lurveeee.

….2011 has passed all too quickly.


My recent life in pictures

Some of the things I’ve been busy with…

Mum was in town recently, and (persistently) urged me to get my hair done with her.

I quote her, “Girl ah, your hair is sooooo awful!!! Faster go get it done la!” – LOL. Thanks a lot mum.

It wasn’t that bad… I think?

Sure my dye job was about 8 months overdue and my hair had absolutely no structure whatever (which is why I always had sunglasses on my head, to distract people from my bad hair days, which was pretty much everyday)

So, I tagged along on one of my mum’s salon trips at my aunt’s salon at Ang Mo Kio and fixed up my hair. It’s called Hair Zone if you wanna visit them.

Reasonable rates, very friendly staff and they do hair color impressively evenly and well!

Tadah! All done ^.^

Very smooth and straight now, it almost looks like my hair was rebonded. I like how it fans out perfectly when I lie down on my bed. And also how it has a lot of dramatic “swing” when I turn my head sharply. Kinda like a walking shampoo advertisement lolol.

I’m not an adventurous person when it comes to hair, so I got my fringe cut upon persuasion from my mother and I dyed the color a chocolatey brown. After a few washes the color faded a abit, so it’s at least 3 shades lighter now.

I’ve been wanting to do something drastic with my hair, but from painful past experiences, I’ve resigned to the fact that I look awful in short hair. I mean, sure, it’s a fresh look for the first week or two.. then I start looking like a boy wtf.

I saw this advertisement for breast enhancement surgery on a magazine page I was browsing in the salon and wanted to share it.

That’s like the most beautiful and logical thing I’ve ever read about cosmetic surgery :’)

Momma ditched her white Volkswagen Beetle for this silverish BMW 5 Series. I dunno how she’s going to drive it, that thing is freakin’ massive!!!

I liked that cute little Beetle, but HURRAY to no longer having to climb into a tiny 2-door car. It was so stupid having to squeeze mercilessly in it every day. I could barely sit up straight or comfortably. It’d be especially torturing being in it after going out for dinner together coz everyone would be extra fat.

The new BMW is so futuristic and cool. You can barely hear any engine or road noise or feel bumps / movement when you’re in it.. I can fall asleep so easily in it (Y)

Lunch that I made the other day. Roasted red skin potatoes with sun dried tomatoes & herbs + home made meat balls with bolognese and dijonnaise sauce (my secret recipe n_n)

I really enjoy cooking. I wish I had the time to cook more.

Speaking of food, my kind neighbour randomly brought over some fresh corn the other day (yeah, she’s cool like that) so I marinated then baked some and it was the best corn I’ve had in my life wtf. I had like 2 whole cobs to myself for dinner, that’s how much I liked it.

She brought them back from Cameron Highlands and they were so juicy and sweet and now I will never look at corn the same way again. #truestory

I love my mummy.
Our conversations always crack me up.

Check it out!!!!!!! :D

Cupcakes from Shiberty’s Sweets were featured in a local publication!!!!!!!!!!

My babies, in a magazine. *tears* Not just ANY type of food feature. I’ve got hawwwttt white models posing with my cuppycakes in a fashion shoot to sweeten the deal even further.


Camped out at MBS for 2 nights.

It’s nice to get away from it all while not having to go too far. I love MBS like my second home. They have the softest bed sheets and the best view of all in Singapore.

Woke up to this and a bath tub filled with bubbles on our second day :’) ♥

I’ve been burning these oils in my room and my room constantly smells amazing. :’D Forget air fresheners and room sprays, pure essential oils are the way to go!!!

Mixed lavender and lemongrass scent, and instant magical formula for my room to smell like a heavenly spa. Smelling good makes me happy. Aroma therapy works wonders.

Amazing (new?) cereal I found at Cold Storage!!! I have cereal for dinner instead of breakfast, because I can’t eat anything within 1 hour of waking up or I’d get diarrhea. I betcha didn’t know that o_O Am slightly lactose intolerant especially in the mornings.

So I can never have cereal for breakfast like a normal human being T_T

Dining at Antoinette, Mandarin Gallery.

If you’ve ever walked past this restaurant you would’ve seen their boastful array of tantalizing desserts.. Sucked me in right away.

Oh and Sam’s expression was because I told him to give me a “high class face” coz we were in a “high class restaurant”. LOL.

Nichy came over to visit me when he booked out of camp!!! Brought me some cake too. Silly boy, I make cakes, why do you bring me cakes?!

HAHAHAHA his botak head is sooo funny. I love you Nic Nic, but bald is not a good look for you. I keep telling him he looks like a shaolin monk, lol. We had several rounds of Monopoly and UNO Stacko showdown… I don’t think there’s anything else I’d rather do in this world than sit down with my loved ones and spend quality time playing board games with them!!! ♥

Wendy got a new bunny recently and it….


It’s fur is super duper soft and she is so friendly :D At first she didn’t really like me picking her up, but after an hour or two, the bunny hopped onto my chest and SLEPT there angelically while we watched Forrest Gump.

I can’t believe I’ve never seen Forrest Gump before this… Yes, I’ve been living under a rock.

It’s such a good movie, and made even better by little fluffy bunny sleeping on me!!! Unfortunately cute little bun bunz peed on me halfway through the movie (I HAD AN INKLING IT WOULD HAPPEN.) and I had to change into Mike’s clothes because Wendy’s wouldn’t fit me lolol. It was a new dress too..

I think it’s still lying around somewhere in her house covered in bunny pee. o_o

Sam and I walked pass a bridal shop the other day and I stopped in my tracks when I saw this dress.
I LOVE IT. It’s simple but gorgeous!!! Most wedding dresses look like Christmas presents because they’re too poofy, but this one is perfect. Too bad I’m not getting married.

Me on my way to see my favorite people – the (S)ocial (P)layground (I)sland people!!!! I even curled my hair for them so they must be really special coz I haven’t done that for aaaaages.

Jayrus, little Zac, Valerie (Miss Singapore!), Wayne

We met yearsss ago at at Nuffnang event, and have been good friends ever since. We don’t see each other all that often, but each time we do, we have the best fun!

I brought Sam along and I was so happy he could meet them. They’re a bunch of incredible nice people.

I made them oreo and chocolate cupcakes. They were VERY happy about that, lol. Couldn’t get enough!!!

Mucho love for the SPI gang! ♥ ♥ ♥

I hear they’re planning a Jet Ski outing next and I’m so excited imma wet my pants I luvvvvv jetskiing yo

Iris enlarging contact lenses are the best things that have happened to me since false eyelashes. Surprisingly, I actually feel relatively comfortable without make up these days. (I still have my eyebrows drawn because I have no eyebrows naturally)

But when I can help it I usually do my whole face anyway… :P

This is me on my way to attend a customer’s birthday party. I was so pleased – I’ve served people hundreds of birthday cakes, but only ONE has ever invited me to their party. ;_;

*feels unloved*

I was kinda skeptical at first, I’m not really a party person and I wouldn’t know anyone else there, but Sam and I ended up having a great time because everyone present was so welcoming and nice.

Complete strangers came up to chat with us and took their time to give us invaluable advice about our business and offered to lend a helping hand to someone they’d only met an hour ago. I was moved by how there are still kind strangers without any ulterior motives out there. I’d post pics from the party, but it was in someone else’s home so I don’t think that’s very appropriate.

I do have one pic though!!!

Thank you Aisyah for inviting Sam and I! We had a blast. :)

Went walking around a mall after the party and bought myself the new love of my life.

Everyone, meet Philip. ♥ He is the cuddliest freakin’ thing to ever exist. (after Wendy’s bunny)

That is all for today.

It’s the weekend!! Which means Yipee for you, and Boohoo for me because weekends are when I have to work the hardest – swamped with cake orders. I can feel my back and hands aching already.


My Nuffnang Story


I trust you guys have already heard about the Nuffnang Blog Awards!!!

If you haven’t, listen up because right now, you still have a chance to enter a competition to a win a ticket granting you entry to this event :D

Come 16 December 2011, 500 bloggers from around the Asia-Pacific region will flock to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 in Putrajaya Marriott.

The Awards aims to not only honour the region’s best bloggers, but also to bring together blogger communities from across Asia-Pacific. The Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards is brought to you by Volkswagen Malaysia and Putrajaya Marriott.

It’ll be a camwhore par-tay for sure. Flashes going off non-stop the whole night, tons of laughter, food and drinks, meeting new peope, narcissism and vanity floating around in the air..

Thanks to Nuffnang, I got my first pic ever taken with Xiaxue, in March 2008. WOOT!!! *shakes pom poms* Lol and somehow Dawn Yang also included in the picture wtf. I only recall wanting to take a pic with Wendy. Anyway…

Expect to see famous bloggers like Xiaxue, Kenny Sia, Cheesie at the Nuffnang Blog Awards (yes even the overseas bloggers!!!) IN THE FLESH, all glammed up.. Ready to take pictures with their ever-adoring fans!!! Excited or not?

And you can also take pictures with me……. I guess. If you want. Lol.

I am definitely going if I can. I’ve attended a lot of Nuffnang events in the past, and they’ve all been pretty awesome. (some more awesome than others, but this time they’re not holding back on this one. they are going all out!!!)

I owe a lot of my blogging opportunities to Nuffnang. ♥

Meeting new people, participating in fun blogging community events, getting the chance to write paid articles (aka blog posts. *ahem*) for big brand names like Disney and Sony (and many more!!!), who otherwise might not have noticed my blog at all… I’m glad they believed in me. Especially since I started blogging actively at the age of 15, it’s a wonder they didn’t turn me away. ILU!

Me and Nuffnang go wayyy back.

Like 4 years back!!! That’s a relationship longer than any I’ve had with my boyfriends. That must count for something, right?

So here goes… My Nuffnang Story!

(well, bits and fragments of it, the friends I’ve made, some pictures I took and events I attended)

In 2008, I put on my PJs and went on a sponsored trip to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia to attend their kick-ass Pajamas Party!!!

Where I was introduced to the blogging community for the first time. I’ve made some really awesome friends during this trip, and we stayed in touch a long time after the event was over even though some of them don’t blog any more. :’)

Few months later in 2008, they dressed me in this ridiculous cosplay costume for a charity event. I was meant to be a SUPERHERO, but they ran out of costumes for me.. WTF.

Ok well at least I didn’t get Cherie’s skin tight wet suit-ala-Fantastic Four custome LOL.

At the Singapore River Festival in 2009!

With blogger extraordinaire Xiaxue, and Ming aka the Boss of Nuffnang SG!!

Later on we went to a club, where I attempted to dance (read: attempted) with Fidelis, and… Boss Ming?

LOL check out Valerie aka Dweam aka Miss Singapore Universe 2011 SHAKING HER THANG behind us!!!! Get it gurlll!

That day, I met Kenny Sia. (A popular Malaysian blogger).. At one point he actually turned around and asked me, “You’re Underage-Girl, right?”

LOL I was so very pleased that my existence was even recognized. I mean he IS from overseas.. right?

If you’re wondering why I seem to be wearing lingerie, well that’s because I was. They used the PJs theme again!

We sang live KARAOKE with Fidelis in a make-shift fake Shower stall in the middle of freakin’ Vivo City. Oh yeah, in (borrowed) plush bath robes to boot.

This was for a Dove body soap advertorial…. LOL.

(You can find all these posts and pics I’ve listed here in my archive btw)

Laurier Shooting Star Event in 2010

Spent that afternoon running around Orchard Road in the scorching sun to complete a scavenger hunt kinda list for an ad we were doing.. At the end of the day we also walked away with a free polaroid camera (yay!)

Just this year, I brought cupcakes from Shiberty’s Sweets to sell at a Charity Flea organized by Nuffnang to aid those affected by Japan’s natural disaster and we sold all our cupcakes in like an hour!!!

I looked really weird during this period of time, wtf. I think my hair too short lol fml.

Before people snatched em up

Sam the sweetheart came along to help out ♥

All sold out! Thank you for your support and generosity. :)

That day was a happy day for us because we got to do a good deed and help others in need, and we also received a lot of compliments from happy customers!!! There’s really nothing like seeing your cupcake put a huge grin on people’s faces.



This was the most recent event I attended in 2011 -



Here in little ol’ Singapore!!!

A few meters in front of me, in a small private function room thingy located at Marina Bay Sands. Tickets couldn’t be bought (otherwise they’d be sold out in minutes!), you could only win them from contests or get them from erm.. sources.

I got my tickets complimentary thanks to Nuffnang. Insaneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

I even got to see her butt in da flesh. Naise.

Amazing performance and my mind = blown. Srsly.


Joining Nuffnang was the best decision I made when I was younger. Thank you for pushing and promoting me, and allowing me to make money and friends through my blog.

If you want to join Nuffnang and be part of their ever-growing community, visit their website here.

And if you would like to attend the Nuffnang Blog Awards held in Kuala Lumpur (which you should!), find out how by clicking this.

See you guys in Kuala Lumpur in December!!

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