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Presentation and L4D!

Been busy with school as usual..

Yay for the 1 week holiday next week!

It’s not exactly a holiday per se, supposedly a study week for my upcoming exams, but I don’t have to go to school!!! Yipee.

I love my school and my classmates, don’t get me wrong, but I am so tired from doing projects or presentations and stuff.

Speaking of presentation, we had our class presentation yesterday!

HAHAHAH that’s me speaking to the class. In my most unflattering angle ever.

And that’s my powerpoint slide behind me~

My group’s topic was Fashion and I was covering Impulsive Shopping!!!

I liked the topic I came up with because it’s something I can relate to.. So I thought it was relatively easy to talk about, despite me having cold feet before the presentation.

Once I got up there I felt less nervous immediately, cos when I looked into the crowd I realized that most of these people are my friends.. so what’s there to be shy about?

We had to wear “formal” and it was nice seeing everyone all dressed up for a change.

Katie and Allison looking very pretty, and Andreas and Alcan looking real smart!!!

Adam looking good with his tie.. Too bad Nicholas doesn’t know how to tie a tie. LOL

I reckon every Monday should be dress-up day… I like seeing everyone looking so nice!!

The only downside is that the guys would probably melt in their long-sleeved shirts.. the weather is sooo intolerable in the afternoon.

Me and Gwen!

Love love :D





We headed back to class and I started snapping away more once everyone has settled down..

SHERMAN THE ROCKER and Alex the “geek”!

I believe this will be the first and the last time I’d ever see Sherman NOT wearing his rocker tees xD

Hahahaha omg look at his hair so cuteeeeeeeeee

Take a look at the difference… this is them being themselves on a normal day :P

Prasad and San Jay!

They look so matching and cute together, LOL.


The most well-dressed of the day was MAXIMUS, hands-down man!!! We all started clapping and went “OMG” when he walked into school

“I feel so proud of him, like a mother” – Fiona

Ayyyyy they all look so cute when they dress up, especially Max~

We helped him cover up his “kuang ye” tattoo with aLOT of concealer and foundation..

Maximus on a normal day :)

On the day we skipped school to play L4D, LOL.


HAHAHA all of us skipped the workshop to play L4D (and some Counter Strike)

Adore my class~


Back to the presentation…

I was so anxious to start the presentation, the sooner it’s over the better for me but it took SO LONG for the projector or whatever to start!! Wtf.

So we were stuck, it wasn’t until after 1 hour plus did the problem get fixed… by then everyone was pretty much very restless already.

I tried to memorize my points and kept repeating them to Gwen and Nat HAHAHA, Gwen took a video of me trying to do my speech but I look and sound superrr retarded so I’m not going to post it up.

Highlighting important points for my speech... I love this picture!!!!

Love my hair, love my pearls, love my blazer, love the fact I look like I’m actually studying LOL.

Picture taking during the presentation wtf!

We were that bored.. We didn’t mean to be bad audience, but the presentation started late and a lot of people were mumbling and stumbling throughout and there were SIXTY people presenting… so yea.


I adore my outfit! Professional-looking but stylish enough.. Nevermind that my dress was short :P

I wore a high-waist shift black and purple tiered dress inside my blazer. Was sponsored, but only sells for $27 in the blogshop.. Don’t cha just love cheap thrills?

At one point of my presentation, I mentioned that one way to prevent yourself from shopping impulsively is to source around for cheaper alternatives.

I asked my class how much they thought I bought my blazer for, and one guy said, “$500!”

I dunno whether he was kidding or not but I think he was for real! I told him, “Ooh, I’m flattered.. but I bought this blazer for only $29.”


I also came up with this quote, “You don’t have to spend a million bucks to FEEL like a million bucks.”

HAHAHAHAHHA genius ain’t I.


After foreverrrrrrrrr, the presentation finally ended..

Seah wanted a picture with the ladies! xD

All dark when we walked out of school -___-”

Anyway, the rest of them went to Far East for Thai food but Gwen just had Thai food recently so we went to have INDIAN FOOD AT MY FAV PLACE – LUCKY PLAZA!!


Absolutely DELISH. *salivates*

My usual waiter recognized me and he’s always happy to see me cos I always introduce different friends to his eatery :P

We ordered Butter Chicken and Mutton Curry and Butter Nan and he told me to give him feedback on the food cos they were trying out new recipes!

The butter chicken was THE BEST I’VE EVER HAD. Much much better than their previous butter chicken and their mutton curry was just as good.

Another plus point is that the new mutton curry didn’t make me fart a lot. LOL. The previous recipes did.

I was soooooooooooo delighted… Gwen was like, “since you like it so much, tell them you do advertorial for them lor, and they shall sponsor you mutton curry and your fav indian food”

OMG hahahaha.

That would be the best sponsor ever.

After a very satisfying meal of indian food (altho I wish I could have had more), Chloe went off to Butter Factory and Me and Gwen went to play L4D!!

Gwen mentioned something funny.. She said that the LAN shop people would take a look at me and my outfit and go like, “Walao this lady after work come here kill zombies?”


I officially proclaim myself a Left 4 Dead addict. I think I’m getting better and I’m good for a new player lor!

I’m not usually a fan of such games but L4D is very easy to play and it’s really fun when you play with friends :)

I wouldn’t play it alone though…


Looking at this picture just makes me wanna blast zombies really badly!

Hahaha I like to startle the witch… I like the thrill of trying to shoot her to death ASAP and trying to escape. *sounds like a L4D psycho*

Yipeeeee we’re going to play L4D tomorrow. Can’t wait~

Me and Chloe in school today :)

The 2 of us and Gwen decided to wear maxi dresses to school together today but Chloe didn’t wear it in the end!!! Boo.

First time wearing this maxi dress out after buying it for some time…

Lovely prints!

I LOVE IT. Received a lot of compliments for it too *happy*

It’s very flowy and extremely comfortable… heart all that printed fabric and chiffon material.

I think I’ll be wearing another maxi dress to school tomorrow~

Gwen and I in our maxis~ Too bad we didn’t get a full length picture together!!

My girlies..

I think today’s the last lesson we have with Mr Siew!!! :’(

Different modules will be starting soon.. that sucks. I LOVE Mr Siew’s lessons, he’s very nice and cute and funny. Plus he gives the best exam tips.

Sigh. I hope I don’t kena some crappy lecturer.

Okkkk that’s all for today.. So so sleepy. I am always tired nowadays.

Which is a good thing cos I feel like I’m living life to the fullest, no more rotting around.

Last Hawabi lecture tomorrow, then holidays! ^.^

Hope we get our marks for our presentation.

P.S – I just remembered this..

While me and Gwen were walking towards Meridien to play L4D, there was a guy who suddenly appeared in front of me and to my horror I saw STEVEN LIM in my face trying to get me to join his talent agency!!!

I walked away immediately and he was mumbling to himself..

To be honest, I was really neutral towards him and felt kinda bad for him, all until I saw the vomit-inducing “STOP BULLYING MY EDISON CHEN VIDEO”. Walao. That was the last straw.

When will he stop harassing people along Orchard Road?!?!

First eyebrow plucking, now this!


Camwhoring in class, L4D, etc



Pic spam of my times in MDIS with my awesome classmates

HAHAHA so cute!




Me and Angelie while waiting for the bus to come~

I love how there’s a direct bus near my school to town! So near too :D

Me showing Adam.. I forgot what.





Gwen, Chloe, Me, Sherman and Alex at Hong Kong Cafe!

Cheese baked spaghetti… nom nom nom

(“v”) TABBOOOOOO PLZ! And L4D!! *pokes Gwen*

They’re damn cute, always stick together in school..


The beginning of our friendship..

Thanks for making school that much better!

Afterwards we headed over to a LAN shop to play Left 4 Dead!

I haven’t stepped into a LAN shop in FOREVER.. Omg I used to hate those places. Anyway I didn’t really play, just watched them so I could pick up some tips from them since I’ve never played it before even though I’ve been hearing a lot about it.

It looks alright, quite boring after awhile cos you just keep killing and running only… but it’s pretty fun with a group of friends!!!

Not my fav kind of game though.. too gruesome -____-

Play alone at home at night will have nightmares D:

HAHAHAHA Chloe kept dying & getting lost.. funny to watch.

Yeah I got a little bored watching them after awhile :P

Taken with Gwen’s Canon Ixus~ tweaked with photoshop

Bah I’m so fed up with my Casio Exlim recently, I need to buy more AA batteries to use my Canon E1 more cos it’s so much better in terms of picture quality and colours!

And that’s the end of that day…




A new day in school!

Me and Nat and the tip of my sexy pink vaio :)

Us girlies in classsss!
Taking pics during lecture… wtf LOL. But our lecturer Mr Siew is soso cute and really nice! I enjoy attending his lessons.

Us from the back HAHAHA.

And my chio bling gold bagggggg *heart*

And lastly…




I have thick and sexy lips like Angelina Jolie!
*flying kisses



Sponsored Advertorial -

The necklace I was wearing the day me and my friends went to play L4D was sponsored by

It’s a string of tiny pearls with some diamantes below it! *am a sucker for pearls and diamantes*

It’s really cute and elegant. I adore how the pearls are so tiny :P

Some other accessories WenyaDesigns has sponsored me:

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