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“Tonight” it’s pic spam of me and Angel

This is for the both of us babe!!!

Special song and we know why ;)

“I remember the days we spent together
were not enough
and it used to feel like dreamin’
except we always woke up
Never thought not having you
here now would hurt so much

Tonight I’ve fallen and I can’t get up
I need your loving hands to come and pick me up
And every night I miss you
I can just look up
and know the stars are
holdin’ you, holdin’ you, holdin’ you tonight

I remember the time you told me about when you were eight
And all those things you said that night that just couldn’t wait…”




Angelie & Jessica action for 30 hours straight

Yup, non-stop Angelie & Jessica action for 30 straight hours!! Pure madness and fun.

She came over to hang out for “awhile” but ended up staying for 30 hours, LOL.

I don’t usually tan… but a little sun once in awhile definitely feels good

And nothing I love better on a laid-back day with perfect weather is to swim with friends @ my place ;)

Sun and pool goes like chips and coke!

We had the pool allllll to ourselves (“v”)

We stayed at this part of the pool cuz my babe can’t swim and she’s fun-sized, LOL.

One of the best, simple feelings in the world… Lying in the water and looking up at blue skies

Anyone else agree that the weather has been absolutely beautiful recently?

Sunny but not scorching and a little windy.

I love the whole environment, it’s so cosy and it always feels like I’m permanently staying in a holiday resort :)

I’ve had a lot of fun bringing friends over for the past 2 years.

I feel really fortunate.. would rather stay here than moving to town area which mum is considering. Meh.

Anyway back to swimming pics~~

We wanted to tan but the sun wasn’t strong enough…

So we came back for round 2 the next day!!


We woke up, lazed in bed for a bit, used the laptops and ate and I talked to Cupcake and then went down for Round 2 :)

Was kinda reluctant to go for round 2 at first cuz I wanted to do some other things, but if only I knew earlier how beautiful the weather was yesterday! If even possible, it was nicer than the day before.

Somehow I was reminded of Gwen & Me @ Cottesloe Beach in Australia when I saw these pictures! Awww… I’m going to perth very soon anyway, so YAY!!!!

Hahaha I gave her my rainbow bikini and heart shaped shades to wear, now she looks like such a sunshine girl!

This is why I don’t have to go to Sentosa :P

Tanning + girlfriend + pool + ipod = super loveeeeee!

LOL getting one heck of a massage




And of course we didn’t just tan and swim all day…

Angelie said she wanted me to doll her up, so I figured it’d be a good time to play with my new make up palettes that came in the mail recently.

66 Lip Colour Palette

88 Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette

They were sponsored by!

I already have the 88 Eyeshadow Palette, but in the matte version.

I know a lot of people would think that I’m crazy for having both, but if you knew anything about make up you’d know the drastic difference between matte and shimmer eyeshadows.

Side by side comparison

And most convincingly of all….

Exactly the same colour.. but look at the difference. Need I say more?

I loooooveeee these make up palettes because they’re so darn cheap and good! Well not that I ever had to pay for any of them, but seriously?

$27 for 88 pigmented eyeshadow colours is so crazily cheap!

You might not use every single colour, but who cares? I’d never have to stupidly buy any single eyeshadow colour from M.A.C ever again coz I have all the colours I’d ever need. For the same price or even cheaper, wtf!!!

It’s definitely more pigmented and shimmery than M.A.C. They’re the same make up palettes as popularized by Coastal Scents, it’s just that these are from wholesalers so it’s wayyy cheaper.

Some looks I’ve created for Angelie with the 88 Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette and 66 Lip Colour Palette…

A simple and neutral day time look. Just white, a little silver and some neutral browns

And my fav… Blue-ish smoky eyes.

Blended silver, turqoise and dark blue, brown and lack…

I’ve never liked all-black eyes very much, I think it’s too dull and strong. You can have colour and still have smoky eyes!

If you want it even MORE dramatic and fierce…

Forget about the colour, just bring on the silver, black and the falsies!

And lastly, Angelie’s fav, the “tan” girl look~

After all that fun in the sun, I needed to do a look that would suit her fresh tan~

Used gold and brown hues for this, nothing too shimmery, it’s supposed to have a natural healthy glow.

And I did a purple look for myself!

Yeah I CBF to curl my own lashes..

Used to stay away from bright colours but I like them now! They are very wearable and cheery if you match them right.

Sooooo, what do you think? I’ve never taken any make up courses but make up is really easy once you practice and watch tutorials!

Of course, the key factor is having good products to use. I got my brushes and make up palettes from

Visit for madly cheap and good beauty products + a whole lot more :)


Tanning in bikinis, playing with hair and make up, gossip & heart-to-heart talks, gushing like crazy over the boys we like…

Simple wonderful pleasures of being a girl that boys would never understand!!

Come stayover again soon babe! I miss your craziness already hehehe.

Poofy hair!

Btw babe… you left your red hairbrand, the one on my head in this pic, at my place. LOL.

And we pretty much spent the rest of our night talking to Cupcake, facebooking, camwhoring, chit chatting, singing along to songs, eating and all that good stuff that happens during girlie stayovers.

Not forgetting our tan…

Duh, how tan do we look in this picture eh!!!! Gotta love the healthy glow~

I think I still look better being fair though. LOL.

Have a shitload of camwhore pictures from webcam still, I’ll upload them next time.



Last but not least…

I never wanna leave my computer nowadays…

Because nothing makes me happier than spending time with you :)

However, this isn’t a story to tell today… maybe some other day when the time is right.

For now, I’m just stupidly happy leading my quiet but secure life. I haven’t felt so carefree in such a long time.

Drama = overrated.


angelie’s staying over

Don’t you just love it when your GF stays over and you do siilllyyyy crazy funny stuff all night long and eat and eat and eat and gossip and have heart-to-heart talks (“v”)

Don’t cha!!!

Loaaddsss of things to blog about, maybe tomorrow. Sheesh it’s 3am already. But I am sosososososososo happy it’s retarded. CUPCAKE!

And blogger is still being a bitch after so many days wtf!

So sleepy, good night world~~

Just an update to let people who are concerned know that I’m definitely more than okay ;)


Happy days

I think I’m on a roll with happy days!

Definitely a good reason to blog, right?

Why am I happy? Because… I can’t find anything quite wrong with life right now.

I’m spending quality time with alot of friends recently, I’m coping with my exams fine (although I shouldn’t speak too soon cuz ECONS paper tmr!), I’ve been having a lot of my fav food and yet surprisingly people have told me that I’ve lost some weight even though I haven’t been trying to lose weight although I’ve wanted to! HAPPY!

I also have chio chio nails now and I don’t know about you but looking at pretty nails always lifts my mood.

Something about sparkly things always attract my attention hehehe.

I absolutely LOVE going to Milly’s because I know I’ll always leave her shop being a happier person!

I had blooooooooood red nails last week!

I loveeeeddddd my red nails because they were shimmery and not too dark / too bright red and they were super smexy but alot of people commented that only older women have red nails so yeah.

Decided to change to something cheery and less matured looking instead..

And after looking at Milly’s wide range of nail colours, I decided on a GORGEOUS shade of Aquamarine!

Wooooooot! How gorgeous are my nails huh huh huh huh?

So bling and now my nails remind me of mermaids and blue seas and beach resorts! Aquamarine.. what an apt name for a colour :)

I never liked the colour blue very much but the more I look at my nails the more I adore how fresh and unique they look! I wanted to go for pink, but hey, every other girl has pink nails and I shouldn’t be too predictable all the time.

Pretty matching mani pedi! Yes I know my feet looks gross, but I don’t know how anyone’s feet can be be appealing so yeah…

The thing I love most about manicures is how they clean off your ugly and chipped old nail polish, buff your nails to perfection then apply new colour and create nail art in front of your very eyes!!!

Seeing my manicurist create the pretty flowers with a paint brush and some water and some powder thingy was quite amazing. Every bit of my nails are so amazingly detailed… I felt like I was bringing little pieces of art back home on my nails!

Ain’t called nail art for nothing!

Hahaha ok I shall stop going on & on about my nails! Last pic of it before I shut up… Like I said, when you’re happy, very average things bring you immense satisfaction ;)

Oh yeah, Chloe got her nails done @ Milly’s too! Check them out:

If you’re interested in Milly’s nail services, get more info @ or visit her at

Far East Plaza #03-129

I really can’t stress how much I heart Milly & the services she sponsors me!!!

Love her nails services, massage services @ Sabai Jai, hair extensions services, eyelash extensions services and what not!

If you think she couldn’t come up with anymore treatments to pamper a girl then you’re wrong~

Milly’s now introduces Facials!

Check out below for more information:

I haven’t tried it out yet, but when I do I will blog about it and let you girls know how it’s like.

Me & Chloe wanted to go for a massage @ Sabai Jai just now but they were too busy and were fully booked for the rest of the night! BOOOO. I want their thai massage sooo badly I feel like my muscles aching like an old woman.



Alrighty, that aside…

More pictures of things that make me happy!


And what other food would I love to death besides indian food? Don’t worry, I will love you forever!

I’ve been having so much indian food it’s RIDICULOUS. I had the exact same dishes you see in the photo above just now. I think I’ve been to the same restaurant for four times in the past week.

Their butter chicken is…. ……

Well let’s just say good enough for me to cheat on my Lucky Plaza outlet for this one!

It’s on the fifth floor of Far East Plaza, red signboard that says North Indian Restaurant. Not so cheap but definitely worth the money! Must-try for indian foodies like me :)

My equations for that day:

Indian food = Happy Jessica

Indian food + Fidelis = Very happy Jessica

Indian food + Fidelis + Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince = Supposedly ELATED Jessica but nopeeee..

(“v”)!!! Love for blazers and awesome girlfriends.

We were both soooo disappointed with the movie! We entered the cinema excited like retards and left the cinema disappointed like retards cuz we were sulking everywhere we went -___-

One look at her expression and you’ll know it :P






And of course…

What would I do without these people as well?


Mad rushed taken with self-timer while they were accompanying me to wait for me mother to pick me home just now, hence the funny angle

Missed their nonsense and cuteness during the 2 weeks break…

Lucky me had a good dose of it just now!


Omg Chloe’s hair looks damn long and my chin also looks damn long like a goblin! But I really CBF to photoshop photos these days so yea.

Oh and about the shirt I’m wearing…


I bought this tee from F21 like 2 years ago or something and I’ve only worn it now!!!! Look it still had the price tag on!

Shows how long I was attached for. Meh.

I like wearing statement tees, you walk around Orchard Road and get a lot of different & funny responses & weird looks from people.

While I was walking out of my exam room just now, there was this group of indian guys going “Oooh, call me! Eh, never write your number! Give me your number I call you la!” in their funny indian accent HAHAHA.

Does j00 lyk mai g33k necklace???@@@@

Yuppppppppppppppp ok that’s all for today.

I feel like going to sleep but I think I’m going to hang around online for awhile. I DESPERATELY wanna talk to Sam!!!!@#%@^#%**

I’m sorrryyyyy I came home late, boo hoo hoo.


Friends & recent happenings &… hair

Realized I haven’t been blogging much about the happier side of my life, I woke up feeling cheery so here’s a cheery post today!

What would I do without friends like these…

During the time I was feeling really down, these people made a positive impact on my life:

Introducing Mikeeeyyy~

I’ve only met up with him like twice recently, but during those 2 nights I enjoyed myself very much.

The first was @ the CHC concert @ Expo (where he reserved VIP seats for me, thank you! And he introduced me to a bunch of really nice people!) and for the first time in a really long while, I had fun with a bunch of strangers and I was talking and laughing with them as if I knew them for ages. That made me blog about Beautiful Strangers.

And the second time we went to PS for a crazily sinful dinner at Swensens (ordered 4 person’s share of desserts!!! thanks for your treat), then watched Drag Me To Hell. (Most LOL horror movie of the year)

Both nights were filled with endless laughter, even though I felt like crap before I met him, I always go home with a smile and this is why I’m thankful to have him as a friend.

You know that kind of friend who always sends random but thoughtful sms-es out of nowhere, just to let you know they’re thinking of you?

Yup, Mike is such a friend. Everytime I receive a sms like that from him, I can’t help but grin to myself.

He was also the one who gave me the bouquet of roses I posted a picture of on my blog some time ago. So sweet isn’t he?!

Thank you Mike for being so wonderful!





The next group would of course be..

My MDIS classmates!

We were having chicken rice @ the kopitiam across the street from our school…

The chicken rice uncle striking a pose!

When I first got into MDIS, I wasn’t sure if I’d have many friends because eh… I’m not a crowd person.

Not really a people person either. You’d either love me or hate me.

But my class is so huge and we have so many different characters, it’s hard not to like at least some (or most) of them!

Us at Starbucks being bored and silly~

Sometimes I feel like it’s a love-hate relationship but that’s how I feel with most things anyway. Just me being a bitch about everything maybe LOL.

Sometimes they realllyyy know how to put a smile on my face. And thank you to you know who you are for being there for me when you didn’t have to be.

It’s only been a few months since school @ MDIS started and already so much has happened… I wonder what the next few months would be like.

Whatever it is, super looking forward to karaoke & swimming & what not eh!!






And of course, FIDELIS!

Taken @ Leon’s house where the 4 of us were celebrating her 19th birthday~

Leon’s expensive toy! This monster truck costs like 1k and goes up to like 100km/h!!! Madness, like a real vehicle!

Shirley & Fidel camwhoring on couch while Leon fixes monster truck for me to play with~

Birthday girl prepares dinner while I camwhore… … Oops.


I super love crabs and I swear I’ve never had it better than that night!

From this place called Crab Party. Soooo good :) :) :)

Leon’s place hosts 3 doggies!

The one right is super old and I seriously thought it was a rug because it was all fluffy with its head hidden and lying there motionless and I almost wanted to use my foot to poke it until Leon told me it’s his old dog o___o

Wasn’t so accustomed to this Whiskey at first HAHAHA I look so funny when I feel awkward.

Somehow I am scared of non-fluffy male dogs.. I’m always scared they will hump my leg or something LOL.

I also can’t stand dogs that keep licking me or pounce on me… but after awhile I grew to like him. He’s very well-behaved, just playful!


But mum would NEVER agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


After a very satisfying meal…

Entertained ourselves with fun & lighthearted games like Uno Stacko and Taboo!

I LOVE TABOO! Reminds me of Gwen and her iphone and reminds me how I got my MDIS nickname of Penis Noodles -.-”””

Don’t ask.

Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone was showing on Ch 5! OMG HARRY POTTERRRRRRR. Can’t wait for the next movie LAH. Expelliarmus!!!

Shirley and me~~

Fidel and me~~~~

I’m really glad I’m still in close contact with her after sooo long.. Usually the girls in the industry are super annoying, but Fidel is possibly one of the sweetest girls I’ve ever met!

Won’t forget the time she stayed over, and when she woke up she just kept smacking me with the bolster and making stupid funny noises and I used my ass to push her off the bed. LOL.


Hope you enjoyed your simple celebration sweetie, I had alot of fun even though I wasn’t the birthday girl, LOL!

Aww so sweet! Glad I could be one of the few privilged ppl to spend your 19th birthday with you :)

Ok I know abrupt ending but I’m going to play MS with *** now.

I WOULD blog about *** but.. well, nevermind. Some things are just secrets for yourself to keep.

Oooohhhh and before I forget….






I dyed my hair PURPLE yesterday.

Got sick of having the same brown hair as every other person in Singapore.


How does it look like? …

You’ll find out next time!

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