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Gwen in Singapore!!!

My hands were awkwardly squashed because I had to hold my laptop up in the weirdest position ever :3

Gwen and Blake are in Singapore and we’ve had so much fun the past few days!!!!

Swimming in the pool and funny wrestle matches, midnight movies and awesome meals, marina bay sands and board games and cooking and wii!!! AND MORE!

Can’t wait to blog about it but I’m sooo tired now.. something about bubble baths and hotel beds give you a lethal drowsy combination.

I promise lots of beautiful happy photos soon :)

So much to share. 2011 has been so eventful thus far, let’s hope it stays that way!!

P.S – Check out some Photoshop work I hastily did while I was bored!!! A 10 minute job or less but I think it’s a good look if your aim is to resemble a porcelain doll.



Never believe what you see on the internet, people!

And this is coming from the girl who’s past 3 boyfriends have all been from different online games. Way to go.



Rise and Shine!!!!


Whale-watching FTW!! I feel like such an animal person now haha. Only hardcore animal enthusiasts go on whale-watching tours… they’re expensive + not guaranteed contact + very challenging boat trip that makes everyone puke on board.


I’m hardly ever on the ocean, since boating is not that common for Singaporeans, so the only time I’m ever out at sea is when I’m on holidays… but I’ve never seen a dolphin in open waters before!!!

I’ve been on a number of boat trips, taken cruises, been to snorkeling islands and all that shit but I’ve never even seen a whale, or a dolphin, or a turtle, or.. JUST ANYTHING LAH!!

I only see all these beautiful creatures in captivity, and as much as I love Sea World and their animals, seeing wild animals is a different kind of thrill altogether..

Getting onto the boat!!!!

I was mad excited but kinda skeptical at the same time.

I’ve never had any luck with animals. They all seem to hate me, even my very own hamster.. Well all except these two killer whales!! They’re my best friends.

I wasn’t convinced that we were gonna see any this trip…

I wanted to be optimistic, but hey, the last time I went on a dolphin-spotting boat trip that offered 100% sighting rate, I got completely soaked and the boat almost capsized but no effing dolphins.

I kept bugging Sammy boy by asking him every few minutes, “OMG are you sure we’re gonna see whales?!?” and he’s like, “Of course we will!”

Leaving Albany’s dock. Great weather to start the morning with! ♥ Such blueeee waters

Me and Sam ran to the front of the boat and sat down right at the tip!!

Hehe they have these nets that you can sit on, let your feet dangle freely and look RIGHT down into the ocean!! The feeling is like being suspended right above the ocean… Awesome, but scary.

I was hoping to see some fishes and stuff but obviously we didn’t -_-

Gorgeous :’)

Or at least, it started out gorgeous... Weather turned pretty shitty after awhile and it was rocking harder than a roller coaster.

I’m not scared of roller coasters at all, but being on boats fucking shit me… When conditions get rough, you HAVE to hold on really tight when the boat dips otherwise you’re sure to fly out of the boat and into the ocean.

We had to hold onto the hand rails with all our might… I’ve never been on a rougher boat and I wasn’t expecting it to be so bad since there were kids on board!!

They were mostly inside the cabin puking though.

Sam feeling miserably cold…

LOL why do we always go on boat rides when it’s winter?! Fucking cold as shit then you get icy sea water all over your body!! Like 60% soaked, no kidding.

G + B!!!

Open your eyes boy!!!

Why do guys never keep their eyes open long enough for photographs? They’re always either squinting or blinking! Girls don’t seem to have this problem! (probably cuz we’re professional camwhores)

Hehehe that’s better ♥

We had loads of time to soak up the sun and take in the view, because we had to travel out quite a bit to see the whales… they don’t come that near to shore! I was desperately looking all over for the sight of misty air coming out of their blowholes (first sign when spotting a whale!)

Happy munchkins!!!!!!!

Hahahaha Sam is sooo awkward in pictures, he makes me awkward too because he’s leaning over and I’m like wtf am I supposed to lean on Blake?

Extreme whale lover on board!!!!!!

When the tour guide asked us questions about the whales, I was like “OH OH I KNOW!!!” *raises hand* like the annoying smarty pants in school who knows all the answers to questions people don’t care about hahaha

If you squint really hard, you can see some baby sea lions!

They’re so chill and cute, lying on the rocks basking in the sun and sometimes playfully waving at us and jumping into the water to cool off ♥

By this time, we had already seen some whales!!!!

I couldn’t take any pictures because they appear for like ONE SECOND and then they’re gone..

Even though the encounter was extremely brief, I was really happy that I could see them anyway…


Like 16m ish long?
Can you even IMAGINE being in presence of something that huge? (They were southern right whales)

How disposable and insignificant would you feel?

And you thought elephants were big!!!

Fun Fact: Southern Right Whales have the biggest testicles of all animals, weighing 500kg each. Woohoooo

Thank goodness whales are extremely gentle creatures, so you never have to worry about being attacked or harmed by them if you see one in the ocean!

In fact, many whales and dolphins are known to have SAVED human lives and seek out affectionate interaction… what lovely creatures :’)

So graceful, gentle, intelligent and awe-inspiring!!!

I was hoping to see the whales come close to the boat, or perhaps even see them breaching, but the best we all got was seeing its dorsal fin and tail fluke poke out of the water when it surfaced for a breath before diving again…

They seemed disinterested in interacting, so we didn’t chase them for very long :(

It was a really cool joint experience though, it’s like 40 strangers embarked on a journey and a mission together – to seek out whales in the ocean!!!

Whenever someone shouted, “LOOK!!!! THERE!!!” everyone will gasp and run to the side of the boat pointed at… really fun trying to balance ourselves on the super rocky boat + run around trying to spot whales at the same time!

The anticipation is INTENSE and people are just looking everywhere because they are very hard to predict..

When they take deep dives into the ocean, you have to guess where they’re gonna pop up next and it’s really confusing but thrilling at the same time!!

But also frustrating when you didn’t see what others saw just because you were looking at the other direction at that very second.

I won’t forget my first whale watching experience... because my most vivid image of the whole experience is this:

pic credit:

An enormous tail fluke against the bright sun… it was glistening as if it was magical, like Edward Cullen lol.

BUT NOW I CAN SAY I’VE SEEN A WHALE!!!!… ‘s tail fluke.

Now, I need to go seek out wild killer whales, and swim in the water with them… only then can I die in peace!!! I wanna see wild killer whales SO badly. Me and Sam have already planned how we’re going to do it.. We’re gonna save up enough money to go on a VIP trip with an Orca researcher!!!

I mean it’s such a brilliant idea right.. what other way to see whales is better than going with a researcher with a PhD related to orcas?
She takes you around different New Zealand islands to swim with dolphins, see other porpoises, sea lions, and of course killer whales….

THAT’S SO BLOODY AWESOME OMG I cannot wait.. I’m hyperventilating just thinking about it now.


(notice what I said about guys never opening their eyes in pics?)

Chinese food for lunch!!!!

After being on the water for 5 hours, we were absolutely starving…

Yes, FIVE HOURS because the weather was so bad that we had to go extremely slow. We all wanted to puke, Sam and about 70% of the other passengers actually did hahaha I’m so proud of myself for not puking because I get motion sickness so easily…

I even managed to fall asleep WTF. My mind is win. When it knows I’m going to spew everywhere, it orders me to sleep immediately!

Thinking about what to eat that’s actually worth my money…

Chinese food is so ridiculously expensive here!! It’s like 15 AUD for a bowl of fishball noodles or something -_-

I should open a restaurant in aus!! Super expensive food everywhere and people are willing to pay the money.

Gwen and Blake kept draining our iphone batteries because they were hooked onto angry birds.. that game is so viral!!!

Random unflattering pic of me and Sam leaving the restaurant


We decided to drive out to the coastline to get more scenic photographs taken… which was a fantastic idea because it was one of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen!!!

On our way there (driving in Aus is so fun!), I made them stop the car by the road side to snap some pics!! Everything is sooo vibrant I love it. Happy photos make me happy.

We drove to the famous rock formation called “The Gap”, and The Gap is pretty much located in the middle of NOWHERE and unfortunately for me, I felt a desperate urge to pee the moment we got there but there was no toilets anywhere near because we were right by the coastline!!!!

I couldn’t just pee on the side of the road either, since it’s a tourist spot and lots of people come and go… no secluded or hidden area!!

Sam told me to go do my business here. Who would pee in a place like this?!? What if insects or worms or some creature flies up my ass or something omg or a snake will bite my butt cheeks!!! *wild imagination*

I was seriously freaking out, feeling very miserable that I’m always caught in unlucky-nowhere-to-pee situations and then I spot THIS!

A family caravan!!!!!!!!!!

I was crossing my fingers and hoping really badly that whichever family who owns this caravan would return to their vehicle soon and allow me to use their bathroom… but Sam said I should just pee on the grass since they may not return for another hour.

Very thankfully, it was only a couple more minutes before I saw a family walking towards the caravan and I ran up to them asking if I could pee in it LOLOL well I didn’t phrase it like that exactly, but yeah, basically I went like, “Hi, I really need to pee and there’s nowhere for me to go here, can I use your caravan’s bathroom?”

Thank goodness they were really kind and allowed me! They said they’d hate to have to pee in the middle of nowhere too. Yay for kind Aussies!!!! ♥

(well not like they could reject me right… so poor thing)

Bashfully coming out of their caravan, feeling very pai seh about my situation…

And OF COURSE Sam is waiting outside to take a photo of my unglamorous moment!!!

Damn you!

It’s different for a girl man.. we can’t just whip our penis out and pee into a drain. We have to full on remove our clothes and everything and aiya I don’t wanna go into full details but girls will understand how helpless we feel without proper bathrooms.

Lol delirious that I didn’t need to flash everyone while peeing on grass

With an exploding bladder finally out of my mind, now I could properly appreciate the full beauty of The Gap…

At first I didn’t think it would be impressive at all, but when I saw it for myself I was BLOWN AWAY!!!

I should’ve taken off my headband and let the wind blow my hair in all sorts of directions.. Lol I love that feeling! It was supa windy up there, could probably blow an infant right off the cliffs wtf

Looking down at massive crashing waves!!! They are SO powerful that you get water on your face if you look downwards.

This picture doesn’t really do it justice, but The Gap is basically a really deep and narrow hole inbetween what was supposed to be the edge of a cliff…

So it’s like a gash that people can look down into and see waves coming up so high at them, you feel some water droplets splashed onto your face!!

Despite the ruggard coastline and heavy, destructive waves.. it was actually a very relaxing spot to be in :)



And they do too!

It’s just crazily beautiful.. you gotta be there in person yourself to appreciate its true beauty.

Sam’s a happy munchkin!!! (as you can see the weather was getting pretty bad at that time)

Gwen and Jess are two very HAPPY munchkins!!! Oh how I adore this piccy. ♥

And I never knew I could jump that high wtf

Hahahaha another supa cute jump shot but my hair’s always in my face FML. Gotta love Gwen’s over the top expressions!!!!

A natural “bridge”… weird rock formation!!!!

Last picture of G and B, and then we took a long 5 hour drive back home!

Even though the trip was pretty short, it was jam packed with activities and so much fun.

The real fun stuff was the smallest things that didn’t have to be grand like scenic cliffs or whale watching trips..

I find myself missing our karaoke singing in the car, off-beat finger snapping, blasting songs and driving at 140 along endless highways the most!!! ♥ ♥ ♥



The most epic part of the whole journey was when we were driving back home, and we were the only car on the seemingly endless road, in the middle of fucking nowhere…

We’ve been driving for about 3 hours straight and we were all tired but trying to keep our spirits up by blasting loud, awesome music to keep our energy pumping.

Then, Sam suddenly asks loudly and in a very anxious tone, “What the hell is that?!?” *points to his right*

We all looked and saw some red lights glowing in the distance, everything else was pitch black.

I immediately knew it was one of those communication towers (like telephone lines or something), but I jokingly said, “Geez, I don’t know, they could be red eyes that are watching you, Sam..”

(they kinda looked like those evil eyes in movies. like y’know, wolves in the woods or something!!)

…I thought he genuinely wanted to know what that was, but instead of laughing it off, he full on FREAKED OUT and stepped on the brakes and he was like,

“OI, DON’T SAY THAT!! Fuck you, selfish bitch, I’ll throw a moth in your face!!!

Right now or I’m fucking stopping the car or I’ll turn back, I swear! I don’t wanna drive any nearer to it!”


He kept shouting and freaking out and we were kinda like “WTF” for a moment.

Gwen was the first one to regain her composure (she’s the most motherly and calm!) and she reassured Sam by saying, “Don’t worry, it’s just one of those towers they use for communication”


I was still quite taken aback by his behaviour and the moth comment that I kept quiet for awhile….

….Silence fell for a few seconds……. before we all started cracking up BIG TIME.

I was like “LOL!!!!!!!! WTF was that Sam?!?”

and he replied in a very sad puppy voice, “I thought they were aliens!!!and we all burst out laughing and didn’t stop for a good 5 minutes!

It was soooooooo funny…

Sam is dead scared of aliens (like motherfucking scared, like how scared I am of moths) and he’s convinced that one day they’re gonna come and abduct him!!!

I guess the red lights did look kinda creepy, since they were glowing bright red in the middle of nowhere and you could kinda see it was attached to some building.

I guess it DID look like a UFO in a certain way… *pats Sam’s head*

I think my baby was just too tired from driving for 3 hours straight, after a very long day lol.

But that was definitely the most EPIC 5 minutes of our journey!!!! ♥ Love it! Silly boy.


And we’ve come to the end of my Albany trip!!!

This is only the 1st of 3 road trips that I took during this holiday, so stay tuned for more, coming up real soon!!!

I’ll try to blog as often as I can.

Lots of awesome pics and events to blog about… I’m so excited :)

Sam’s coming down in a couple of days to celebrate his birthday and our 1 year anniversary soon. OMG can you believe it’s been a year, guys?

Time flies!


Lots of love!



Continuing from this post

After we checked out the beach, we walked around the town trying to find food.. but the only thing we found was the realization that small towns like Albany have NO independent restaurants/cafes!!!

They only had Hungry Jack’s (Burger King imitation wtf) and KFC and those sort of fast food outlets…. Horrifying.

I asked Sam “what the hell do small towners eat” and he said that most of them cook their own food because eating out is unhealthy / expensive and there are very little independent restaurants / cafes because there is not enough business plus rent is expensive in town so if there ARE any cafes, they would be tucked away in obscure little corners that tourists like us would never reach.

Anyway we went to eat at Dome and took drives around the scenic little town afterwards… Didn’t take many pictures because the lighting was pretty shitty but I love driving around small towns and suburbs because I like looking at peoples houses!

In Singapore, 99% of the time I see condominiums and HDB flats…

Public housing is so boring, because you can’t see how big peoples houses are, what kind of structure and exterior design they chose, what kind of car they drive and have parked in the driveway and my favorite…

What kind of flowers they grow in their garden!!!!

It’s extra fun when they have their windows open and you can see right in!!! I love observing people and their houses… It says so much of what kind of people they are. I like watching kids run around their houses, parents lazing on the couch watching TV, families having dinner…

Makes me want my own house soooo badly too!

Not an apartment building, not a condo… A HOUSE house. Like I can call the entire thing my own!

One downside to houses though.. they have less security than condominiums and stuff. A lot less people around you, no security guards and much easier to break into! Whenever you watch burglars break into houses in movies, they always break into houses and not condos (well duh) and quite frankly I’m scared of people breaking into mine wtf I’ll tell you guys why a few days later… (we stayed at a proper house)


Gwen and Blake in front of the wind farm!! One of Albany’s trademarks.

They are hugeeeeeeeee fan-like electrical thingies that help generate electricity.. for FREEEEE! Yay for natural resources.. There’s so many around, I think it helps power most of Albany’s electricity!

Sam looks sooo much like a china man sometimes lol and note to self – full white outfits make you fucking gigantic!!!

The wind mills don’t look that big in the picture, but after this we walked nearer to them and they’re MASSIVE when you’re standing right beside it!! They must be at least 20 storeys high or something.

Awww I like this picture even though lighting is shit and it’s blurry.. I like it when Sam wraps his arms around me, yay!!

So blueeeeee :)

We went sight seeing in other places but I didn’t take any pictures coz it was dark and I suck at night photography…

I hate it when you can’t describe sightseeing properly and there’s no pictures to show either, it’s like it didn’t happen.

The only pictures I took were silly ones of us in the car lol floating Sam head

We obviously didn’t know how to use the camera back then… Had to reply on Auto Focus instead of Manual Focus because I didn’t know how to change it -___-

Actually I don’t even know why most of my photos are SUPER grainy!!! I don’t think it’s the ISO problem since it’s set on Auto? I remember playing around with the settings and I might have accidentally done something wrong to it..

Any photography experts have advice or suggestions as how to take less grainy photos? (besides the obvious – avoid low-light situations. but mine happens even in bright light)

Finally an in-focus picture…

My nose and cheeks look huge wtf and I’m lazy to photoshop it too. Why do I look extra fat in photos. I have super sharp facial structure in real life!!


…So after a few hours of having fun driving around in the dark, we popped by IGA (Australian Supermarket) and grabbed some groceries to cook dinner!

There wasn’t any nice cafes around so we decided that if we wanted to eat something nice, we’re gonna have to cook it ourselves!


They have an amazing variety of products… They honestly have EVERYTHING you ever need.

It’s so much fun picking out stuff that’s useful to have lying around the house… It’s annoying how I always can’t find products that I need in Singapore.


They’re really big compared to the ones we get back at home. They’re a lot sweeter when they’re bigger… yummm I love onions

Big Orange!!!!

Even bigger sweet potatoes!!! Big is seriously an understatement.

One of those is all you need to feed a family of 6.. and lol @ Blake’s pose

Rabbit meatttttttttttt!!!! D:

But the bunnies are so cute…. How could you kill something so adorable sigh. I guess it helps that they’re not very smart… Killing really intelligent and social animals are so much worse. (like killer whales.. thank god they’re not hunted anymore)

I vow to never eat rabbit meat!!!! (even though I assume it must be really yummy. Twenty dollars for something so small)


I love apples, they’re so juicy and refreshing and not overly citrus-y.

Speaking of apples, I had a fail smoothie moment yesterday…

I came up with “brilliant” recipe in my head where I blended two apples, a cup of soy milk, some ice and green apple flavouring together, expecting it to taste awesome but needless to say it tastes like shit lol.

Apples make really shit smoothies since they leave you with a “sandy” texture instead of being smooth!! Such a pity since I really do like fresh fruit smoothies and I like apples.


We went back home and got right to making dinner!!!

Gwen preparing the onions… I didn’t want to touch them because apparently they make people cry LOL I’ve never experienced it before and I’m not intending to anytime soon.

Blake washing stuff…

I love seeing guys do household / homely / feminine things. It’s like a side of them that’s hardly seen but so very appreciated!

Couple preparing food!!!

I love cooking with them, it’s super fun cuz they are very agreeable and will help you do the tiresome stuff like washing the dishes and chopping onions and I get to do the fun part – the actual cooking process and throwing ingredients together lol

Me and my boy!!!!

Cooking is so wonderful (when you have the right ingredients and appliances) it builds up the anticipation and hunger, so even if the food is just alright it will taste amazing anyway!

Plus you get to cook it the way you want…

We’re cooking creamy mushroom pasta here, and I added extra butter, extra mushrooms, extra cream and extra onions!!! Love it. Extra everything fattening and yummy of course.

Some of you asked for the recipe and how to cook the creamy mushroom pasta that’s been featured on my blog recently…

I don’t have a full and exact recipe for you, since I pretty much googled several recipes online and fully altered them to suit my own taste, so this is my very own rendition that hopefully you guys will like too!

I love making this dish since it’s super yummy and pretty damn cheap and also much better quality than the shroom pastas I get in restaurants.

If you’re not interested in cooking, scroll down to read the rest of the post and skip this but if you wanna know how to be an awesome first-timer cook, (this recipe is fail proof) give this a shot!!!

This recipe serves 4 very hungry people (big serves) and takes a total of about 1 hour to prepare and cook!

You will need:

Two medium sized or large onions —- (because I love onions!! and also, they caramelize while sautee-ing so they don’t have that sharp, almost sour flavour.. they’re sweet and nice if you do it right)

Shitload of mushrooms —- (don’t ask me how much, ask yourself how mushroomy you want it to be and how many you wanna serve!)

Butter —- (to sautee the mushrooms and onions in, I usually don’t use oil since I love butter)

Milk —- (about a full cup of it to make the cream sauce)

Cooking Cream —- (1 and a half cup but I think we used 500ml.. I can’t remember but this is mostly for thickness and texture so you can add according to your own preferences, we like it super thick!)

Beef Stock —- (about a full cup of it to let the mushrooms sit in.. if you’re buddhist you can use chicken stock too)

Spaghetti —- (or your favourite pasta, but spaghetti works the best for this dish because of the smooth, creamy texture!)

Chicken —- (if you’re like me and you NEED meat in your dinner otherwise you’ll feel unsatisfied, add chicken!! forget this if you’re vegetarian)

Grated Cheese —- (we used parmesan but you could use mozzarella for a less strong taste)


…Ok, let’s start cooking!!!!!

First, you prepare the mushroooooooomsss!!!

Always pick the brown / button mushrooms or even better, use Portobello mushrooms!!!

Using any other mushrooms (like oyster mushrooms / shiitake mushrooms / *insert weird mushroom here*) will NOT work and would end up tasting really weird and shitty.

Trust me, I just tried it 2 days ago… I used some weird chinese mushrooms and it tasted so awful I could barely finish the whole plate of it, which is saying a lot since I usually like my own cooking.

Use a lot of mushrooms (don’t be cheap la, this meal is very cheap already!!)

I always recommend plucking out the stems because they’re super tough and bitter, which ruins the natural sweetness and smooth texture of the specific mushrooms we picked out!

After removing the stems, you can peel the skin if you like, and proceed to chop them up into really small pieces.

Mushrooms shrink when they’re cooked, but I like my mushroom pasta to have super small bits of mushrooms everywhere instead of big, awkward pieces so I’d recommend thin slices.


Get big ones if you can, since they’re sweeter. After peeling and slicing the onions, heat up your pan with some melted butter on it and then throw in the mushrooms + 3/4 of the onions and let them sit there for about 15 minutes!

Mushrooms take awhile to sautee and turn brown-ish and caramelize because they start to lose a lot of water… As for the onions, leave them be – you can never overcook onions.

We wanna wait until all that water is mostly dried up before continuing onto our next step!

Once most of the water from the mushrooms have dried up and your funghi starts to turn a little brown, add your 1 cup of beef stock to the same pan and just let it sit there, stirring occasionally.

What I love about this dish is how fail-proof and simple it is… All you have to do is throw in the right ingredients, let it sit there and sit occasionally! I usually cook this dish over medium high fire.

At this time you can start cooking your chicken… I’d suggest just plain boiled chicken because the mushroom sauce itself is already so flavoursome. Once they’re cooked, remove the skin and chop them into small pieces to be served together with the pasta sauce!

After about 85% of your beef stock has dried up / been absorb by the mushrooms, pour your milk in now!!

While doing this, you can also begin to cook your pasta in boiling water. Both should finish cooking around the same time.

By this time, it should look something like this….

Nicely sauteed mushrooms and onions that give off a super rich flavour that just fills up the whole kitchen!!! Love it!

You’d notice it would be milky, but just not thick and creamy enough.. if you only add milk, it’d be more like a very thin mushroom soup more than pasta sauce.

Cook it in the milk for an additional 8 minutes or so, (always remember to keep stirring) and finish off by adding your cream to the pan and cook for about 5 minutes or until cream thickens up to your desired texture!!! Just before serving, add the sliced chicken bits into the sauce pan.

Add seasoning (salt and pepper) to taste, and herbs if you wish.

Scoop a generous serving of spaghetti and creamy mushroom sauce onto plate.. and don’t forget a sprinkle of cheese on top!! We used parmesan but you could also use mozzarella for a less strong taste.

And there you have it, a super yummy mushroom pasta that’s a perfect dinner!!!

Try it and let me know how it turns out for you ;) I love it.



*continuation of normal non-cooking post here*

After a very satisfying dinner, we all jumped into the hot spa to relax and unwind!!!!

We specifically chose a villa that had a hot spa PLUS it had to be right beside the ocean… Basically, it had to be perfect :’)

I’m so gonna have one for my house next time!! (or aim to have it at least)

Chyeahhhh Blake loves it, lol! He was the first to jump in

Baby boy and me!!!

He looks like SUCH a viet here lol now that I’ve been hanging around with more vietnamese people I noticed they have a look to them!!

The boys have very deep set eyes, much like the caucasians and they usually have extremely thick, dark, well-formed eyebrows.

Fairly manly bone structure and a nose that’s inbetween asian and white, usually slightly big and lastly, lots of facial hair and thick juicy lips!!!!

Jess: “Oooh Sam you look pretty good in this pic”

Sam: “Hey thanks, you don’t look all that bad yourself Jess!”

HAHAHA we are so self-absorbed.

Woohoo the water heated up, look at all that steam!!!! A hot spa after a long and tired cold day is just HEAVEN.

I love the super cold wind blowing in our faces but our body is still kept warm and snug by the spa! Love!!

Gwenny and Blakey!

The lighting and colour was really weird so it’s kinda hard to edit properly… I made quite a lot of the upcoming photos black and white because it looks way better that way!

It’s huge!!!

Almost able to swim ahaha I reckon it could fit more than 10 people since that’s the 4 of us in one corner of it

Me being a blob underwater

Sammy boy and myself ♥ I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAHAHAH me being an idiot but I ♥ this picture!!! It’s so happy looking *dances*

And the black and whiteness of it all makes you focus on the fun expressions solely!

Sam looking like he’s having an orgasm rofl

Me and my very pregnant stomach.

Daddy says hi… LOL

He can be soooooooo cute when he wants to be!!! ♥

Hai Gwen!!!!!!!!!

I know things haven’t been all that great for you recently but CHIN UP GIRL!! *pokes bouncy cheeks*

I’m here for you and I miss you!!!! ♥
Can’t wait to go back to Aus in the summer! BEACH FUN THEN!


Hahaha look at Blake, he’s such a pretty boy!!!

He kinda looks like Zac Efron in certain angles, with the hair and asian eyes.. don’t cha think?

Blake’s tongue is fucking long!!!! WTF!

And my camera hates my face.

Yo Blake, that’s my man you’re about to smooch :P

Ahhhh fun times!!!

I ♥ every single person in this picture and I miss them HEAPS!!

Last picture of steamy, bubbly, massaging hot goodness! It was sleepytime after that :)



New Camera, Rainbow Cookies and Gingerbread Sluts!

I got myself a new camera!!!!!!!!!!

It’s a Canon EOS 550D.

It’s an entry-level SLR (meaning it’s a noob’s pro camera) and even though I already have 3 cameras at home, I really wanted an upgrade because I’d love to take photography to a newer level!

I have an underwater one for underwater usage, obviously. It takes pretty nice pictures out of water too, but I want something that will do justice to my holiday pictures because I’m planning to go to Maldives soon!!! ROAR!!!

And I have an everyday casual camera that is really light and compact and runs on AA batteries. And the last one I stuck bling all over it but didn’t like it in the end because it feels weird so I never touched it anymore afterwards.

Expensive mistake.

Note to self – don’t try arts and craft on costly gadgets!

For those who are wondering, I got it for about $1600, including GST and a camera bag plus 8gb memory card and the standard kit lens and 2 extra lenses that I bought… I bought a wide angle and HD lens, and a macro lens which was absolutely amazing!


But it’s so bloody difficult and I don’t even know how to change the lenses LOLOL I have so much to learn. But I’m willing.

Haven’t had the time to properly play with my camera yet, so I don’t really have fab pictures to show you guys how the quality is. I suppose you can judge for yourself, since all the pics taken in the post were with my 550d.

Btw, don’t bother asking me where I got my cam from. The people who sold me this cam were dishonest and I will definitely not be reeling in customers for businesses that don’t deserve it.

Note - My house has super poor lighting so that may be why the photos aren’t very sharp or grainy! Either that or I’m just a really shit photographer lol.

Any fellow canon or 550d users got photography tips to share with me?!? :)


Ok, enough yabber, time to bring on the pictures!!

I was too lazy to leave my house for test shots, so I went around my house snapping random pics, desperately trying to take “artistic” pictures to justify spending 1.6k on a camera I don’t even know how to use -_- (yet)

This was in portrait mode wtf only realized after I snapped.. I so want to try out my macro lens soon!!!

My gorgeous red nails!!!! Sponsored by Milly’s ♥

Have been doing my nails there the past 2 years. Click on link above to make an appointment with her!

I am absolutely in LOVE with red recently.
Been buying red clothes, red accessories, and even putting on red lippie all the time even though I used to think red looks awful on me!!!

Well, that was before I figured out how to make it work for me. Now I absolutely love it. It’s so sensual and attention demanding!

More gorgeous red stuff around my house. Yeah, we have a lot of fake flowers.

Aww look, it’s the old cuckoo clock that we used to have back in the very first house I grew up in!!!

I remember always watching the bird pop out of it’s little “house” and watching the dancers spin around, when I was younger.. Kinda sad that it doesn’t work anymore.


So anyway, Peggy came over yesterday to bake gingerbread cookies with me!

BAHAHA I am so lazy that even when I meet friends they come to my house rofl I really have to step out of my house more often besides just to eat

Gingerbread mix!!!

I’ve never tried baking gingerbread before, so I thought it was a good idea, even though it’s not exactly near Christmas lol.

Ok so this is pre-made as well, brand is “Greens” from NTUC, costs about 5 dollars and includes a good amount of mix and chocolate chips and icing tip for you to decorate with and even gingerbread cookie cutters!

How awesome?

I know I use pre made mixes often, but we also baked chocolate cookies as a last minute decision and I came up with my very own recipe on the spot!!!

And it tasted heaps better than the gingerbread lol it’s very yummy, if I do say so myself!!!
Everyone we fed the cookies to agreed so nyahahaha

People seem to think that pre-made cake mixes are very easy and require much less effort. You are wrong!!!

With pre made mixes, you still need to add in eggs and milk or vanilla essence wtf, and then knead the dough with your hands! It’s exactly the same as creating the entire recipe from scratch, (what’s so hard about adding flour yourself? nothing right?) except with pre made mixes you don’t have to buy all the ingredients individually, which helps save weight and cost load!

It’s ideal for people like me who don’t bake all that often, but often enough to want to try all sorts of different pastries and cookies / cakes.

So to whoever who left a comment saying that using a pre-made cake mix isn’t home made, go screw yourself.

All cut and ready to pop into the oven!!!

Cookie-cutting is probably my favourite part of the whole process lol, besides licking the batter off my mixing spoon of course ;)

In it goes!

Grow my little gingerbread friends, GROW!!

They bake really fast, like about 15 minutes per batch? That’s the beauty of cookies.. It’s really hard to burn them and you don’t have to check back on the texture quite so often as you do with cakes!

With some patience, time and a little creativity you will get…

Adorable gingerbread men!!!!

Peggy’s first decorated gingerbread man! Reminds us of the gingerbread man from Shrek :P


Hahahaha Peggy, how could you?!

This girl ah… the moment she makes something, she will eat it straight away after. Before I even started decorating my cookies, she ate hers already lol wtf


It’s my turn to decorate….

I aptly named this one, The Kung Fu Master.

The most pissed off looking cookie I’ve ever seen LOL and he’s wearing a rainbow jumpsuit!!! ♥

This one’s called The Hollow Man. LOL cuz it’s damn ugly!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH say hi to Gingerbread Slut!!!

Mad cute or what? Peggy’s ingenious idea!

Gingerbread Slut and her husband Green Underwear Boy with their little star and flower children lololol


Ok, now I’m gonna teach you guys how to make

chocolate rainbow cookies!

I won’t be teaching how to make the gingerbread cookies cuz it’s very duh and you can find all the instructions on the cake mix box.

This is a recipe that I came up with on the spot and it’s suited according to specific tastes (mainly my mum and my bro cuz they are so picky!!!)

You can add or reduce the ingredients according to your own preference!

To make this chocolate cookie mix, you will need approximately:

1) 4 cups of flour

2) 3-4 cups of sugar, depending on how sweet you want it to be

3) 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence

4) 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder (if sweetened, reduce sugar content)

5) a pinch of salt

6) 3 tablespoons of butter / margarine

7) 3-5 tablespoons of milk (depending on how mushy or crunchy you want your cookies to be!)

8) 1-2 eggs (again, depending on how fluffy or hard you want em to be)

Using a large mixing bowl, pour in the flour, sugar and butter. Then include the eggs, butter, milk in respective order and the rest you can anyhow throw in also nevermind.

You will find that this cookie mixture is relatively dry, because I want my cookies to be quite thin and crispy like how my mum likes it, so don’t worry if it doesn’t look like normal cake batter! (The texture is similar to gingerbread)

Add just the right amount of milk so that it’s moist enough to take a doughy texture.

(looks like a pile of shit here rofl)

Then, once you’ve mixed it all properly, pick up the dough with your hands and start kneading it with your hand!

For those of you who have never done kneading before, it’s pretty much just like playing with play-doh.

You pick up the dough and start squishing it around in all sorts of directions with your hands, and you will find that the texture of the dry dough becomes much more flexible and play-doh ish so once you’ve got a nice even and smooth texture without any extra little crumbs falling out, you know it’s ready.

For the heart shaped cookies like mine, get your cookie cutters ready then lay your cookie dough on a flat surface and start peeling off chunks of it to roll into flat pieces with a rolling pin.

For rainbow shapes, simply take a perfectly round bowl of a decent size and use it as your cookie cutter.

Then cut the circular piece of dough directly into half, and ta-dah!! You’ve got your perfect rainbow shape ^__^

Once the shape is done, pop it into the oven and bake for about 10-15 mins depending on how thick each cookie is and how soft or hard you want it.

….While the cookies are baking, it’s time to get down to the icing!!!

The problem with rainbow cookies and cakes is that the longest time is spent decorating them… and I mean really REALLY long.

Just like in my previous “How to bake a rainbow cake” post, separate your home made icing using this recipe into 6 equal bowls and mix in the colours of the rainbow with food colouring!

Wait for your cookies to cool down a bit, then start painting the colours of the rainbow onto your cookies with a piping bag or icing decorator.

You’ll need to be reallyyy careful, get somebody with steady hands (like Peggy!) to do it. Any mistake and you’ll have to wipe everything off and start over.

Start with red, which is the outermost layer, and continue doing each stripe onto individual rainbow shaped cookies and slowly work your way down to complete all 6 coloured layers!

Once you’re done, you should have something like this, hehe!!!!

Absolutely adorable or what? ♥ them to bits!

Of course, if you’re patient enough, you can do different coloured hearts like what I did to boost cuteness factor ^___^

Really proud of this batch of cookies, since they’re an original idea and everything was made up as we went along!!

As compared to my rainbow cake, this takes less time and effort.. but both are sure to make whoever sets their eyes on them squeal in delight and begging you for just one bite.

I love rainbows, and I love baking. What do we get in the end??

Too-cute-to-eat rainbow cookies for major nomming!!!!!! :3


The best part about doing something that makes me happy, is that it makes somebody else happy too ♥


Mayhem @ Chevrons

What do you need to complete a night of absolute mayhem?

I think…

Guitarist friends and an acoustic guitar


BBQ pit with lots of food


Retarded amount of alcohol



And of course the most important bit…

Great company! (“v”) DMCD 0949A

I’ve only known these people since April but it’s amazing how we can all have so much fun together like good old friends.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from being in this class..

The best lessons in life are taught from experience, not lectures. From people, not textbooks.

They’ve taught me that first impressions don’t matter… it’s how a person’s impression of you changes over time as they get to know you better.

And I hope it just keeps on getting better :)

We should have more sing along nights Sherman, Rosa, Andre, Adam, Katie!!! Too much fun.




It’s National Day today! And all I’m going to do is sit at home and play L4D. LOL.

Today is also cupcake’s birthday… too bad he lives in Melbourne so I can’t celebrate it with him =(

…But he’s coming to SG to visit me in less than a week!!!!!!


Madlyyyyyyyyy excited.

He’s going to stay here for 2 whole weeks before flying back to Melb.

This is the beginning of a new journey… I’ll find out how hard long distance relationships can be. I’ve always been skeptical about them, but now I’m pretty much putting myself to the test to see how much hardship I can handle and how much commitment + determination I have.

After my previous relationship I can safely say I’m pretty damn tough now.

Anyway anyway finally have free time, L4D time!!! WOOT.

Only have X amount of free time before he comes back home.

Tomorrow the girls are coming over to my place again, hehehe. Been spending a lot of time with friends lately, keeping me happy! Nothing like their nonsense to lift my mood.


Much love and Happy National Day (wtf) to us fellow Singaporeans! Living in the same country as me is definitely worth a huge celebration :P

P.S – I have a new playlist now!!! Still got some oldies in there, but newer songs as well. Do you like it?!?!

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