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Recipe: Shepherd’s Pie by Perfect Italiano

When I think of comfort food, I usually think of warm, hearty dishes that will fill up not only my tummy, but practically my entire being. Comfort food is the kinda food you’d want to have when you stay home on a rainy Sunday evening. It’s the kinda food you wish your mom would cook more often. It’s the food that brings back feelings of quiet happiness and nostalgia. I guess comfort food is different for everyone.

For me, one of my ultimate comfort food choice would be ooey gooey shepherd’s pie.

There’s just something about shepherd’s pie that I can’t get enough of. Maybe it’s the moist meaty interior with a smooth potato top that checks all my boxes. It’s the perfect ratio of meat to carbs, and I can find so little fault with this classic dish! This is one recipe I find myself going back to time and time again, and it’s so fail proof that I believe even someone with no experience in the kitchen can successfully manage. Just try it, and you’ll see what I mean. I know most shepherd’s pies don’t come with a cheesy topping, but I really do feel that it adds a world of flavor dimension by simply including one extra ingredient. A crusty potato top is good, but a cheesy crusty potato top is FANTASTIC. See what I’m getting at? And there’s no brand of cheese that is a bigger mainstay in my fridge than Perfect Italiano!

Perfect Italiano is a cooking cheese brand that adds simple Italian flair to everyday family meals! I’ve decided to use Pizza Plus because of its unique blend of cheeses. Perfect Italiano Pizza Plus consists of Mozzarella, Parmesan and Cheddar. Mozzarella gives the recipe a stretchy nature, while Parmesan and Cheddar add different notes of flavours.

Shepherd’s Pie

Ingredients (serves 4-6):

Meat Filling
700g russet potatoes, halved
600g beef, minced
250g frozen mixed vege (carrots, peas, corn)
1 clove minced garlic, minced
1 large white onion, diced
200g cherry tomatoes, halved
150g tomato puree
2 chicken or beef stock cubes
a splashing of red wine
3 tablespoons BBQ sauce
2 tablespoons cornstarch
olive oil
herbs (bay leaf, parsley, etc), sugar & black pepper to taste

Cheesy Potato Crust
150g Perfect Italiano Pizza Plus
a handful of breadcrumbs
170g butter
10g garlic / onion powder
80g milk


  1. Boil potatoes in a large pot over high heat for 30 minutes or until very tender
  2. Sautee onions and garlic in a tablespoon of olive oil over low heat for 2 minutes in a large pan
  3. Add minced beef & stock cubes to the pan, stir fry for 2 minutes
  4. Pour in mixed vege, cherry tomatoes, tomato puree, red wine, BBQ sauce and simmer over low heat for 5 minutes
  5. Turn heat off, mix your 2 tablespoons with a bit of water in a bowl to thicken the sauce, pour cornstarch paste into meat mixture and stir vigorously, making sure no lumps form
  6. Strain the water from the boiled potatoes & mash the potatoes with butter, garlic / onion powder and milk until evenly mixed and smooth
  7. Spoon the meat filling into ramekins / oven proof pans
  8. Top off with a layer of potatoes, sprinkle on Perfect Italiano Pizza Plus and finally top off with breadcrumbs
  9. Bake in oven for 8 minutes at 180 degrees or airfry at 200 degrees for 5 minutes
  10. Let cool at least 5 minutes before serving, and enjoy

I love so many things about this Shepherd’s Pie!!!!

There will be many Shepher’s Pie recipes out there, but I can bet you that very few of them would be just like mine. First off, the addition of Perfect Italiano Pizza Plus cheese makes it over the top delicious. Secondly, including BBQ sauce and red wine in the recipe is essential for me. The BBQ sauce lends a bit of smokiness and sweetness, while the red wine gives it a nice kick. I love red meat with red wine.

I adore making this in large batches for potlucks, gatherings / parties or even just to store in the freezer in individual heat-proof containers, because all I have to do is take it out of the freezer when I want a good meal, pop it into the airfryer or oven for 8 minutes and I’m good to go!

This recipe freezes and keeps extremely well, therefore making it perfect for people who cook their own food at home (like me). Make it once and you’ll have enough to last you through some weeks! Less cleaning up, and saves you a ton of effort and time.

Personally, I prefer my dishes really “wet” with a loooot of sauce, so that’s why I chose to use tomato puree, to ensure there will be lots of liquid to coat the meat with.. because dry meat is just blurghhhh. I don’t hold back with the butter in my mashed potato as well. #YOLO! The secret to great mashed potato is lots of butter and seasoning! And of course, the inclusion of milk makes sure that the mash is nice and moist, making it easy to spread over the top as well.

All in all, I would have to say this is a recipe that I will be keeping for life. I’ve never made this for anyone who hasn’t not loved it. It hits all the right spots, and is truly the epitome of comfort food. Once again, I have found yet another favorite recipe to cook with Perfect Italiano cheese. Stretchy, full of bite and flavor, their cheeses seem to go well with a thousand and one dishes I’ve been whipping up in my kitchen!

For more yummy talk about cheeses and home cooked food, head on over to Perfect Italiano’s website to gain inspiration and look at recipes that will make you drool!

Don’t forget to hashtag #PerfectItalianoSG when you use their cheese in your homecooked food and post photos on social media!


Recipe: Summer Pasta Salad by Perfect Italiano

I’d like to consider myself a very domestic person.

Sure, I love a good night out with my friends, but more than anything, I think I enjoy house parties the best. Cooking up a feast at a comfortable homely environment, have your friends gather around the dining table or couch, enjoying good home cooked food while chatting and laughing over some drinks… Now, I’ll take that over a night out almost any day. So you can imagine that cooking is honestly one of my favoritest things to do in the world!

I know many people find cooking a chore, but I find it to be one of the most satisfying tasks I can accomplish on a day-to-day basis because it provides me instant gratification. You get to be creative, share the love with your friends by feeding their hungry tummies, enjoy delicious food cooked to your own preferences and of course, flaunt your kitchen skills and impress people! What I DON’T like, however, is the mad rush to get everything prepped right before a big dinner party.. Last weekend, I was tasked to cook for a party that had approximately 20 people, and that kinda intimidated me a little bit! I’m used to cooking for 2-6 people, or perhaps even up to 8 or 10, but 20 pax is a whole different ball game. I needed to do various dishes that complemented each other and tasted great, yet not too difficult to achieve as I’ll be the main one executing them. I came up with this Summer Pasta Salad recipe which got a great response from people, with some even requesting to bring back the leftovers, so I take that as a good sign!

Summer Pasta Salad

This makes a good light lunch or a fantastic side dish to go with meats or heavier main items. But what I like most about it is that it can be made hours in advance, just chuck it in the fridge or leave it out in an air conditioned room and it’s all ready for your guests to dig into as soon as they arrive!

Ingredients (serves 6):

  • 200g chicken sausages, sliced
  • 150g button mushrooms, sliced
  • 150g cherry tomatoes, halved
  • 200g sour cream
  • 100g coleslaw veg, chopped
  • 200g boiled egg, diced
  • 350g cooked macaroni
  • 3 avocados, mashed
  • 1 yellow / white onion, chopped
  • a good splashing / 4 tablespoons of japanese sesame dressing & olive oil
  • 100g Perfect Italiano Mozzarella
  • Perfect Italiano Parmesan cheese to taste


  1. Boil eggs until stiff, then deshell them.
  2. Cook macaroni pasta in boiling water for about 7 minutes or until al dente, then drizzle a bit of olive oil over the pasta to prevent sticking, and set aside.
  3. Stir fry chicken sausages, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and onions until cooked.
  4. In a large mixing bowl, toss together all the cooked ingredients, fresh ingredients and mozzarella together, until well combined.
  5. Give a further splashing of sesame dressing on top.
  6. Garnish with fresh herbs and Perfect Italiano Parmesan cheese.
  7. Toss in fridge or leave out in a cool temperature room, and serve cold!

I love this pasta salad. It’s as versatile as you want it to be! Make it meat-free for a vegetarian option. You can include or take away any ingredients according to your preferences, but keep the sour cream, dressing, cheese, and pasta because that will be your base recipe to work with. I’m a very casual and fuss-free cook, so I prefer using recipes that do not require exact measurements

. I like to make it up as I go, depending on my mood. I’ve made several variations of this recipe, other times including corn kernels, chicken breast to substitute the sausages, and replaced the avocados with pesto sauce – they were all mighty delicious! I named this summer pasta salad because of all the fresh ingredients it uses, and I reckon this would be perfect served up at a summer picnic or BBQ! Or in Singapore, where you know, it’s perpetually summer around here.

I think the key to this pasta salad lies in the sour cream base. Many pasta salads use mayonnaise which I find to be a bit thicker and heavier. I feel that pasta salads should be kept light, and refreshing!

Of course, the addition of Perfect Italiano Mozzarella Cheese gives a nice subtle texture & bite to the dish, and the sesame dressing lends a sweetness because the sour cream doesn’t have a lot of flavor on its own. I like to garnish with Perfect Italiano Parmesan Cheese for that sharp, savory hint of cheese as well. You can keep this salad in the fridge for up to 2 days.

I can always count on Perfect Italiano’s range of cheeses to dress up my home cooking, turning otherwise boring dishes into something different and tantalizing! My life would never be the same without cheese. I think I’ve lost count of the number of cheese-related recipes I’ve posted on this blog.

I hope you guys have enjoyed looking at or recreating them, as I always try to come up with different recipes that aren’t too similar, to show you that cheese can really be used in a huuuge selection of recipes! One ingredient, tons of uses. That’s why I almost always have a packet of Perfect Italiano cheese in my fridge, no matter the time of year!

Available at leading supermarkets, visit Perfect Italiano’s official website for more cheesy ideas to experiment in your kitchen with, and don’t forget to hashtag your own homemade creations using #PerfectItalianoSG on Instagram!


Recipe: Meatballs in Tomato Sauce & Cheesy Garlic Bread by Perfect Italiano

It’s nearing the end of the year again, which can only mean one thing for sure – everyone will be feasting on lots of indulgent food!

Let the pigging out begin. Every year, I make it a point to host elaborate and utterly gluttonous dinner parties for my friends and I, to celebrate getting through yet another tough year of life and get ourselves in the relaxed, holiday mood. Cooking food from the heart is one of the best and sincerest way to make someone happy. No one can be upset at you when you make them a meal of their dreams.

This festive season, one key ingredient I’ll be including in my dishes is my favorite Perfect Italiano cheese!

Perfect Italiano is a cooking cheese brand that adds simple Italian flair to everyday family meals. It is fuss-free easy to use, to prevent homemade meals from being difficult, complex and time-consuming. The difference between a normal chef and a great chef is careful execution and a wild imagination, and with that said, I like putting cheese on as many food dishes as I can think of! I’ve chosen to use Pizza Plus in today’s post because I adore how versatile this cheese is – it’s full bodied, yet light and textured to use in almost any dish that requires a topping of cheese.

You know what’s a dish I like eating but can hardly find good versions of when dining out?


Meatballs in Tomato Sauce


Pure, simple meatballs with moist, flavorful meat. Too many versions are too dry, tasting more like cardboad balls than meatballs. That’s why I’m going to share with you my own Meatballs in Tomato Sauce recipe, that your guests will praise you for at your next dinner party!

Ingredients (serves 4):

  • 250g pork, minced
  • 250g beef, minced
  • 4 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 large white onion, minced
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 4 pinches of salt
  • 200g breadcrumbs
  • chopped fresh English parsley
  • bunch of halved cherry tomatoes
  • a bottle of your favorite tomato pasta sauce
  • black pepper to taste
  • additional seasoning such as paprika, herbs like thyme, etc optional to your preferences
  • a handful of Perfect Italiano Pizza Plus Grated Cheese


  1. Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and mix well
  2. Roll meat mixture into manageable sized balls
  3. If mixture doesn’t hold shape well enough, add more breadcrumbs to stiffen it
  4. Heat up a pan with 3cm deep oil, and shallow fry on each side for 2 minutes or until just cooked with pink insides
  5. Prepare a plate with paper towels to drain excess oil off meatballs with after removing them from frying pan
  6. Once all meatballs are cooked, pour the oil into a glass bowl before discarding it
  7. Using the same pan, stir fry the cherry tomatoes until semi-cooked, then pour in tomato pasta sauce
  8. After the tomato sauce is hot, arrange cooked meatballs into the pan
  9. Top off with your desired amount of Perfect Italiano Pizza Plus cheese, more black pepper and parsley for garnishing
  10. Serve in frying pan for extra rustic style points

What you’re looking at is deliciously moist meatballs with a simple but comforting flavor that is elevated by the tangy tomato sauce and stretchy cheese! Don’t the bright red and green colors remind you that Christmas is creeping up on us already?

You’d want to make sure your meatballs are not too salty, because the tomato sauce and cheese contains additional salt that will contribute to the overall saltiness. You can also substitute the minced pork for minced chicken if preferred.

Just look at that tantalizing cheese calling out for help! It needs you to put it in your mouth. Perfect Italiano Pizza Plus is made up of three cheeses – Mozzarella, for lending that stretchy bite, and Parmesan and Cheddar for a fuller flavor.

I suppose you could go the extra mile by making your own tomato sauce.This will be a popular choice with people of all ages at your dinner, especially kids who seek out tomato based dishes, and the men who enjoy red meat!


And what better sidekick and accompaniment to go with your glorious Meatballs in Tomato Sauce than good o’ trusty…

Cheesy Garlic Bread


  • your favorite loaf of freshly baked bread, sliced
  • many cloves of minced garlic
  • semi-melted butter
  • chopped fresh English parsley
  • a handful of Perfect Italiano Pizza Plus Grated Cheese


  1. Generously butter your sliced bread
  2. Spread minced garlic over the bread
  3. Top off with parsley, and a generous amount of Perfect Italiano Pizza Plus Cheese
  4. Bake in an oven or toaster at the highest setting for 3-5 minutes until edges of the bread are golden brown

Crisp around the edges, soft, buttery and cheesy in the center – nothing but garlic bread perfection!!

Don’t be a miser when buttering your bread – despite the copious amount of butter looking like it’s going to give you a heart attack, it’s actually what awesome garlic bread is made of. You’ll want to use freshly minced garlic instead of the dried stuff, because the flavor will be so much better. You’ll probably also want to brush your teeth really thoroughly after this meal before you talk to anyone up close. At least you’ll know you’re safe from vampires for the night.

These two dishes are a match made in heaven. One bite will have you singing “Hallelujah” in your head!

If you thought tomato meatballs were paired best with pasta, you are wrong. You have lived your life in darkness until this very moment. Let me educate you: they are literally AMAZEBALLS with garlic bread!

If I could describe it with one word, it would be “hearty”. A party in your mouth to make your dinner party complete.

Thank you Perfect Italiano for always inspiring me to come up with new recipes to experiment with, taking my love for cheese to newer heights each and every time! It has been a blossoming and fulfilling relationship ever since I first picked a packet of your cheesy goodness up!

Available at leading supermarkets, visit them at Perfect Italiano’s official website for more piping hot ideas to go bonkers in your kitchen with, and don’t forget to hashtag your own cheesy creations using #PerfectItalianoSG!


Vita Coco – Hydrate Naturally

A day on the beach is always a day well-spent for me.

There’s just something about the smell of the ocean breeze, sandy feet, salty windswept hair and the natural rays from the sun that rejuvenates your entire being.

And when I’m on the beach, I never miss out on having coconut water – the perfect way to cool yourself down on a hot summer day!

Since fresh coconuts are not always available, Vita Coco is my next preferred option for a refreshing pick-me-up.

Vita Coco is natural, never-ever-from-concentrate coconut water.

Stacked with naturally occurring electrolytes (and more potassium than a banana), Vita Coco is fat free, cholesterol free, and gluten free, so you get all the goodness without the guilt. Despite coconut water’s growing popularity, Vita Coco’s dedication to providing consumers with authentic taste and naturally-occurring nutrients remains the same today as when the brand was founded in 2004.

All Vita Coco beverages are made using only fresh coconut water, unlike many other brands that sell coconut water from concentrate, which can have a significant impact on flavour.

Some awesome perks about Vita Coco:

  • All Natural
  • Five Essential Electrolytes (More electrolytes than 15 Sports Drinks) – Potassium , Magnesium, Sodium, Phosphorous, Calcium
  • More potassium than a Banana
  • Zero Fat, Zero Cholesterol
  • Low in Calories

It feels pretty great knowing that the coconut water I enjoy drinking so much has all these awesome health benefits!

I like how convenient it is for me to have delicious coconut water whenever I want now – on the go, in the car, at home, at the beach, anywhere really. I love fresh coconuts the most – but sometimes they just aren’t an option. You can’t bring a fresh coconut anywhere you want, and even if you could.. you’d also have to bring along a chopper to hack the coconut open before you could enjoy it, that’s when Vita Coco comes in to save the day!

Apart from having this drink straight from the packaging, you can also whip up a fruit smoothie with a few simple ingredients! Here’s sharing my own personal favorite, Mango Coconut Smoothie!

Ingredients (serves 2):

  • 330ml Vita Coco (1 packet)
  • 2 medium – large ripe mangoes
  • juice of 1 lime

Toss everything into a blender for 10 seconds on high speed, and you’ll end up with…

An awesome tropical smoothie that was almost effortless to make!

Mangoes and coconut = my kinda heaven. You can replace the mangoes with your favorite fruit – for example, bananas, blueberries and strawberries would be other great alternatives! Change up your choice of fruit and you could enjoy a different homemade smoothie every day of the week. I’m not a fan of milky fruit smoothies (those that use ice cream, yogurt or milk) so this coconut water concoction works well for me. I like how it’s creamy and smooth without being too rich.

Fun fact: Did you know that Madonna, Matthew McConaughey and Demi Moore liked coconut water so much they invested in the Vita Coco brand in February 2010, putting a spotlight on an emerging beverage trend that has since grown into a billion dollar category, worldwide?

Originally introduced in New York City, Vita Coco is now sold in 30 countries across the globe, including the UK, most of Europe, Japan and China.

Good things are made even better by sharing them with someone you love.

Vita Coco can now be found on sunny shores of Singapore as the ultimate natural hydrator after any physical exercise, after a long day of studies and especially under the heat and even haze. Retailing at all major supermarkets and convenience stores, you can even grab Vita Coco on your way to a movie at Golden Village! The 330ml Vita Coco Tetrapak retails at $1.90 and the 1l Vita Coco retails at $4.95. Available at all major supermarkets and convenience stores and even at Golden Village!

Vita Coco is holding an awesome contest for you to stand a chance to win a trip to Bali, and you’d be coconuts not to join!

Simply share with us the most creative ways you can think of opening a coconut & you might just win a trip to BALI all thanks to Vita Coco!

  • Grab yourself an unopened fresh coconut
  • Snap a photo of yourself trying to open it creatively
  • Post the image to a photo sharing site & describe HOW you are trying to open the coconut, along with these hashtags: #HydrateNaturally, #PoweredbyCoconuts, #VitaCocoSG
  • Contest ends 18th October

Terms and Conditions:
Blackout period applies, including eve and on public holidays, major events and school holidays
Tickets are non-refundable, non-reroutable and validity extension are not allowed
Air tickets include Tax and Fuel Surcharge only
Vita Coco will not take responsibility for any additional expenses incurred
Contestants must be 18 years old and above
Vita Coco reserves the right to vary the contest rules and regulations at any time without giving prior notice
Contest tickets are only valid for Singaporean residents or anyone that is travelling from Singapore to Bali.
Head over here for more information on Vita Coco, or follow them on their Facebook page to be updated of the latest promotions!


Recipe: Zucchini Slice and Parmesan Crisp by Perfect Italiano

If there’s one ingredient I never get bored of experimenting with, it’s good ol’ glorious cheese. Cheese is pretty much top on the list of my favorite things in the world.

There’s just so many things you could do with it – grill, bake, deep fry, turn it into a sauce or simply have it on its own. The brand that’s been making a constant appearance in my fridge for what’s coming to almost 2 years now is Perfect Italiano. The signature bright green bags of cheese can be found in my kitchen at any given point in time! Perfect Italiano is a cooking cheese brand that adds simple Italian flair to everyday family meals. It is simple and easy to use, and easy to use – ensuring that homemade meals are not complex or time consuming.

My favorite consistency of cheese is the ooey gooey melted type which can be found in pizzas and baked dishes, and that’s why the next Perfect Italiano cheese recipe I’m going to bring you is yet another baked till perfectly golden brown creation!


Zucchini Slice

As much as I love my baked pastas, some days I feel like having something lighter, so this zucchini slice recipe is what I’d turn to when I want something lower in carbs than pasta that still has that satisfying bite and texture!


  • 5 eggs
  • 120g self raising flour
  • 350g of zucchini
  • 1 large onion
  • 200g bacon or skinless chicken
  • 220g of Perfect Italiano Perfect bakes cheese
  • 1/4 cup vegetable oil


  1. Preheat your oven to 180 degrees, and grease a 9″ inch pan, or preferably, a baking dish
  2. Break the eggs into a large mixing bowl, and gently combine egg whites & yolks together
  3. Add self raising flour and mix to a smooth consistency
  4. Grate the zucchhini, finely chop the onion, and dice the bacon. If you are using chicken, dice the chicken and cook it first.
  5. Add zucchini, onions, bacon / chicken, Perfect Italiano Perfect Bakes cheese and oil into the large mixing bowl
  6. If you are using chicken, then add half a teaspoon of salt to the mixing bowl
  7. Mix everything together until the batter is uniform
  8. Bake in the oven for about 30 minutes
  9. To achieve a golden brown crust, turn the temperature up to 220 degrees for the last 5 minutes
  10. Let cool for 8 minutes before serving so that the zucchini slice may stiffen up to reasonably stable consistency for easier handling

I love using avocado and zucchini in my cooking because of how delicious and good they are for you!

Their creamy and fleshy meat lends a very versatile use to dishes, and in this case, the zucchini makes for a very smooth and creamy quiche. If you’d like to go for a halal friendly or healthier option, feel free to use diced chicken instead of bacon. I’m a bacon-everything kinda girl, so please don’t be alarmed at how often bacon appears in the recipes I post.

My favorite part of this dish is undoubtedly the golden brown cheesy crust, made with Perfect Italiano Perfect Bakes.

I’m sure it’s common knowledge by now that cheesy crust just makes anything baked about a hundred times more delicious.
I’d serve this zucchini slice as a breakfast item (made the day before, of course) or as an afternoon snack / side dish! Even if you don’t normally fancy leafy vegetables, this zucchini slice will take you by surprise because of how creamy it tastes.

You’re going to love this next recipe because there’s only one ingredient used and it is oh so tasty!


Parmesan Cheese Crisps


  • Perfect Italiano Parmesan Cheese


  1. Preheat oven to 200 degrees
  2. Lay baking paper on the baking tray
  3. Place about circular domes of Perfect Italiano Parmesan Cheese that are approximately 6cm in diameter
  4. Bake for 4-5 minutes, being careful not to let it burn as it will make the crisp taste bitter

How great are these?!

You know those cheese crisps you find in fine dining restaurants? Well who knew they were this simple to make? They can be done in a mere few minutes and in my opinion, it tastes better than any cheese snacks I’ve bought in supermarkets before.
They turn out crispy on the edges, slightly chewy in the middle and packed with a bold flavor. They work so well to jazz up your soups, salads, pastas, or just eat them the way I do – on its own! I could finish up 8 crisps in one sitting! No other ingredients or preparation steps needed.

Simply lay Perfect Bakes Parmesan cheese then bake until golden brown, and enjoy. If you normally find parmesan cheese a little too strong for your liking, don’t worry, the taste and aroma is tamed the moment it’s baked. Just pure crispy cheesy goodness here! Even if you don’t cook, this is doable by anyone.

From 15 May to 15 July 2015, Perfect Italiano is giving away FREE Perfect Italiano cooking kits for every purchase of $30 worth of Perfect Italiano products. Accumulated receipts are allowed!

Perfect Italiano Cooking Kit Redemption Mechanics

Send original receipts to: Perfect Italiano Cooking Kit Tanjong Pagar Post Office, PO Box 396, S(910814) with your Name, NRIC, Address and Contact No. Each cooking kit set will comprise of: 1 Cutting Board, 1 Cheese Shaker, 1 Spaghetti

Scooper, 1 Pizza Cutter and 1 Recipe Booklet. Promotion valid from 15 May to 15 July 2015. Prizes will be sent directly to winners by registered mail. Strictly limited to 700 sets on a first-come, first-served basis. *For Terms & conditions, visit

Do give these cheesy recipes a try and hashtag #PerfectItalianoSG when you post on social media!

You can find more of my Perfect Italiano cheese recipes for your perusal below:

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