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Merry Christmas! And a Happy New Year

As I’m typing this, it’s officially 1/01/2011!

and today is the first day.

Makes me feel like I should be doing something crazily memorable or important but all I am doing is cooking bolognese pasta and blogging at the same time :P

How was everyone’s New Year’s Eve?

Sam and I spent it playing wii, cooking Irish Lamb Stew for a cozy candlelit dinner (best stew I’ve ever had!) and then driving into town to catch the fireworks!!

It’s already the New Year and I haven’t blogged about Christmas in 2010 yet, so

Here I go!!!


Christmas 2010 was probably the best Christmas I’ve had thus far in my 18 years of life.

Undoubtedly it wasn’t as “magical” as the X’mas I had in Disney World, Orlando last last year, but it was magical in its own way!!!

My family’s not really the sort to celebrate X’mas with each other, usually we have our own plans with our own friends but this year, I was determined to get everyone together and have a nice home cooked X’mas dinner together followed by fun classic board games afterwards!

Sweet corn, mushrooms and cauliflower buttered and seasoned with salt and pepper!

I didn’t have time to take pics of the cooked food so here’s some raw food pics for ya hahaha

Dunno how you guys spent your X’mas afternoon, but I spent mine marinating pork belly and skinning potatoes :3

Roasted whole chicken!!!
With mustard herby marinade, garlic, onions, and a whole buncha other stuff!

Mmmm this was one of my family’s fav dishes that day. I love cooking stuff in the oven, it’s honestly a fail-proof method. I’m not a big fan of oily food, but I don’t like my food that dry either, so the oven is THE solution!

First of all, it’s fuss-free. You preheat the oven, set it to a certain temperature, season and marinate the food then pop it in – DONE. Only need to check back on it when it’s close to being cooked. No fire to watch over, no splattering hot oil to burn yourself on… ♥

I’m NOT a fan of using the gas stove because I always imagine it exploding in my face (seriously) and I don’t like fire and I don’t like gas and did I mention explosions already??

Whether I’m baking desserts, or cooking fish / chicken / pork / whatever, anything that comes out of the oven always comes out PERFECT :D

Tender, juicy and absolutely flavourful!

Roasted potatoes!!!

Ok last of uncooked food pictures lol. We also had grilled pork belly, baked salmon, mashed taters, honey baked ham with cherry tomatoes.. and stuff I don’t remember…

Besides savoury food, we also made sure to have pretty-looking sweets!!! ^.^

Sam and I made this on X’mas Eve! Everyone say HAI to my Gingerbread House!!

What is X’mas without a gingerbread house sitting beside the X’mas tree?! It is 100% edible, home made to the very first and last degree.

We are definitely rockin’ the kitchen recently!

Teehee so cute!!

I’m gonna show you guys how to do this,
step-by-step at the end of this post!

Even though X’mas is already over, it’s still SUPER fun to make with family and friends (not forgetting yummy) plus it doesn’t have to be X’mas themed – just make it as happy looking and colorful as possible :)

Christmas presents under our X’mas tree – the pile has grown quite a bit since the last time I twitpic-ed it!

I was so excited for everyone to open their presents after X’mas dinner – we spent the entire day shopping for the most appropriate well-thought out gifts that everyone needed / wanted and I think it paid off after seeing their reactions when ripping open the wrapping paper.

If I’m gonna give someone a X’mas present, imma make sure they REALLY like it. I don’t believe in giving half-assed gifts such as bath shower gels set or a bottle of wine..

Gee, unless your gift recipient is a soap junkie or an wine enthusiast, can your gift get any more mundane and insincere? Might as well not give anything!!

Even a hand made card is much better.

Pretty decorations that are still hanging around my house!!

The silver beaded chain is actually a $2 necklace I bought from Bangkok, LOL I just hung some extra ornaments on it and taped it up coz my X’mas tree was already overflowing with ornaments and we had some spare ones.

My roast chicken a-roasting!!!


Are you hungry now? Coz I know I am!

Sorry for the majority of no-flash, yellowish poor quality photos in this post. Since it was X’mas I didn’t wanna make everyone pretentiously pose for the camera often or have bright flashes going off in their faces too much, so most of these shots are candid snaps taken in like 2 seconds!

And dinner is SERVED, ladies and gentlemen!!!

…I know, I need to work on my food presentation more :3

I find that most of the food I cook tastes really yummy but also looks doubtfully unappetizing. Which is quite sad since I know how food looks plays a huge part on whether you feel like eating it or not.

Perhaps that’s why I enjoy baking so much too.. it allows me to be creative and make my desserts look pretty!

Makes up for the ugly food haha.

I was afraid there might be too much food for 7 people at first, but it turned out to be the exact amount we needed.

We had a bit of leftovers after everyone had their grand fill, but that was ok because I relished everything and had the leftovers for supper later on :P

Let us feast!!!!!

After a hearty dinner, wii + taboo + uno stacko + monopoly + unwrapping of presents awaits us!!

The whole X’mas day I had Christmas carols playing from our stereo.. I really miss walking around the house and hearing X’mas bells ringing through the rooms.

How is it that it’s been barely a week since X’mas was over and I’m already missing it so much?

But first, dessert!!!

Was gonna bake a traditional log cake but Janice got a complimentary one from MBS Sweet Spot so that was settled.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥Christmas gang!!

Thanks to these people, I had HEAPS of fun on Christmas :’)

This picture is missing my maid, who was taking the picture for us lol. Did I mention I have a new maid yet?? I can’t remember.. Anyway she’s totally sweet + hardworking and so much better than all my previous ones!!

I know the pics are sooo pixelated but they were really TOO dark before I edited them, so after I brightened them they went all pixel spaz on me D:

Grawrrrrrr monster sista!!111

Me, momma and kukubird ♥ :’)

Every time I look at pictures with 3 of us in it I feel a little bewildered. Why do I NOT look like them at all, when my mum and bro look so alike?

Was I really picked up from the dustbin?? T_T

Kukubird and mother kuku bird LOL

Janice has the widest, toothiest, brightest winsome smile ever. So cute!

Me and Sam have been spending a lot of time with Jan and my bro recently.. Like almost every single day we’d be doing stuff together, like playing games, going out for movies, they even brought me to Nana (which I didn’t like all that much.. I hate clubs) and cooking together.

I thought that once my brother got a new gf we’d be spending much lesser time together than we already were before but to my surprise, we’re now closer than ever!! Funny how relationships don’t bring just 2 people together, sometimes they bring the whole family together.

My mom loves going out with Sam and I too!! I miss my mommy, speaking of her :(

She’s in Spain with Uncle John right now and I am TOTALLYYYYY jealous. I wonder if I’d ever get the chance to go there!!

Hope she buys back amazing souvenirs for me hehe :]

Even though I don’t go on all her trips with her, she ALWAYS buys back tonsa goodies!!

Cute picture of my mum with the biggest laughing smile on her face ♥ ♥

Spot my killer whale “Jessica” cup on the table and Janice’s home made jelly pieces!

And possibly the most anticipated event that surrounds Christmas…


Hehe they were so meticulous about not ruining our carefully wrapped presents it was funny looking at them trying not to rip the wrapper. For me I love shredding my presents wrapping paper into tiny pieces :P

Like AHHHHHHHHHH PRESENT *jumps on it and rips it to pieces like a human paper shredder*

Lol @ my mum and UJ’s expressions!

I got UJ a bright turquoise / teal-ish metallic skinny tie from River Island – Uber sleek! I knew he would never get himself such a bold colored tie, so I figured someone needs to give him a wardrobe revamp.. hahaha

I got my mum a thick black fluffy winter coat from Zara – very fashionable chic and will keep her warm in Spain, because Sam and I overheard her talking about how cold it would be in Spain during winter plus how she lacked enough winter clothes!!

UJ helping Mum to put on the coat…

I’m glad she appreciated what we picked out for her!!! She’s very picky about her clothing and her style is quite unpredictable so I was taking a big risk by buying her winter clothing – if she didn’t like it, that would be a lot of money wasted.

She was all-smiles throughout the night.

Jer and Jan with their presents!!!

I got Jeremy a long sleeved casual smart navy blue shirt from River Island because he is damn vain (I LOVE RIVER ISLAND their style is immaculately top notch)

Janice received a Victoria’s Secret candy-cane themed shower gel (my gift is not insincere ok she always stays over at our place and runs out of soap in our bathroom AND she loves Victoria’s Secret)

We also got her a Marc Jacobs hot pink make up pouch (which she is now using!! yay) and a mad bling navy-blue-and-silver striped sequin dress from Forever 21!

Was kinda difficult to find her size for clothing, she’s not even an XS.. she’s like an XXS or something!

Oh yea *insert random funny moment here*

After Janice gave me my wrapped present, she called me into my bro’s room coz she forgot to wrap up a box of Wilton’s silicon heart shaped baking cups. As she was handing me the box I happily said, “Awww thank you!! It’s very nice”

And I wanted to give her a thumbs up……..


LOL don’t ask me why the hell I did that, anyway when I gave her the middle finger instead of a thumbs up she looked at me like “:O?!” and I was like OMG sorry I mean

*puts middle finger down and lifts index finger up instead in panic*

HAHAHAH how stupid can I be!!!

Apparently very very extremely unthinkably stupid.

Anyway I got lucky the third time and finally gave her a thumbs up on my third try but by that time she and my brother were laughing so hard at me!!! I guess I’m much more used to giving the middle finger than a thumbs up so when I lifted my hand up it was a natural reaction.

and F Janice’s L for receiving a middle finger for giving me a X’mas present.


Lastly, I got my maid two bling bracelets plus a silver heart shaped + key necklace.

As you can tell, the girls got the better end of the deal for presents haha. I guess it’s just cuz girls are so much easier to buy for!!

Mum giving Sammy boy a present :P

And it’s a set of 3 different Levi’s t-shirts!!! They’re simple but very nice, the cutting fits Sam so nicely.

Look at that ear-to-ear grin on his cheeky face!

Actually everyone just looks so happy in this set of photos, that’s why I love them so much! I think I’ll go print some of these photos soon.

Momma opening her present from Jan…. what could it be?!?!

Ta-dah!!! A pair of dazzling Swarovski earrings!

And doesn’t she look gorgeous? :)

My present from Uncle John!!!!

Stunning white gold plated necklace with precious stones!! I HEART this shade of pink! ♥


Mum gave me a bottle of Coco Chanel parfum (say it like the French do :P) and a bright Magenta silk bag from DKNY. So so pretty!!!!!

Me pretending to give a surprised face epic phail.

How annoying is my expression?? Even I wanna smack myself!! Janice got me jewelry too :)

Mum and UJ with our 6 foot tall X’mas tree :) Yes my mum’s super tall, that’s where I got my genes from!

Sam and I in our living room with our $2 santa Daiso hats hehehehehehe

I can’t stop smiling whenever I look at these pictures!!

Hahahaha I just had to do the freelance model syndrome right-hand-on-hip-stick-out-your-chest-and-cross-your-legs pose. It’s ridiculously vain!


After everyone’s presents were unwrapped and kept away, we took out the board games to play!!

I thought we could watch a DVD or something but finally decided board games would be the best since we haven’t played board games well.. since like ever.

And I just HAD to go out and buy my favourite classic games – Taboo and Uno Stacko!!! But Taboo is so expensive omg it’s like 50 bucks.

Janice beeping my mum coz she said the wrong word ahaha

No words to describe this picture.. just LOL

Tryna describe something to Sam but he never gets it!!!

Look at his stupid face he’s like “WTF is this bitch sayin?!”

By the time this 3rd picture was taken he’s like “ARGHHHH what is it godaaammiitt!!!!”

And I’m just like “-___-”


My mum cracked up sooo much it was hilarious to see her try explaining something to UJ but failing and getting super frustrated afterwards!

I remember there was once it was my turn to describe and my mum’s turn to guess my word, and my word was “Affection” so I said

“Ok mum, since you are my mother, I want a lot of _________ what from you??”

She immediately replied “MONEY!” very loudly.


FML x 9325932791275175.


Another classic moment was when Janice had to describe her word to my brother and she said, “My in front is very what?”

My bro’s reply: “Flat.”



2 hours of Taboo later, we played a round of Uno Stacko before going to sleep! By this time it was already past midnight.

They are so evil purposely making the top as unbalanced as possible!! I’m feeling a bit bitter since I was the loser in the end hahaha and my forfeit was to dance in front of all of them.

Nothing like good old fashioned board games fun!! Had all of us shrieking like little girls by the end of the night. Christmas brings out the kid in everyone ♥

They took a video of my silly epic dancing, but no way am I gonna post it on my blog!! I look positively retarded. At least more than a few good chuckles came out of that!

I can’t dance even if my life depended on it @_@


It was nighty night after that!

Completely exhausted after all that screaming and laughing and cooking and eating. Sam and I were sitting on the couch after everyone had went to bed, just looking at our Christmas tree….

When we decided to play with sparkles and he tried to be a flaming stuntsman :P

We went to sleep soon after!!


And that was how I spent my Christmas!!!

I couldn’t have imagined a better X’mas night with my family.

It wasn’t perfect of course, but it didn’t have to be, because nothing ever is truly perfect.

Perfection to me is making the darnest best out of what you already have and having a whale of a time while doing so, not chasing after idealistic fairytales.

All I know is, being light headed with happiness is definitely a good thing.. and it’s enough for me :)


Now, read on if you wanna know how to make a Gingerbread House like mine!!

First off, you’ll need to buy groceries because these recipes call for quite a lot of ingredients.

Get the gingerbread house recipe HERE

And the royal icing “glue” recipe HERE is my favourite recipe website!!! Easy navigation, simply layout, clear-cut instructions, trustworthy reviews and recipes plus it comes with pictures. And it’s free.

It is awesome.

Ok, first follow the recipes above, and you can continue with further instructions from here!

You will need to make the gingerbread recipe batch about 2-3 times before you get enough to make a decent sized gingerbread house. We made 2 batches of both gingerbread and icing recipe and it turned out just the right amount.

You don’t have to follow the recipe EXACTLY (like how it calls for 2 teaspoons molasses or whatever that is) because people tweak recipes all the time.

I added chocolate powder and cinnamon to my gingerbread recipe to make it much yummier!!

Your gingerbread mixture should look something like this after mixing. It may seem a little dry, but you’ll need to knead it with your hands!

Now you need to decide how big you want your gingerbread house to be. You’ll have to draw and cut out your own stencils, either using baking paper or just normal paper!

Make one long width for the sides of your house, and an even longer stencil for your roof, and a short one for the front of your house! If this sounds confusing and if you’ve no idea how to construct a simple house you can google for online stencils where you can simply print it out :D

After kneading, roll a chunk of dough onto a baking paper lined surfance and use a rolling pin dusted with flour to carefully roll out a thin sheet of gingerbread.

Use a knife to trade the outlines of your stencils!

And next, my ingenious idea – tracking brick patterns onto your unbaked dough with a knife!!!

You don’t see brick patterns at all on other gingerbread houses on Google images but I think it adds a lovely feel to the whole thing :)

Once your gingerbread pieces have been baked (we baked at 13 mins each at 180 degrees) and cooled, you can now start constructing your gingerbread house!

Put your icing into a large piping bag, and start piping the “glue” for your gingerbread house to stick onto!

Pipe ON the edges of the walls, pipe inside and outside, every single edged surface basically!!!

Make sure your icing is crazy thick and sticky – if your icing isn’t good, your gingerbread house is sure to crumble and all your efforts will be wasted.

A different angle to show you guys how I piped every single edge with thick chunks of icing to make the structure steady enough to stand on its own.

While the icing is drying, you’ll need to hold the pieces in place with your hands for a couple of minutes first.

Don’t worry about doing it neatly or if icing is dripping everywhere – the icing is meant to look like snow, so a little mess is just fine!

Here my gingerbread house is almost complete, after putting on the roofs it’s ready for decoration, yay!!!! ^.^



My gingerbread house in its full gloryyyyyy! Almost too cute to eat. (it’s still uneaten as of now)

It looks so magnificent just sitting on my living room table, completing the whole festive look! :)

You can buy all the stuff I used to decorate my gingerbread house from the supermarket. Marshmallow candies, M&Ms, and go CRAAAAAAAZY with the icing!!!!

Doesn’t the dripping icing really look like falling snow?

A sprinkle of icing sugar also adds the final snow flake touch to it!

Impress your guests, family, friends and anyone who sees it!!!

Everyone will be so tempted to pick off little parts of it to eat :)

I would’ve posted this recipe to share with you guys before X’mas was actually over, but we only made this on X’mas Eve as an impromptu idea!

Nonetheless, I hope you guys like it.

I know I love it!


Happy New Year everyone!!!!!

I’m not sure if I am ready for 2011 just yet but I’m sure it will be one heck of a year for me. 2010 seemed to have just passed me by…. it went by wayyyy too fast!!!

It’s almost scary.

This year I’m going to be 19, and the next I will be 20!! Crap.

I hope you guys have a fabulous year ahead of you and will continue staying with me and going through this journey of life together, I love my sweet dear readers! ♥



You know, I get this question all the time -

“Are you a virgin?”
(or something along those lines)

….Seriously, why the hell would you even want to know?

If it’s some horny guy having dirty thoughts while asking me the question then I guess I can understand why (although still wtf), but honestly I know there are many girls who have asked me anonymously too, and I always find it extremely puzzling because I personally really don’t care who is a virgin or who is not.

Where guys wanna stick their penises into or how often girls wanna spread their legs.. such obscene information, why on EARTH would I want to find out?!

Just the thought of other people having sex grosses me out, even if it’s a really hot character like Zac Efron! Like ewww… can you say P-E-R-S-O-N-A-L???

I think whatever people do in the bedroom should REMAIN in the bedroom as a secret, because I sure as heck don’t wanna know about it (sometimes my girlfriends talk to me about sex and I get a little freaked out)

So tell me people, why do you (or others) want to know whether so-and-so is a virgin or not?

Like I said, I’m sure many of the anonymous people asking me that question were also girls and I doubt they were all kinky lesbians..

How I see it, there are only 2 possibilities as to why someone would ask the classic “Are You A Virgin?” question.


1st reason) You are “curious.”

Indirectly meaning you are also perverted and gross. There is no such thing as “innocent curiosity” when it comes to asking / talking about sex. “Curiousity” is the word you use when you watch an educational documentary, not porn.

Why are you even thinking about such things??? They say almost every thought in your head is accompanied by a picture, whether by memory or by imagination…

So it means you are picturing me having sex in your head as you ask me that question?? GROSS!!

Get away from me, you pervert! (whether you are a guy or girl, it doesn’t matter, you are STILL a pervert.) Go wank to porn and leave me alone. Don’t bother me with your trivial fantasies and nonsensical questions, thanks.



2nd reason) You want to judge me.

To which I say, FUCK OFF!!!! And fuck you!

What the hell is wrong with you and why are you one of those people who must always find a negative flaw in somebody so that you can make unfair, biased judgements about them in your head while secretly trying to feel better about yourself??

There is no politically correct answer for this question, it’s like a trick question and any answer you give leads you to a death trap.

If you say “YES, I’ve had sex before”, people would be all like

“ZOMG YOU SLUT!!! How could you? Disgusting! Your vagina is smelly and huge and wide and you are a loose woman! You have no morals! What would your husband say?? I thought you were a nice girl! I looked up to you!! Nobody will want you when you’re older.. blah blah… fat and ugly… stupid fat pig…”

If you say “NO, I’ve never had sex before”, people would be all like

“ZOMG YOU SLUT!!! Who would believe that you’re still a virgin? You have a boyfriend and he stays over in your house, somehow that automatically makes you a cheap whore and even if you guys don’t really have sex, you still have no morals!!!! You’re a liar on top of being a slut.”


…….See what I mean?

So more often than not, I end up deleting such questions because it’s a waste of my time. Also because I am uncomfortable discussing with random people (or any sorta people really) my intimate affairs. You don’t have to know!!!

I have better things to do than to sit around explaining myself and give people even more reasons to judge me.

But today, I received a question in Formspring going,

“hey, you don’t really seem to value your virginity? why? is it cause you’re more open minded? just curious. hope this doesnt offend you. :/”

And I think it’s high time I finally explain WHY people should STFU about virginity once and for all. I know I’m not the only girl who gets this shit from people, so I believe I speak for many chicks when I type this entry.


First off, what is it about virginity that people should value??

Is it the INNOCENCE of a virgin, or the non-broken hymen?

If it’s the innocence, then no thanks, I’m not interested in being “innocent”. Innocent is the naive fool who knows nothing about the harsh realities of this world we live in.

Furthermore, “innocent” is not a word I’d like people to use to describe me. Witty, intelligent, charming.. all these are well-received comments, but innocent?!

When somebody says you are “innocent”, would you even take it as a compliment? It says nothing good about your character besides hinting you’re quite oblivious. More than likely it’s just a polite way of saying you’re ignorant. Pretty sure that is what people mean 99% of the time.

There’s no such thing as an innocent adult anyway, we ALL lose our innocence when we grow up.

Innocence is being free from moral wrong – and none of us are free from that when it comes to sexually-orientated thoughts.

Watching porn, staring at boobs / butts / penises, masturbating, thinking about how good David Beckham / Megan Fox *insert some other movie star here* would look with their shirt off..

I’m sure every one of you reading this has done one or several of the above before – virgins or not!

How can you be a hypocrite and claim that virgins are innocent then?

You have NOT been innocent since the day you’ve had your first sexual thought about the opposite sex. Just because you don’t have the guts or means to get fucked or because you choose not to does not classify you as “innocent”.

Your proper label is “unlaid”, if anything.

How is a dude that frequently watches porn wanking off to random sluts on his computer screen any more innocent than a dude who has sex with his long-term girlfriend??

The way I see it – the latter is a much better option because a couple engages in intercourse out of passion, chemistry and love (well sometimes anyway) and the wanker dude just wants sexual satisfaction for himself.

Neither are innocent, but there is a BIG difference between them.


What is this whole nonsense about “Sex Only After Marriage” and “Sex With One Partner For Life” anyway?

What happens if a married couple has sex frequently but then gets a divorce? Is the woman still allowed to have sex with her next husband? Oh Snap! Kinda confusing isn’t it? Since she’s not considered “pure” or a “virgin” anymore.

And for the people saying sex should only be for making babies, are you seriously going to turn your husband down every single time he has his urges?? It’s hard to imagine a marriage like that lasting, which would indirectly lead to a divorce and Oh Snap!

Back to the dilemma on whether a divorcee should be allowed to have sex without sinning again.

I don’t get why people talk about premarital sex like it’s such a TERRIBLE thing to do. Is expressing passionate feelings physically really all that bad?

I don’t approve of girls acting like sluts and sleeping with random guys for attention and money but has it ever occured to you guys that some couples who have sex before marriage simply do it out of love?

It’s not always the grotesquely filthy completely physical sinful act your mother told you it is.

Why is it only ok to have sex AFTER a legalized marriage?

What IS a legalized marriage besides a bunch of of papers..

Who is to say that an unwed couple cannot love each other as wholeheartedly and truly as a couple that is certified to be married by law??

Pretty sure Adam & Eve weren’t officially married before they did the badonkadonk.

Documents can’t certify love, it only certifies an agreement. And if a document is what is needed to prove my commitment to my partner then I’d rather not be married at all because I don’t want to stoop to such a low level.


Let’s move onto the physical part about being a virgin.

The only difference between a virgin and a girl who’s had sex is a broken hymen. And it can’t be about the broken hymen, SURELY..

How retarded can people be? According to this logic, is it safe to assume that any girl with a broken / torn hymen is not a virgin??

You do realize that girls can accidentally tear / damage their hymens by various non sexual ways, such as falling hard on the ground and landing on their privates or being hit down south with a big enough impact / stretching excessively (gymnasts and athletes) / fingering (YES it happens) or even using a wrongly sized tampon!!

You can tear your hymen without sex and even with sex, sometimes the hymen doesn’t bleed when damaged.

It is not possible for a doctor to examine a woman’s vagina and instantly determine whether she is a virgin or not JUST by looking at her hymen, or the absence of it.

So to all you hypocritical self-righteous girls out there judging other chicks for “not being virgins” – hey, you just might not be a virgin yourself, sucker!!!

All the hymen really is is a membrane that surrounds / partially covers your vajayjay. It’s not a sign from god proving that you’re holier than your other female friends because they’ve had sex and you haven’t.

…Which is the point that I’m trying to get to.

I’m sick and tired of people concluding that girls who are not virgins = dirty cheap SLUTS.

Or that just because you ARE a virgin, you are supposedly “BETTER”.

Sorry to break it to you boys and girls, but just because you haven’t had sex before doesn’t make you - IN ANY WAY - superior to a person who’s already done the deed.

You simply just haven’t gotten laid yet.

Are you considered “more innocent” or “Better” just because you haven’t had sex? NO!

So get off your stupid high horse. In what way are you any different from a person who’s already had sex?…

You have a tighter vagina, big deal. Betcha tampons hurt like a bitch.


There are 3 kinds of people in this world -

1) People who get laid all the time

2) People who wanna get laid but can’t

3) People who choose not to get laid

If you fall into category 2, sucks to be you.

If you fall into category 3 – Good on ya if you’re waiting for “that perfect moment / someone”..

It’s all very nice in theory but don’t go around sticking your nose into other peoples business, making harsh judgements about them while forcing your own morals and views upon others just so ya feel better about not getting some.

Grow up!

There is so much more to a person’s character that defines them rather than whether they are virgins or not. Your morals are IRRELEVANT to me.

Who the fuck are you, or your religion to judge me and other people?

I don’t care what the bible says, because I’m not christian / catholic and I certainly don’t believe in your god so your rules don’t apply to me, ok?

Life is too precious and short to let my actions, decisions and thoughts become ultimately ruled by random ramblings in an ancient book, or by what others might think of me and what momma says.

Woe be to the person who has so many nonsensical rules to follow!!!


P.S – Haven’t given my stand on whether I am really a virgin or not, but as you could probably already tell, I am not interested in answering. Like I said, it’s a trick question. I don’t care what people think anyway, but it pisses me off when ‘tards try to impose their views on me.


P.P.S - I didn’t write this post to encourage girls to lead a provocative lifestyle. I just hope people would be less ignorant and think that being a virgin is “better” or NOT being a virgin is “so cool / bad”

It’s not cool / better / bad or anything of the sort.. At the end of the day, it’s just a personal choice you make in your life – something that you can’t get back once it’s lost. But even so, it’s not the end of the world when your virginity is gone – a new chapter in life begins as you embrace your sexuality, become more of an adult and discover things about yourself and your partner that you’ve never known before.


P.P.P.S - I know there are a lot of girls out there who have lost their virginity to a guy whom they thought was the right one for them at the time but got dumped soon afterwards.. thus feeling very ashamed about what happened because they feel like they’ve lost something special and they really regret it.

If the next boy you meet really loves you, he wouldn’t care about what happened in the past. In this case, the age old quote “Those who matter won’t mind, and those who mind don’t matter” is very applicable!

I’m sure you have SO MUCH more than just virginity to offer him. Who would have known that the boy you lost it to wouldn’t have turned out the right one?

People in love take risks and chances, but it doesn’t always pay off. Don’t beat yourself up over it, it’s not your fault. We shouldn’t punish ourselves or our current / future loved ones for the mistakes those who’ve hurt us have made.

Life is too short for regrets..
Every mistake is a lesson in disguise, just be careful who you let in next time.

I just want to tell you that you’re still beautiful, virgin or not. ♥



So recently, there’s been some mad drama going on at my Formspring

Who’s the star of the show?


Or THY-DOWAGER as she likes to be called.

If you dunno who she is, don’t ask me, you can google her.

I wasn’t going to blog about this issue since at first I thought it was no biggie, but figured it’d make for gold content, so here’s your juicy bit of gossip today!!!

You heard it first on ;)

So it all started with………… this photo.

Dowager (I love calling her that) camwhored with a dirty 2 dollar note, and posted the picture on her blog.

And now, Wendy aka Xiaxue comes into the picture.

Wendy saw the picture and told me about it on MSN, and after laughing about it, she posted her opinions on Twitter, saying something like she saw a picture of someone putting a $2 note in her mouth to act cute, and she can’t believe somebody would do something so gross coz money is really filthy (IT IS.)

Note that Wendy was nice enough to not reveal Dowager’s name on Twitter, so it was anyone’s guess who it could be…

Anyway, some telltale minion went to report to Dowager on her Formspring page, telling Dowager that Wendy talked about her on Twitter regarding the $2 note, to which Dowager had varied replies for:

Dowager’s first reply was “I can’t be bothered”,

and her next one was “Wendy is an amazing girl with talent”,

and her next reply would then be TOTALLY different again, going as far as to say Wendy is “fat”, “mean”, “plastic” and a whole bunch of other lame insults.

(DON’T BELIEVE ME?? Go look at Dowager’s Formspring! ALL the evidence is there – If she doesn’t delete it!)


…And then somebody left her this question on her Formspring:


Apparently she has no idea why” Wendy talks shit about her on Twitter (not the first time, and I don’t blame her)…

Maybe it’s coz you’re so damn unlikeable, Dowager?!?

Anyway, this whole $2-note-bitching-on-Twitter-and-Formspring thing was between Dowager and Wendy..

But now that Dowager’s decided to conveniently include the fact that I’m a “suck up” out of nowhere, then shit just got PERSONAL, bitch.

People told me about the insulting things she’s been saying about me on her Formspring, and at first I was gonna ignore her, but she persisted comment after comment, so eventually I started insulting her back…

And the insults just went back and forth, and back and forth - if you have the time, you can check it all out on our Formspring accounts, it goes way back and would probably answer a lot of your questions.


Anyway this blog post is not a showcase for who has the better insults/comebacks (obviously me though hehe) or who is at fault, I was prepared to let it all go since it was just 2 bitches going at each other and it’d die out eventually…

But out of nowhere, THIS HAPPENED:


With a capital L on your forehead!

Or maybe on your chin coz there’s more space.

Do you guys even realize how classic this is?!?!!?

If you didn’t notice before, look at the account name of the person who left me those 2 comments!!


Miss Dowager left a SELF-PRAISING comment on my Formspring,

posing as an outsider, saying she’s “So much better than me” without realizing that she forgot to ask the question Anonymously!

Epic shit or what!! Couldn’t stop LOL-ing when I realized what happened!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got really so dumb one anot?

….In this case, yes.

You’ve really outdone yourself dear.

And when I say outdone, I really mean Self-Pwned.

So after awhile, I suppose she realized the utterly stupid thing she’d just done, thus freaking out a bit and during a fit of confusion and embarrassment, came up with a pathetic cover-up that said:



This is just so classic Dowager! Incoherent and lame. Even just by the typing I can tell it’s her, lol!

Anyway, from my replies to her in the screen shot, you could tell that I wasn’t fully aware of what was going on at the start…

I was just as confused as anyone else in my situation would be!

I didn’t notice who the questions were from, I receive a lot in a day so I didn’t think very much about it.

But people started telling me, “OMG Peggy didn’t set her status to anonymous and now she’s freaking out HAHAH what a loser!!!”

And EVERYONE was laughing their asses off!

So not only did she #FAIL by trying to self-praise on my Formspring and ended up owning herself instead, the very next thing she does is try to cover up by pretending she got hacked??

LAME MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

Even if you wanna lie, do it properly plz! Say it was your sister who did it or something moderately believable.

HELLO, who would wanna hack your Formspring account?

Got gold and diamonds inside izzit?

Formspring accounts are worthless, even if they’d wanna hack you, they’d hack your blog right??

Why isn’t your blog hacked instead / too ?

Plus, if the hacker hated me but liked you so much, why didn’t he / she just use an Anonymous name to leave a comment on my Formspring - why did they have to HACK you just to send such a lame message???

You seriously think anybody would be so free?

Meh. Seems like a pretty shitty way of showing a blogger your support – by hacking them!



Everyone was going nuts on my Formspring, talking about what a huge liar and loser she is, etc….

But then, it gets more exciting -

Dowager then DELETED her Formspring!

She didn’t answer her readers questions of “Peggy were you really self-praising?!” but instead, completely disappeared from the cyber world for what she claims is 2 whole days.

What happened? Did she really freak out that badly?

I suppose it’s in order to support her claim of getting hacked?

“This user has disabled their account.”

Note that it said USER has disabled their account”, not “this account has been terminated” – Thus it was done by the owner of the account and not a management error by Formspring. Plus I’ve never heard of spontaneously-self-deleting Formspring accounts before either.

Of course everyone assumed she disappeared into oblivion in shame..

Too embarrassed to even talk about it or explain it.

Come on, it’s such a huge fuck up, if it happened to me I’d just bury my head in the ground and never appear online again!!!


…..But her lies just kept on coming.

Tonight, (12th December) Miss Dowager finally came back from being MIA and announced on her blog:


Stop it already!!! You tickle meh!!!!!!

You’re honestly cracking all of us up. O____O

FIRST you leave a self-praising comment, then you get exposed,

next you got conveniently got HACKED,

and then you go MIA for 2 days

and now you come back telling the world you’ve had FOOD POISONING??

What’s next?? You won the lottery and donated it all to poverty coz you’re a kind soul like that?!?

And somehow, after all this, you still DON’T KNOW why your Formspring account got deleted?!!!???!!


Someone give her a prize for her efforts already, this woman deserves a medal for being so ridiculous to believe that we’d buy her story.

Magical self-deleting Formspring accounts!!! The new in thing. They self-destruct when they detect their owners are getting pwned. Technology keeps amazing me with every new invention.

Or maybe the blame is on a non-existent hacker that supposedly likes you but actually really really hates you.

Even if I’d chosen to give her the benefit of doubt, she REALLY killed it by saying she got FOOD POISONING. (that’s what I tell my teacher when I don’t feel like going to school)

Getting food poisoning at the same time you get hacked ?
That’s got to be in a Guinness Book of World Records (for lying) somewhere.

If I were her, I’d at least cover up by pretending to get my blog hacked along with my Formspring (save a copy somewhere so you can make it go back to normal after drama is over) and then pretend to be very traumatized.


She claims to have not been online for 2 days as she’s been tossing and turning in bed in pain, then tell me,

WHY OH WHY, did she answer a few Formspring questions just YESTERDAY???

Wasn’t she meant to be sick in bed, and if you haven’t used the computer in TWO days, did your Formspring automatically answer itself again?

Izzit a new function I haven’t heard of from Peggytechnology?

And there is NO WAY she could have logged onto Formspring without receiving a swarm of insults or questions regarding the Self-Praising incident…

I’m sure she’s been working the Delete button on her Formspring like crazy recently.


Btw, posting a picture of medicine on your blog isn’t going to fool us. Nice try.

What do you think we are???? Children?

Anyone who is even the least bit REMOTELY intelligent

can see through her disgusting lies.

I’m not going to bother entertaining her claims about me being a fake bitch, pretentious, bootlicker, fat, underachiever – really, she can say anything she wants.

Whatever she says is highly irrelevant and completely not credible now.

Nothing she says about me will top what she’s just done, so she can say whatever to comfort herself if it helps make her feel a little better.

Most of it is probably more lies anyway.

Like ANYONE’S going to take anything you say seriously from now on..?

Plus, as I mentioned before, the whole point of this post is not about the two of us bitching @ each other, cuz bitching is about negative opinions and rumours and some lies that can’t be proven wrong without evidence, whereas in this case, I have CONCRETE PROOF.

How is anybody going to discredit this, eh?

Miss Dowager, how do you expect people to still respect you????

Actually I almost feel really sorry for you while writing this post… but not really. You asked for it.

This whole post had to be said and done. I can’t stand it anymore.

And lastly….

are attempting to stir up shit? Ok, maybe XX and QQ a little, since they talked about you on Twitter.

What about me?

As much as I disliked you, did I even utter a word to diss ya? No.

I didn’t say shit, at least not on a public platform like Twitter.

And yet, the moment somebody mentioned I’m arrogant on your Formspring and asked why Wendy wants to be friends with me but not you – you took it as an opportunity to insult me by calling me a “suck up”?

It’s not my fault she doesn’t think you’re worth having as a friend.

Why did you have to come provoke me???

Oh well. You can pay the price now, coz everyone who reads this post will know what you did and who you are.

….If you hadn’t decided to camwhore with a $2 note in your mouth (seriously?? who does that? oh and did I mention she claims the note’s new from the bank? LOL)

If you had just kept your stinky mouth shut and not be bitchy about the situation coz money in your mouth is undoubedly filthy

If you hadn’t dragged me into your problem for no good reason…

None of this would have happened.

Now that she’s been getting so much shit from people, Dowager says she’s going to put an end to this whole saga.

You think you can just start shit with people by calling them a suck up and simply end it as and when you feel like it?

I think not.

I think you have some explaining to do to your readers, if you’d still like to have any supporters left at the end of the day.

Stop thinking you’re invincible coz you’re Peggy Heng, it really doesn’t mean much nowadays.

I’ll admit that I did like you before, as you enjoy going around telling people that as if it makes any difference now – 3 years ago when I was 15 years old, young and stupid..

But then I grew up, got smarter and better.. so don’t be mad coz I don’t look up to you as a blogger or a person anymore.

Don’t keep digging up the past to say kk? What matters is RIGHT NOW.

And right now you’re a capital L!



Erm.. lan jiao? Ok nvm you don’t have one.

A lot of things have changed since 3 years ago darling!

You’ve bitched about me and backstabbed me, and I’ve definitely done the same to you, everyone knows we’re both not innocent, so let’s not act like angels and be true to ourselves at least.

I know I’m a real BITCH too – it’s ok,
I don’t need any reminders.

But hey, at least I can admit it to the world and to myself!

I don’t try to put on a “nice girl” image like you.

Like one of my readers said, your constant “Holier-Than-Thou” attitude is annoying.

There is so much more nasty things I’d like to say about you, believe me, but let this post not be about random personal insults.

I want it to be a clear account of the blatant lies you’ve been telling these days, not just about me,

..but also about yourself.


The moral of the story today, boys and girls, is….

If you can’t handle the HEAT, don’t play with FIRE!



O hai evwyoneeeee!!!! ^.^

My name ish pudding, teh pudding hamster! (i noe right, so creatively named)

So vewy nice to meet you. *extends paw for a handshake*

I just got myself a lovely new owner yesturday and have alweady adapted well to my surroundings!!

My new home is a big glass tank, which is easy to clean and purrfect for Jess to view all my little furry, irresistable hammie antics that makes me her go “Awww” like crazy… Silly human!

I’m a curious little hammie who likes to play with new toys all the time! Adventurous and fun loving are my best traits…

I may nip lightly sometimes, but that’s only because I want to check you out. My bites don’t hurt very much, I pwomise!!

Some of my favouwite activities include burrowing around my bedding, throwing pink fluff evwywhere.. Squeeeeeeeee

Running around in my wittle hammie wheel so fast, you’d never be able to get a pwoper picture of me!

Jess says I’m already tooooo fat, so I need to work out and diet more! (but she keeps feeding me all sorts of treats.. evil human)

When I’m tired and sleeeeepy from all that playing and running around, I like to cuddle up into a puffball and take snoozes in the corner of my tank!


Stop poking me when I’m having my hammie naps, stupid human!!! (Yes, I like sleeping with my head squashed inbetween my abundant squishyness and the glass tank)

This is me spanking new home!! It doesn’t look like vewy much now, but Jess promised it’d be super pwetty and awesome once she’s done making and buying me toys and other decorations to pway with all the time..

She likes me a lot better because she says I’m much friendlier than the other hammie in the house, whose name I do not speak of because I want alllllllll her attention! ^.^

She drew and stuck this onto my tank today while I was sleeping! Me likes it vewy much *nods furry head*

Yup yup yup, that’s my name!

Okie, his hammieness is gettin sleepy now, it’s time for royal napz once again..

She wasn’t kidding, blogging is real tough work!!

I’ll talk to you humans again soon… hopefully next time Jess would take more photogenic shots for me and maybe photoshop my fat chin away!! ^.^



What Inspires Me

“Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music.”

My favourite song at the moment.. I can’t imagine why this artist does not have more listeners.

It’s so mellow, yet so strong in its own sense… So soft and lovely, it whispers into my ear all the things I want to hear. It reminds me of all the things I miss and want. It speaks of hope, love and dreams. ♥

It makes me want to lay in a field full of sunflowers or daisies, dance around in a floaty dress on my tippy toes pretending I’m a ballerina.. it makes me want to fall asleep to this song every single night. I feel so carefree and at peace with the world :)

Another one.. if you liked the previous one, you’ll love this song too!
There are those who think that I’m strange, they would box me up and tell me to change.. but you hold me close and softly say that you wouldn’t have me any other way. ♥

When words fail to express what I really mean, when my mind fails to process what’s really going on, when my heart is no longer capable of feeling properly… and most of all, when the world turns its back on me and it’s Me Vs The World again, music seems to be the one and only thing that has never failed me.

Any question that you may be the seeking the answer for lies in a song you may or may not have discovered yet.

When I’m feeling lonely, it keeps me company with its soft melodious tones, flowing through and wrapping itself around me like a warm blanket. When I’m sad, it soothes my aching heart by assuring me that it knows exactly what I’m going through.. and that everything is going to be okay, because the music is still playing. When I’m happy, it elevates my happiness and makes the moment extra personal and special, by singing along with me. When I’m angry or frustrated, I like to blast edgy songs and scream along.. it’s nice to know someone else hates the world equally as much.

Music inspires me because it knows the lyrics to my heart.

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”

I would use the word “Photography”, but it sounds a little too superficial and technical for what it means to me. I care not for what lens or camera body I’m using, the only important in an image to me is the everlasting question :

How does it make you feel?

If it’s managed to awaken any emotion in you at all, then it is a meaningful image successful in inspiring people. Nothing else matters.

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.”

To suit the gorgeous songs I’ve posted above, I included some pictures of Flowers around Sam’s neighbourhood – Part 2! I like this bunch much better.

They’re so beautiful, I’ve never known flowers like these before.

“Whether he is an artist or not, the photographer is a joyous sensualist, for the simple reason that the eye traffics in feelings, not in thoughts.”

I love taking and sharing photos, because it allows me to show the world what I think of it. How else better to let people see the way you see things? Explaining in words is one thing, but seeing is believing. I believe that anyone can be a good photographer, even with the lousiest camera, a true photo moment can never be wrecked by bad lighting or technical difficulties.
I feel like capturing memories and beauty on camera is like preserving the moment forever. It can never be taken away from me, and even if my films and digital copies of the photos are destroyed, I’ll always remember the moment in the exact way I took the picture of.

It’s like I’ve decided, “Okay, so this is it. Take this picture and it stays with you forever.”

A photographer is like an artist, with his mind the paintbrush, the camera a canvas and the world an inspiration.

Beautiful images inspire me by reminding me that there is always something beautiful in every situation, if only you would open your heart to it, then you could bring it out and see the beauty that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

“A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.”

She’s been traveling a lot and is hardly home recently, which has made me notice the effect of not having her around in my life. It feels emptier.

My mum is a very interesting woman. Sometimes she’s caring, loving, understanding, and at other times she’s almost annoying, hostile and has a nasty temper. But above all, she’s my skyscraper of strength and stability when all else in the world comes crashing down on my shoulders.

One of the things she used to say was, “You can choose your friends, but not your family.”

How I see it, she left out the words “….But you love them all the same” at the end of her quote. It explains a lot about a mother’s love. Even before you were born, they started loving you already. After you were born, despite your differences and shortcomings, she still took care of you and watched over you as you grow older.

Even though she might relentlessly nag about how you’re not studying or working hard enough all the time, really, at the end of the day it doesn’t matter to her who the brightest student in the whole damn school is, because only one of them is her child, and that fact is irreplaceable.

Because of her, I’ve grown to become my own person, yet alike to her in so many ways she doesn’t understand.

The key concept to parenthood:
No child is ever perfect. They will make mistakes, and sometimes the harder you try to hold onto them, the further you are driving them away.
Give them some space, let them make their own fair share of mistakes and take risks the same way you got to live your own life when you were younger… eventually, they will always find their way back home.
Some might get a little lost on their way, and others would take longer than the rest but they’ll come back to you, just wait and see.

And then they’ll need someone to be waiting there for them, with wide open arms and non-judgemental eyes.

Despite how overly concerned and protective she may be sometimes, she does allow me ample freedom, letting me live my life and to be my own person… and I think that’s the most important factor as to why I’m such a strong-headed, free-spirited individual.

Those who know me well know that I’m influenced by my mum in the littlest and biggest ways,

from the clothes I wear, to the way I live my life. She’s had a fulfilling life, with many ups and downs and one of her favourite things to do is tell her stories of what happened many years ago.

A very fond memory is of her telling the story about how my dad didn’t want more children when she was expecting me (they already had my elder brother and he’s 8 years older, he thought it was too big a gap and didn’t wanna start all over again)

So he told my mum to go for an abortion, but she refused. She loved me even before I was born.

My dad got pissed off and exclaimed that he wouldn’t pay for my medical expenses, etc, and that I was “her” responsibility and not his. She agreed, and true enough, eventually when I was born, he wasn’t even at the hospital bed with her, he was on holiday with his “other” family.

She went on to tell me how heartbreaking it is to be a single mother and through all that sadness, she managed to find hope and at the end of her heartbreaking story, she looked at me and said,  “But I wouldn’t have had it any other way, because then I wouldn’t have you.”

And then she hugged me. My mother is amazing like that :’) So tearing up while typing this. Right there and then, I wanted to cry because I felt so sad about her story but loved because it was all done for me.. but I didn’t, I put up a strong front because I always wanna act tough in front of my mum. Not because I’m afraid of showing my emotions, because I don’t want her to worry. I want her to think and know that I am always happy, healthy, and strong. I don’t want her to know that really, I’m a big softie and can be quite the emotional wreck, crying over everything and nothing in particular.

But to me, crying is not a weakness.
You might think I’m crazy for saying this, but when my heart is aching, my mind and body overwhelmed with thoughts and emotions and I’m gasping for breath between my heavy sobs….

I feel the most alive.
If you are hurt, it means you care, and if you care, then there is something to live for. You don’t see dead people (emotionally and physically) crying too often now, do you? It’s because their hearts are cold, numb and empty. I’d rather hurt than feel nothing at all. I think that makes me special, being able to look at what other people might consider flaws and imperfections as character and beauty. That is why I’m so different from my dad. It’s because I am like my mum.

My dad has tried to use that as an insult against me. But he’s the one who has never known a proper loving relationship between parent and child.

And that is also why I love my mum. ♥
My mum inspires me to do the right thing, to be my own person, and to love unconditionally.

I’ve said so many things about Sam on my blog, that I’m not sure if there’s much left I can say.

If somebody who’s not family and has absolutely no obligations to me could love me so damn willingly and selflessly, then heck, there must be some sort of crazy beauty in myself that I don’t see.
What kind of girl makes another guy want to put his entire life on hold and drop everything he has just to spend time with her?
Or rather, what kind of guy would be so crazy to do something drastic like that?!

It’s so much more than money, time, and effort.

It’s about believing that what you’re doing and who you’re doing it for is truly and completely worth it all.

Oceans and countries apart didn’t stop him from reaching out to me. It’s hard not to believe in destiny and fate when it happens to you in such a fairytale way. I was trying to get my over my ex, then I met this funny and interesting guy online who was everything I wanted my ex to be… but of course he had to be in another country. I remember crying to myself before I went to bed one night, thinking how tragic it was that I’d never be able to meet this guy who could make me so very happy just by talking to me.
He was so near yet so far.

He’d would accompany me everyday when I needed someone and be the lullaby I’d fall asleep to… sometimes I could almost swear I felt him right here with me but he’s a good 8 hour plane flight away.

Then something magical happened.

Sometimes I still can’t believe he traveled across the world just to meet me. My ex use to complain that couldn’t even be bothered traveling to my place as we lived quite far.

Well… Sam’s the man to prove that any distance is not one too far for him. Our relationship has really been testing my limits as to how much of a selfless person I can be. It can get awfully tiring and trying, but the whole point is that it pushes me to fight for what I believe in.

And I believe in us.
My boyfriend inspires me by helping me discover things about myself only he can bring out.

That’s a few of the many, many things that inspire me daily.

What inspires you?


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