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Science Centre

It’s been many years since I’d last visited the Singapore Science Centre, so I thought I’d take Sam there this trip, since there was a Pixar exhibition going on that we were both quite excited to see!

We wanted to go on Monday, but thankfully before leaving my house, I posted on my twitter that I was going and wonderful people informed me that they were CLOSED on Mondays!! Kua kua kua.

Ended up going yesterday (Wednesday) but turns out it wasn’t such a fab day to visit the Science Centre either. Absolutely filled to the brim with SCHOOL KIDS!!!

Over 10 schools worth of noisy, irritating, sweaty juveniles. Roar.

They were making so much noise, crowding up the entire place and all of the boys were so dirty and sweaty! Everytime one of them walked past me, they’d rub off some filth and sweat on me as well, FML. Suddenly very happy to be grown up. Goodbye, ugly and unglamorous high school days! I don’t miss you!

I actually saw my own high school there!!! Recognized my gym class teacher but there was no chance he’d know who I was. I always skipped PE lessons hahaha.

Nonetheless, it was a gorgeous day and we’d purposely got up super early just to make sure we had the whole day ahead of us for plentiful activities!

I woke up naturally (without anyone poking me or an alarm clock) at like 7am.


Bought our tickets for admission and before we even got into any exhibitions, the first place we stepped into was their MERCHANDISE STORE!

We are the BIGGEST freaking tourists ever, no matter where we go, we never fail to buy silly almost useless stuff because we are just that easily amused and tempted.

I bought a bright pink shooting star wand that’s a massive glow stick (coz I’m a princess!), a killer whale water gun (because every orca lover should have one!) and other random stuff.

Astronaut ice cream FTW!!!!!

We bought 2 packets and happily ate them. Hey, space food isn’t all that bad! Probably even better than plane food.

I actually prefer astronaut ice cream to real, proper ice cream LOL. I love how it melts in your mouth :’) nom nom nom

Sam is a Science man. (well he IS a medical scientist)

He loved the Science Centre because he’s the kind of person who just HAS to know how and why everything turns out the way they do.

At first glance you might see some mountain landscape, but upon closer inspection, you should be able to see something else….


A compressed image results in a picture of a man’s face. Fascinating! I wonder how many hours do artists spend on an artwork like this?

Fancy pillars.. or four people?

Muahahaha I am now an optical illusion expert! Conquer the Spinning Woman, and you shall conquer everything else!

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

“And for dessert, we have bananas, apples and a decapitated head! Enjoy.”

You really shouldn’t leave nasty comments on my blog. There’s no guarantee I won’t appear on your plate and bite your fingers off! Begone, worthless keyboard warriors!

Oh I LOVE this exhibit!

It showed us SUPER SUPER SUPER high-definition videos where you can control the playback of footage, and you can see every 1/1000 of a second per frame, the depth of detail is utterly amazing!

This sort of clarity is impossible even with perfect eyesight, and it was fascinating just watching a ripple form, or a water droplet falling and even slowed-down movement of peoples flabs shaking when they move.

You’ve probably eaten one today.


How cute are they?!?!?!!
When they saw me coming really close to take a picture, all of them came running towards this end, desperate for attention!

They are so incredibly small and fluffy and hyper, I just wanted to pick one up and bring it home in my pocket.

You know what I also realized? That every time I eat an egg, I’m eating an aborted chicken!!! Or what could have been the fluffy little chicks that we saw above. Bleh.

I know it’s a “duh” fact, but it really doesn’t hit you any harder that eggs are really bird foetus until you see the word “hatching today” laballed on a batch of eggs that look like they were stolen from your kitchen table.

Slightly depressed about the chick situation, I walked over to a small aquarium tank and made friends with a tortoise.

Hi Mr. Tortoise!

I think animals like me. The ones at the Science Centre, at least. They always seem to willingly pose for my shots.

Less adorable creatures… Hissing cockroaches.

……..A hissing cockroach, or a butterfly?

A hissing cockroach ANY DAY.

Hai unagi.

Oh, look! A magnifying glass to amplify my beauty. LOL

Who, me? Childish? Nonsense.

Okokok before I forget. Here’s something totally unrelated to Science, but since it was the first time I brought it out yesterday, I felt the need to take pictures of it!!


Isn’t it gorgeous?!?!?!?! ♥ it so0o0o0oo much!!!

My mummy, being the angel that she is, came home with this beauty a few days ago and it was such a surprise because I’ve been wanting this bag since TWO years ago but never got around to buying it since it’s rather pricey.


Thank you mummy I love you, you are win!!!!! ♥ It is my favouritest bag now!


Another picture to show off my new pretty bag coz I can ^.^

Random pic of Sam being happy and having a sweet in his mouth.

He played a game on this machine and answered its questions correctly, and the reward was candy. He was very pleased with himself because I didn’t have candy but he did - his reward and proof for being smart, so he says.

Walked into another merchandise store and we bought matching Pooh + Piglet tiny plushies because they are TOO CUTE to resist!!!!

We had lunch at the only place to eat in sight, which was this shitty cafe inbetween the Science Center’s exhibitions and the Pixar exhition - why is it theme parks and tourist attractions always have REALLY bad food?!?

Sam’s not very pleased at all. I think he said it was the worst hot dog he’s ever had.

Hot like mad!!!!!!!!!!
What is up with the weather these days?!?

As if it’s not hot enough in Singapore normally!

He’s not appreciating the heat either. Hahaha cooked red like a lobster!

“I want a picture with the big bad cannon!”

Why anyone would pay $1 to get themselves painfully and unpleasantly shocked with an electrified chair, I don’t know.

Q: What makes a geek jump for joy when he sees it?

A: Dinosaurs.

Not his girlfriend, not money, but dinosaurs.

Big ass mosquito!!!

Why do mozzies even exist, all they do is spread itchiness, diseases and misery to people! I don’t know why, but mozzies always seem to prefer sucking my blood than other people’s.

At the end of the day, I get like 10 bites when the person beside me only got like 3. What nonsense is this?!?

Sam finding out just how difficult it is to walk in snow shoes. I don’t know how white balls are meant to represent snow, but I guess you make do with whatever you can get!

It’s way harder than it looks… the shoes are so big and heavy, you have to take giiiiaaant steps!

Major respect for people who survive in freezing places. Having a heat stroke in Singapore is one thing, having to wear snow shoes just to get around is another!!!

Super cute drawn on house!!!!

Orbiting around Space hehehehe

And then it’s gooooodbye Science Centre!!!!!!

I’ll see you again in perhaps 6 years or more.

It was pretty fun and interesting, those who haven’t been to it in years should go, because they added tons of new stuff!


After Science Centre, we went to watch Shrek 4, which was ok, but I don’t really like movie sequels!

It’s like, the first is engaging and new and all, then the 2nd is a decent follow-up but by the 3rd, I’ve already lost interest and it takes an excellent director to have the movie still be interesting.

Ended our day with Party World KTV @ International Building!

Remember how I’ve always raved about them? Well now I take it back. Their facilities and choice of songs are definitely way better than KBOX, but the service is absolutely crappy!!!

We ordered some ice blended drinks, which were completely tasteless, so I called the waitress in to ask them to add more syrup to the drink because it was too bland.

I told them to either make the drinks better-tasting, or give us a change of soft drinks and she said ok.

2 minutes later, this angry looking guy knocks on our door and demands to know what the problem with the drinks were.

I said they tasted very bland and bad, then you know what the idiot said?!?!

He said, “It’s impossible, I was the one who made the drinks, so it should be just fine.”

After a brief argument and lots of hostility, he just stormed off but not before hastily giving me a lan jiao bin.

Well, Mr. Party World Up-Himself Bartender, fuck you, because I’m the paying unsatisfied customer and if I say it tastes like shit, then it tastes like SHIT and you’d better give me something worth my money!!!

Who cares if YOU made the drink. I hate it when people in the service crew cannot provide service for fuck, who wants to be served by someone who is so unpleasant?

Instead of bothering people with your incompetency, go apply for another job where efficiency and pleasantness is not the main criteria, because it’s clearly not your strong points!!!

There’s far too many restaurants and retail outlets in Singapore that employ FAIL service crew!


Warwick Avenue

I love this song and I usually sing it when I’m in a good mood, but today it just caught me and tugged on my heart strings while I was unexpectedly vulnerable, and I feel compelled to open up and share my own experiences with other people so here goes.

Listening to this song and watching the tears roll down Duffy’s face made me think of my own tears that I shed while being in the exact same situation.

This song is about moving on to better things in life, to break free from a seemingly bottomless pit and finally realizing that you’re better off than what you once believed you could never live without.

For 2 and a half years of my life, I lived everyday thinking that I was in love with my ex-boyfriend and that I could never survive a day without him.

Almost a year later, I’m in a relationship with someone who appreciates me more, I am generally happier and definitely better off.

Despite the fact that I’m in love with someone completely new and have already moved on, it seems like every now and then I remember what used to be my world, and I remember one of the hardest lessons I’ve learned and will ever learn.

They say “the first cut is the deepest”, and I’m sorry if I have to resort to cliche and over-repeated quotes we have all heard before to emphasize on what I really mean, but these quotes wouldn’t be so famous if they weren’t so true.

Your first love would be nothing like the rest of your relationships. It is the first time you fall in love that you fall the deepest, because you love like you’ve never been hurt before. And that, in my opinion, is one of the truest forms of love.

Because in my first real relationship, I taught myself how to love unconditionally. I was new to this scene, and all I could really understand was how hard and fast he made my heart beat.

I’ve never known heartbreak like how it knew to always find its way to me, and because I’ve never been hurt quite so badly, I also never knew how to protect myself.

For the longest time, I was obsessed with the fact that I was in love with somebody whom I thought was perfect for me, never once stopping to realize that perhaps I’m in love with the idea of what I’d like him to be or who I THINK he is, and not realizing who he actually was is someone I’ve never known, and still don’t.

I was trying to hold onto someone who was already gone.

I was young, far too young and naive back then to even begin to grasp the basic concept of relationships. I just knew that I had to love him, and that I had to be with him.

When you’re in a relationship like that, you don’t stop to think that one day, all that was your entire world would come crashing down on your head, taking you along with it.

You’d never imagine that he would say the hurtful things to shatter your world that he eventually did one day, you’d never imagine that you were merely placed as an option all along when he was obviously your priority.

And so I got hurt.

I was lied to, I was emotionally abused and I cried like I’ve never cried before.

He didn’t want to see me, he was seeing other girls and making use of me, toying with my feelings and you know… just doing the usual stuff to break my heart.

And you know what? That’s okay.

Everyone goes through heartbreak, and sometimes you’re gonna wholeheartedly trust that seemingly special someone who steals your heart but conveniently steps all over it and leaves you to bleed out all by yourself… but the most important part is knowing how to pick up the pieces and walk away.

There will always be assholes out there.

But they are not the biggest problem of all.

I am not quite as upset about the fact that he cheated me a hundred times too many, and absolutely destroyed my self-esteem and every ounce of self-respect I had for myself..

What I’m really, really cut about is the fact that I let him do it to me. Over and over again.

I let him hurt me, because I was too eager to believe his lies, too desperate to feel wanted and loved.

I believe that..

The first time he lies to you, it is his fault.

The second, third, fourth and countless other times are all your fault.

You must know that if he lies to you once, he definitely can lie to you again. I am not saying that he definitely will, I am just saying that he might and is definitely capable of repeating the same mistakes.

And you know what else?! Don’t be an idiot.

There’s a chance that he won’t tear you up inside again, but don’t use that as an excuse to throw away your dignity and self-worth and readily accept living a lie while in self-denial.

Don’t let that be the reason why you forgive him after his second repeated mistake even though there was a gut feeling inside you telling you that something is very, very wrong.

I’ll be completely honest with you and tell you that the only reason why I stuck with my ex-boyfriend for so long was because I was too obsessed with the idea that some day he will change for me, and I can say that I was right here waiting for him all along.

They say love is unconditional, and me being the idiot that I was, happily lapped up every single ounce of bullshit that was spoon fed to me by clueless people who claimed that true love is unconditional.

And it was my first relationship – of course I thought I was truly in love.

But I’ve been meaning to say this for awhile now so I will say it loud and clear.


The last time I listened to that shitty advice, I got my heart seriously fucking broken.

Only 2 types of people would promote “unconditional love” :

Mother Teresa, or somebody who just couldn’t find anyone better out there to make themselves happier and simply resigned to their lowly fate.

You know, that would be the sort of shit coming from Jerk Neo’s wife, going like “I will love him no matter what, stick by him through thick and thin……… even though he wanted to stick his penis into everything that was breathing and had a hole beneath ignoring the fact that we are married with kids”

Yes, your love may be “unconditional”, and that is the reason why your husband is going around having sex with girls half your age and probably why you are so bloody miserable and still haven’t left him yet.

They say she’s known about the affairs, but kept one eye shut.

What’s even more astonishing is the fact that some girls said they found her love to be very inspiring and strong. What kind of message is this woman sending across to young girls in Singapore?!?

That it is okay for your husband to cheat on you?

Or that knowingly letting your husband belittle you and everything that your marriage stood for is loving someone unconditionally?

It’s not.

It is, more than anything, sheer stupidity and lack of self-respect for yourself.

I find that 99% of the time, guys take girls for granted because we let them. Never let the guy feel like he doesn’t even need to earn your respect or forgiveness when he’s done something wrong.

A relationship shouldn’t be something just to HAVE, it’s something to work for!!!

Practicality over passion is for losers who end up marrying someone they wish they didn’t and spend the rest of their lives hating on people who are actually in love and happy.

Who is going to respect you if you don’t respect yourself?

“To love somebody, you must first love yourself.”

Sounds like a load of bullocks, but let me explain it to you.

When you love yourself, you learn to take pride in having utmost dignity and respect your self-worth. With that, men will eventually realize that they cannot shove you aside and trample all over you like a barbie doll – They will learn to respect you as well.

They say “trust is the fundamental base in a relationship” but what they don’t tell you is that someone will only bother to tell you the inconvenient truth if they respect you enough.

Otherwise, they’d figure that you are not even worth explaining to and would forget the whole idea of being completely honest with you in the end.

Without mutual respect, there will be no honesty and not enough consideration, and with that, there will certainly be no happiness and love.

No guy in his right mind would intentionally or knowingly hurt a woman he really cares about, he would rather hurt himself.

If he’s willing to take that chance, then obviously he doesn’t care about you as much as you think he does.

Love can be impractical (like my own long-distance relationship), sometimes it may not even make sense but


It worries me when I see how many girls out there are in destructive relationships, letting themselves be physically and emotionally abused by their boyfriends – all in the name of “unconditional love”!!

Please stand up for yourself and have some dignity!


You’re better off without the boy who would always rather spend time playing stupid computer games than precious time with you,

The boy who always seems to have suspiciously over-friendly text messages with random girls on his phone

The boy who shortens your dates because he would rather do something else with other people

The boy who (indirectly or not) compares you to other girls with better figures, looks etc or says bad things about you to destroy your self esteem

The boy who always conveniently fails to pick up his phone while he’s out partying at night

The boy who turns violent and whose aggressiveness scares / harms you when you guys have fights

The boy who never keeps his promises, from the littlest to the biggest things

The boy who says bad things about behind your back to his / your friends

The boy who could look you straight in the eyes and tell a blatant lie without even blinking

The boy who never replies your sweet text messages and never calls back when he says he will

The boy who seems to love you, but seems to like every other girl as well

…And the boy who just never loved and appreciated you enough.

Most girls are unrealistically optimistic about their relationships or sometimes just in major self-denial, so if there happens to be a voice inside your head telling you that something is wrong, don’t ignore it.

I remember crying myself to sleep wishing that things would get better, but they never did. Not until I took control of my own life and stopped letting a destructive relationship consume me.

And I know I’m not the only one who cries myself to sleep (or used to)

If he abuses you in any way or if he really does not make you happy, you are better off without him. It will hurt a lot in the beginning, but eventually you will thank yourself for making the right decision.

Perhaps this may be hard to believe for those who are stuck in a shitty relationship or situation right now..

But some day you will meet somebody new, who will treat you the way you should be and want to be treated then you will realize that relationships hold a whole new meaning to you.

It is not a quest for dominance, it is a lovely partnership where you can both contribute to each others lives and make it more worthwhile.

I concur that having the balls to break up with my abusive and manipulative ex-boyfriend is one of the best decisions I have ever made, and has allowed me to grow so much as a person.

Muster whatever courage that you have, and take a leap from this black hole that’s eating you up inside. Break free.

I know it is easier said than done – I’ve been in my fair share of pretty awful situations myself. I know what it’s like to feel completely trapped in a bottomless pit that you feel like you’ve got yourself in..

But stop bloody wallowing in self-pity and DO SOMETHING to make your life better!

And when you do finally take the plunge, be firm with your decision and never look back.

Nothing says weak like trying to walk away from someone but giving up halfway and ending up running right back into his waiting arms because he knew you just weren’t strong enough to do it.

With each try, the next will be harder, and more distant.

Oh and of course, assholes are not worth being friends with!!! Tell the ex to go screw himself if he wants to be “friends”, more like he wants make up sex or something y’know? Don’t trust him.

In the past, I let myself down by allowing my ex-boyfriend to mistreat me for so long, but I will go out of my way to make sure this doesn’t happen to me again, or anyone that I really care about.

A mistake is not wasted if the lesson is learned, so I’m sharing mine with you.

I had to learn all of this through the hard way, and it took up 2 and a half of some of the best years of my life.

I only hope that this blog post would reach out to somebody out there who is in a similar situation as I was in and find that this post has helped them understand things a little better,

or have given them the slightest bit of inspiration to breaking free from an unhealthy relationship that’s causing more misery than it’s worth.

I’m giving you advice that I’m taking myself. We are all still young (unless you’re like, 50. hi mum) and we shouldn’t have to settle for less than what we can get.

We have the rest of our lives for commitment, but settling for an unhealthy relationship at a young age is just plain silly, silly, silly! No wonder my mum always told me I was sooooo naive and borderline delusional.

Don’t wait by the phone for the call that will never come, and stop giving someone who doesn’t deserve it a second chance.

It’s not called a second chance when it’s been said and done more than twice..

Stop trying to change that person – start by changing yourself!!!!!!

I leave you with lyrics from Warwick Avenue by Duffy.

For your convenience, I have embedded the video twice in this post because it’s an awesome song that makes the lyrics so easy to relate to.

When I get to Warwick Avenue
Meet me by the entrance of the tube
We can talk things over a little time
Promise me you won’t stand by the light

When I get to Warwick Avenue
Please drop the past and be true
Don’t think we’re okay just because I’m here
You hurt me bad but I won’t shed a tear

I’m leaving you for the last time baby
You think you’re loving but you don’t love me
I’ve been confused, out of my mind lately
You think you’re loving but I want to be free
Baby, you’ve hurt me

When I get to Warwick Avenue
We’ll spend an hour but no more than two
Our only chance to speak once more
I showed you the answers, now here’s the door

When I get to Warwick Avenue
I’ll tell you baby that we’re through

I’m leaving you for the last time baby
You think you’re loving but you don’t love me
I’ve been confused, out of my mind lately
You think you’re loving but you don’t love me
I want to be free, baby, you’ve hurt me

All the days spent together, I wished for better
But I didn’t want the train to come
Now it’s departed, I’m broken hearted
Seems like we never started

All those days spent together when I wished for better
And I didn’t want the train to come

“I’m leaving you for the last time baby
I’ve been confused, out of my mind lately

You think you’re loving but you don’t love me
I want to be free, baby, you’ve hurt me”

…Here’s to all the girls (and boys) who know exactly what the fuck I am talking about.

Fight for your own happiness because you deserve it.


Only almost here

The past 2 nights have been the worst I’ve felt in a long time.

I used to say crying every once in awhile actually feels kinda good cuz it makes me feel alive… but I realized it’s when you can’t stop crying that you feel the most helpless.

I’m losing my patience with Sam, I’m becoming more confused and I’m falling out of place…

Perhaps being in a long-distance relationship has begun to take its toll on us. We’re a lucky couple, but it takes a lot to pretend that it’s not a tough relationship to maintain.

It’s hard when the person your life revolves around isn’t there with you all the time – he only drops by once every month. Despite the fact that once a month is considered pretty good for long-distance couples, sometimes I wonder if it’s good enough for me.

I’m not the sort of girl who needs to cling into her boyfriend every single day, but the nights do get stupidly lonely and just knowing that he’s a 8 hour plane flight away just makes it even worse.

I think being on Skype with each other every night was also a bad decision. It made me feel like he was sort of there with me every night… but in essence, not really.

With time, it began to feel like his “presence” didn’t even matter – because whether he was there or not, I felt lonely anyway.

I know I’ve said that he’s the only one who understands me, but sometimes even that special person has no idea what to say or what to do to make you feel better. I don’t know how to feel right now, I feel almost guilty for feeling the way I do because I know he loves me.

I know he’s such a sweetie, I know he tries but god damn it, is it really a crime to tell somebody you love that their best just isn’t enough anymore?

I’m sorry for the hurtful things I’ve said, I just feel that if I don’t put it in your face, you’ll never get it. I hate it when people don’t take me seriously.

They say action speaks louder than words, but I’m the sort of person who will remember every single word of every single conversation and I will always remember how your words made me feel.

I can try to pretend to forget mistakes, but no, they will be forever etched in my mind. I can forgive, but I never forget. And it’s fucked up, because I’ve been this way ever since I’ve been cheated by my ex-boyfriend again and again.

I know it’s not your fault I had a bad experience with my ex-boyfriend and that I’m in a new relationship – but you don’t know that who I am today is directly related to who I was. Behind every strong girl is an asshole who made her that way.

It was my first relationship, and I gave it my all like every first love would but it all came crashing down me. It’s so hard to trust someone fully with all your heart again.

But I trusted you. I really did. You just disappointed me.

Time and time again…

You may think it’s just a simple mistake – but to me, it’s a mistake that I’ve been through and over with a thousand times, a mistake that I shouldn’t have to experience again. I warned you. I told you never to.

You’re so different now, like an empty shell. Where has the boy I fell in love with gone? I’ll probably never know.

I’m tired of and refuse to take bullshit from people, even my boyfriend. I expect the same out of people that I can expect out of myself, but I’m starting to realize perhaps not everybody seeks perfection.

I don’t know how long more I can keep this up.. It’s almost as if everyday, I’m living a lie. I feel like the person I fell in love with 9 months ago has suddenly disappeared. I miss the way you made me feel, the way your love filled me up inside and the truth is, I miss you.

You’re not the same, we’re not the same.

The signs were there, ever since our Orlando trip I know that things have been changing but I never knew that it would become so bad so quickly.

I probably seem like an asshole, but I respect you enough to tell you the truth of how I’m feeling. You try, but you don’t try hard enough.

And if you think that this is your best, then perhaps we weren’t as good together as we thought.

I’m a young girl, I am but only 18, I have my whole life ahead of me for settling with boring commitments but at this age, I shouldn’t have to feel lonely and empty and restricted and I should never have to settle for second best. Is it really too much to ask for?

Ending this entry here because all this jibberish ranting isn’t making me feel any better and there’s no point anyway.

He’s on a plane to see me right now, because I know that if we don’t work things out soon, everything will end here.. He’s landing in about 3 hours, which should give me enough time to study for my exam tomorrow.

Public Relations. Yuck.

And I thought my days couldn’t get much worse.

To complement my disgustingly emo post, here’s a beautiful song that I always wished didn’t relate to me so much.

Did I hear you right?
‘Cause I thought you said
Let’s think it over

You have been my life
And I never planned
Growing old without you

Shadows bleeding through the light
Where a love once shined so bright
Came without a reason

Don’t let go on us tonight
Love’s not always black and white
Haven’t I always loved you?

But when I need you
You’re almost here
And I know that’s
Not enough
But when I’m with you
I’m close to tears
‘Cause you’re only almost here

I would change the world
If I had a chance
Oh won’t you let me

Treat me like a child
Throw your arms around me
Please protect me

Bruised and battered by your words
Dazed and shattered how it hurts
Haven’t I always loved you

But when I need you
You’re almost here
And I know that’s
Not enough
But when I’m with you
I’m close to tears

‘Cause you’re only almost here.


“Animal” by Sam

…Because Social Suicide is fun we should laugh at ourselves once in awhile, here’s a hilarious video Sam made with random footage of me he’s taken over the past few months.

As stupid as I look in some of the scenes, I still love the video and how personal + funny you made it baby!

P.S – Dropping that chicken wing was one of the worst mistakes in my life.

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