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Becoming a redhead

…Was one of the best things I did this year.

Sure, I’ve done a lot of other things with my life in 2012 probably more worthy of an honorable mention on my blog sensibly speaking (such as working hard to lose 10kg of fats, moving out of my parents’ place and renting an apartment of my own) but you know what…

Having a head full of fire kinda gave me a whole new identity. 

It made me change the way I styled my clothes, myself, and it prompted me to bother to dress up more often to suit my loud tresses. And I guess it even changed the way people looked at me. It screams personality, and it gives people a little insight to who you are just by first glance.

Unnaturally loud hair colors are almost like visible tattoos on a person’s body. It is there to serve as a statement. They say something about you that you wanna tell the world. I am me, hear me roar. Not everyone will approve of it, certainly not everybody will think its pretty or cool…. but YOU like it, and that’s what matters most, because it makes you, more you. I suppose this reasoning applies to hairstyles in general, not just wild hair colors.

Now, you don’t want to make the mistake of entrusting your precious hair to just ANY salon. The last time I went to a random salon to do my hair, my permed hair ended up looking like pubic hair. :’) It took me many months to grow it back after I cut it all off..You don’t even understand how many hair catastrophes I had to go through to finally settle down with a hair color + style + condition I’m more than satisfied with.

These days, I get my hair touched up and maintained at Shunji Matsuo 313 every other month! And I always walk out of there feeling amazing. AND FIERCE. ;)

The friendly and lovely stylists there take care of all my hair coloring, styling, cutting and treatment needs.

Here is my stylist, Eddie, tying pretty little intricate braids for me when I requested for “a different look” from my usual.

Because I’d previously bleached my hair to get an ombre-purple-pink style earlier this year (at a different salon, not Shunji Matsuo) my hair ends were awfully dry after negligent care (as it always is when you have to bleach your poor hair!), on the verge of breaking and splitting too easily. After religiously going back to do treatments every month, my hair condition has improved leaps and bounds!!

My all-time favorite hair treatment that Shunji Matsuo 313 offers is this 100% Organic Curement Treatment!

Using all natural herbs and oils from mother nature, this 4 step herbal treatment is suitable for people seeking more volume and shine for their hair, and especially good for super dry hair like I had. The difference is instant, noticeable and most importantly, long lasting. More treatments only result in my hair looking and feeling good for a few days tops, but my hair felt softer for weeks. I highly recommend trying this at Shunji Matsuo 313 if you have hair in need of urgent repair! Pricing for this treatment ranges from $101 – 155, depending on your individual hair length.

If you’ve been following my blog long enough, you can do a comparison of my hair BEFORE I started visiting Shunji Matsuo (Somerset 313 outlet) and after… judge the difference for yourself.

Pictures can do the convincing better than my words can.

This is what I call a true crowning glory!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

You can compare the Before and After effects from the pictures above and below this chunk of text. The pretty “After”math is the pic above – luscious healthy hair with treatment done, and robust color. The not-so-pretty “Before” pic below… faded red, roots growing out, noticeably drier texture.

Thanks to my stylist’s advice and concern, Eddie has also provided home treatments for me to DIY at home, which I believe is an important factor as well because you can’t possibly go to a salon every single week – you need to be able to maintain it yourself at home! If you visit Shunji Matsuo 313, ask them more about home care products that would suit you. After switching shampoos and conditioner upon their recommendation, my hair fall rate (which used to be a big balding issue) has decreased significantly, and my hair tangles less often. I’m using Matrix Biolage range and loving the results so far!

Thank you Shunji Matsuo 313 for giving a head full of hair that I can be proud of. I am happy to say I almost never have bad hair days any more… every day is a good hair day!!!

Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon @ 313
313 Orchard Road, #03-26,
313@Somerset, Singapore 238895
+65 6238 0226

Alternatively, find them on Facebook here. Mention or quote “Shiberty” for 10% off certain services!

To sidetrack a little, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had random strangers come up to me, smile and say “I love your hair!!!”. It ALWAYS makes me grin instantly, not just because someone is giving me a compliment, but because its not everyday you have a reason for people you don’t know to approach you and say something nice to you. They don’t have to do it, but they do it anyway. And living in Singapore where it is uncommon for everyday people to be nice for no apparent reason, I lap up every opportunity I get. It’s like how I always smile and appreciate it when someone who walks by me says, “Good day!”. It might not have been accurately so, but because of those two words, it probably will turn out to be a better one after all.


Beauty products I’m currently loving!

So, I get questions from girls from time to time (actually all the time so hopefully after this post people stop repeating the same questions!) asking what products I use to cleanse my face with, how to make themselves fairer, how come my hair color lasts so long, etc…

Today, I decided I’d do a compilation list of products that I absolutely love, and recommend, complete with in depth personal reviews!!! I don’t really do beauty posts often because everyone’s skin and features are so different, something that works well for me may not work for other people, but for these particular products, I’m pretty sold. I am not paid to write good things, or anything at all, about these brands. I just wanna share good stuff I ♥ with y’all, and I think you girls will really like them :) Some of these stuff I got for free because I’m a blogger, but just so you know, I get free stuff pretty often and don’t write for a lot of them, unless I really like it.

Why hello there.
This is my face, all natural, 100% me.. with 0% products.
You can see a few blemishes here and there, slight uneven skin tone, dark eye circles…. Yep. I used to never bother about skincare regime and used body soap to wash my face (this happened only just last year) but I can’t continue to act like that any more. Age is catching up with a 20 year old. T_T Better take care of my skin now and reap the rewards later on.
I believe the most basic part of a skin care regime is cleansing your face. Dirty face = clogged up pores, unsightly pimples and bumps… not good. Using a cleanser that is not suitable for you will result in worse complexion over time! So our first star product of the day is:
This is awesome: Rachel K Stem Cell Purifying Cleansing Gel
A few months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting our pretty Miss Singapore Universe 2009, Rachel Kum, at her beauty line launch event. I’ve heard of Rachel K cosmetics prior to the event, but never really checked it out properly because I was kind of skeptical about a home grown cosmetics line. I went home with a big bag of her goodies, most of which I use quite often, but this and her CC cream are two things I make a point to use ALL the time. I also really enjoy using Rachel K’s Night Cream to moisturize my face. I’ve had a few months to use the products religiously and have noticed a significant improvement to my skin after using a combination of her cleanser, moisturizing cream, facial serum and CC cream.
What I like about it: My absolute favorite thing about the Rachel K Stem Cell Purifying Cleansing Gel is the scent. It smells so amazing!!! Like green apples, aloe vera and freshness all at once. Love it. Quite subtle, not too overpowering. Using it makes me happy :D If a product is good but has a smell that I don’t like, I can’t bring myself to use it. I’m that particular. 
Secondly – I really like the consistency of it. It has a half liquid half gel like texture, which I prefer more than foamy soaps. I noticed my T zone being less oily after using it for a month, and it makes my face feel squeaky clean without being too harsh and sucking out the moisture. I have combination skin, oily in some areas, dry in others, so I need products that are relatively mild. After using unsuitable facial cleansers, my skin will feel tight and dry around the cheeks and have an oily sheen on my forehead, but this one leaves it feeling refreshed, and eliminates a lot of unwanted oil!!! 
Where I got it from: Rachel K herself. You can purchase the Stem Cell Purifying Cleansing Gel at $19 for 80ml, from Watsons.

This is awesome: Rachel K Mineral CC Cream
Ok. Like I said I’m not getting paid for this, I just really enjoy using most of her products, lol. I was thinking if I should just feature one of her products instead of two (I initially thought of three) but…. I settled for two in the end. This CC cream is AMAZEBALLS, and it’s the only product I like applying on my whole face.
What I like about it: So many things. First of all, texture is super important. This CC cream is super light, absorbs very quickly and nobody can tell you have it on at all. I’m not looking to cake up my entire face, I’m looking for something extremely natural looking that will help me even out some dark spots and reduce redness around my nose and forehead area. I hate the use of foundations because that stuff just makes my skin’s condition worse, like it clogs up my pores, makes me look older because it seems I have so much make up on, and my skin just can’t breathe the whole day. It’s awful. The CC cream has a slight pinkish undertone (I use Neutral instead of Original, the pink tube) and it has a sheer whitening effect once applied.
See for yourself!
Apply dots all over your face, like so. I used 5 dots for picture taking purposes but normally I make little dots everywhere. Blend it out with your fingers lightly, you won’t need a brush for this.

A few seconds later…..

There you go!

I know before my skin already looks fine, but after it’s just… better. Brighter. Smoother. Amirite?
My biggest problem area is around my chin. I get dark spots, redness and pimples there all the time. The rest of my face hardly bothers me at all. As you can see, a thin application is all you’ll need. It does not leave a sticky or cakey feeling and has no smell to it, so really it feels like your own skin. Additional benefits are that it contains SPF 35, no need for sunblock application!!! Great for lazy people like me. I must highlight that the coverage for this is pretty light, so for people who are looking for something a bit heavier, you’d perhaps need to layer it with powder. I skip the powder step and directly finish off with concealer around my chin, and under my eyes.
Where I got it from: From Rachel K… Yes I know you’re rolling your eyes, lol. Buy it from Watsons at $35 for 50g. Her products are pretty fairly priced! 
This is awesome: Gorgeous Cosmetics iLine Liquid Eyeliner Pen
I use liquid eyeliner to line the top part of my eyes all the time, to give myself a relatively thin and extended winged line. I’m not a fan of gel eyeliners, because I just don’t think the line gets thin or natural looking enough, and I can’t tolerate the cumbersome dip-brush-in-pot-motion. I usually aim to finish my make up within 20 minutes, so everything has to be hassle-free and precise. I’ve played around with a lot of different liquid and gel eyeliners, but this one has got to be the most convenient, and reliable that I’ve tried.
What I like about it: The tip is super fine, and just the right hardness. And I know it’s not hard to find a liquid eyeliner with thin tips these days, but my problem with most liquid eyeliners is that their brush is either too soft, or too hard.

If the brush tip is too soft or fragile, the lining will not be precise because it bends and warps as I run it along my lash line.  If the brush tip is too hard, then it feels harsh on my skin and tugs / drags it along when I’m drawing the line. So it really has to be perfect. 

It is precise enough for me to write this on my hand! Another thing I love about it is that it works just like a marker, except for the face. You know how with liquid eyeliners, you might get a splattering or spilling disaster once in awhile? If the bottle of liquid eyeliner leaks or topples, black shit goes everywhere. Yikes.

I’ve had my Chanel make up pouch soaked with liquid liner once before… not a good feeling. This liquid eyeliner is a miracle because it works like a pen. You just open the cap, and draw. No pumping motion, no dipping it in a pot. Absolutely brilliant. I’ve been completely accident free since I’ve started using it, yay!

Hello arm hair, meet blog readers.

Gorgeous iLine claims to be water resistant, so I put my hand under a running tap for 3 seconds to see if it would bleed. Surprisingly, it didn’t. That does’t mean it is waterproof though… it can be removed with some rubbing and water, but water alone it can still withstand to a certain extent. It also manages to last the whole day on my upper eye lid, and half a day on my lower lids. Lower lid lines tend to get smudged easier. This product is here to stay in my make up pouch, for sure!

Where I got it from: The nice folks at Zalora, at one of their events. Thanks guys! To my knowledge, Gorgeous cosmetics are pretty difficult to find in Singapore because it’s not readily available in any departmental stores, so you can buy it online from Zalora at $34, including free shipping, here.


This is awesome: Benetint Rose-Tinted Lip & Cheek Stain
If you see me in real life without any make up, you’d realize I’m a pretty pale looking person. I’ve struggled with anemia and low blood pressure since I was in primary school. I don’t have enough red blood cells in my system to keep myself healthy, hence I tend to fall sick and get tired easier than other people. Migraines, headaches, fatigue and dizzy spells are all too familiar to me.

 I’m better now after the consumption of medicine and iron pills for a few years, but I still suffer from side effects of my situation. I used to have scary black outs in school all the time because there wasn’t enough oxygen flowing to my head, and thought I was going to die because I couldn’t breathe and I could literally feel life being drained out of my body……… but let’s get back on point. 

Apply three strokes of Benetint on your cheeks, like so.

Then blend away with your fingers! Again, no need for brushes. There is no place for make up brushes in a busy lady’s life.

See what I mean when I say I’m pretty pale-faced? After doing my cheeks, I apply Benetint onto my lips as though I was applying lipstick.
The aftermath?
Rosy flushed cheeks and I no longer look like I’m about to die!!! Yay! Although I now look like a fish, for some reason.
What I like about it: You can have a bath, and your blush won’t disappear. You can eat, drink, have a make out session, and some of your lip color will still remain. What it basically does is stain your cheeks and lips a lovely rose color. That means you can try to wash it away with water, and it won’t come right off as lipstick would. The only way it goes away is with time, or with vigorous scrubbing with make up wipes. I don’t fancy using blushers so much because they can look quite unnatural and over the top some times. Girls who put on too much blusher look very Wayang. :3

But with Benetint, I get just the right amount of color, every single time. I like wearing lipstick but don’t like having sticky gunk on my lips. Aiya I’m a very strange girl. I love wearing make up, but my make up has to try its best to pretend it doesn’t exist and that its not there. I can’t stand FEELING like I have make up on, but I really like the effects of it, so yeah… My dry lips usually get dried out even further with most lipsticks, and it’d become all grossly flaky at the end of a lipstick-wearing-day. Benetint doesn’t dry out my lips because it is essentially a liquid! It looks so natural, just like the CC cream, if you don’t wear too much of it nobody can tell you have it on ;) I’m a pretty firm believer that less is more, when it comes to everyday make up. Your skin will thank you later on. 

Where I got it from: $62, 12.5ml from Sephora, Singapore. Ouch. Why are all Benefit cosmetics so expensive?! It has lasted me more than a year now, and I still have more than a quarter of the bottle left, so I think it’s a price worth paying. If you can find it online, it will probably be cheaper.
This is awesome: L’Oreal Color Vive Shampoo
For those who wonder why my red hair seems to last forever…. Aside from my awesome hair sponsor Shunji Matsuo @ 313 doing a fantastic job using specialized Matrix red dyes for me, I give this shampoo the rest of the credit!!!

What I like about it: It does a fantastic job of preserving hair color. Anybody who has brightly colored hair NEEDS this in their life. My red hair can stay a bright red for more than 2 months without fading to some weird brown. I’ve tried going a week without this shampoo (while I was away in Australia I forgot to pack it along with me), during that time my hair color faded SO much quicker, and became a dull gross color. I was devastated, and headed back to Shunji Matsuo @ 313 immediately when  got back to refresh my red dye!!!!

I love how my red hair makes me look so much fairer. Cheat one. Without this shampoo, my red hair wouldn’t be as vibrant…. as you see it in the pictures, it’s been over 1.5 months since I last had a dye job done. For the record, I didn’t even have to bleach it! :D
Where I got it from: Mum buys the shampoos in the house, so I don’t know where exactly she got it from and the price she paid.. But I googled and apparently even NTUC FairPrice has it retailing for $14.90, 350ml! I assume you’d easily find this in most decent beauty shops, supermarkets and departmental stores.
This is awesome: Vichy BI-WHITE MED Deep Corrective Whitening Lotion
This product is really new to me, but I LOVEEEE it so much. Thanks to the introduction of monthly beauty boxes that has been all the rage here in Singapore, I’ve had the pleasure of trying out interesting products from brands not well-known or readily available locally. And although I’ve never heard of the brand Vichy before, after a few times of using this sample sized product, I’m convinced enough to wanna buy the full sized version once my sample runs out!!! 
I expected the whitening lotion to be of a creamy white texture, but I opened the bottle to find that it’s just a clear thick liquid. You can barely see it on my hand because there’s no coloring or specific consistency to it at all. 
What I like about it: It makes my face GLOW!!! I’m sorry I don’t have any pictures to show you guys, I tried taking a before and after shot and it doesn’t really come up so well on camera, but it is a difference you will definitely be able to notice in real life! Although it’s meant to be a whitening lotion, I find it extremely hydrating and refreshing, and I can actually skip moisturizer after applying this. It smells so good, kind of like Rachel K’s cleaning gel.
The texture is light, like water, and only takes 3 minutes to absorb completely. When I apply this on my face (I pour a little on my hands, then tap it in), my skin feels crazily supple & smooth and it looks damn dewy, like a juicy apple. LOL for real. My face is just instantly brighter. I have used many different products that claim to have an instant dramatic effect on your skin as soon as you apply it, but THIS is the only one that has truly wowed me. I’ve used this for more than a week straight now and I am loving the results. Vichy, I don’t know who you are, but I love you. I almost feel like not sharing this secret and keep it allll to myself… but because I love you guys, I am recommending it. And hopefully, after trying this, you will love me in return! 
Where I got it from: September Bellabox. Thanks Bellabox for sending beauty goodies to my doorstep every month!!! ♥ According to Bellabox’s website, it costs $49. Apparently it can be found in Watsons, Unity, Guardian pharmacies.

That’s all I have for today. If I discover more miracle stuff, I’ll be sure to let you know in the future. :P Woah man.. I had intended for this to be a relatively short post, but I’m so long winded… I just have to elaborate on every single point hahaha. I hope these products work as well for y’all, as it does for me.
Hey, you know what’s another way to really look beautiful? …Fall in love. Girls in love radiate so much happiness and goodness, it shows through their skin and smiles. :)

Soft & smooth hair all day long with Sunsilk

…Think you know bad hair days?

You’re wrong.

You, my friend, have yet to witness or experience…..


Which happens to me way too often. All you girls complaining about your hair….. lol please, look at mine hor.

The thing about having a crazy hair color like blood red is that you have to refresh the dye every so often. If I don’t, my black roots look painfully obvious on the bright red. More hair coloring = super dried out hair. This hair color is super high maintenance and besides keeping the color fresh, its a tough struggle to keep it soft, shiny and tangle free! As you can see from the photo above…. I don’t always succeed. Underneath that layer of tangles, lies more piles of tangles, that took more than an hour to undo. Must have dropped 100 hair strands while I was at it.

Note that my hair above, was not intentionally portrayed that way or messed up specifically just to get a point across. My hair, in all honesty, was like that for about 4 whole days. Yeah, I went out to face the world with that bush on my head (I am shameless like that). I’d traveled to Australia and got complacent to brush my hair everyday because I get a lot of tangles and its so time consuming and annoying and I forgot to bring my hair brush with me, I just gave up on it completely. The crazy Australian weather (read: 35 degrees sun, then hail, then sun, then thunderstorms) messed up my hair realll good too. I can’t believe I’d let my hair get sooo bad!!! *hangs head in shame* Yeah, I know some of you sisters hear me.

I tried to fix it by religiously applying hair treatments and hair masks in the shower as I noticed the situation getting from bad to worse, but it really didn’t help much. It would feel nice in the night time after I get out of the shower, and okay in the morning, but by the time afternoon and evening hits…. sigh.

A frizzy, tangly mess awaited me every night in the shower.

There was no turning back.



Sunsilk’s new Nourishing Soft & Smooth range came along!!!
(Ignore the crazed look that’s what happens when your untamed hair looks like a lion’s mane)

Superrrr happy because I’ve had absolutely no time at all to visit my salon since I’ve gotten back to get a professional hair treatment done, and I needed a quick home DIY fix… FAST. If I had left my tangles to get any worse, pretty sure they’d need to be snipped off. Damn you super fine and dry hair!!! I can never have a day of peace.

In the new Sunsilk range, we’ve got a shampoo, conditioner, treatment mask & nourishing oil spray

Which I couldn’t wait to test out!!! I’m sure you guys don’t need me to show you how to shampoo and condition your hair (unless you wanna see me in the shower uh oh) so I’m going to skip to my main point and share more with you guys (or girls in this case) about my favorite product of the lot!

With a heavy heart, I began the incredibly arduous and treacherous task of untangling the pile of mess dangling off my scalp which I shamefully call… “my hair.”

It took me 10 whole days and nights (or at least it felt like it) but with a lot of brute force and an even larger amount of patience…


Phew. Looking back at the tangled picture I really think I should get a medal for doing the impossible.

Now, introducing my favorite hair care product from Sunsilk’s Nourishing Soft & Smooth range, the hero…. Nourishing Oil spray!

It has 2 layers in the bottle, consisting of moisturizing cream to penetrate deeply (hehe) into hair follicles for nourishment, and nourishing oil to make it look instantly shinier without weighing it down. This Nourishing Oil Spray, like all the other products in Sunsilk’s new range comes packed & loaded with five different kinds of oils derived from mother nature to effortlessly restructure and moisturize your hair!!

A lot of hair products in the market these days promise healthier, shinier hair with oil based solutions for us, but here’s the difference between Sunsilk’s product VS most other generic oil based products offered.

I like to use the nourishing oil spray on my hair when it gets totally dry or in the middle of the day (although you can use on damp hair as well), because I feel that is when it needs the extra boost of moisture and shine the most. Plus it keeps my flyaway hair totally in check.

Just give it two good shakes and a couple of spritzes, and you can almost immediately feel AND see the differences!

First difference I noticed:

Damn, muh hair smells goooood. ♥

In Sam’s words…. “Your hair smells like a field of flowers.” I will definitely bring this the next time I’m going for Korean BBQ with friends!!!! There’s few things in this world grosser than hair that smells like a piece of pork chop after having a nice meal. I especially adore Sunsilk’s scents in their shampoos, because it lasts all day and night and I can smell it even until the next time I’m in the shower. I’ve used their products since I was in secondary school (on and off)

Second difference I noticed? My super dry hair (or mane) is so much easier to manage now!

Not even kidding – lookie!!! You wish you could reach out into the computer to touch it don’t you lolol.

It became from unruly and completely disheveled, to, well… much more manageable for me to handle. I won’t lie and tell you all WAHHH LAO EH my hair instantly became super silky like Rapunzel’s its a freaken miracle (you can see for yourself in the photos anyway) BUT there was definitely a noticeable difference in texture and looks, more so in texture than the latter I conclude after running my fingers through my hair. It is a mini miracle in itself.

Not bad at all!!!! /Ignore my lousy ends, the spray can’t fix that/

If you’re still not convinced, here’s a side by side comparison of the overall view for you to be the judge.

I did not apply any other product on my hair during the time I took the Before and After shots. The only difference I made was comb my hair, and apply Sunsilk’s Nourishing Oil Spray. I think I’m in love.

The thing I like the most about the spray is that despite containing 5 different types of natural oils to nourish my hair, it doesn’t weigh down my hair and make it feel all icky and oily. It looks slightly wetter in these pictures because I sprayed my hair seven times instead of the recommended 2 times… LOL SUPER KIASU. But don’t worry, it air dried and within 15 minutes it looked considerably drier, you wouldn’t be able to tell I had anything on.

It actually feels much smoother without being greasy at all. That’s the number one problem I find with most hair serums and oils, really. It’s so thick and heavy and it makes me look dirtier and less attractive!!! If I wanted just the oily look, I’d pour olive oil straight out of the bottle onto my hair, same stuff. But a grease head is NOT the look I’m going for. I don’t have that issue with Sunsilk’s Nourishing Oil Spray because the formula is wonderfully light while being potent enough to actually work. I love advertising for products I love using myself!

So I’m pretty sure any girl who’s ever had frizzy, dry, unmanageable and bad hair days is feeling pretty jealous of my Sunsilk babies right now. *flicks hair around*… :D

 Don’t be jealous!!!


Because Sunsilk is about to send some nourishing hair lovin’ your way too!!! There are 2 ways you can get yourself some of Sunsilk’s awesome new products to pamper yourself with at home:

Join the Sunsilk Good Times Extended contest.

Go to, and authenticate your instagram account on the website. Take a photo of your daily activity that represents good times, and mention how Sunsilk is a part of it.

Tag #sunsilkgoodtimes on your Instagram posts to get them on the gallery.

And keep posting!!! The most number of Instagram posts by one user gets 1 year’s supply worth of Sunsilk hair care products, and most creative posts (chosen weekly) get $100 worth of Sunsilk products. For gorrjusss hair that will be the envy of everyone, everyday (for some, for the next whole year)!! Woop woop.

An example of a caption and photo I’d enter myself would be…

“After using Sunsilk’s Nourishing Oil spray, my hair is so much softer and smoother that I can leave the house without any worries of it tangling in the wind like it usually does! No need for ponytails when jogging no more. You can FLY FREE, hair!!! #sunsilkgoodtimes”


..ORRR if contests are not your kinda thing and you just can’t wait to try Sunsilk’s new products NOW:
Visit their website to get a sample to try out, kiss your hair woes goodbye and have your Good Times Extended with Sunsilk today!

“I’ve had enough, this is my prayer, that I’ll die living just as free as my hair.” – Lady Gaga


Shunji Matsuo @ 313 – My Salon Sponsor!

Located at Somerset 313, Shunji Matsuo is a Japanese-influenced salon that I’m happy to say is my new hair salon sponsor!!! :*

I’m very pleased to welcome Shunji Matsuo as my new hair sponsor because I adore their central location. I frequent Somerset 313 for my shopping and dining needs (Namely Forever 21 and Marche!) and it’s so convenient that I can now get my hair done there as well, then proceed to have an awesome day out in town with a fab new hairstyle!

You’ll probably spot Shunji Matsuo from afar because their wacky interior design really stands out among the cluster of other monotonous salons also at Somerset 313.

Huge, brightly colored polkadots are all over their walls! Brings the place to life.

I was pretty nervous about doing my hair here for the first time. I’m sure a lot of people feel the same way before trying out a new hair stylist or salon. They can either make or break your look!


Upon being seated, I was asked for my choice of beverage to be served, and then Eddie, my stylist for the day, came over to assess my hair and we discussed what I wanted done. I told him that my previous ombre dye job was very faded (which for the record was not done at Shunji Matsuo), and it’s time for a fresh new look!

The last time I did purple and pink ombre, now I want to go full-on bright red. I want my head to be a ball of fire!!!!

I specifically highlighted to him that I want bright red hair, BUT I didn’t want to bleach my hair, because my hair was already dry enough from the previous bleaching and dyeing. Demanding customer yes?? Lol. Want bright color but don’t want to bleach. Eddie took on the challenge and said he’ll do the best he can!

Here I am with some futuristic heat lamp rotating above my head, to set the color. I love and hate salon at the same time. Love them because I am always excited to get a mini make over, but I’m so impatient, sitting for a few hours in a salon absolutely kills me!!!

He used a Matrix red dye for the top part of my head, and an Acid color for my bottom bits! I DIG THAT RED. Reason for 2 different dyes is because he needed a stronger color to wash out the purple / pink that was faded but still evident on my ends. I didn’t question him much about the exact dyes he was gonna use because I decided to take a leap of faith and let him decide what would work best for me.

The red dye comes out so far towards my face because I have a lot of stray baby hair flying about :3

After a few hours and several rounds of tedious coloring, and lots of hair washing (Eddie gives good head massages! ♥_♥)…

Coloring done!

 Now to blow dry my new red hair!!!!!!! About this time I started singing in my head, “I’m sexy and I know it.” LOL.

I like it so much, thank you Eddie!!!! ^_______^

 He’s really quiet but sweet and professional when it comes to doing my hair, making sure I was comfortable and that I liked what he was doing every step of the way. I always prefer male to female hairstylists because I find they’re more gentle with my tresses than girls. I have this theory that male stylists are more gentle because they’re afraid of hurting girls, but female stylists are just gung ho and could care less about brushing your hair too hard / giving you too rough a hair wash. Anybody agrees?!

Before I go on to post a barrage of recent pictures of myself with red hair, I’d like to give a shout out to Shunji Matsuo for doing such a good job. I wasn’t sure of how much I’d like it, but I love the outcome. You’ve earned me about 50 more compliments since I dyed my hair 2 weeks ago ahahaha.

For those of you who are interested, here’s a rough price guide for you to check out! Please don’t ask me about their pricing and approach them directly to find out more about their services and rates instead as it depends on your hair length, which stylist you get, etc :)

Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon @ 313

313 Orchard Road, #03-26,
313@Somerset, Singapore 238895

+65 6238 0226


Alternatively, find them on Facebook here.

Do make an appointment in advance and let them know which stylist you want, because it got sooo busy during late afternoon to evening time despite it being a weekday when I was there!


Ok now to bomb random pictures of me with red hair taken recently!!!!!!!!

CALL ME ARIEL! (lol shameless but I do wish I was a mermaid)

The top park is still darker than my ends because I’d previously bleached the ends, but refused to bleach my top part too just to get it all the same tone.

So it’s technically still ombre, but a single colored ombre style. Definitely digging this more than multi colored ombre because the latter has become just too common now!

It really depends on the lighting as well… some times it looks full on bright red for my whole head, which I LOVE.

I can’t believe Eddie managed to get the top part that red without bleaching!!!

A pic with my cute blog manager, Jayne!

I think dyeing my hair ombre and embracing loud colors was one of my best decisions of 2012. I feel so alive every time I look into the mirror!!!! Even if I’m bored, I don’t look bored. Because how can a person with awesome hair like mine be bored?! Just looking at my own hair keeps me entertained. Only people with boring hair get bored!! *flips hair*

../lol bimbo mode ON.

I actually prefer this fiery red color a lot more to my brown and pink and purple ombre dye, which I also loved, but that was so difficult to match clothes with. I couldn’t wear colorful outfits because I felt like there’s too many different colors going on and I looked like a clown / walking christmas tree. I think red hair goes with pretty much any color, hence I’ve started wearing blues and greens more which I couldn’t even dream of doing with purple AND pink AND brown hair…

Hello! My third ever green dress to exist in my wardrobe. Only $39 from H&M. Gotta love cheap buys.

Ok this is totally random but my mum bought this red Kate Spade jacket recently and I stole it for awhile to take pictures in it – IT’S SO CUTE!!!!!!!!! And, of course, it matches my hair.

I want to wear this around Europe and visit the Eiffel tower in it!! ….Whenever I actually get to go to Europe.

Sam and I at at Universal Studios Singapore’s After Party event recently :)

With bright hair like this you really have to take care not to soak it in water for too long, or all the color is going to come right off! Hence the bun up during my bubble bath. With a good color protecting shampoo and shampooing every 2 days instead of daily…. my hair is still a lovely bright red after 2 weeks ish!!

End of picture spam. Going back to Shunji Matsuo to get a nourishing hair treatment soon to ease my dry hair ends, I can’t wait!!!


P.S – Totally unrelated content, but I recently made a round of ASOS purchases and accidentally clicked on a few items twice, and ordered more than 1 of each item without realizing, wtf. Don’t ask me how I did that, lol, all I know is I have extra copies of pretty stuff now, so I thought I’d sell em off on my blog instead of letting them rot in my wardrobe as back up pieces!

I’m selling ASOS Shirt Dress in Daisy Print in UK 10 Size

Click here to see me wearing my own piece!


Johnny Loves Rosie Garland Headband – Freesize, velcro adjustment at the back for easy wearing

You can click on the links above for more details about the products. Prices going for very similar as to what is stated on the ASOS website because these brand new items literally just arrived on my door step a few days ago! Can be picked up personally or I can mail it to you.

If you fancy these pretty items, email with subject title ASOS and state your interest! ;)


Advertorial: Essential – Healthy hair even to the last 15cm!

It happens to the best of us.

Us girls constantly struggle with keeping our hair ends free of split-ends and dryness, because there’s no point having nicely colored or styled hair if it just looks like a frizzy mess. But that’s more than a lot of us can hope for.

The last 15cm of our hair is the most damaged, therefore requiring the most care. It’s at least 1 year older than the rest of your hair closer to the roots, so it would have gone through more rounds of harmful dye coloring, blow-dying, tonging…

I for one would know very well what happens when you don’t take care of your hair. :(

Check out these pics of my utterly HORRENDOUS hair, taken JUST last year in 2010!!! You DON’T wanna end up like I did.

I’d bleached and colored my hair, permed it, tonged it often, had hair extensions and did soooo much damage to it, felt like my hair was damaged beyond repair.

I had totally neglected my hair’s health and let it become the biggest frizz ball I’ve ever seen in my life. I could barely believe it was HAIR (on my own head!), felt and looked more like grass…. I tried to get out all the tangles in a salon, but my hair was so brittle and dry, it was impossible to get the tangles out (and it was so painful T_T)

Eventually I gave up, and painfully chopped it all off. Possibly every girl’s worst fear. *sigh*

This brings back nightmares. Without pretty long hair, I honestly felt like a boy. Feminine level dropped 200%. I now realize how important hair is, and why chicks create such a fuss over their long manes. I get it now.

It can make or break your look.

Thankfully, I never have to go through that nightmare again….
Because Essential makes taking care of my damaged hair so easy!!!

Depending on your hair style, you can choose between the Nuance Airy or Rich Premier range!

Rich Premier - Suitable for damaged hair that seems impossible to tame
Nuance Airy – Suitable for flat and limp damaged hair. (It calls my name!)
Basic care – Shampoo & Conditioner (needs no elaboration)
Basic treatment – Comes in a tube. To be used once or twice a week as it nourishes your damaged hair ends and gives it the revitalizing boost it needs. You can skip using conditioner if you’re going to use the treatment!

Intensive repair for severely damaged hair
Intensive treatment – Hair mask, with 3x more High Purity Honey and Milk Protein than Tube Treatment to care for your severely damaged hair.
Leave on treatment – Hair essence. This essence can be used daily on damp hair after shampooing to give your hair continuous care, and it can also be re-applied onto dry hair.

Let me demonstrate how simple it is to achieve healthy gorgeous hair with Essential products that will make all your girl friends jealous!!! :D

Yes, the following pictures were taken in my actual bathroom. And yes, I am in a fluffy pink bathrobe. ;)

Some girls only wash their hair once every few days because they’re lazy / it’s easier to style dirty hair.. that’s a no-no for me. Do salons ever say, “Hey, we’re going to leave your hair dirty so it’s easier for us to style now.”

No!!! They always wash your hair first! Because clean, healthy hair looks and FEELS good. I can’t stand my hair and scalp feeling oily / dirty or looking greasy. And you can totally smell a girl’s hair when she hasn’t washed it for more than 2 days..

I realize that softer, smoother hair = more cuddling from my boyfriend. He runs his fingers through my hair and pulls me closer more often. Score!
It’s a plus point that Essential’s products all smell soooo good! The shampoo was a nice milky texture that wasn’t too thick, so it’s easy to lather up.

Here I am happily lathering my hair up in awesome goodness n_n

If you’re wondering why Essential products are so good for your hair.. it’s because they contain awesome ingredients like shea butter & high purity honey extract, a deep moisture booster formula to care for your damaged hair!

Using conditioner after shampooing is Essential…. For tangle-free hair everyday. Skip this step and you might find yourself dealing with a tangly mess that is impossible to style or comb properly.

However, if you’re intending on using their treatment products, you can skip using the conditioner. I went ahead and used their intensive Hair Mask.

Making sure I’m getting my Essential hair mask onto everyyy single strand!

This hair mask was my favorite step of the routine!!! The difference before and after applying it was extremely noticeable. There is “after-conditioner” soft, THEN there is “after-Essential-hair-mask-soft”…..
Which is so incredibly silky soft, you’re gonna be touching your own hair like you’ve got some hair fetish the whole day. :P

Once you’re done with basic care and treatment, it’s time to wash it all off, dry your hair and prep yourself for one last step – the Hair Essence. You can use the Hair Essence on damp or dry hair, focusing on mid hair length to hair ends. Ideally, you should use it before blow-drying your hair to protect it from the heat and once more when your hair is dry, to give it a smooth and shiny finish!

This is a good reason why we need to pamper our hair with all these products.

Day to day styling is enough to wear your hair out over time.

Simple harmless looking devices like a blow dryer can suck the life and shine out of your hair if you do it often enough..

With my hair now completely dried, time for the final step!

You can use this product throughout the day. Having a bad hair day and need a quick fix before you leave the house? This will be your lifesaver.

If you’re about to go on a date and you want your man to take notice of your hair, apply this magic formula immediately. He’ll love how shiny and soft your hair looks. ;)

And now we’re ALL DONE!

Here I am, with hair I’ve never known could be so soft and smooth. :’)

If you have really flat, thin and fine hair like me.. chances are, you have problems with fly away hair. Essential’s Hair Essence minimized that worry for me by keeping my fine hair strands in place, for a natural and effortless sleek look.

You know your hair looks good when your boyfriend notices it’s different and improved without you having to tell him! Men never notice these things.

Living proof that damaged hair can and will get better with enough care and determination. The pictures don’t lie.

Thanks Essential, you worked magic on me!!!!

♥ Check out Essential’s official website at
♥ For more information on their products, visit this link

Cheers to healthy and pretty hair!

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