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Estée Lauder Crescent White

Perhaps it’s me getting on with the years, or all the late nights I’ve been having… but my complexion’s taken a turn for the worse. Lack of sleep, bad lifestyles habits, not enough exercise, unhealthy diet have all contributed to my deteriorating complexion. I used to proudly sport rather radiant skin that I received compliments for, only for it to look quite dull and patchy recently, much to my own horror.

I’ve never struggled very much with my skin, but right now the struggle is REAL. A lot of people have commented that I look tired all the time, and I’m thinking it’s gotta do with my worsening skin.

I’m in my early twenties, pimples shouldn’t really be a problem anymore, but they are. They are randomly popping up everywhere. And I have combination skin, which means certain parts are oily where other patches are dry and peeling. It’s so frustrating to deal with this problem, and I felt relatively helpless for a period of time because my usual go-to products didn’t seem to be doing the job anymore. I could really use some new skincare to brighten up my skin and its prospects, because it’s NOT looking good so far!

I was all too excited to try out Estée Lauder‘s brand new whitening Crescent White range of skincare after it was introduced to me!

Taking a breakthrough approach to skin brightening, this new collection works in sync with skin’s circadian rhythm to address not only existing dark spots and pigmentation, but also the key causes of light loss and discoloration. It sounds exactly like what my skin desperately needed. I may be entering the age when my skin starts to show signs of aging, but I’d like to prevent it for as long as possible, if I can help it!

Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening promotes skin’s natural ability to self-brighten and repair. Extra gentle yet effective, the regimen includes six new skincare products and one foundation powder (not shown here) created for and tested on Asian women in Asia. Skin awakens looking fairer, brighter, and more translucent now and in the future!

Here’s getting to know a few of my favorite few products a little better..

Rapidly foaming into a rich lather, this cleanser is proven to gently purify skin of surface pollutants without disturbing its protective moisture barrier or leaving any residue. I’m in love with the smell of these products, they smell like a cross between fresh daisies and clean linen! Using this cleanser leaves my skin feeling smooth and absolutely squeaky clean.

Revitalizing skin with a surge of hydration, it is conditioned, softened and prepared to maximize benefits from the entire range of products. It’s such a soothing feeling to apply this after cleansing, it feels instantly refreshed.

Helps prevent and visibly reduce the look of dark spots, discoloration and uneven skin tone, while also addressing yellow skin tone from multiple sources. Dullness disappears to reveal a natural, youthful transparency and a lustrous glow that emanates from within. The texture is quite viscous but easily spread across and absorbed by the skin. While this does feel quite moisturizing, it’s still not enough and thus follows the next step – moisturizer!

This new skin cushioning creme provides deep down hydration and extra comfort, helping to strengthen skin’s moisture barrier. I like how it is light enough to apply during the day, but rich enough so that it’s enough for usage as a night cream. And for some reason, it smells like yummy vanilla to me!

Protect, perfect and highlight all in one with this new BB Creme and Brightening Balm. This innovative formula evens and brightens skin tone while also minimizing the look of dark spots and imperfections. I like how the product blends effortlessly and the texture is light enough while still covering up uneven patches. The little brightening balm at the tip is too cute, and super useful! I don’t need to carry around an extra highlighter anymore.

After religiously using the new Crescent White range for a couple of weeks, I have to say, these are my favorite products from Estée Lauder thus far (and I have quite a few of them)!

It’s everything I need in perfect white little bottles. Everything works for me. The smooth and light texture of the products, the tried and proven efficacy, the minimalist pure packaging, the extremely pleasant scents and how it is a comprehensive range that is powerful enough for me to notice visible results in less than a month.

Pigmentation used to be an alien word to me. Dark spots? Aren’t those for women in their thirties? Apparently not! I was horrified to find little dark spots appearing all over my face. I feel like they have reduced slightly now, and my complexion is definitely a whole lot more radiant than before. There’s a sort of glow to my face now. My self-esteem took a nose dive when my complexion got worse in recent months, but now I can proudly go out bare-faced without feeling self-conscious about my skin condition anymore.

While some people might be under the wrong impression that Estée Lauder products are meant for mature women, what my fellow girlfriends in their 20′s need to know is that your anti-aging regimen should start in your early twenties for the best results, and no one knows that better than Estée Lauder! Thanks for saving me from a possible skin crisis. I’m too young to be living with dark spots and dull patches on my face.

Pssst! The first 100 readers to flash my Instagram post at the Estée Lauder ION Orchard boutique will receive a 5 day trial of the Crescent White UV Protector!


Colgate Optic White Plus Shine

The first thing I always notice about someone is their smile.

How bright, genuine and wide it is. You can tell a lot about a person through their smile and the way they carry themselves! I believe a person who doesn’t hesitate to smile widely is a confident, happy and outgoing individual. If they cover their mouth every time they laugh, it might be a subtle hint that they’re self conscious about the state of their teeth or the way their smile looks.

It doesn’t matter if your teeth aren’t perfectly straight or aligned, but I do find it important that they’re kept as white as possible and squeaky clean at all times. I think the best looking smiles are the sincere ones from the heart, because when someone means a smile, you can totally tell! I am ashamed to admit that I never had proper dental hygiene when I was younger, but the older I got the more I realized how important it is to keep my teeth healthy and clean because it makes a big lasting first impression. Flossing daily and going for regular teeth scaling became a part of my lifestyle.

Adding on to my bi-yearly teeth whitening ritual, I need to upkeep the color of my teeth at home with everyday brushing, and the new Colgate Optic White Plus Shine does a great job at that!

Colgate Optic White Plus Shine is the latest whitening toothpaste featuring a newly upgraded formula with ‘Micro-Crystal Particles’ that gently polishes your teeth, giving you a brighter and more dazzling smile after a week’s usage!

Of course, individual results may vary, but my personal stance is that the Colgate Optic White Plus Shine has done a great job at keeping my pearly whites noticeably shinier and brighter after using it for the past few weeks!

It has a refreshing minty taste that isn’t overly powerful or strong, leaveing me with nice smelling breath afterwards.

I haven’t always had nice teeth. For the longest time, my teeth were stained very yellow no thanks to improper brushing practices for many years, but after continuous usage of whitening toothpastes and dental treatments, my condition has improved leaps and bounds. As someone who takes a lot of photos out of personal interest and work-related reasons, the color of my teeth is very apparent.

Despite having a pretty straight set of teeth, I would tend to smile with my lips closed because I didn’t want people to notice the color difference between myself and the person standing next to me. Almost everyone I stood next to made my teeth even yellower, and I felt terrible about myself. There’s nothing worse than feeling ashamed of your own smile. I’ve tried so hard in the past few years to achieve a smile I can be proud of, and you won’t believe the confidence it now brings me to know that I can flash my teeth without being self conscious at all!

In fact, smiling at people is one of my favorite things to do. I want to be one of those people that others remember by their smile! It’s one of the most underrated features of a person. People always talk about a person’s physique / figure / eyes / hair / style, but not enough people emphasize on the importance of a good smile.

So brush, brush and brush away!

If you’ve always wanted beautiful white teeth, you can try out the effects of Colgate Optic White Plus Shine for yourself at an introductory price of just $6.90, now retailing at Watsons’!

Find out more information about the toothpaste at Colgate’s official website.


Nivea In-Shower Skin Conditioner

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

That’s what I always hear from beauty experts and from everyday women I’ve met – they all swear that keeping their skin on their face and body adequately moisturized is their number one priority. Keeping your skin healthily moisturized will ensure it’s not damaged, dry and flaky and will improve its quality over time. Dull or dry skin tends to look lifeless and feels unpleasant to the touch!

I know this because I have dry skin myself. It’s the driest around my legs. I’ve always been self-conscious about the condition of my skin. I am an avid user of moisturizers and I can’t imagine my life without depending heavily on moisturizers. The biggest problem I have with moisturizing is that I always tend to forget to include it into my daily regimen being the absent minded person that I am, and I’m not a fan of the sticky residual feeling I get from most creams and lotions after application. I like feeling absolutely squeaky clean after a shower, and the thought of applying sticky products onto my skin when it is completely clean kinda irks me!

One thing I don’t forget to do is shower everyday. And with these NIVEA In-Shower Skin Conditioners sitting prominently on my shower rack, I won’t miss out on the important step of moisturizing my skin on a daily basis! I was very excited to test how well this works since I am a long-time fan of NIVEA’s trustworthy yet inexpensive body care products. I like that their brand is kept simple, effective and reliable so you always know you won’t be disappointed by what you get from them.

If this is your first time hearing of an In-Shower Skin Conditioner like me, you’ll be surprised by how ingenious the concept is. In the shower, the skin is moist & warm and it is prepped to better absorb the care ingredients. NIVEA In-Shower has a water-activated formulation that allows its nourishing ingredients to penetrate the skin at its best moment. The result is silky soft and hydrated skin for over 24 hours. It works the same way as hair conditioners!

NIVEA In-Shower Skin Conditioners come in 3 variants. One for normal, dull and dry skin. My personal favorite would have to be the intensive, since I have very dry skin.

Now let’s put this new product to the test. I’m ready to achieve noticeably smooth skin in 4 simple steps: Cleanse, Apply, Rinse, and Get Ready!

Before I start using the NIVEA In-Shower Skin Conditioner, I use a moisture device to measure my moisture percentage at the driest part of my legs (usually at my lower shin area).

Score: 48, which is within the dry category and this is thanks to my religious application of moisturizing products prior to NIVEA In-Shower Skin Conditioner moisture test. Am honestly quite excited to see how much more hydration a rinse-off body lotion could provide. We’ll compare the results again after going through with the 4 steps that NIVEA recommends!


Step 1 – Cleanse up with your favorite soap.

I like keeping a supply of different soaps in my shower to indulge in aroma therapy sessions during my 20 minute showers! Everyone deserves to indulge in a nice hot shower after a hard day’s work. To me, showers are not just a necessity, it’s a time for me to relax and unwind. Tilt my head back under the running water and reflect on the day’s activities.

Step 2 – Apply and lather generously all over your body.

The texture is not overly sticky or oily so I didn’t feel uncomfortable spreading it over my body, in fact it’s very similar to hair conditioner and it was a pleasant experience to use. It has a mild scent that smells like freshly done linen – a NIVEA trademark, I reckon.

Step 3 – Rinse off and towel dry!

The rinsing process takes merely a few seconds, the product washes away quite easily with a spray of water leaving you feeling supple and smooth, you don’t have to scrub to get the excess off. All in all, it’s an extremely fuss-free process!

Step 4 – Get ready!

With your skin now feeling smooth and amazing, go out and flaunt those backless dresses and off shoulder tops! The NIVEA In-Shower Skin Conditioner is a must-have in my daily regimen nowadays since moisturizing can be effortlessly done in the shower, my favorite part is how long-lasting the effects are without leaving a sticky residual feeling.

For the record, my moisture level on the exact same spot of leg increased from 48 to 60, which puts me in the hydrated zone! Woohoo! Also, this measurement was taken a few hours after my shower. I love how the results last all day, with topical lotions I used to have to re-apply halfway through the day which was quite troublesome sometimes.

My dry legs, back and elbows are no longer scaly and rough to the touch. I embrace backless dresses and short outfits that flaunt my legs with a new found confidence I never knew before. This has forever revolutionized the way I keep my skin soft and moisturized!

Good news for my lovely followers!

Print screen this barcode and get 25% off NIVEA In-Shower Whitening Skin Conditioner 400ml, only in Watsons’! Be sure to bookmark this link for all NIVEA’s upcoming promotions.


Estée Lauder Aqua Brilliance

I don’t usually wear foundation on my face when I go out because the wrong type can feel heavy and look cakey on my skin, but my recent discovery of Estée Lauder Aqua Brilliance has converted me into a fan!

These days, it’s all about the fresh faced dewy look, and Estée Lauder seems to understand that perfectly with the Aqua Brilliance Range. Developed in conjunction with the world renowned Estée Lauder skincare Asia Research team, Estée Lauder introduces the new Futurist Aqua Brilliance Moisture Infused Liquid Makeup SPF 15/PA++ and Futurist Aqua Brilliance Compact Makeup SPF 20/PA++.

Futurist Aqua Brilliance is more than makeup. It’s hydrating, illuminating skincare. Designed specifically for Asian skin, this deceptively light formula, liquid or compact, is a potent way to deliver intense moisture that leaves skin feeling hydrated for hours. From the moment it makes contact, this innovative foundation creates a flawless finish that helps minimize the appearance of pores and giving a more evened out skin tone.

This advanced formula contains the ingenious Revival Plant Extract, which has a unique ability to preserve itself from dryness. This extract is derived from the hardiest wild flowering plant in the Balkans, known as the “resurrection plant.” This plant has the unique and extraordinary ability to completely dry out and yet still survive. Then, once water is re-introduced, the plant fully recovers and continues to flourish, bloom and grow. Even in the harshest weather conditions and extreme temperature change, the “resurrection plant,” withers and dries but bounces back immediately after contact with water. The Revival Plant Extract is integrated into Futurist Aqua Brilliance to help it deliver that persistent moisture, and the extra dewiness that Asian skin needs.

Incredibly smooth and light, the Futurist Aqua Brilliance Moisture Infused Liquid Makeup SPF 15/PA ++ glides on the skin for medium to full, buildable coverage. Imperfections are diffused, fine lines and pores disappear, and the finish, plumped with sophisticated moisturizers, stays flawless and natural all day. Skin retains that moisture, staying more supple and fresh, even after you take it off.

I usually squeeze out two pumps worth of product directly onto my clean fingertips, then proceed to make small dabs around my face and then blend out with my fingers.

The texture of this foundation is easily spreadable and lightweight, which makes it easy to apply. I’m all about fuss free make up, so you won’t find me with a make up brush any time soon, and I love how easy this foundation is to use!

Making five dots on my face (forehead, cheeks, nose and chin) I slowly and gently start blending it from the center of my face, not forgetting to work it into my neck and jawline. It takes barely a minute for me to do my entire face!

This is the end result of using Futurist Aqua Brilliance Moisture Infused Liquid Makeup SPF 15/PA ++: most of my imperfections such as small blemishes, light pigmentation and redness are vastly reduced! My skin immediately looks livelier, with the color more evened out, and the best part of it all is that it’s not cakey in the slightest, which is something I can’t stand. My original skin tone is slightly reddish, so this provides just the right amount of color correction. It’s also hydrating enough that my dry skin doesn’t show any signs of flaking or drying out further (which usually happens when I wear foundation) and it remained plump even after I took the make up off!

If you’re more of a compact powder sort of person, then the Futurist Aqua Brilliance Compact Makeup SPF20/PA++ is for you!

All the radiance of a fluid with the ease and versatility of a powder compact foundation, and none of the potential for dryness, this innovative aqua gel-emulsion formula delivers hours of intense hydration.

You can build your desired coverage from medium to full, while this sophisticated blend hydrates and illuminates the skin. It’s a foundation, a treatment, and a powdery soft compact in one, with innovative oil-and-shine controlling components that don’t compromise on moisture. It contains naturally occurring waxes and skin-friendly oils to create a flexible, moist barrier that coats the skin like a breathable, conditioning veil. The waxes melt at body temperature, so they blend effortlessly into the skin. The veil secures the skin’s existing moisture, preventing evaporation, and locks in the hydrating properties of the foundation.

I prefer to use this product on-the-go, because when I’m out and about, I don’t want liquid foundation all over my hands which could potentially get onto my clothes or make a mess if I’m not careful, so this compact version is my go-to for quick touch ups. A few light pats on my oily T-zone area reduces the shine drastically.

In a country like Singapore where make up melts off your face pretty quickly, it’s always a good idea to carry around something portable for some quick fixes on the run! It comes with its own soft sponge which makes blending and application a breeze.

To complement the natural & radiant look Estée Lauder Aqua Brilliance provides, I suggest keeping the rest of your make up light and fresh-faced!

Always make sure your brows are nicely groomed. Here I’ve got on highlighter (which is very important for that luminescent glow), a rosy blush, concealer, pencil & eyeliner, falsies and lip stain. I like using lip stains because the color lasts longer and sometimes looks like I’ve got nothing on! After all, the best kind of make up is the type that looks like you didn’t bother applying anything at all…

It should look effortless! Whatever you do, be convincing at it. You don’t wanna look like you spent an hour putting on face paint in the morning, you want to look like you were born with it. My personal tip is to keep everything light – don’t go overboard with anything, which includes eyeliner, eyeshadow, foundation, etc. Sometimes, less is more.

A close up on my face reveals how nicely the products blend with my own complexion, it feels and looks like second skin. No powdery, cakey look!

Thanks to using Estée Lauder’s Perfect Duo skin care (Micro Essence + Advanced Night Repair) and their Aqua Brilliance make up, I can flaunt picture-perfect skin!

If you like what you see, you can also check out my video on Her World Plus where I demonstrate my daily make up routine, completed with the Aqua Brilliance.
Drop by the ION Orchard Estée Lauder boutique for a foundation fitting session and quote ‘Shiberty’ for a SPECIAL SURPRISE! If you purchase any of the Futurist Aqua Brilliance foundations, you will also receive a complimentary mini foundation brush.


Estee Lauder Perfect Duo

I don’t know much about perfection.

What I do know is that the closest thing I’ve felt to perfection in this world is when you’re completely in love with someone, and he, with you. That no matter what happens, you know you’ve got each others’ backs. That is the most reassuring feeling in the world. So a lot of you have probably heard this story before, but for those who don’t know, you’re about to find out how I met my boyfriend, 5 long years ago!

I was 17 years old, lonely and rather aimless in life, searching for things to fill my time with everyday. Thanks to my friends’ influence in school, I picked up a first person shooter game called Left 4 Dead. I was looking for someone to play the game with online, when I came across this person named DaNang. I didn’t think much of him, to me, he was like any other player in the virtual world: just another pixel. We played a couple of games together, and from there on, we started chatting more frequently because I thought he was nice enough and had a good sense of humor.

We were both not particularly good at the game either, so it was fun having someone else to figure out the game by your side. Our conversations in game eventually turned to Skype calls, where I saw him on camera for the first time! We talked online everyday for a few months, before he suddenly surprised me with the suggestion that he would like to make a trip to Singapore to visit me. He’s an Australian (but Vietnamese in ethnicity) and had been living in Melbourne all his life. Both taken aback and terribly excited by this idea, I told him I couldn’t wait to see him in person. For the next few weeks and days, I couldn’t keep these thoughts out of my head: What if I don’t like him in person? What if he’s not as funny or charming in real life? What if he has body odour?? What if he’s a serial killer?!?

So many thoughts raced through my brain. Thoughts of infatuation, excitement, hope, and fear. Fear of getting my heart broken again, but yet I still had hope that this would turn out to be something good. I know mama always told me not to talk to strangers and give them personal information, ESPECIALLY on the internet, but I seem to enjoy breaking those rules. Sometimes, when you step out of your comfort zone, you get rewarded for it.

So after much anticipation and months of endless flirting and chatting, he arrived at Changi Airport, where I greeted him with a nervous smile and a friendly hug. At this point in time, we were obviously not “dating” per se, so I did not want to be too close. I kept my distance for awhile, but after warming up to each other, I realized he’s actually an even better person offline than online. No more overnight Skype calls that lasted for hours and hours on end. No more staring at the screen, wondering what it would be like to hold his hand, or to touch his face, or to hear his laughter in person.

Everything felt so surreal, like he popped out of a fairytale book (in this case, a computer screen) and jumped into my life. We went on many dates throughout the 2 weeks he spent in Singapore and I had an awesome time bringing him to our popular spots like Night Safari and Singapore Flyer! The beginning of our relationship was everything it should’ve been. Butterflies in my stomach, romantic words exchanged too many times a day that it made other people nauseous, pure devotion to each other and most importantly, the willingness to love and make things work, despite the long distance factor. Everything was wonderful, except the fact that we lived oceans, mountains and countries apart. An 8 hour flight journey apart, to be exact. That was no easy feat. If you’ve ever known anyone in a long distance relationship, they’ll tell you it’s one of the most difficult things they’ve done. It breaks your heart. The nights never feel lonelier or longer. It questions your faith and strength after awhile, and it never gets easier, only harder.

Many times, Sam and I contemplated giving up on what we had. We weren’t emotionally ready for that sort of roller coaster ride, I guess… what with me being so young and all. I asked myself if I really wanted that sort of commitment, when I hadn’t even turned 20 years old. What did I think I knew of love, to dive into something so serious and heavy? I don’t know what it is that made us grit our teeth and pull through the crappy times in our relationship, but I’m seriously glad things somehow worked out in the end. I’ve learned so much from being in this relationship and it has completely changed me as a person. Fast forward 5 years later, we raise adorable little bunnies together, we live together, we cook together, we bake together… everything I do, he’s right by my side. We complement each other in ways that makes the universe make sense. We’re completely different in many ways, yet freakishly alike in others.

Like the way my boyfriend gives me strength and support, bringing out the best in me, Estée Lauder has a perfect duo of their own. When used together daily, I have noticed Estée Lauder’s Micro Essence and Advanced Night Repair works brilliantly to help me achieve radiant skin.

Estée Lauder’s Micro Essence is a first of its kind, high performance “essence-in-lotion.” From the very first use, my skin felt more hydrated and radiant, with enhanced clarity. In two weeks, my skin’s texture is more refined.

Used day after day, Micro Essence has aided my skin to become stronger at its foundation and more resistant to signs of aging, which has ultimately resulted in my skin looking and feeling more youthful. My skin appeared healthy and emanated a glow from deep within!

How to use: With your hands: Pour 5 or 6 drops of Micro Essence in hand and rub hands together. Gently press the Micro Essence into skin from the center out. Start at chin and move upwards to cheeks and forehead. Rub hands together to warm, and then gently wrap face using warm hands to complete application.

I love using the Micro Essence because it’s given me noticeably more translucent looking complexion in a matter of weeks, and the texture of this lotion feels awesome on my skin! Not a fan of applying creams or serums that feel too sticky or heavy, this lotion is adequately hydrating and even though I don’t have any noticeable wrinkles yet, I believe that prevention is better than cure, so I’m gonna go ahead and start using anti-aging products while I’m still in my early twenties.

Starring alongside the Micro Essence, my regular usage of Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair reveals a smoother, more radiant, younger look while waking up to more beautiful skin every day. Advanced Night Repair has proven to dramatically reduce my key signs of visible aging.

It maximizes the power of my skin’s natural nighttime renewal with the exclusive ChronoluxCB™ technology (with more than 25 patents and patents pending worldwide). It’s also great for every ethnicity and reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, leaving skin feeling smoother, hydrated, and more even toned.

How to use: As a nightly ritual, apply a drop on each fingertip of one hand. Touch fingertips of both hands together, and massage serum over face and neck, starting at the center, then smoothing it outwards.

My mum is a big fan of Estée Lauder, and she got all excited when she saw this bottle on my vanity desk because she’s been swearing by this product! She’s probably the biggest believer of skincare products of any woman I know, so a testimonial from her is one I take seriously.

I would strongly encourage anyone to use both the Micro Essence and Advanced Night Repair together to experience the synergistic repair qualities, which actively transforms your skin from within.


I’ve entered a Perfect Duo contest on Her World Plus, and I’d absolutely love if you’d take a moment to vote for our video entry as seen below!

Alongside other awesome blogger friends like Yina, Jessica (Tippytapp) and Juli, we’ve come up with short videos about definition of a Perfect Duo, inspired by our recent discovery of Estée Lauder’s Perfect Duo beauty products.

You can stand a chance to win Estée Lauder’s Perfect Duo products by voting for your favorite video at this link! If you enjoyed our little montage, I’d really appreciate if you could give us your vote. Sam voluntarily helped me edit & do up the video entry from scratch from his collection of our photos & videos together, knowing how awful I at doing videos, which I thought was really sweet of him. This would not be possible at all without his help and support.

Thank you my dear for participating in this campaign with me! :*

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