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Business Etiquette

So I’ve noticed something painfully obvious ever since I’ve started selling cakes online.

It seems like certain people take me less seriously nowadays just because… well, I am a cupcake seller. I know it doesn’t sound too impressive and all housewifey - sitting at home cracking eggs, melting butter and mixing batter, then decorating desserts with buttercream details and getting my hands all gready and stained with food colouring…

Definitely sounds a lot less flashy than going for photoshoots and being a so-called “model”, or being a “blogger” attending high profile social events and whatnot.

What I don’t get is… how people see that as a reason to treat me with less respect and seriousness just because my current “job” is lower down the social or business ladder?

Hello, it’s not as if I am a bloody low class hooker or social escort, can you show a little R.E.S.P.E.C.T for what I do?

Just because I choose to sell cupcakes online for a marginal profit, it doesn’t mean I’m HARD UP for money and that I desperately need your business or deserve your fucked up snobbish behaviour.

I don’t do this because I have “no choice”, I enjoy what I do and some things in life doesn’t have to be all about the money to me.

I’ll give you a prime example.

Recently, some chick I met (once) years ago messaged me on Facebook, saying:

“I have been noticing you been doing a lot of cakes and cupcakes. Possible to make a mother’s day cake? My wedding firm is hosting a mother’s day competition and we need to have a cake presented to the winner.

We can pay you, interested?”


First of all, I find it insulting for someone to say “I have been noticing you have been doing a lot of cakes” instead of

“Hey, I’ve seen your photo albums of your cake, nice work! I’m interested in ordering some for my company because we this event coming up,…..”

It kind of gives me the impression that she’s implying,

“Well, I’m not really going to compliment your work since I’m not that big a fan, but I’ll settle for you anyway since Facebook is convenient and I have been noticing you’ve been baking cakes and I can’t be be bothered sending you a proper email with a business proposal or to look for another professional baker.”

Maybe that’s just me being anal, but it’s astonishing to find how many people lack basic courtesy when discussing “business”.

Business is not an excuse for you to act like a jackass.

I mean she is running a wedding firm, right?! Who knew they settled for just any baker? I was under the impression since wedding cakes are so expensive, they’re from top-notch bakeries.

The second annoying thing is how she asked, “Possible to make a mother’s day cake?”

…Darling, in this world, anything in this world is possible if you have the money.

So the question is, how much are you willing to pay me?

Then comes my answer.

..”We can pay you, interested?”



LOLOLOL. Am I the only one who let out a loud snort when I read that bit?!

I just pretty much started scoffing to myself at that point. I would’ve stopped reading her message right then if she had more to say, but the funny thing is she just ended the message with “We can pay you, interested?!”

Ssince most wedding planners offer such cut throat prices to their clients, I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t be able to pay for a simple cake.

No shit? You CAN pay me? Oh wow.

Because cake makers don’t naturally deserve to get paid for what they do, right?

I was sorta under the impression I had to bake cakes for free for the rest of my life since my skills are so undesirable and useless and they’re just cakes, anyone can bake and decorate pretty cakes themselves. *shrugs*


I mean please, if her wedding firm was reputable and she was willing to offer me something worthy in return for my time, sure, I am willing to do it without any monetary compensation.

But right fucking now all it sounds like is, “HAI, CAN I HAVE A FREE CAKE????????1111″

So anyways. I decided to be nice and reply her. With all my might, I managed to exclude snide remarks and the word “pig”.

“Hey *name omitted*!

Could you fill out the order form at with more details?

Was my reply.

I know it sounds brief, but duh, I need to know the design, cake flavour / size and all that shit right????? Right now there’s nothing to say cuz she’s given me pretty much no info so far besides the fact

1) She needs a cake

2) She may or may not be willing to pay for it.

Her 2nd reply came after 3-4 days:

“Sorry but is it possible to discuss this off without the order form due to the circumstances. I own a company called *company named removed*, it is a wedding firm in singapore and we need a cake for mother’s day. Design is still uncertain. I was wondering if you would be interested in a mutual collaboration. Perhaps you making the cake at a discounted rate and let us do some free publication for you?”


Huh? Due to what circumstances? I don’t get it.

And once again, she gave me NO EFFING DETAILS of what she wants / needs. Does she think I’m some genie who magically grants her all her deepest fantasies on the spot?

She makes it sound like my order form is a waste of time but it’s the only way I am going to get the necessary information quickly outta people like her. Instead of sending dumb messages back and forth going, “Oh, so what do you have in mind? What flavour? What size?”

God I hate working with people like this!!!!!!! So much freaking redundancy!

My favourite customers are the clear-headed sensible no-bullshit ones who specify everything they want, I reply them giving them necessary payment and collection details, then BAM! WHAM! THANK YOU MAM!

Job’s done.

What the fuck is a free “publication”???

I am not a book, so please don’t “publish” me!

Or did she mean free PUBLICITY? Maybe she wants to publish my name big big in one of her wedding catalogues?! I still don’t understand. I don’t see how a small scale wedding firm can generate more publicity for my business more than my own personal blog can.

Anyway I don’t believe her stupid publicity shit la. It’s not free if I have to do something in return for it leh. I used to make cakes for this guy’s club and he said he will give me “free publicity” also don’t have.

He said he’d upload pics of the cake to Facebook and credit me and give my details to his customers at the club also don’t have?! Give them discount for fuck? Coincidentally I also met this said guy from the same event I met the girl from. Birds of a feather flock together indeed.

Her 3rd reply came very shortly after:

“Would you be interested? Please do let me know soon.”


This is another pet peeve of mine. I hate people (yes I throw the word hate around a lot, roar!) who end off their messages / email with “Please do let me know soon” or “Please reply ASAP.”

Because these people are usually last minute procrastinators who don’t bother to make important necessary arrangements for their events and as a last resort, they spring surprise last minute orders on poor people like me.

I don’t like being a last resort, and I don’t like last minute orders.

I can’t tell you how many times I have replied peoples questions / orders (almost) immediately, only to have them reply like 5 days later going,

“Great!!! It’s settled then. So, can I have the cake tomorrow?”

And to further convince me they would include some bullshit fact like, “I understand it’s last minute but it’s my best friend’s birthday tomorrow. Please!!”


I don’t sit around waiting for people to reply my emails (Ok I lie, I do. *hides face) but that doesn’t mean you should expect me to do something for you whenever you want it to be done! How dare you expect such a request?? *glares*

It’s not like you are offering to pay me more. Also, if you had any sincerity at all, you would make all these arrangements or orders IN ADVANCE. Your lack of responsibility just shows you don’t give a shit about this, so why should I help you out?



So these are just a few of the many, many rude things I have noticed inconsiderate people displaying since I’ve started Shiberty’s Sweets.

People expecting me to work on less than a day’s notice, people who insult me by asking for discounts even when I’ve quoted them a competitive price…

Look, I am not a wholesale centre in Bangkok.

Every single one of my cupcakes are painstakingly homemade from scratch to the very last degree and you won’t find the same shit outside even if you tried. So don’t barter with me like I am some pasar malam knick knacks seller. I TAKE IMMENSE PRIDE IN WHAT I DO, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

If you genuinely have not enough money to spare on cupcakes but would still love to try my creations, polite discussion is always open to people who are courteous enough. However if I know you can totally afford it but simply choose to be a cheapskate, it’s a completely different story and I WILL ignore your pathetic behaviour.

Some people even go to the extent of pretending to miscalculate the price I’ve quoted them, and they transfer like $10 lesser than required, then say they will pay when in person but they claim to not have enough cash on hand when the time arrives. I can’t possibly hold onto their order refusing to hand over the cupcakes… So I have to proceed to chase after them for payment for the next week or so.

This actually happened to me twice recently, and yesterday after like a week of chasing payment (always same reply: Sorry I didn’t do it today, will do it soon!)

Then I reached my limits and sent this girl a text saying “Look, now you’re really starting to piss me off. Can you stop being so irresponsible and annoying and just transfer the money already?? Or do you expect me to just forget about it?

To which I think I FINALLY got the message across to her, coz she transferred on the very same night after delaying for a week. Some people… TSK!!!

FTS! I don’t need this sort of business, so take your cheapskate behaviour elsewhere. I swear I’ve never experienced this sort of gross behaviour half as much as when I was doing photoshoots and blogging. Photographers used to pay generous amounts in full cash before we even started shooting!!!

I guess people are really superficial in this sense. When I tell them I write articles online as a part time job, they go OoooOoOh! and assume I’m very well-learned and sensible that’s why people wanna hear what I have to say

(part time writer aka blogger la but sounds fancier and a lot of people still don’t understand the term blogger properly)

Or when I say I stand around and take nice photos for photographers

(they go OOOH AHH so pretty ah model ah! to this day I still shudder when people use that word on me. sorry tyra banks and miranda kerr T_T it’s a disgrace to your work)

But people just seem to nod their head and go “Oh!” when I say I bake cupcakes.

Thus I think it is safe to concur the different treatment I’ve been receiving lately is highly related to do with the fact that baking cupcakes is dowwnnn the job ladder or in a job hiearchy sense.

Which is why I approve of using a grossly pretentious name such as “DELECTABLES’ ARTIST” or even better, a “Dolce Artista!!!!” which apparently means pastry chef in French (a reader sent in an email suggesting it lol)

Maybe that way people would be inclined take me more seriously -_-

To me, as long as someone is making a decent living using their own skills, they have a respectable job. I don’t look down on anyone who earns lesser than me, and neither does my customer or business etiquette differ according to the person’s paycheck.

As long as they don’t do indecent jobs like prostitution or drug dealing, why should people be judged negatively according to their jobs?

Billionaires and geniuses like the creator of Facebook definitely deserve a ton more credit for what he does, but it’s not fair to treat a taxi driver rudely just because he drives a taxi for a living.. agree? It’s ridiculous how immediate and significant certain peoples attitudes have changed. I’m not saying all my customers are terrible, most are amazing and easy-to-deal-with-people who are really appreciative of what I do for them and all but there are those who are just plain nasty. Had to have my little rant to let some steam off. You people reading this feeling guilty cuz you know you’re one of those people.. Ya should be ashamed of yourselves!

And it doesn’t kill to be polite to someone, even if you’re paying them money in the end. I don’t live to serve you. So please, have some fuckin’ courtesy, people!!!


Hey, I may be a Dolce Artista, but I still wear Dolce & Gabbana ok!!


What’s Bakin’?

Some of the latest creations from Shiberty’s Sweets!!!

Because good things in life ought to be shared.

(well you can’t eat them unless ya order from us but at least you can look!!)

Piggy cupcakes version 2!

We had these sent to a chick’s office during her working hours from an “anonymous sender” along with a funny romantic poem.

Perfect way to brighten up someone’s day and if you don’t wanna turn into a pig yourself, you can distribute the cupcakes among your colleagues :P

Pretty flowers made for a pretty girl ♥ I’m in love with these colours!

I told you my flowers would keep on improving! Whaddya think of these ones?

These blooms were done for Nira, and she even did us a huge favour by blogging an awesome review, you can check it out here

Bright orange basketball cupcakes that will score with any hoop shooters.

Finally, a cupcake design that’s a little more “manly” rather than ultra feminine and cutesy themes. I hope people order soccer balls next :P

I actually don’t like doing repeated designs because there’s no room for creativity!

Oh, what’s this?

Nothing much, only the most amazing chocolate cupcakes you have ever set sight upon, that’s all.

Wipe that drool off your monitor screen now!!!

Moist, fluffy rich chocolate cake base topped off with creamy, smooth chocolatey buttercream.. Does it seriously get any better than this???

Baby pink buttercream and rainbow sprinkles with frilly borders for a birthday girl. Wait for it, it gets better!!!

Besides being smothered with fresh whipped cream inbetween the layers, the inside of the cake also happens to be….

Rainbow coloured!!!! It’s almost blindingly colorful, eh?

My (self-proclaimed) famous rainbow cake, remade – version 2. I loved the colours and texture more this time around, looks yummier and more moist! These pics were sent to me by the girl who ordered the cake, obviously I can’t cut into their cake to take pictures then sell it to them hahaha.

Buttercream + fresh whipped cream + rainbow vanilla cakey goodness dammnnnn I wish I had some for myself now!!

Next up is something possibly equally impressive or even more so, since you guys haven’t seen something like this on my blog before, I got heaps of compliments via twitter yesterday for twitpicing this!!!!!

Instead of the usual buttercream, this time we got to play a lot with fondant pieces!!! Super excited to do these cupcakes because they’re something really different from our usual ones.

As you can tell the theme was CA$INO, VIVA LAS VEGAS!!

(Actually the customer specified “MBS-style gambling” but whatever Las Vegas sounds more exciting LOL.)

Yes, everything is edible. If you’re wondering… cards were hand drawn with edible markers!

We made a fortune that night!

(actually it was just last night)

I think my mum would be more than delighted if she saw these! :)

Speaking of my momma, she’s coming home tomorrow. I AM SO EXCITED!!!! I’ve missed her heaps. She’s been away the whole time since we’ve started up Shiberty’s Sweets, I can’t wait for her to see in person all the work we’re achieving!

Breakdancing dance poses silhouettes!!
Pretty bad ass for a cupcake huh?!

Sam made this batch all by himself! I find them to look very accurate and realistic.

I just want y’all to know that I don’t make these cupcakes singlehandedly, my boyfriend is my other half so if you wanna give praise, don’t forget about him too!!!! :D

Btw, everything that is written on the cupcakes are specifically specified by the customers, so if it’s “Me ♥ Ace” instead of “I ♥ Ace” it’s because they wanted it to be that way, it’s not my own grammar mistake!

Clearly I did the colorful bits because they are so undeniably girly hehe ^.^

No, it’s not christmas yet, but someone’s husband’s nickname is apparently “Ho ho ho”! #Don’tAsk

You might’ve noticed by now that I do cartoon faces like ^.^ for all my animals because I can’t draw realistic living things for nuts!!!!

Plus I think it adds an instant “kawaii” factor.




The end!!

For now at least. More work again to be done tomorrow!!! But it’s the sort of work I look forward to, so technically it’s not really work at all. No payment is greater than fulfillment.

….Ok I lie. I’d be fucking happy if you paid me a thousand bucks for one of my cakes, but still, LOL! This has probably been oversaid and done by now, but I wanna thank everyone again for their incredible support. :)

The only bad thing I can tell about this is, I cannot resist nomming on the leftover buttercream / cupcakes and the fact that people are calling me a “BAKER” now, wtf?!

Baker sounds horrible!!!! I dunno I just sound like some boring old auntie who works in a bakery making plain loaves of bread or something. Sounds as boring as “gardener” or “shoe polisher” wtf. I wanna be called a “Cupcake Artist” or something equally pretentious and self-gratifying HAHAHAHA. Wendy and Qiu Qiu suggested that “Pastry Chef” sounds nicer. But I’m not really a chef, and cupcakes aren’t really pastries, are they?!

So for now I am happy with “that chio girl who makes even chioer cupcakes.”

*nods furiously*

P.S -
Depending on response, I may be doing step by step picture blog post tutorials or even how-to videos showing interested parties how to decorate cupcakes like I do, so you can request a tutorial for any cake / cupcake technique or design you’ve seen on my blog so far, in the comment box below.

Plz no rainbow cakes because that is very #duh and brainless!!!!


Ganbatte! Japan

Ganbatte! Japan
is a pro bono charity flea organized by Nuffnang and Park Royal hotel to raise funds in aid of Japan’s recent natural disasters.

I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t make an effort to donate a single cent before this. What? I’m not exactly a pro active person. I definitely donate when I see a needy person asking for money on the streets, but do I jump onto my paypal account to shower money on victims every time something bad happens to someone else?

No. And I felt kinda bad for it.

What’s the point of looking at the horrible pics of their tsunami’s aftermath and sob at my computer screen feeling sorry for them, when sympathy doesn’t fix houses or give people new homes?

So I thought to myself.. Don’t be one of those hypocritical pricks who keep tweeting / blogging stuff like #prayforjapan when they can’t even be bothered to do jack shit for them. To a person in need of financial aid, a 20 cent coin is worth far, far more than your “thoughts at night before you go to bed”.

What are prayers for? If prayers worked, their existence would be much more efficient if they worked BEFORE disasters happen, instead of after.

So for a change I wanted to do something that wasn’t all about myself, I wanted to contribute to a cause that is more than worth my time and efforts.

These were the lovely cupcakes from Shiberty’s Sweets that we brought to sell at the flea!

(2 boxes in total)

Vanilla buttercream with chocolate / butter cake and Chocolate buttercream with Chocolate cake!

Most common question of the day: “You made these yourself?!?!?”

We sure did!!

The place had rather poor lighting and I didn’t feel like flash photos that day so bear with my non-sharp piccys this post!

Sam got up at 7am to go out and buy the groceries for the cupcakes, then started baking them and then I got up at 10am to decorate the bulk of the cupcakes. If you ever wondered how we split the work..

You can say I’m the head of the design department and he’s the head of cold hard labour :P

Within minutes of entering the venue, we got our first customer!!!

After the first one came, the rest just kept on coming non-stop.

I felt bad for being an hour late for the event (we were late coz we had to make these cupcakes in the morning right before the event, I wanted them to be as fresh as possible) but felt a lot better when they were selling so quick because that means our job would be done in a jiffy!

Here’s Sam packing the cupcakes into little boxes – thank goodness he remembered to bring boxes because I totally forgot about packaging.

I was under the impression that people were just going to buy 1 each to nomz on but most of them actually bought at least 3 each to bring back for their friends and family!

You see that girl with long brown hair in the middle? She’s my primary school classmate whom I haven’t seen since I was like ELEVEN years old!!!

When I saw her I was like “OMG HI! Are you Linda?”

I still remember her name and everything! So good to see your childhood friends after a gazillion years :)

Thanks sooo much to everyone who came down and supported Sam and I, we super duper appreciated it!!

♥ Thousand hugs and kisses

Weeee!!! I think she came back and bought even more afterwards :D

Must’ve really liked them. This was the first time I’ve actually gotten feedback from customers since normally for online orders, they just come pick up their orders when they’re done and go bye-bye immediately afterwards.

This time around I got to see their reaction first-hand and I’m superrr pleased because the compliments and good reviews were overwhelming.

My regal looking name

Me being an over enthusiastic sales person. :P

People were so friendly and obliging to take a lot of photos with us that day!!!!

Taking a picture of someone taking a picture of my cupcake.

I iz artistic.

I tweeted about our success at the flea market and a friend replied saying

“Your sellout was made possible – I’m sure – in part to that amazing sign you created from notebook paper.”


Giving Ben Ben a hug!!! I adore this kiddo he is always so friendly and smiling :)

He sold hugs that day and raised quite a decent amount, only somebody as cute looking as him can sell hugs and get away with it la!!

Pretty Clara, a Nuffnang staff with someone’s super cute baby boy. SOOOOOOO CUTE :3

Sam saw me change my “sign” at the booth and went “awwww”

Altogether now….


I am proud of the both of us for many reasons.

Even though we’ve been crazy busy with a lot of orders, we haven’t slacked one bit. I didn’t think it would take off so fast but it is a pleasant surprise. And it’s not just about selling cakes. Through selling cakes, I’ve made new friends, got back in touch with old ones, got presented with new opportunities

(a website designer actually ordered cupcakes from me and is now offering to do up a professional layout for my blog for free wtf talk about good opportunities.)

Say, I’m even participating in charity events, something I hardly ever bother to do when I could be giving so much more. I think the last volunteer event I did was visiting an orphanage and playing with the kids there to make them happy like years ago.

Now, if things go well, I might be helping another friend out to educate / inspire less fortunate kids by teaching them how to decorate cupcakes and other skills!

Sounds like it’s going to be so much fun :)

Opposite us was Qiu Qiu and Sophie doing manicures. Other bloggers were scattered across the room, some had very interesting booths like offering makeovers and a mini photoshoot!

HAHAHA this guy was hilarious!!!

So they bought some cupcakes, then they stood around munching them and when he took his first bite, he went “MMmMMmmMMmmm!!!!” sooo loudly I couldn’t stop laughing and rushed to take his picture because his reaction was priceless!

I asked him, “Is it THAT good?” and he was like “YEAH!!! It’s damnnnn nice” (

or something along to that effect, super enthusiastic one)

Cute max!

You got caught noooooommminggg!

Our youngest customer!! :P

We ran out of boxes so Sam had to run to the mall opposite the hotel (I think it’s called City Square??) and buy plastic containers to pack the cupcakes in :3

We decorated the cupcakes so nicely but he bought the 4 cupcakes, put them into a plastic bag and started swinging it around on his hand when he walked off. Sam and I were like NOOOO!

Heart pain lol they’d be all smooshy.

I spy with my little eye… Sophie eating a cupcake.

And what do you know?!?

After an hour or so, we’re all sold out!!! Woopiee!

At first I was kinda scared that we wouldn’t be able to sell most of our cupcakes then at the end of the day we’d have to force it down our throats at night or give them to our neighbours again LOL but it’s all good.

Candid pic of me counting the money, secretly wishing I could pocket it. What??? I’m only human!

Greed does not evade me!

Flamboyant enough???

In case you were wondering, we had to accept payment via vouchers purchased at the flea market itself, so that’s why the “money” I’m holding in my hand looks like monopoly money. But it’s dollar for dollar so technically it’s the same thing.

After we sold all our cupcakes we got a little bored so we went exploring and disturbing other people…

Sam found this little podium and started to mimic Obama giving a speech -___-

And then he felt really lonely so he went to give Ben a super big bear hug, much to Ben’s greatest pleasure I am sure!!!


After the event ended, we packed up, and headed downstairs for dinner courtesy of Park Royal hotel with the rest of the Nuffies and bloggers!!

You shoulda seen me and Sam’s face. We were like….

“free buffet dinner??!!?!

O___O ……. ……. ……. ^_______^!!!!!

The buffet dinner TOTALLY exceeded expectations!!

My fav dish was the asparagus wrapped with smoked salmon and drenched in wasabi mayo + ebiko sauce. (Y)

There wasn’t a lot of people so I was thankful for the non existence of crowds. I am really annoyed by the large crowds at MBS buffet.

The buffet at Park Royal puts Marina Bay Sands’ one to deep DEEEEEP shame. It was almost HALF the price of MBS but literally twice as good.

They had free flow of fresh sashimi – not the already cut pieces sitting on a cold plate, they had a japanese chef standing at a counter ready to slice some fresh pieces for you!!!!

Crabs, assorted prawns, whole scallops baked with cheese (YUMMY!!!), indian food, western food, chinese food, ALL SORTS OF FOOD!! Definitely coming back here with Sam if we feel like buffet next time. I heard the price was 40+ for dinner.

You cannot tell from the pic but he was actually excited off his nuts.

He said, “Ok baby, you go home by yourself later, I’m going to stay here until this place closes” LOL

“Oi!!!!! Why are you still taking pics?! Let me eat in peace damnit!”

…..And that was the end of that. :P

Long funny conversations and catch ups with awesome people over a complimentary dinner = amazing time.

The event was so much fun, especially since I haven’t been to a social event in like, forever? It’s always been me and Sam, Sam and me… it’s really good to meet other people once in awhile. I should totally do this more often.

I had such a good day, and didn’t feel like I was “working” at all.

Huge thanks to everyone for being such good company (especially the hardworking Nuffies!) who made the event a success, and allowing me the chance to take part in a good cause!!!!

I ♥ Nuffnang muchie muchie.


Sam, Jess and Shiberty’s Sweets @ Charity Flea for Japan!

Join Nuffnang, your favourite bloggers and Park Royal on Kitchener Road as we launch Ganbatte! Japan, a charity flea market that helps to raise funds for Japan’s natural disaster victims.

Nuffnang staff, bloggers and blogshop owners from Jipaban will be proud stall-owners at the flea, where all profits will be donated to Singapore Red Cross for relief efforts in Japan.

Date: 9th April 2011 (Saturday)
Time: 2 PM to 5 PM
Venue: PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road, Emerald Ballroom 1 & 2

Why am I telling all of you this??

Because.. I WILL BE THERE OF COURSE. Together with Sam my minion, erm.. sidekick, I mean, boyfriend.

We will be setting up a booth there to sell our very own home made cupcakes from Shiberty’s Sweets in the name of GOODWILL!

You know what that means? That means DITCH your diet and your friends and your plans for Saturday and come join us at Park Royal Hotel. The calories and money will be for a great cause. *nods*

It is 9pm at the moment and I have a lot more cupcake work to do, specifically about 30+ more. I’ve already been worked like a dog today since the moment I got up, but instead of sleeping, what am I gonna do?

After this blog post imma bake more cupcakes to sell for charity tomorrow!!!

I am terrified that I am going to appear there tomorrow with a gazillion cupcakes in my hands and no one is going to buy and eat them. Then I’ll just look like a fat kid who ordered one too many cupcakes for herself so please come support Sam and I and Shiberty’s Sweets + do your part as a good samaritan!! ♥

If you’ve ever wondered what my cupcakes taste like, or you’re hesitant about buying 12 (my minimum order) or you wanna taste test first… this is your chance to nomz on food that I cooked personally for you!!! When else can you ever say you’re eating food cooked by Underage Girl the blogger, huh huh??

There will be other popular bloggers doing their own special thing there, and lucky draws & awesome prizes to be won! Come take pictures and hang out us and I am even considering selling hugs and kisses.


Or even better, buy 1 cupcake and get 1 hug free, yay!!!!!



So, with that out of the way…

I know I promised there will not be the word “cake” in my next post (which means this one.)

Evidently, I failed. -_-

For that I am sorry, even I am getting sick of looking and hearing about cakes wtf but it’s inevitable – cakes are a big part of my life now!! At least now I have a valid reason for being chubby, right? I mean c’mon, who wouldn’t be tempted with the amazing food I cook up?! Hey look something good for once came out of my weight gain!

Anyways to make up for all the cake talk, I will share a funny fact about myself with you (at least I think it’s funny)

Because I am self-absorbed like that. Even when I blog about a charity flea there has to be a section just for me.



Random fact about me for your amusement:

I am really hairy.

No, not really down south, but I mean I’m hairy in places where people shouldn’t be.

I have a moustache (For real??? YEAH.) above my upper lip, and it seems like the more I shave it the more obvious it grows back. I’m so not gonna post a picture of it although I’m tempted to, sometimes when I get lazy to shave I have to photoshop it away and it’s quite embarrassing actually. If you scrutinize my unphotoshopped close up pictures, you may just see some fuzz or a shadow above my lips o.O

Why bother putting on vain things like fake eyelashes when I have hairy moustache on my face?? I dunno! At least Sam doesn’t seem to mind.

Whenever I can’t be arsed to shave, my leg hairs get so long they remind me of orang utans.

LOL fuck did I just say orang utans??? I meant to type rambutan (huge difference but spelling similar) but I guess they give the same meaning in this sense.

I blame my unsightly hairyness on my chinese zodiac. According to my mum I am super hairy because I am a monkey (like really, it’s my asian horoscope) and monkeys are known to be hairy, stubborn and outgoing!!

It is most unfortunate that I should have excessive hair on places that I should be bald when places I SHOULD have hair, actually have none!!!!!!

Like my invisible EYEBROWS. *grumble grumble*

These were before I got brow resurrection done @ Browhaus.

This is after embroidery. ♥

And unfortunately, I happen to be slightly balding at the top of my head too. :@

Wtf is this shit???

God, Y U NO FAIR?!

P.S – This bit here has nothing to do with the rest of the post but for a moment I was very excited about my real life hair being EXACTLY the same as my Maplestory character hair LOL.

Yes recently Sam has urged me to start playing Maplestory with him again -_-

My maplestory hair

My real life hair!! LOLOL look like or not?

I even have the straight cut bangs and matching hair color!!!! *easily amused*

Ignore the retarded reflection face plz I was focusing very hard on trying to capture the back of my head on camera perfectly.

Of course my hair doesn’t look like that now, since some annoying voice inside of my head managed to convince me that dyeing it a different color + perming it + chopping it short would be a good idea.


Anyways, back to my point.

About 2 years ago, this guy from my school was eyeing me very intensely for about 3 minutes, until I got sort of uncomfortable…

I think he noticed that I noticed he was eyeing me, so he suddenly blurted, “Hey Jess, I wonder what it feels like to kiss you.”

And I was like… “WHAT? If you wanna know, why don’t you just kiss me and find out??”

But of course I didn’t actually say that, the thought just crossed my mind but he continued saying,

“I wonder how it feels like to kiss you with all that hair above your lip. Must be like kissing a guy who hasn’t shaved.”


He then pulls a :3 expression and cracks up, leaving me absolutely bewildered. In front of our other school mates so they ended up laughing at me too.

That guy was actually one of the cuter boys in our class so needless to say I was kinda like T_T lol.

……Yup. Story of my life.


Orange Skies & Lavender Swirls

It was another quiet evening at home, which couldn’t have been any more ordinary if this didn’t happen.

I have never seen Singapore’s skies so vividly painted with colour before!!!


The intensity of the bright orange was crazy. I only upped the contrast in this picture a little bit, but it looked almost 100% like this in real life!!!!!! You shoulda seen it!

(or maybe you did, if you live in Singapore and looked at the sky the same time I did)

That moment when I suddenly decided to stop browsing twitter and look straight out of my window… I saw this. I think my heart kinda skipped a little beat when I was greeted by this unexpected view.

Needless to say, I immediately snapped these pictures and tweeted about it!!

“Omg SG people, look out at the sky now!!! IT’S SO ORANGE I’ve never seen the sky tinted so orangey before wtf?? Why like that?”

Lolol I sound so bimbotic in my tweet. Like “OMFG it’s a sunset and it’s orange oh wowww cool.”

But in all seriousness, I have never seen sunsets look like this in Singapore. When it turns to dusk, the whole sky slowly dims away into a blue-ish grey sort of tone. Super boring, no psychedelic colours to marvel at.

The bright orange soon faded into this purplish blueish hue… ♥ ♥ ♥ I love.

I still can’t believe I captured these gorgeous pics from my bedroom window. You’d think I would have to be located at the beach side or something to get this view. I just stared at the sky for almost 10 minutes before it all completely disappeared and darkness fell.


Dude, I came across this picture of me taken some time ago, back when I still had light orangey long hair and I just realized HOW MUCH I MISS MY LONG HAIR!!!!

I knew this was going to happen. I’d love short hair for awhile, then suddenly go back to missing it heaps again. I think it happens to every single girl. You’re either hopelessly obsessed with keeping your hair long, or you like to have it short, then long, then short again like me. Indecisive much?

Dunno why I thought my hair colour was so awful last time. I actually think it’s nice now!!! I might go rebond my hair to get rid of old-perm-frizz, and then dye it a light shade like this.

Milly’s, here I come!!!


So what have I been busy with recently?

Busy handling all the stuff for Shiberty’s Sweets of course!

Here are a couple of my recent orders that Sam and I have created together, for your viewing pleasure. (and for the lucky ones, for your nomming pleasure too! yay!)

A batch of brightly colored flowers made for a girl who’s been feeling down recently due to relationship problems..

Her lovely friend ordered these cupcakes to cheer her up ♥ Isn’t that sweet??

My customer (omg feels so weird saying that) simply said, “6 brightly colored flowers to make my friend happy, I’ll leave the details / designs up to you” and that made me all excited because I love it when people give me room for my own creativity and trust my skills / taste to come up with something good!!!

You can read about her awesome blog entry RAVING of Shiberty’s Sweets here!!!

I was grinning like crazyyyy when I read it… Thank you so much for the amazing response and feedback!! ♥

This is why I do what I do, to bake pretty treats for people who’d really appreciate it.

It was my first time attempting the purple flower, so it was kinda messy.. but I’m hoping to improve tremendously with my future flowers :)

Elephant cupcake!!!

LOL we got our first animal-themed cupcakes order. And I personally think these turned out faboo. -nods-

Happy elephants and tigers sitting in a box!!!

Sam made the tigers all by himself.. What an old looking tiger :P

Just something about tigers look very experienced and old… who’s with me?

Oink oink.

ROAR!!!!! Pigs and lions!!!

CUTE ANOT!!! Yes yes, squeal some more plz!

I would offer you some but they were already gobbled down by people.

In fact, if you haven’t already seen this picture in the review I linked above, you HAVE to look at this pic of a bunch of friends happily posing with ma cupcakes!!!! It is such the cutest picture ever.

Aren’t they adorable? ♥

These following cupcakes were made for another blogger!

Can you guess who? :)

First time trying out fondant cupcakes too. Gotta love the pastel colours!

Sorry for the poor lighting, pic was taken at night without flash because fondant doesn’t look that great with bright flash.

I nickname these following chocolate cupcakes… “Lavender Swirls”

Am I imaginative / artsy enough?

Tumblr worthiness, anyone?

Someone suggested to create a Tumblr blog for my cupcakes because Tumblr girls LOVE to reblog these sort of pretty pics and I think I should but that’d be one more website for me to keep up with wtf. I am already super busy these days!!

Hopefully I’ll find the time to do it really soon.


Kk, end of cupcake spam ♥ ♥ ♥

Hope y’all enjoyed looking at the piccys!

If you’re interested in ordering some, head on over to Shiberty’s Sweets and fill out my order form.

P.S – I’ve found a designer for my new blog layout!!!!!!! HOOOOOORAAAAY. Shifting over to a .com domain soon, complete with a spanking new professional layout and all. I can’t wait for you guys to see it when it’s done.

P.S – My next post won’t have the word “cake” in it, kk? I PROMISE! Expect different content soon.. *gulps*

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