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Mother’s Day Cupcakes Giveaway

Mother’s Day is coming up!

I love my momma, and I’m sure you do too. To celebrate all wonderful mummies out there, Shiberty’s Sweets is giving away TWO sets of complimentary cupcakes!!! You get to choose the flavors and design you want, that you think will suit your mum best. :)

To qualify for this giveaway you

1) Need to have a public Twitter account
2) Need to live in Singapore (or if you have someone who lives in SG to collect cupcakes for you that’s fine too)

“I’d love to get Mother’s Day cupcakes from because ___”

…Copy & paste the above, fill in the blanks and include #shiberty in your tweet to enter!!!

Tell me all about how you love your mummy and how special she is to you! You may tweet more than once if 1 tweet just isn’t long enough. ♥ Winners will be contacted via Twitter tomorrow (29th of April). 

Good luck!


What’s Bakin’? #10

Wow, I’m actually at the 10th segment of my What’s Bakin’? posts!!!!

Time flew by. Very soon it’ll be a year since I’ve started this baking stint. I wonder how many hundreds of cakes I’ve baked and how many thousandsss of cupcakes I’ve frosted. I think my first order completed was 10th March…. I’ll be in Australia by then, so no celebrating my one-year-cake-anniversary with even more baking :P

You know, exactly 10 days from now, I’ll be seeing TAYLOR SWIFT LIVE IN CONCERT the 2nd time! I’m soooooooo exciiiiiTTTEeeeeDDDDDdddddddd I THINK I’M GOING TO PEE MY PANTS.

It will be the second time I’ll be seeing her perform live, and I love her 10x more since the first time I’ve seen her. Back then I was a fan, but now I am a SUPER FAN. LOL. I’m going to know ALL the words to her Speak Now album. I’M GOING TO SCREAM SO LOUD AND MY HEART WILL EXPLODE IN THE STADIUM. There’s nothing quite like a chorus of 40 000 fans screaming in unison.

But I’m worried she’s not going to have her signature curly blonde hair during the tour, coz she’s been sporting a slick straight do recently??? I can’t imagine her doing the tour with straight hair!!! :( Ok enough with the fangirl T-Swift talk. I’m pretty sure I’ll spam more about that next time, lol.

Let’s get back to admiring the gorgeous cakes from Shiberty’s Sweets! (yes self-proclaimed. actually not really since I get tons of compliments on them all the time lol)

If you’d like to share my cake pictures online, please have the decency to credit and link back to me!

This set got 200 likes on Instagram! A V’day themed order :)

Alternate view! It’s so girly and frilly and pwetty~

The Rilakkuma family!!!! ^.^

So is the female Rilakkuma his girlfriend, or his sister?

Of course you have to get matching Rilakkuma to go along with the cake!!!

I think this is the epitome of a “princessy” cake.

A giant hot pink bow, glittery heart shaped golden key, diamonds and pearls.. it’s shamelessly and gloriously girly!!!

Boys, don’t click away the page just yet!
I have surprises in store for you too!

A BMW cake modeled after Velda‘s beau, Freddy’s car! Picture credits go to her!!! :)

The Honda Fit! With a sun roof.

Another underwater themed cake! Spot the bottlenose dolphin and sea turtle!!


Random cute bee. This was from another cake I just thought it was too adorable not to share so I included it lol

So I know the key is kinda droopy / lopsided.. I’ll try to make it straighter next time!!! :3

A girl cake should be two things, classy and fabulous!

Who holds the key to my heart?

Of sakuras (or my imitation of them n_n) and owls!

Ohana means family. ♥

Simple and elegant floral themed

A close up

As sweet as candy!!! ;)

That’s all I have for today!
I hope you guys liked looking at my work. Head on over to if you like what you see.

I’ll be overseas in Australia from 24 Feb – 13 March so email replying (and blog posts updating!) may be slow during this period!! Bear with me! :)


The best Spinach Feta Quiche Evarrr!!


I’m back to share another recipe :D!! This time it’s savory food and not dessert because some of you requested for dinner recipes instead, however this is still baked in an oven. I love shoving food in the oven, it’s so fuss free.

Today’s recipe is named The best Spinach Feta Quiche Evarrr!!!!… although I haven’t really had a lot of Spinach Quiches outside, so… I’m not sure if it really is THE BESTEST BEST one out there. LOL. But I loved it. And Sam said it’s reallyyy good. So this is definitely worth trying!

I was craving for something creamy, something cheesy and with spinach… VOILA!!!

Idea of spinach quiche came into mind, and in a matter of hours, my idea materialized.

….Isn’t it beautiful?! :’)

Disclaimer: This recipe is SUPER DUPER CHEESY. And crazy sinful. Which is why it’s so good. It’s an explosion of flavors in the mouth!!! Do not attempt this if you’re a mild eater.

I’m a huge cheese fan and I found this super delicious. So if you love cheese, this is an orgasm in the mouth, quite literally. n___n But if you don’t, stay away. It’s so rich and filled to the brim with 2 types of cheese, how can you go wrong?! You mix spinach + cheese + bacon and you get a pretty much fail-proof recipe.

This recipe is quite forgiving, so you don’t have to use exact measurements or ingredients for the filling, you can adjust here and there as you please, and it’ll still turn out fine. You will realize later my recipe quite agar agar one but just HAVE FAITH ok LOL. The ingredients list looks quite long but the actual preparation time takes less than 30 minutes, so do not be intimidated.

Let’s get started!!


8″ round baking pan for baking the quiche in

Non-stick cooking spray / baking paper to line the tin

♥ — 3 tablespoons of butter (for frying of the ingredients)
♥ — 3 cloves garlic, diced
♥ — 1 onion, chopped

♥ — A lot of chopped fresh spinach. I don’t know the exact measurements for this (how to measure spinach?!) but you can look at the picture above. Maybe 3-4 cups worth? For me I bought 2 bunches from NTUC Fairprice and used it all.

♥ — 2 cups of chopped mushrooms of your choice. I used portobello mushrooms because I think I am atas. LOL you can use brown mushrooms too, but no shiitake / brown / chinese mushrooms. Angmoh shrooms only.

♥ — 3/4 cup of Feta Cheese. (I went nuts and put in 1 big cup lol so mine was ultimate cheesy)
♥ — 6 slices of Cheddar Cheese
♥ — 4 eggs, beaten
♥ — 3/4 cup milk
♥ — 4 tablespoons of sliced sundried tomatoes pieces (or to taste)
♥ — Half a cup of real bacon bits or fry up some real bacon (If you don’t want this to be a vegetarian meal. I used bacon bits)
♥ — 2 and a half tablespoons of self-raising flour
♥ — Paprika & coriander for garnishing
♥ — Pepper to your own taste (This is a salty recipe from all the cheese, so no salt required)
♥ — Herbs to your own taste. I used 1 teaspoon each of dill weed and parsley.
♥ — Breadcrumbs

—- Optional Part—

♥ — 8 inch unbaked deep dish pie crust (I skipped this part. I don’t actually like pie crusts, but if you like more carbs and crust in your quiche then go ahead and add this.)

Step 1:
Preheat oven to 200 degrees C. Melt the butter in a frying pan, and combine the Spinach, Mushrooms, Onions, and Garlic.

Fry and sautee in medium-high heat until the water oozing out from the spinach and mushrooms have completely dried up.

Step 2:
Turn off the heat, then add in the sundried tomatoes and crumbled feta cheese to the spinach mixture. No need to cook this, just mix well.

My quiche turned out slightly soggier than I would’ve liked because I didn’t fry my spinach and mushrooms for long enough for all the water to be absorbed. It was delish nonetheless, but you don’t wanna make the same mistake I did! I’m sure it would be perfect otherwise.

Step 3:
Line your baking tin with baking paper or spray non-stick cooking spray on the bottom, then pour in and spread out the spinach mixture evenly.

Step 4:
Place bacon bits / fried bacon, cheddar slices and bread crumbs on top of spinach mixture. Save a few slices of cheddar cheese for later. I didn’t actually measure the bread crumbs and it doesn’t matter. I reached into the bag and sprinkled liberally.

I know it doesn’t look so very appetizing right now, but JUST YOU WAIT AND SEE. ^.^

Step 5:
In a bowl, mix the eggs, milk, and flour well. Make sure there are no lumps.

Step 6:
Pour over spinach mixture, then bake at 200 degrees C for 20 minutes, then place remaining cheddar cheese slices on top and sprinkle with more breadcrumbs, then cook for another 15 minutes, or until it’s done.

You know it’s done when your quiche is no longer wobbly and has a nice solid-ish texture. You can poke a toothpick in after about 30 minutes to check on it.

If you’d read my Brownie Recipe Tutorial, you would know all about how baking time can be different for everyone.



This is all the glory you’ll end up with!!!!!!

♥ ♥ ♥

Sprinkle with paprika and garnish with coriander straight after you take your quiche out of the oven to achieve this GORGEOUS color. :D

Allow it to stand and cool in the baking tin for at least 15 minutes before serving. You don’t wanna serve your quiche piping hot, you want to have it only relatively warm because that’s when the flavors are at its best.

POW WOW!!!! It’s ridiculous, I know.

Definitely a lot more photogenic when sliced up than my brownies were. The spinach and mushrooms give the quiche a nice veggie bite and every spoonful of quiche was overflowing with gooey, melty cheese that made me go like this: …..:’)

So rich, so creamy, sooo goood wtffffff. Sam confirm wanna marry me please. If I didn’t have to watch my weight, I’d make this again. And again… Three quarters of my 8″ quiche was GONE in 20 minutes.

My auntie was visiting that day and after 2 generous slices, she said, “I’d finish all the leftovers if I didn’t have to let other people try it.”

….For a first attempt. ;)

If you guys have any questions, feedback on how yours turned out, or requests for future recipe how-to’s, leave me a comment! Hope yours will turn out equally fabulous and good luck!!



Is it a Pokemon? Is it a Shaolin Monk? Or is it…

So I was creating this customized cake today, and after putting the chopped up cake pieces together to create the basic shape, I thought to myself..

“Dude, this looks like pang sai. LOL wtf is this?! Damn ugly!”

Looks like a cross between a deformed teddy bear and an obese baby! Then out of sheer boredom, I decided to post this photo on Twitter

And I was all like


…So I said

Just for the heck of it!! Wanted to see what people’s abstract perception of it is.

And to my surprise, a lot of Tweeps actually joined in the fun!!! Why people so bo liao, like me ah? LOL. Or maybe people liked cupcakes more than I thought. I received over 70+ guesses, and some of them were SO HILARIOUS and random, I thought it’d be a waste if I didn’t share. :P

Here are some of the funnier ones in screenshots!!

Hahahaha a Squirtle is a really good guess! But it’s not a Pokemon. I can also understand why people would say “Doraemon” and “Gingerbread man”.. The answer is hiding in plain sight, in this screenshot somewhere ;) Use your imagination. Which one do you think it is?

Some of the guesses are like wtf… What’s a Golliwog, Mina No Tabo or Anpan Man?!?

More guesses from others!

“Is it the monk from Shaolin Showdown?”

HAHAHAHAHA WHAT!!! I also love how peopled answered “astronaut”, “dragon” and a “chick”. Oh, and a fat baby. I wouldn’t wanna be the parent of that ugly child!

“Teletubby” and “penguin” also got me giggling. Hehehe.

But I think my FAVORITE of all the answers (that really got me bursting out laughing) has gotta be…..

.LAUGH DIE ME!!!!!!!!!!

WHY on earth would that be Sam?!
LOL. The last time I checked, my boyfriend doesn’t look like an obese infant or like Squirtle! To me anyway. Hahahaha. Maybe that’s what he looks like to other girls.

So anyway, if you want to know what the real answer is….

IT IS…. …… ….. ……DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!

Dun dun dun…. *bangs on drums*





Say HI to Scrump!!!!!! :DDD

If you don’t know who he is, he’s the rag doll character from Lilo & Stitch. His colors look a bit faded here due to Instagram’s filter but he’s more blue-ish toned in real life.


Baking tutorial:The BEST brownies ever!!!

Hi. I like brownies. ^___^

Brown, chocolatey goodness that feels like it’s melting in your mouth!!! Don’t we all? If you don’t….. what’s wrong with you?!

But the problem I find with most brownies purchased outside is that:

1) It’s wayyyy too sweet

2) It’s too fudgey. More like a chocolate block than a brownie.. I like slightly cakier types.

3) It’s got nuts in it. I hate nuts in my food.

4) It’s hard / stale / dry / just tastes like shit. (Hence why it usually tastes better with ice cream)

So some time last week, I woke up with a MAJOR craving for brownies. I got out of bed and I was like omfggg want to eat brownies omgg must eat or I’ll die… e_e -googles recipes- …..But the recipes found online were not really to my liking, so I decided to come up with my own.

And IT WAS SO GOOD, I decided it was a bigger sin not sharing it with you guys than if I had the whole 8″ sized brownie chunk all to myself. I took one bite out of it when it was freshly baked and I was like “OMFG BEST brownie I am a freaking genius.” Then Janice (my bro’s gf who lives with us) was like, “Oooh smells good can I have some? :)”…. 5 minutes later: “Omggg I don’t even like brownies in the first place. Last time my ex-bf bought me brownies and I scolded him. But this is VERY GOOD!! :o”


I’m going to show you guys how to make your boyfriend / girlfriend think you’re a gem in the kitchen even if you’re really an idiot in the kitchen. No previous experience required! This will impress ANY chocolate lover. And even people who don’t normally eat chocolate, like me. (I swear by white chocolate and vanilla flavored stuff, but yummeh hot brownies are one true exception)

Honestly. Monkey see monkey do, just follow my recipe exactly and you can’t go wrong. It’s not as difficult or cumbersome as it looks. I even give you permission to lie to whoever you’re baking this for and say you were the genius who came up with this recipe on your own. *cough*

Let’s get started.


An 8″ circle baking tin for baking the brownies in

Non-stick cooking spray

♥ — 2 eggs
♥ — 1/2 cup butter (melted, salted. if you do not have salted butter, use 1/2 teaspoon salt)
♥ — 3/4 cup white sugar
♥ — 3/4 cup self-raising flour
♥ — 1/2 cup cocoa powder (unsweetened)
♥ — 1/2 tablespoon vanilla extract
♥ — 3 tablespoons chocolate milk (or only 2 tablespoons if you like it fudgey!)
♥ — 1/2 cup milk chocolate chips

The last part is optional. You can add milk chocolate chips, or dark choc, or white choc, or nuts (yuck!) whatever floats your boat. I chose to use just milk choc chips and they turned out nommilicious. If you use something else and they don’t turn out as good, that’s not my fault. :P

Step 1:
Preheat your oven to 180 degrees C. Spray your non-stick cooking spray over your 8″ baking tin, or if you don’t have cooking spray, grease it lightly with butter.

Step 2:
Combine the vanilla extract, sugar, and butter in a big bowl. Mix well.

Step 3:
Add the eggs in, one by one while mixing thoroughly.

Your mixture should look something like this now!

Step 4:
Carefully combine the cocoa powder and flour to your previous mixture. This will thicken up the batter a lot, so don’t freak out if it’s really dry, we’ll be adding milk in a bit.

Step 5: Pour in 3 tablespoons of chocolate milk and lightly stir in the chocolate chips. It will take a minute or two of constant slow stirring for your batter to absorb the chocolate milk in, but once it does..

You will get the wonderfully rich and gooey batter as seen above! ^.^ If your batter is still too stiff (due to incorrect measurements of previous ingredients?), you can try adding more chocolate milk, bit by bit, till you get a batter consistency you’re truly satisfied with. At this point you can taste-test the sweetness to see how you like it too! You can always adjust or tweak this recipe to your own liking. But don’t do it if you’re a total noob coz then you might screw it up, lul.

♥ Note – If you like heavier, fudgey brownies (which is what is served outside most of the time), 2 tablespoons will do. Or if you want like a block of chocolate, use 1. LOL. I prefer slightly lighter texture so I used 3.

Step 6:
Pour the batter evenly into your greased baking pan and set the timer for 40-50 minutes, or until you insert a toothpick / chopstick and it comes out clean.

….Now THIS is the tricky part, and I advise to read carefully. This is what other baking recipes don’t tell you.

If you use a different shaped or sized pan, cooking time will be different, and I can’t tell you how long it’ll take because I don’t know what size you’ll use. I strongly suggest using an 8″ circle pan like I did. If you use a bigger baking pan and your batter is thinner, reduce cooking time, and vice versa.

Everyone’s oven also works differently, so cooking time for your brownies may differ even if you do use an 8″ pan. My oven is old and battered, from the hundreds of cupcakes and cakes I do on a daily basis, so I don’t think it’s working as well as it used to anymore. Stuff that used to take 20 minutes to bake, now takes about 30.

So my timing of 40-50 minutes is a rough estimate for you guys.. mine actually took almost 50 mins, but your new swanky oven may take only 40. If your oven is even older and in worse condition than mine, perhaps it takes 50+ minutes. I advise to start checking on your brownies when you’re nearing the 40 minute mark. Check back on it every now and then, and poke a toothpick through. Once it comes out clean, you can leave it in for another few minutes for a slightly crispy top if it hasn’t already formed yet!!! :)

Just don’t overcook it, or your brownies will be hard / too crispy / dry instead of moist and gooey / fudgey like it’s supposed to be. Once you’re sure your brownies have cooked perfectly, take it out of the oven, let it cool for awhile and then remove from the pan.


Hopefully, yours will turn out to look something like….


Ok hahaha I know that doesn’t look quite right sitting there like that because 1) It’s circle shaped, and brownies are meant to be square-ish. That’s not a big deal to me, but if it is to you, feel free to use a square shaped tin of a similar size instead.

And 2) It has a lot of wholes on the top. I used fat chopsticks to poke it instead of toothpicks so they’re kinda obvious.

But other than that, can we please focus on….


And look at the perfectly crispy top!!! :’)

The bottom part sorta melts in your mouth (you’ll never find a softer brownie that is still quite fudgey and rich) while the crispy part gives it a nice bite! It is very dark brown in color because the chocolate explosion in your mouth is like omggg.

Obviously not for diet-watchers haha. YOUR LOSS!!

Sam and I reckon they’re the best brownies we’ve ever had, and we’re crazy dessert lovers. I won’t be surprised if he marries me for culinary skills alone LOL.

Cut into squares / rectangles to serve, and always remember to serve warm!! Now that wasn’t so hard, was it? Told you anyone could do it.

Tastes the best on it’s own so no ice cream required. When you pop them into the mirowave for just a bit, the chocolate bits melt all over again and it tastes like a chocolate lava cake of sorts. :D

….So that’s the end of tummy-growling-inducing pictures!!!! If you do try them, let me know how they turned out for you! I’ll be damned if it’s not fantastic, hurrr.



If you have a request for another type of cooking or baking tutorial, let me know and I’ll see if I can come up with a good one for you :)

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