Simple Micellar Water

Perhaps one of the best feelings in the world is coming home at the end of a long day, and just removing your makeup (and bra). Nothing feels as refreshing as removing all that grime and gunk off your face.

It’s like suddenly, your pores can breathe again!

There are several different kinds of make up removers in the market – including oil based cleansers, soap based facial foams, but my favorite method of removing make up would be using Micellar Water.

Simple has been an expert in providing dermatologist solutions for sensitive skin since launching the first perfume and colour-free soap in 1960. Simple believes in using only the purest skin-loving ingredients with as little artificial ingredients or additives as possible, and that looking good can be simple, not complicated!

Although oil based make up removers are great at removing extremely stubborn waterproof make up almost immediately, I do not like the greasy feeling it leaves on my skin, making me feel like I have to wash my face after that.

Not a fan of soap-based facial foams either, because you have to use them at a sink with running water.

Micellar water is perfect for someone who’s always rushing (and sometimes lazy) like me because you don’t even have to rinse off your face after that, meaning you can save that few extra precious minutes before bedtime!

It may not seem like that big a deal, but for days when you’re too tired (or slightly tipsy) to shower but you know you HAVE to remove your make up otherwise pimples will attack your face barely a few days later, an efficient and quick way to remove make up becomes the ultimate lifesaver. #truestory

Simple Micellar Water conveniently removes makeup without rinsing and provides hydration benefits at the same time. It actively works to attract and remove impurities while helping to unclog pores, supporting the skin to breathe. Simple Micellar Water won’t leave the skin feeling tight or sticky but just clean, refreshed and instantly hydrated by up to 90%.

Simple offers Micellar Water in two forms – one that is the straight up solution in a bottle, and other, packed into pre-soaked wipes in a handy resealable packaging.

Other great ingredients also found in their Micellar Water:

  • Triple Purified Water: The purest possible water to minimize potential for irritation from extraneous particles or contaminants that can irritate skin.
  • Vitamin B3: Known to restore, soften and smooth skin. It’s especially great for those with dry skin.
  • Vitamin C: A water soluble antioxidant vitamin for skin Hexylene Glycol: Helps dissolve make up and kindly conditions the skin

I like keeping the bottled form at home for everyday usage because some days I have lighter make up days than usual, and I will only require a small amount of solution to effectively remove my make up, so I can easily control the quantity poured onto a cotton puff.

Never used Micellar water before? All you need to do is soak a cotton puff with the solution, and gently wipe all around your face to remove the dirt and makeup! No need for rinsing afterwards.

The Micellar wipes from Simple are great convenient things to keep around! Because of its unscented nature, I do prefer it to other brands that have heavily perfumed products, since I have rather sensitive skin.

I like to take this around with me, especially if I’m traveling, and I use it even when I don’t have any make up on, but when I just want to refresh my face.

They are currently also the only Micellar wipes in the market.

Just because it’s not oil based doesn’t mean it cannot remove your make up efficiently – the Micellar Water and Wipes from Simple had no issue soaking off my usual make up of concealer, eyeliner, lip color, and brow pencil!

I love how smooth and hydrated my face feels after using these wipes as opposed to the tight, overly harsh feeling I get from other products that are too strong for my skin’s usage. Squeaky clean is possible without the discomfort and additional chemicals after all!

You can find Simple Micellar water and wipes retailing at major pharmacies, including: Watsons, Guardian, Unity, FairPrice, and Redmart at $16.90 for Micellar water, and $15.90 for the wipes.

If you’ve never tried Micellar water, pick one of these babies up and be amazed at the results when you realize how gentle, hydrating and effective it is on your skin!