Dining at Rochester Mall

I admit to not having explored the West side of Singapore very much as I have mostly stayed in the East and North most of my life, but I took a day off to explore Rochester Mall recently, and was surprised to find some hidden gems to dine at!

Rochester mall is located next to Buona Vista MRT, which makes it easily accessible even if you don’t drive.

It’s a family orientated mall, with enrichment classes for the kids, ifestyle services such as massages, nail, hair, fitness classes to keep the adults engaged, and my favorite feature of the mall has to be their abundance of alfresco dining options!

Our first pit stop of the day – DW Workshop, a newly opened place that’s been running for less than a month when we visited.

DW Workshop is a wonderful new concept destination that allows you to attend fun workshops (think arts and craft, DIY, even cooking classes) and get really good grub + nail the perfect Instagram shot at the same time!

Just look at the aesthetics of this place. It’s a design HEAVEN. Every corner of DW Workshop is so Instagrammable, it makes photo-taking here a real breeze, what with the natural sunlight spilling in through the large windows and reflecting off their white walls.

It’s like I walked into a Kinfolk book, guys! And that open kitchen…. urghhh. My heart. Talk about #houseinteriorgoals!

They’ve customized many of their furniture pieces here, to achieve this magazine home look.

The second level, where the workshops are mainly held.

You can learn how to DIY your own lamp or paper jewelry from scratch here! How cool is that? Obviously they understand that industrial / boho chic is all the rage right now.

They even have fascinating knick knacks for sale, curated stuff they’ve brought in themselves from all over the world.. including this watch that aids visually impaired or blind people to read the time by using braille. The little ball is magnetic and automatically goes back to the proper time whenever you shake your wrist!

Before trying out their lunch menu, we decided to check out their coffee because DW Workshop proudly brews different types of coffee that will totally be up your hipster alley!

Stovetop Brewed Italian Coffee

They’re also the first in Singapore to bring in Poursteady – a robotic machine that creates reliable, perfectly executed pour over coffee each and every cup! How high tech is this?!

Coffee, tea or me?

The espresso was fragrant and extremely strong. If you like your coffee with some kick.. you’d really enjoy this. I took it down better with some milk and sugar!

We were introduced to the menu and concept of DW Workshop by Edalin, who kindly brought us around the premises and was all too happy to patiently explain their meticulous detailing to us. Was glad that we came on a weekend, because their Weekend Brunch menu looked amazing!!!

We wanted to order everythingggg.

Lovely cold pressed juices, my pick was Cloudy Apple.


My crab eggs benedict croissant hybrid that comes with a super flakey, crispy buttery croissant, sandwiching a crabmeat salad and two poached eggs covered in hollaidanse sauce…


I kid you not. This was one of my favorite dishes I’ve ever had for brunch! So refreshingly delicious!

Looking at this photo is inducing major cravings right now. Whoever thought up this simple but effective combination – genius.

The rest of the world should catch on and create more croissant-benedict hybrids.

Our other main, the Beef Bourguignon was also great.

Slow cooked with balsamic vinegar for many hours, it even comes with dark chocolate shavings and bread to soak up all of that wonderful thick sauce!

Our entire table spread of food at DW Workshop. I loved how they use quality ingredients and that the menu wasn’t overly complicated of fancy. Straight up good food that’s executed well, to comfort your soul.

D and I sat on the couch for hours (that’s where we dined, they’ll give you a wooden board to put on your lap), just idly chatting and enjoying our afternoon at this cosy little new find..

We’re gonna be sad when it starts getting more crowded because it’s so undiscovered at the moment, we were able to spend an entire Sunday afternoon basking in its quiet tranquility!

When we were done with our mains, Edalin walked over to surprise us with desserts on the house. Such lovely hospitality. We really enjoyed the Matcha Tart and Carrot Cake, thank you very much!!!

If you’re looking for a date night sorta place, PastAmore may be what you’re looking for, located right next to DW Workshop!

Their alfresco set up is totally appropriate for dinner dates in the evening, while their indoor seating area is cosy and unpretentious, suitable for families and friends alike!

Parma ham with buffalo mozzarella. I love Parma ham!

Carbonara with bacon, a must-order for me every time I visit an Italian restaurant

Bolognese spaghetti

And my favorite – Seafood risotto!

This was delicious, both creamy and tomato-ey at the same time, with a nice robust seafood flavor in the simmered rice.

I could eat pasta for life! So difficult to choose between cream or tomato base. Think I love both variations equally. *heart shape eye emoji*

Didn’t have space for dessert in my belly left, but here’s some eye candy and his cuppa latte ;)

Our final pit stop at Rochester Mall concluded our gastronomic adventure at SwissBake!

I’m sure Swissbake needs no further introduction, they’ve been around for a long time and have been serving yummy pastries in different parts of Singapore!

If you’re looking to stop somewhere for a quick tea break or a short meeting, this would be an ideal place to grab some pastries and some sandwiches.

You’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing breads and pastries at Swissbake!

We had their Peach Yogurt drink, tuna sandwich, palmier, croissants and banana roll. By the end of it, we were so extremely stuffed! that we had to take the tuna sandwich home. Still tasted good after keeping it in the fridge for a couple of hours.

The next time you’re in the West and looking for dining options to explore, why not check out Rochester Mall? They’ve got a whole lot more to offer, waiting for you to discover! DW Workshop is a definite must visit by my books!