One Raffles Place

The Central Business District area in Singapore is one place I have definitely not explored much of, despite my 23 years of existence in this country.

Throughout my adult life, I’ve always thought that there was absolutely nothing to do in the CBD except get lost in the concrete jungle maze. I was definitely caught by surprise when I exited Raffles Place MRT one evening and walked right into One Raffles Place.

You’ll see this huge sign and H&M as soon as you exit the MRT station. Surrounding this mall are numerous trendy bars & restaurants that ooze modern city vibes!

Upon entering the shopping mall, I realized I had 6 whole levels of food, fashion, beauty & lifestyle services to explore! All of this being right smack in the middle of the CBD, with huge skyscraper office buildings surrounding it. A lighthearted oasis in the middle of a very serious place! Some of the more notable stores that One Raffles Place houses are H&M, Melissa, Swatch, Owndays, Pandora, The Body Shop, Uniqlo, Paris Baguette, Gong Cha, and many more brands we love.

Because I haven’t window shopped (or actually shopped) in months, I headed straight for the upper levels where the fashion stores are mainly located!

The first shop I dived into was Amanda.

It was my first time hearing of this label, but they carried an impressive range of semi-formal clothes that will take you from day to night and work to play, which I figured would be perfect for the many office ladies that patronize this part of the city! They’ve even got gown selections in case you’re shopping for a formal event.

I almost bought this dainty bejeweled neckline dress from Amanda (#04-33/34), because you know what they say about a girl never being able to have too many LBDs.. I like A-line cut dresses the best, and this simple dress could take me anywhere from a corporate event to a romantic dinner date with my boyfriend!

A couple of stores down from Amanda, you’ll find Sarah B (#04-21), probably my personal number 1 store in all of One Raffles Place! The shopkeeper was extremely friendly and helpful as well, so ++++ points for service!

I LOVE that most of their apparels seem to be in these colors: black, white, navy blue and nudes. Those are all of my favorite colors to wear, missing only one of my other staple wardrobe color: grey.

While they do have other fancy and unique apparels, my style choice will always be something more timeless and classic.

Candid shot of a happy shopaholic going about her ways!

Shopping is extremely serious business.

Tried on this lace tunic which I regretted not stumbling across earlier, because this would’ve been so apt for Chinese New Year!!! It’s really difficult to find clothing with oriental details that don’t scream “I AM FOR WEARING DURING CNY ONLY”, and this top is one of the few options out there.

But then I found another blouse from Sarah B which I adore even more!!!!!! Can’t stop obsessing over this white lace top. It’s basically perfection.

Easy to wear, very comfortable, a staple in your wardrobe that will look good anywhere and anytime. I’m all for practicality and comfort, so this ensemble was right up my alley!

Just because I was in the CBD, I decided to try on something more office-appropriate. Fun fact: I have never worked a day in any office in all my life! Ever since I was a teenager, I have been self employed. In my teenage years, I did some side blogging and part-time modeling work. When I was 18, I focused more on blogging and cake making work… I’ve never looked back since!

Although I wear my home clothes to my work place (and by work place I mean either in front of my computer or in the kitchen) sometimes I wonder what life would be like as an office lady, having to look good and dress up every single day!

I really have to give it to those ladies who embrace pencil skirts and uncomfortable stilettos every single day in the good name of fashion and professionalism.

Apart from clothing stores, One Raffles Place has other lifestyle options for you to browse, such as all sorts of eyewear from Owndays (#03-02/03)!

If I didn’t have corrective eye surgery already done, I would be sporting fun-looking eyewear frames like these to show people that you can be geeky AND cool at the same time.

There’s something for everyone here at Sarah B (#04-21), including a whole lot of pretty accessories to try on and match with your outfits!

Remember how Swatch (#01-14) was all the rage when we used to be in school? (if you’re from my era!)

They’re still coming up with fun-looking watches that are targeted at the younger generation! When I was in primary school, I would rotate Swatch watches every year and it would be the coolest thing to happen to me. I wore them with so much pride. When my nephew grows a little older, the first watch I’ll buy him will be Swatch!

To showcase the fashion choices available at One Raffles Place, a few of my other blogger friends and I will be styling 2 mannequins each, that will be on display at th atrium from 31 March – 27th April and they’re a part of a contest that’s happening in April, so look out for my mannequins when you head down! Both outfits I’ve picked out are from Sarah B, whose clothes I’m sure you girls will love.

If ever you find yourself wandering around the CBD, you now know where you can find a one-stop shopping mall that will settle all of your needs!