Now that I’m gearing up full time for the launch of my new dessert cafe, there’s been tons of action going on in the kitchen!

Practically everyday we have macarons and cakes being made, and a few weekends ago, I brought down a few hundred macarons to surprise the shoppers at Anchorpoint!

The flavours as seen here are our classics: Ferrero Rocher, Red Velvet, Earl Grey, Matcha and SALTED EGG YOLK, which is our newest best-selling flavor that’s been making people go Ooooh and Ahhh all around! To say it’s been well-received, would be a slight understatement! These are all available retailing daily at my cafe.

I love doing events!

I get a bit restless working in the same small kitchen & cafe every single day, so it was nice to be able to get out of the cafe and be in a casual setting like this every once in a while. My favorite part about events would be meeting enthusiastic shoppers who come across our macarons and seeing them try it for the first time! The shoppers at Anchorpoint are so friendly.

We had one elderly lady come up to us and asked if she could sample one, because she’s never had a macaron in her life before, and had no idea what they were except that they “look pretty”. I thought, why not? So I gave her one piece to try, and to my surprise, she bought 14 more pieces immediately on the spot! I asked her if she’s buying them for her kids / grandchildren, to which she chuckled and replied, “No, they’re all for myself. I’ll probably finish them tonight.

LOL…And they say older people don’t like sweets!!! Well, our macarons are generally a lot less sweet than those sold at other places, anyway!

Big thank you to the people who spontaneously came down to the mall after seeing my Instagram (@shiberty) shout out about my pop up booth at Anchorpoint! I appreciate your support so so much.

With the two sisters, Zoe & Zonia Raymond! I’ve known Zoe from a long time back… I think since 2009 or something! How time flies. Glad we can still get along and exchange friendly banter even though we only see each other at events every now and then! She was kind enough to help me tend to my booth for an hour when I had something to attend to, and was a great help whenever she saw something she could contribute to. Thanks babe!

Got my staff to man my booth one afternoon, and I went exploring Anchorpoint with a good friend of mine to check out what dining options, retail stores & beauty services were waiting to be explored!

First up, lunch at Jack’s Place (#01-09/10)! I love me a nice chunk of steak any time of the week.

Dining here brings back a lot of nostalgic memories, I used to eat at Jack’s Place with my family pretty often, years ago. I looove their baked potato with a mini mountain of sour cream, spring onions and bacon bits!!!

They had a lunch promo, enjoy a glass or house red or white wine for only $6 or something… Could I say no? I didn’t think this day would finally come, but I’m honestly at that age where I would order a glass of wine for pure enjoyment (and not because I’m being forced to drink it). Didn’t think I’d actually get here. Doesn’t seem too long ago, when the teenage me would go, “Wine, ew!”

After some good talks over a slow lunch, I decided to go for some pampering treatments, after all… I’ve been working so hard!!!

Surely, I deserve it?

Came across VIP Boutique (#B1-24), a one-stop shop for your beauty desires!

The interior was very clean and comfortable. I can’t stand doing my nails (or any beauty services) in shops that look like they haven’t been properly taken care of.

Hygiene is a big deal to me, and VIP Boutique was definitely immaculately clean! The lady boss and staff were also extremely accommodating and friendly.

Super dry skin around my fingers from all the dishes I’ve been washing. Also haven’t had a manicure done in about 29476133782919 years.

Happy to have a few hours off to pamper myself… but at the same time, I STILL gotta work. Being a small business owner means work never stops, work never ends! There’s always something to handle, or something to attend to.

Aaand we’re done.

I chose a very nude and plain mani because that’s how I roll nowadays. Simple, practical and classic is the way to go! Even though it’s so simple, it made me happy to feel like I was taking care of myself. Being well-groomed does so much for your self-esteem!

I loved how gentle and careful the nail technicians were at VIP Boutique. I have sensitive skin that’s very thin and nails that tear easily, so mani pedis can be quite uncomfortable and even painful for me, however I experienced minimal discomfort here because they paid extra attention to not hurt my nails accidentally after I warned them about my situation.

Saw that they have other services such as lip and eyebrow embroidery, both of which I really need! Looking forward to trying their other beauty services some other day! :)

Going grocery shopping with Daric, one of my best takeaways from an online game I used to play really often.

Dragged him along to check out the meat selection at MMMM (#B1-58) - Meats, marinades and much more!

I love the wide variety of different cuts of meat they have here, their beef and pork selection is especially impressive! You can even find whole slabs of foie gras sometimes, something not readily available in your average supermarket. Bought a couple of steaks to cook dinner with, and also some pork shoulder to make pulled pork sliders for another day!

Because I’m a very proud mid-20′s-hipster-auntie, my favorite stores in a shopping mall aren’t the fashion ones, like most girls. I LOVE homeware stores. Anything that goes into your home, I love. Furniture stores, hardware stores, cookware….

I could spend hours in there!! I like browsing Japan Home (#B1-30/31) for good steals. Cheap prices = happy Jess.

To satisfy my inner geekiness, every time I pass by a Challenger store, I absolutely have to dive in. The Challenger Mini (#B1-34) is well stocked!

I love looking at all the gadgets. I bought my keyboard and mouse from Challenger this year! I think I need a new pair of headphones also. When it comes to technology and IT gadgets, it seems like you can never have enough upgrades, can you? There’s always a new or more tempting release out there!

My last shopping stop of the day was Pet Lovers Centre (#B1-26/27).

They have everything you’ll need for your furry friends – and I usually head in to pick up some hay, pellets and bedding for my two fluffy bunnies.

Just to share with other bunny owners, my rabbits LOVE these apple-flavored treats! They smell so delicious, I’m ashamed to admit I’ve even eaten one piece myself. LOL. They are actually relatively tasty, I kid you not…

After a long day of browsing stores and walking around, I decided to end it with a bang by doing one of my favorite activities – getting a massage. ABSOLUTELY one of the top things in life that I enjoy.

Refresh Bodyworks (#B1-42) at Anchorpoint hires people with disabilities, providing them a stable job and source of income.

I had a 1 hour foot reflexology, and I fell asleep about 20 minutes into the massage, that’s how relaxing it was! I left the place feeling totally rejuvenated.

And thus, concludes my entire fruitful day out at Anchorpoint!

The first time I’d been to Anchorpoint was back in my MDIS schooling days, as the campus is really nearby! We’d come here for a quick meal after school if we weren’t heading into town and wanted to access a nearby mall. I’m glad to see it is still the same mall with cozy vibes, offering retail solutions and services for our everyday needs, after all it’s the only one in the area!

Anchorpoint now holds monthly fleas, so if you’ve ever in the area during the weekend, don’t forget to pop by the basement to find out for yourself what interesting booths they have on that particular week! For more info, check out Anchopoint’s Facebook page at