Silkygirl Cosmetics

What’s the most important step of your make up routine? For me, it’s ABSOLUTELY gotta be my eyebrows and lips!

I was born with very scarce brow hair, so I need eyebrow embroidery to look normal. And I have naturally pale lips. People ask me all the time, “where are your eyebrows? are you sick? why do you look so pale?” Guys… it’s just the way I was born. Sigh. Well, nothing a bit of make up can’t fix, of course!

Playing around with these new cosmetic products from SILKYGIRL!

They’ve recently launched the Expert Brow Slim Liner and new shades for their Moisture Boost Lipcolor Balm.

The Expert Brow Slim Liner has become my new go-to eyebrow pencil because of how light, sleek and functional it is!

It’s super easy to use. While the pigments are easily buildable for a deeper color, the color I’m using (Natural Brown 01) is quite light, so I can avoid looking like I drew on my eyebrows with crayons! Not sure about you, but I tend to get a bit heavy handed when I’m doing my make up.

I’m the girl that starts off thinking “just a thin line of eyeliner for a natural look” and 1 minute later, I end up with full smokey eyeshadow with an elaborate winged cat eye. Not even kidding. So something that builds up slowly instead of starting off strong works very well for me.

The 1.8mm slim tip makes for concise drawing, giving you the sharp edges you need for eyebrows with higher arches! It’s got additional plus points such as being long wearing, waterproof and fragrance free as well!

It’s a double sided product that comes with a spoolie brush at the other end for easy brushing of your eyebrows.

I don’t find myself using it often because I literally lack eyebrow hair (lol) but I’m sure it will come in handy for girls with thicker brows!

Ta-dah! All done with my eyebrows!

It’s a very natural look that’s great for everyday wear and effortless to pull off.

Moving onto lips, how pretty are these new shades of Moisture Boost Lipcolor Balms?!

I honestly think that bright lip colors are essential in every woman’s make up pouch. They add instant pop of life to your face, and makes your whole look so much more refreshing and fun!

Glides on so smoothly, and there wasn’t any chapping on my lips despite wearing it for a couple of hours. My dry lips didn’t have a problem with this. As you can see for yourself, the color payoff is fantastic!

Is it a lipstick, or a lipbalm? It’s actually both! The Moisture Boost Lipcolor Balm is essentially:

  • A lipcolor balm with a boost of color and moisture
  • Long-lasting moisture, long-wearing
  • Enriched with Vitamin A, C and E to nourish and condition lips
  • Lightweight, creamy
  • Retractable
  • No fragrance, no paraben, no carmine, no animal testing

My impression of SILKYGIRL products has always been that of a value-for-money, fun make up brand that’s very suitable for younger girls especially, and I’m glad that hasn’t changed! They’re still coming up with cosmetics that suit the needs of young ladies and keeping up with the trends. .

So girls, be free to express yourself with dramatic make up on your face! Experiment. Have fun. Be yourself.

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