Decluttering at EBC Self Storage

You know what I considered to be one of the most stressful & challenging tasks I had to complete in 2015?

Moving out of a 1.5k sqft rental home in November. Thank the heavens for I had immense help from someone close to me, because there’s no way I could handle it all by myself. There’s just so much to take into account when you’re moving a WHOLE HOUSE full of stuff, which roughly goes like this – sorting out your belongings, throwing away things you don’t need, pack your stuff into boxes, arrange for movers, thorough cleaning of the entire house, arrange for movers to come, hope they don’t break any of your stuff, more cleaning after moving is done, then finally handover to landlord and hope the agent and landlord are kind to you. Sounds simple enough? I assure you, it is anything but.

I found myself stuck in a huge dilemma. My lease for my Upper Thomson place ends in November, however, I needed somewhere to temporarily put my furniture (such as a coffee table, king sized bed, dining table, computer chair, drawers and shelves) for a couple of months until I move into my new rental place. Oh, the woes of a rental nomad!!!

I thought I would have to be forced into selling my furniture extremely cheap on Carousell while buying everything all over again after a few months for my new place, until someone suggested a brilliant idea – why not try out EBC Self Storage at 50 Tagore Lane? My friend Jessica aka Tippytapp told me about her personal experience at EBC Self Storage, where she kept her stocks for her fashion label Soigne, in order to de-clutter her home. I could totally relate with her about the frustration of having to step over supplies & carton boxes in your own living room when you try to run a business at home. It’s so disorganized, and I wouldn’t recommend it at all!

Absolutely excited, I called up EBC Self Storage the very next day, and just like that, my storage troubles were solved! What’s even more amazing is that EBC Self Storage was a mere one kilometer from my Upper Thomson place, making moving stuff there a breeze. SCORE!

EBC Self Storage houses more than 900 storage units.

It focuses on engaging long term relationships with business and personal users. Their rates are catered to allow significant discounts for long term usage. Personal storers can benefit from their competitive rates as the building is self owned. I checked around with different Self Storage providers, and indeed EBC Self Storage was one of the best!

The storage area is monitored by surveillance cameras, and you require a unique passcode to enter, so you can be sure that your belongings will be safe at all times! And because the storage is self-accessible, that means you have access to your items 24/7, every day and hour of the week!

No need to go through customer service or any hassle just to retrieve your items, which is a MASSIVE plus point to me.

My storage unit is located on the first floor, with full air conditioning and a pretty garden theme to boot. I was both surprised and impressed that they bothered to dress up the place for their customers, which goes a really long way – it makes the overall experience so much more pleasant and comfortable!

And here we are at my storage unit! You can purchase a lock from them, or bring your own.

Ready to see just how much stuff I own?!

My storage unit is SO OVERLOADED AND FULL that I couldn’t even take a proper photo of it!!!! This is mildly hilarious. Yes, everything belongs to me. Apart from obvious home furniture, I had many cake-related items which needed a temporary place to stay while I move into my retail store. Thank god I chose the largest unit they offer, because everything barely fits into one space!

EBC Self Storage caters to all sorts of usage and purposes – including personal storage, business storage, and even wine storage! From really small to large spaces of storage, you can turn to EBC Self Storage to solve your problems. You can request a non-obligatory quote from them before deciding if you’d like to move in.

So what exactly would normal everyday people like you and I need Personal Storage for? Well, here are a few common problems.

Sentimental Treasures
There are many treasures we just can’t bin – childhood toys, first walkmans, CDs that transport us to another time, and all the sentimental secrets we possess. Store them with EBC Self-Storage! Perhaps one day, you will be able to pass them to your special ones.

Moving / Renovation Depository
If you’re just in-between homes or are renovating your place, keep your furniture safe with EBC’s temporary storage space. Perfectly accessible 24-hours a day, so you can start your move whenever you wish.

Personal Collection/Artists/Hobbyists
“Get it out of the house! I can’t stand that thing!” – A familiar phrase for you? When your collection outgrows your home..

In a nutshell, these reasons are why I’m so happy to have found EBC Self Storage:

  • ACCESSIBLE 24/7: 24 hours / 7 days a week. You will have full access to your storage unit whenever you need to retrieve or store more.
  • TOP-NOTCH SECURITY: Personalised Security. Your personal access code or access card will enable you access into your space. Dates and timings of all entries will be recorded by our security system. The storage area is fully monitored by closed-circuit television and digitally recorded.
  • CLEAN, SPACIOUS & WELL-LIT: The highest level of hygiene is maintained to ensure your belongings are kept well. The facility is well lit to ensure you are able to find what you need any time of the day or night. EBC has fitted the building with the right infrastructure so no excessive heavy lifting is required.
  • FREE USE OF TROLLEYS: Trolleys are provided to help you cart your belongings with great ease.
  • EBC OWNS THE ENTIRE BUILDING: Since EBC owns the entire building, they have full control over their rent. EBC will never quote the rising costs of property as an excuse to raise prices.
  • VALUE FOR YOUR DOLLAR: EBC provide the most spacious cargo lifts, widest walkways, with the cleanest and safest storage facilities.
  • EBC IS MORE THAN A STORAGE PLACE: EBC is a lifestyle hub which encompasses facilities like a clubhouse, sky garden, childcare centre, retail shops, delicatessen and much more!

While exploring their spacious and tranquil sky garden, I came across their clubhouse and decided to take an afternoon break. I especially liked their taro latte and oreo cheesecake! The clubhouse / sky garden are good places to hold business meetings because the ambience is private and cosy, and they offer light food in case you want to grab a quick bite. You could also have a cuppa here with your laptop and have a quiet place to finish up some work! I usually come up here to sit and wait for my Carousell customers when I’m selling something off from my storage space. I’m really thankful and glad to have found such a reliable and convenient self storage provider to ease my storage woes. Now I don’t have to worry about where to put my extra stuff before I move into my new place, which takes a huge load off my shoulders!

Looking to finally declutter your life, office or home?

Let EBC Self Storage help you with that! Find out more from their website, where they’ll be more than happy to assist you and answer your burning questions. You don’t know how good extra space feels until you’re given more.

Let them know you’re a reader of my blog and you will receive a FREE pad lock for your storage unit!