Protect & repair your joints with BRAND’S® ActivMove

I’m 23, but sometimes I feel like a thousand years old.

I’ve had to visit a chiropractor since I was 20, due to back & joint problems that gave me hell. I don’t know if it’s because I led an unhealthy lifestyle or the fact that I was morbidly overweight, but my bones hurt everyday, especially my joints such as my knees, ankles and back. I suppose all the extra mass my body had to lug around everyday caused it a lot of unnecessary stress. Even though a large part of the weight is now gone, the joint problems somewhat remain! I can’t tell you how good (and bad) it feels to “crack” my back, wrist, neck and ankles everyday. But what I’ve gathered from my chiropractor and various health sources, it’s a horrible habit and vicious cycle that has to stop!

Joint manipulation in humans can produce a sharp cracking or popping sound. This occurs during deliberate knuckle-cracking, but it is possible to crack many other joints, such as those in the back and neck vertebrae, hips, wrists, elbows, shoulders, toes, ankles, knees, jaws, feet, sternum, and the Achilles tendon area. The mechanism that produces the cracking sound is not known.

According to a folk belief, the popping of joints, especially knuckles, leads to arthritis or other joint problems. However, medical research has so far failed to conclusively demonstrate any connection between knuckle cracking and long-term joint problems – says Wikipedia. All I know is, it feels crazy good momentarily, but I’m sure it’s awful for me in the long run. I’m envious of my healthy friends who don’t face the same problem as I do. I don’t have a doubt that I’m going to face horrible joint problems when I’m older.

Our joints are probably one of the least thought of parts of our body as we are often more concerned with the health of our heart, lungs and other major organs. Our joints carry our weight and move us effortlessly through our daily lives. Whether it is riding a bike or taking a long leisurely stroll in the park, our joints are important to us as we pursue life’s simple enjoyment.

There is very little awareness that our joints deteriorate with age. Everyday movement such as walking and climbing can increase the wear and tear of our joints which lead to joint aches and pains.

Start your prevention early to reduce the risk of joint problems with BRAND’S® ActivMove!

BRAND’S® ActivMove with Flexi-Boost® is formulated as a 360° total solution for joint maintenance and protection. Upon mention of BRAND’S®, you’ll probably instantaneously think of their best-selling Essence of Chicken – but they have a range of other health supplement products which can aid you and your family members in everyday health concerns.

BRAND’S® ActivMove with Flexi-Boost® formulation contains UC-II® and Hydrolyzed Type II Collagen that alleviates joint pain to help you perform at your best. UC-II® (40mg) has been proven to be more than twice as effective as the combination of glucosamine hydrochloride (1,500mg) and chondroitin sulfate (1,200mg) in promoting joint comfort and mobility. UC-II® is a novel ingredient extracted from natural food sources that works with the immune system to reduce inflammation and protect the existing cartilage structure. At the same time, collagen provides the building blocks for cartilage production and helps promote repair of damaged cartilage to maintain joint flexibility. Vitamin C is also added in the formula to scavenge free radicals (destroying molecules that causes cell damage within the body) and help protect joints from further degeneration.

If you don’t have healthy joints, even simple and mundane tasks such as sleeping in a comfortable position or lifting a light box seems like mission impossible. Never take your joint health for granted!

Through supplying joint nutrients, protecting existing joint structures from further deterioration and promoting self-repair of joint structures, ActivMove helps maintain healthy joints by supporting joint flexibility and mobility.

Contrary to popular belief, joint problems provide grief not only for the elderly, but young adults who participate in rigorous activities and intensive exercising regimes on a regular basis should be particularly mindful of their joints and take extra care! As they always say, prevention is better than cure.

The recommended dosage is 1 mini tablet daily.

If you know of anyone suffering from joint discomfort, I think this would make a great Christmas present. Presents don’t have to be extravagant, but this will definitely show them that you’re keeping their best interests in mind, and I’m sure they’ll be touched by the gesture!

I’m passing on these packs to my mother and relatives because I know they’ve been complaining about their shoulders, hips and knees for the longest time and I’m looking forward to being able to relieve their pain. This may not be a well-known product yet as it is still relatively new to the market, but you can be a considerate person by suggesting it to the people who may need it!

BRAND’S® ActivMove is available at Watsons, Guardian, Unity Pharmacy and their online store, at S$64 for a pack of 30 tablets.

You can also sign up for a free 10-day trial through this link and share your review of the product to stand a chance to win $100 worth of BRAND’S® products!