Margaret River Escape

To say that life has been a roller coaster recently would be an understatement.

There’s been so many ups and downs, I’m thoroughly exhausted from it all. I’ve laughed and cried so hard and so often that I couldn’t breathe properly at all. In the past 7 months of 2015, I’ve loved and lost more than I have throughout the combined past few years of my life. I’ve suffered great emotional trauma, and many long nights slowly turn into days as I lie wide awake in bed questioning who I am and what I’m doing with my life. While I’m still licking my wounds, I thought it would be a pleasant change to share some really fond memories on my blog from June 2015.

It was a completely impromptu trip to Perth. No matter how many times I visit this place, no trip ever feels or is the same. I booked my flight at 1pm and got on the plane at 5pm.

No prior planning, I just #YOLO-ed all the way and put full faith in the spontaneity of my friends. I happened to have some friends going to Perth at the same time, which worked out wonderfully. It was the first time I hopped on a plane not knowing what I’d end up doing in the other country. I have friends and family in Perth which made me a lot less anxious, but I’d love to do the same thing again some day in a country where I know absolutely no one!

Food, such glorious food!
Good food ALWAYS makes my day. I got to stay with my friend Jarrett and his amazingly hospitable family for a couple of days and they treated me so well. We ate more than our stomachs could handle every day and here’s just a few of the dishes we devoured.

And then there was this epic 3d2n road trip down to Margaret River which I took with my incredible friends Charles and Sarah. I love these two to the moon and back! The four of us rented an apartment literally in the middle of the woods (surrounded by wild kangaroos!) and it was the true meaning of road trippin’ in the Australian outback.

The holiday home we had for 3 days couldn’t be any more quaint and lovely.

We slapped steaks and sausages on the outdoor grill and had meats and wine in our backyard every night. We cooked up a STORM. Our landlady was an angel, she brought us nice berries, orange juice, freshly baked bread (which was to die for).

We drove for hours on the endless roads everyday, taking in the vast greenery and singing along to every song we knew that came on Spotify. Looking at horses, sheep, cows and other various animals on the side of the road. We did everything right – visited cheese / chocolate factories, animal farms, hedge maze, wineries, then ended our nights in the best way I can think of – shrieking with laughter over board games, listening to chill music while randomly talking about life and getting real buzzed. Hanging around positive and like-minded people can do so many good things for your broken soul. I was lapping up every single second of it. It was one of those, “I’m going to remember this even when I’m 50″ moments.

Some of my best memories from 2015.

When I couldn’t love myself, I was blessed enough to be surrounded by kind people who loved me and showed me that there is always still a reason to smile no matter how shitty you’re feeling.

Thank you so much.