I was an MDIS Media and Communications student

Throwback to when my good friend, Yina Goh and I went to MDIS School of Media and Communications to collaborate on a music video together. It was so nostalgic for me to go back to campus, because I did my diploma there about 5 years ago, and it was years since the last time I’d been there! Memories started flooding me the moment I walked through the gates.

I thought of the times I had in school, the unforgettable experiences and all the friends I’d made. I believe some of the most defining moments in your life are made in school. It’s when you learn the most, about yourself and the world around you.

I had the best time recording popular songs with other like-minded students from the school, they’re incredibly talented and driven! We recorded it on the roof garden of the school, which was recently revamped and now looks amazing. In fact, the campus has undergone quite a major face lift since my time here. I have to say I’m a little bit jealous, because it’s so much better now! The layout of the campus and the facilities provided have improved tremendously.

After I finished my ‘O’ level, I was faced with one of the toughest decisions in my life. What course should I study? Turns out that media / mass communications is a very highly sought-after course.

I started considering pursuing other course options instead, but no matter which way I looked at it, I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else. I love the media and its impact on people. It’s literally what I live and breathe. I like learning about how media affects people’s lives. Sounds, images and text from the media shape the way we think and live our day-to-day lives. Why wouldn’t I want to learn how to be a part of it? I want to know what makes the world tick. I want to learn how to manipulate the possible advantages, and what people ache to know everyday. Media is information.

“The MDIS School of Media and Communications is one of the pioneers in the mass communications programme field in Singapore. It is also the first institution in Singapore to offer mass communications programmes from an American university- Oklahoma City University (OCU). The OCU mass communications degree programme is taught by OCU faculty in Singapore. The programme has a rich history and offers many unique advantages to their students. MDIS is one of the few PEI (Private Education Institution) to have its own TV and Radio Studio. Students are able to learn essential skills such as handling radio and television equipment, content producing, directing, scripting and video editing.Students are groomed to be radio DJs and they will run their radio show in the campus every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during lunch time. Students will also make full use of the TV studio to produce videos and doing editing of the videos.

To gain more experience, students can also join the Media and Communications Club, students are groomed to be radio DJs and they will run their radio show in the campus every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during lunch time. Students will also make full use of the TV studio to produce videos and doing editing of the videos. “

I still remember the first time I had my first “radio interview”. We had to read from a script and pretend to be a radio DJ reporting some news, and later on, asking some questions. I was so nervous, but it ended up being tons of fun! It was practical lessons like that I enjoyed the most. I felt more prepared for the real world. Although, at that point in time, I had no idea what I wanted to work as, I knew it would be something media-related. I had contemplated being a journalist or writer of some sort. Who knew I’d become a baker / blogger? Despite not working in the official industry (e.g a print publication) my blogging work is still extremely closely related to what I studied in school, and I watched the theories I had heard all about in the classroom come to life before my eyes when dealing with blogging campaigns and clients. Most of the lecturers we had for the course were personable and friendly, which made my time in school a whole lot more enjoyable. My classmates were a varied bunch, with lots of different personalities and it was an eye opening experience getting to see so many different characters in class. It was completely different from secondary school, where the environment was a lot more contrived, so people couldn’t be themselves as much. At MDIS, there is a lot of freedom, and therefore, room to grow.

“Students from the school are also very active in the area of internship attachments, and are well received by media and communications companies.These practical aspects ensure that our graduates are well-prepared for the ‘real world’ environment.

Some of the useful topics covered in my course curriculum were:

Social Behavioural Studies
Students will demonstrate an understanding of the dynamics of human interaction, with special emphasis on the individual social world. They will develop the impetus to think, perceive and act as social psychologists which will enhance their skills in interpersonal/ group interaction.

The Dynamics of Mass Communications
The students will gain an understanding of the development, nature and function of the press, radio, television, film, recording, advertising and public relations.

Techniques of Professional Speaking & Writing
To enable students to acquire the basic and necessary receptive and productive skills for professional written and oral communication.

TV & Radio Production
To provide an understanding of the basic techniques in radio and TV production, as well as in the process of dramatic and non-dramatic film production.

Journalism & News Broadcasting
To acquire the basic skills of professional news writing and examine the fundamentals involved in the news gathering process.

Advertising: Strategy & Effective Practice
To provide an understanding of the strategies of the advertising and apply them in the area of marketing communication.

Public Relations: Strategy & Effective Practice
To help students gain competence in basic public relations skills and utilise them in analysing public relations programmes.

Human & Mass Communications:
Structure & Process Students will demonstrate an understanding of the processes, variables and concepts in verbal and non-verbal communications.

Your choice of tertiary education is crucial, and I’ve had my fair share of friends who ended up studying in a course they had absolutely no interest in. I think that is a waste of time, studying something you don’t even enjoy. My personal advice would be to ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS choose what you believe in. MDIS is a popular choice for both local and international students.

I’ve never regretted my choice to study in MDIS, because I feel like it gave me the push I needed to kick start my working life, and some preparation for what I was about to face in the big world out there. I will always remember my days in the school fondly, and if you’d like to find out more about the courses they offer, you can check out their website, www.mdis.edu.sg where detailed information is available for your perusal!