Estée Lauder Crescent White

Perhaps it’s me getting on with the years, or all the late nights I’ve been having… but my complexion’s taken a turn for the worse. Lack of sleep, bad lifestyles habits, not enough exercise, unhealthy diet have all contributed to my deteriorating complexion. I used to proudly sport rather radiant skin that I received compliments for, only for it to look quite dull and patchy recently, much to my own horror.

I’ve never struggled very much with my skin, but right now the struggle is REAL. A lot of people have commented that I look tired all the time, and I’m thinking it’s gotta do with my worsening skin.

I’m in my early twenties, pimples shouldn’t really be a problem anymore, but they are. They are randomly popping up everywhere. And I have combination skin, which means certain parts are oily where other patches are dry and peeling. It’s so frustrating to deal with this problem, and I felt relatively helpless for a period of time because my usual go-to products didn’t seem to be doing the job anymore. I could really use some new skincare to brighten up my skin and its prospects, because it’s NOT looking good so far!

I was all too excited to try out Estée Lauder‘s brand new whitening Crescent White range of skincare after it was introduced to me!

Taking a breakthrough approach to skin brightening, this new collection works in sync with skin’s circadian rhythm to address not only existing dark spots and pigmentation, but also the key causes of light loss and discoloration. It sounds exactly like what my skin desperately needed. I may be entering the age when my skin starts to show signs of aging, but I’d like to prevent it for as long as possible, if I can help it!

Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening promotes skin’s natural ability to self-brighten and repair. Extra gentle yet effective, the regimen includes six new skincare products and one foundation powder (not shown here) created for and tested on Asian women in Asia. Skin awakens looking fairer, brighter, and more translucent now and in the future!

Here’s getting to know a few of my favorite few products a little better..

Rapidly foaming into a rich lather, this cleanser is proven to gently purify skin of surface pollutants without disturbing its protective moisture barrier or leaving any residue. I’m in love with the smell of these products, they smell like a cross between fresh daisies and clean linen! Using this cleanser leaves my skin feeling smooth and absolutely squeaky clean.

Revitalizing skin with a surge of hydration, it is conditioned, softened and prepared to maximize benefits from the entire range of products. It’s such a soothing feeling to apply this after cleansing, it feels instantly refreshed.

Helps prevent and visibly reduce the look of dark spots, discoloration and uneven skin tone, while also addressing yellow skin tone from multiple sources. Dullness disappears to reveal a natural, youthful transparency and a lustrous glow that emanates from within. The texture is quite viscous but easily spread across and absorbed by the skin. While this does feel quite moisturizing, it’s still not enough and thus follows the next step – moisturizer!

This new skin cushioning creme provides deep down hydration and extra comfort, helping to strengthen skin’s moisture barrier. I like how it is light enough to apply during the day, but rich enough so that it’s enough for usage as a night cream. And for some reason, it smells like yummy vanilla to me!

Protect, perfect and highlight all in one with this new BB Creme and Brightening Balm. This innovative formula evens and brightens skin tone while also minimizing the look of dark spots and imperfections. I like how the product blends effortlessly and the texture is light enough while still covering up uneven patches. The little brightening balm at the tip is too cute, and super useful! I don’t need to carry around an extra highlighter anymore.

After religiously using the new Crescent White range for a couple of weeks, I have to say, these are my favorite products from Estée Lauder thus far (and I have quite a few of them)!

It’s everything I need in perfect white little bottles. Everything works for me. The smooth and light texture of the products, the tried and proven efficacy, the minimalist pure packaging, the extremely pleasant scents and how it is a comprehensive range that is powerful enough for me to notice visible results in less than a month.

Pigmentation used to be an alien word to me. Dark spots? Aren’t those for women in their thirties? Apparently not! I was horrified to find little dark spots appearing all over my face. I feel like they have reduced slightly now, and my complexion is definitely a whole lot more radiant than before. There’s a sort of glow to my face now. My self-esteem took a nose dive when my complexion got worse in recent months, but now I can proudly go out bare-faced without feeling self-conscious about my skin condition anymore.

While some people might be under the wrong impression that Estée Lauder products are meant for mature women, what my fellow girlfriends in their 20′s need to know is that your anti-aging regimen should start in your early twenties for the best results, and no one knows that better than Estée Lauder! Thanks for saving me from a possible skin crisis. I’m too young to be living with dark spots and dull patches on my face.

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