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Shopping for lingerie has always been an activity I’ve enjoyed doing with my mum since I was a little girl that still wore pigtails and ribbons in my hair.

I’m not sure if you’d agree with this, but I truly believe that mommy always knows best. Whatever situation, problem or crisis I find myself in, somehow she’s always there to pull me out of the mess and guide the way. Coming of age and hitting puberty is a confusing time for most girls, thank goodness for mums to help us through things like our first periods and… buying our first bras!

So now that I’m older and wiser, I brought my mum on a lingerie shopping spree at Impression!

Impression is a homegrown Singaporean brand since 1980′s and it covers an entire range of lingerie products, including bras, panties, girdles, camisoles, corsets and sleepwear. It has become a mainstay in the local lingerie industry, finding its way into major departmental stores such as Metro, John Little, BHG, OG, Isetan and Takashimaya. The company believes that first impression last. A fitting, comfortable and beautiful lingerie can bring out the confidence and natural beauty of a woman, giving others a lasting impression.

Checking out their cute nighties range at Impression counter in Metro Causeway Point! I love the mix of bold colors and soft hues. Feminine, playful and sensual all at once.

The Body Shaping bra has been a hit with customers and selling extremely well thanks to its uplifting properties and ability to hide unsightly side and back bulges!

A girl gets rapid body changes between 12 to 14 of age when her breasts start developing. Between 14 to 18, the breasts develop fully. Therefore, the usage of shapely and tight bras during developmental years are important to prevent early sagging for later years! For most women, their breast starts to sag or lose some tautness after pregnancy, hormonal changes or when age is catching up (starting late 20s to early 30s). As we age, the fats in our breasts starts to move downwards due to gravity. The muscles (Cooper’s Ligaments) and skin that lift and support the breasts will also start to weaken and lose its elasticity over time. The breasts will sag and finds itself more far apart from each other.

The Body Shaping bra from Impression redistributes excess fat and bulges from your sides to your bustline to give you fuller breasts and a slimmer silhouette. With consistent usage, you can have lifted breasts, enhanced cleavage and better posture.

Knowing that my mum has been concerned about her figure and silhouette due to age catching up with her, I thought the Body Shaping bra would make a wonderful early Christmas present! She’s already a grandmother (you’ll never be able to guess her age judging from her looks) and I think she looks great for her age, but every vain woman wants to look their best possible, and I never realized just how much the type of bra you wear in your early life will affect you in your senior years!

The friendly staff at Impression took me and my mum’s measurements, ensuring she gets the best fit for her shape, and off to the changing rooms we go to find that perfect bra!

They picked out this set for her – a medium control high waist girdle that goes up to her waist to help control tummy problems and minimize the waist, and a black Body Shaping bra that promises to smooth out her bumps and lines, providing maximum control and support in the areas that most help is needed!

The effects of the Body Shaping bra were immediate once she put it on! I was surprised at how much of a difference it made to my mum’s figure.


Here’s the Before (just her everyday bra) and After (with Impression Body Shaping bra)!

The side and back bulges are immediately smoothen out due to the boning and high side and back panels of the Body Shaping Bra. It also gave the busts an upward and inward push effect.

My mum was super pleased with the results as shown, and fell in love with the Body Shaping bra immediately, requesting for it in several different colors! I was really happy to see how pleasantly surprised she was at the benefits of the Body Shaping bra, especially for someone her age.

Photo on top is when mum is wearing a regular panty. Photo below is when mum is wearing a Impression Girdle. Check out how the high-waist girdle gives control to her tummy area :)

Of course, Impression isn’t only for mature women – I had a great time shopping around Impression myself, and brought home these beauties that have served me extremely well in my daily life!

My own pink and purple Body Shaping bras – I adore the colors and designs! Aren’t they cute?

Benefits of the Body Shaping bra

  • Underwire & padding to give a central push-up effect
  • Firm support with push in effect at underarms area to prevent armpit cleavage
  • Extended height of side panels with boning gives firmer support and grip, minimizing bulges
  • Back of bra with U shaped straps to hide the extra bulging flesh

I decided to put Impression’s lingerie to the test, and put on the tightest bodycon dress I could find to find out what miracles it could do for my silhouette. Although I’m of an acceptable weight now, I still have lumps and bumps and saggy skin that I’ve found it hard to hide in certain tight fitting clothes, which is where the girdle and Body Shaping bra will come in handy!

I’ve lost more than 20kg in the last few years, which is great and all but it’s resulted in very “loose” skin that has somehow lost a lot of its tautness, making me appear flabbier and bigger than I actually am. Even my boobs are sitting lower on my chest than they should be because of the expanded and stretched out skin… this is why wearing shaping underwear is so important for girls like me! If you’ve ever gone through drastic weight changes before, I’m sure you can relate!

Before (with normal underwear / bra):

Checking out my silhouette in the mirror, I’m not too pleased. I have to suck in my tummy in order for there not to be a bulge, my love handles situation is out of control and because I’m so bottom heavy, I look extremely pear shaped no thanks to the bra I was wearing that wasn’t giving me enough support and boost!

Let’s see what this dress looks like on me After (with Impression Body Shaping bra & shaping underwear):

Feeling wayyyyy more confident!

My boobs have the proper support and shape, and equally significantly, my love handles have diminished greatly, giving me an overall trimmer and smoother silhouette. I don’t have to suck in my tummy anymore! I’m definitely gonna be wearing more girdles during the festive season because of the amount of feasting that will be happening. I need something to hold back those stomach fats that will soon be out of control!

Girdles from Impression that I’ve been wearing recently – the one on the left is seamless, extremely comfortable in a barely-there material – great for casual and everyday use! (I took the picture of its back and that explains the gathers in the centre to allow a 3D effect for the butt. ) It helps reduce the sight of love handles and size of my upper thighs. The one on the right is much thicker and tighter, intended for more control.

The high waist will keep your tummy and waist bulges in check, while the lower thigh length also makes it easy to pull off bodycon dresses for pear-shaped girls like myself! There’s different materials, sizes, lengths and types of girdles for every woman out there.

I’ve been going to the gym every now and then in an attempt to tone up, and these sports bras from Impression have come in handy! It’s important to wear the right kind of bra during sports in order to give your boobs the right support (or else they’ll be bouncing everywhere!) and for me, a non-clingy breathable material is a must-have feature as well.

Even when I’m sleeping, I’m still wearing Impression! I adore this midnight blue satin black lace lingerie set from them. Not only is the color gorgeous, but the soft lacy night bra actually provides support for my chest at night while I sleep without adding on any discomfort, thanks to the absence of wiring or metal bits. It’s extremely soft and it feels barely there.

I used to wonder what was the point of bras like that which provide so little support (and has so many holes in the lace?!) but the idea of wearing it to bed makes so much sense! If you’re like me and hate wearing normal bras to sleep, you’ll fall in love with this sexy alternative.

On days when I wanna feel extra luxurious, or when I’m traveling, I’ll pack along this nightie set that comes with a silky-feel satin robe. This is one of their many cotton, silk, chiffon and satin options! I love how lightweight fabric feels on the skin, and this is currently my favorite thing to wear to sleep. Comfort is a big deal to me, and I’m glad I don’t have to compromise on style even when I’m at home and that I can wake up feeling like a million dollars.

Impression has so many different types of underwear and lingerie, they’ve literally got me covered from day to night, home to gym to traveling overseas… You need to go check out their full range at their retail store to know what I’m talking about! My choice product from them would definitely have to be the Body Shaping bra, because it completely changes how I feel and look in bras – now I can’t even look at normal bras the same way anymore. The added support, physically and mentally, is something I’ve quickly gotten used to and I believe every woman should try the Body Shaping bra on at least once to feel the difference for yourself!

Impression is available at: BHG Bugis Junction, BHG Tampines, Isetan Katong (Parkway Parade), Isetan Nex (Serangoon), Isetan West Gate, John Little Marina Square, John Little Plaza Singapura, John Little Tiong Bahru, John Little Jurong Point, Metro City Square, Metro Woodlands, Metro Seng Kang, Tom & Stefanie (West Mall, Civic Centre and One KM), OG Albert, OG Orchard Point, and OG People’s Park.

And lastly, Takashimaya Departmental Store (which sells mainly nightwear)

Show some lingerie love to your mum this Christmas and New Year!

Impression is giving away 20 free items to my blog readers that have read this entry. 10 winners will be chosen, each bringing home 2 body Shaping Bras of their choice. One for yourself, one for your darling mum!

All you have to do is…

1) “Like” their page at & follow them on Instagram (@impressionlingerie)

2) On the title “Jessica goes lingerie shopping with mum at Impression” , “Share” with your friends

3) Under “Jessica goes lingerie shopping with mum at Impression”, comment on why you would like to win the Body Shaping Bra. Eg, “I hate armpit cleavage!”, “I think my mum needs it!”

4) Snap a fun photo of you and your mum, upload it to Instagram with the hashtag #shopwithmumatimpression

5) Period of Entry will be 23rd Dec to 4th Jan 2015.

Good luck, and have fun girls! Remember to check out Impression’s outlets to get update your lingerie closet.

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