Slim Couture Post 3: Join us for our first event on 20th September!

Warning: there may or may not be a shocking photo of myself in my undies immediately below this sentence.

“Oh my gosh, look at her butt.” – Nicki Minaj in her newest video, Anaconda.

I’m not the only one in the world who actually likes that song (because of the video)… right? I think it’s hilarious. I can’t stop singing the song, especially when I made this collage of my side view with a photo I’d just taken earlier today at Slim Couture…. Check out my first and second post about my weight loss journey with Slim Couture if you haven’t already seen them. Damn right, look at that butt. It went from ginormous Nicki Minaj / Kim Kardashian-ish to, well, relatively normal. A normal kinda big. Hey, that I can deal with! Even though my weight loss progress with Slim Couture hasn’t been moving along in the kinda speed I’d had hoped for in the beginning no thanks to my usually non-existent dieting and frequent traveling + binging, at least I’ve got these photos for visual evidence of my efforts. The photo above is me with around 5kg+ loss, since the beginning of the treatment. I haven’t even dieted much (as any of my friends will tell you), perhaps less than 10% of what I’m supposed to (I’m sorry Slim Couture), so I do believe that Slim Couture’s treatment has worked wonders on me. Weight apart, my cm loss is pretty astounding. My ass looks like it shrank half in size! My tummy and waist are also way more slender. My boobs shrank considerably too (LOL), hence I could not wear the hideously large black bra in the first two photos any longer because it was so loose, it looked like I stole it from my grandmother’s closet. I don’t mind the smaller boobs though, large boobs are so heavy.

I don’t know how come I’ve become so okay with showing my underwear photos to everyone on my blog. I uploaded the above without even any second thoughts. I guess I got excited to share my progress with you all. I shrank it to a smaller size not to “preserve my decency”, but because I thought the visual disparities would be more immediate to the eye this way. I’m displaying unflattering photos of myself for the world to scrutinize and criticize on the internet, but hey, I don’t give a damn. I’ve reached the point whereby my physique is no secret or big deal, it is what it is and no matter anybody says about me (ew, her ass is so fat. yuck, shiberty has wide hips like a mother cow. omg did you see shiberty’s fugly pics in her granny underwear on her blog?) it is not going to faze me in the slightest. You won’t be able to tell me something I don’t already know. If it needs work, then work I shall. That’s exactly what I am right now – a work in progress.

I guess my weight is a matter-of-fact thing to me now, and I’m SO thankful that I can feel this rational about it…. because the worst feeling in the world is knowing you’re not in shape, and that you’re horribly unhealthy, yet feeling absolutely no resolution to do anything about it. Then letting people’s daggers of insults mercilessly rip you apart again and again. I know exactly how that feels, because my highest weight was over 80kg at one point in time. Accepting the situation for what it is – that you need help, be it physical, mental or nutritional, is so important because the first step to acting out changes in your life is solemn acknowledgement. You shouldn’t let yourself become too caught up with being ashamed of your obesity, as long as you’re working towards a solution. Everyone’s got their problems. You should embrace it like a real mental issue which results in physical consequences, such as anorexia and depression. People laugh at fat people all the time and think that they’re just greedy pigs who eat too much without exercising enough. While that may not be entirely untrue so to speak, that may not be the whole story.

Making that assumption is like saying anorexia only happens to bimbos who are so obsessed with vanity they don’t know how to differentiate skinny and malnutrition, or that depressed people are losers who can’t get a grip on their lives. It’s unfair to make such sweeping statements about a condition you haven’t been through yourself. If you’ve been through that shit, you won’t be so quick to judge others for it. I’ve been both depressed and obese before (happy to say that I am neither now), and I can tell you that if I could have it any other way in my life, I would NEVER have let myself fall into depression or obesity and I sorely wish it didn’t take me those few long years to fight the tough battles.

Sometimes there’s a back story that contributes to the main problem… some people actually have health issues that contribute to obesity, although sometimes, the reason for their obesity can be as simple as not having enough self-control. Some people drink away their feelings, and others eat their feelings. Both are unhealthy ways to deal with matters of the heart and mind. To me, food has always been a source of comfort. I love food in a way that few other people do. My idea of fun on a Sunday is to whip up a meal with friends. Food styling is currently my favorite hobby. I create customized desserts for a living. I’m a very discerning eater, sometimes maybe even a little snobbish. I love food, and food loves me so much that it wants to stay on my hips forever.

The reason why I gained so much weight is because I was too complacent, lazy, and uninspired to do anything about my horizontally expanding figure…. In a way, I wanted to “fuck it all” and just be “fat and happy”. Now, I realize, “fat and happy” are two words that are nearly impossible to use in the same sentence. I was doing photoshoots and trying to look good since I was 14 years old, and truth be told, I was tired of keeping it up. Looking good is a lifelong commitment. Eat right, keep fit, wax your armpits, shave your legs, groom your eyebrows, cut your hair, buy new trendy clothes that are often expensive… Jeez. Ain’t nobody got time for that. But, I realize that if you want something enough, you’ll make time for it to work out. If you look good, you feel good. It’s just the way it is. It’s not about being superficial… it’s about being realistic. Being really overweight, to me, is like having oily messy ungroomed hair that’s full of dandruff, yellow stained teeth with black cavities, bad breath or body odour.. these are things that are considered universally undesirable or unattractive not because everyone’s a judgemental asshole on a pedestal, but because these physical traits scream “I don’t care about me enough to take care of me”, or, “there’s something wrong with me”. And that, is a sign of unhealthiness. Everyone wants to be with somebody healthy, someone they can feel good around. I used to think that I was curvy, and that men liked curves, therefore I was still attractive and in decent shape…. because round is also a shape, right? *delusional*

But you know what? There’s a fine line between curvy, and plain fat, which I think gets blurred along the way based on people’s warped perceptions of beauty. Some people think they’re fat when they’re slim or SKINNY, while others think they’re cute and perfectly fine when they’re scientifically OBESE (me in 2011). You are definitely obese when your BMI says so. Yeah, some girls are big and curvy but it’s not full of cellulite and flabs. Look at Nicki Minaj. Girl’s got the biggest ass in the media industry, but she doesn’t have bulging love handles or soft lumps, from what I can tell from her Anacondo music video, at least. Damn, she’s in better shape than most people I know, and she’s HUGE. She’s REALLY thick in the middle. Bottom line is, you ain’t got no heavier bones or muscles that they don’t already give you leeway for. BMI calculators are very forgiving. I learned a hard lesson when I calculated my BMI one day and realized that it wasn’t even in the “Overweight” category like I’d expected, this freaken health website was actually telling me that I was very much OBESE. I cried myself to sleep that night, and tried to make myself feel better by eating more of my favorite food the next day. It’s a truly vicious cycle, low self esteem is. I disapprove of unnecessary and unconstructive blatant fat-shaming, but I also do not think promoting “curves” in the wrong way is acceptable. The kinda curves women want, are not jiggly lumps, simply put. I hope that by sharing my own opinions about what should be considered a healthy weight or not will help some girls out there who may be struggling with the concept of their size. They don’t know if they’re fat, obese, thin, or just normal. I would like to inspire, or rather, empower women who are overweight to do something about it. I don’t mean beat yourself up over it and feel shitty about your life. I mean hey, go on a sustainable diet, jump on the treadmill or go to Slim Couture. Do anything, except nothing.

Here’s some recent photos of myself, all cropped to square format because they were taken for Instagram originally:

I’m feeling a lot more confident, happy, and healthy these days.

I’m still flabby and a little thick, of course. If you touch my stomach, arms or thighs, they jiggle like jelly. I feel like Ditto the pokemon when I walk around. I’m definitely not toned, nor close to ideal physique still, which I would really some day like to be, after I work all these fats off. However long it takes, I hope, pray, and would like to believe, some day I’ll get there. I could definitely stand to lose another 5kg at least, before I start hitting the gym (being on the Slim Couture treatment means no excessive exercising). But for now, I do feel rather pleased with myself, for I know I’ve come so far from being a size UK 16. I have Slim Couture to thank for this. I can’t say I could have done this all by myself without them – that would be a lie. When I faltered, they stuck by me and encouraged me the whole time, always pushing me along when I needed the motivation. When I felt like giving up and cried out, “I can’t do this!!!” they would always firmly tell me, “Yes, you can.”

I’m not the only one who has benefited from Slim Couture’s treatments.

Look at Sam’s amazing results in just slightly over 1 month! He lost more than a total of 6kg. Guys tend to get tummy fat easier than girls, and that’s always been his problem area. Girls will collect fat on their hips, thighs and arms… but more often than not, for a guy, it usually goes straight to their gut. Slim Couture is open to helping not only the ladies, but men too. Sam tried to get rid of his tummy by crash dieting previously, but the results were slow and unconvincing.. and he only started on Slim Couture after witnessing that it worked on me. I’m honest-to-god convinced and happy that Slim Couture could help him get rid of his beer and food belly, which was no easy feat at all. He’s a lot more confident now, and has even started hitting the gym these days thanks to a new found appreciation for keeping himself fit. He looks better now than he does in the photos above!

Having said all of this… If you’re still not convinced about whether this method of TCM slimming works, or if you’d just like to find out more information about how this can help you or someone you know, I think you’ll be happy to know that Slim Couture is holding their first ever event on 20th September 2014, 1-4pm at China Square Central, 18 Cross Street, #02-06 Singapore 048423… and they’ve asked me to invite 15 of my followers down to come hear about my personal experience, alongside my good friend Yina Goh!

This will be a perfect opportunity to:

✔ Come and chat with us bloggers during this casual session
✔ Find out if it’s just good angles and photoshop or do we really look like that in person
✔ Ask the lady bosses of Slim Couture any question you’ve ever had about their methods, techniques and treatment
✔ Check out the actual premises of one of their outlets
✔ Receive 5% off your Slim Couture package if you sign up on that day itself
✔ Go home with a door gift worth $108
✔ Indulge in healthy food that won’t make you fat – catering will be provided and it will showcase the carefully selected approved diet foods
✔ Wish me Happy Birthday personally, because the event day is my actual date of birth! I turn 22 on the 20th of September!

You don’t have to pay or sign up or whatever to come join us that day. No strings attached, that’s a promise. Slim Couture isn’t into the hard-sell method and will not pressure you into buying any package if you’re simply not interested. The lady bosses are extremely humorous and nice in real life, so I’m sure we’ll all have a good time. All you have to do is be the first 15 to email them at, quoting “Shiberty X Slim Couture”, and you’ll receive an invite!

I’m awfully glad to have another opportunity to meet my followers! I would like to thank you for the support you’ve given me throughout the months and years in person, too. In all seriousness… I’m gonna be pretty upset if nobody shows up to wish me Happy Birthday, lol. Our partners, Sam and Yongzhuan (Yina’s fiance) will also be present that day to speak from a man’s point of view, to switch things up a bit.

Even if you’re NOT overweight or fat, you can still come to ask about how Slim Couture can help you target problem areas, or you can come on behalf of someone whom you know that might benefit from TCM slimming. The entire Slim Couture team, Yina and I, are extremely excited about this event, and we can’t wait to meet you in person. See you lovely people there!

Official website:
18 Cross Street, #02-06
China Square Central
Singapore 048423
190 Clemenceau Ave 2,
Singapore Shopping Centre, #05-29
Singapore 239924
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