The Eyebrow Chronicles with Browhaus

If there’s one thing I’ve always struggled with for many years apart from my obviously fluctuating weight, it’s my god damn eyebrows.

Looking at this hilariously embarrassing timeline of myself from 2008 till 2012.. all I can say is.. double you tee eff? WHAT WAS WRONG WITH MY EYEBROWS? The answer: everything. It all begins, and ends with one problem: I don’t have enough brow hair.

I have an extremely pitiful amount of hair that I call my “natural eyebrow”, but I seem to have a bountiful abundance of leg, upper lip and armpit hair. Whoever said life wasn’t fair, wasn’t kidding. My brows used to be downward sloping when I was a kid, and this was before Korean eyebrows were the in thing. So I had funny looking puppy dog eyes, up until I was about 13, when I discovered the eyebrow pencil and started plucking them, shaping them to have a higher arch, in an effort to make them more normal looking.

Ever since then, it’s been a war with them brows. Some battles I won, but mostly, I’m sad to say I’ve lost… I’ve suffered from all sorts of brow problems: too thin, too thick, too light, too dark, too straight, too arched, too long and too short. I swear, there isn’t a type of eyebrow shape I haven’t had on my face. It’s not until recent years that I’ve discovered Browhaus, and in no way am I exaggerating when I say… life hasn’t been the same since.

Browhaus is your one-stop brow and lash grooming salon, built for the image-conscious urbanite who demands not just function, but function and style.

I was at their Wheelock Place outlet to get my Brow Resurrection done (again)!

This was me in late June with my brows drawn, lying on a chair waiting for my makeover. My brows don’t look too bad here huh? That’s because I’ve already got a base template from my previous Brow Resurrection, which makes drawing a nice shape much easier! I only did the Brow Resurrection (Natural) once and didn’t go back for regular touch ups, so my brows faded considerably after a year.

Not that it completely disappeared of course, much of it was still intact, but I’m a lazy person who’s perpetually in a hurry before she leaves the house, so I would prefer if I only needed to draw it minimally! Imagine the time I save everyday by not doing my brows. Fact: I can go from bare-faced to all made up in under 10 minutes thanks to not having to fuss over my brows, which usually took up the bulk of my time spent on my make up routine before Brow Resurrection entered my life!

My brow make up is cleaned off, then thoroughly groomed before my specialist, Wayne, draws some temporary brows in the shape that I request for, so I know what they’ll look like before it’s inked on! I asked for a thicker and straighter look this time, and she gladly complied. When I asked her if she thought I would suit thicker brows, she confidently told me “yes”, which made me happy – pretty much everyone else I asked said I shouldn’t go any thicker as it would be too unnatural.

My friends thought a change to my eyebrow shape was unnecessary. But I wanted thicker, straighter brows whether other people ultimately agreed with me or not! Wayne assured me that I’d love the outcome and that I could pull it off given that my face shape is towards the long side.  This gave me a lot of confidence in her and put my mind at ease while she worked. She expertly draws them into my desired shape, then made adjustments to it until I was absolutely satisfied with how it looked on me. Once we got the perfect shape, numbing cream was applied and left to take effect for about 15 minutes.

Browhaus uses vegetable dye that is safe for even sensitive skin to make small & precise incisions, stroke by stroke, onto your skin to replicate the look of real hair.

The effect is semi-permanent, lasting for 1-2 years, depending on how you take care of it, how much make up remover is frequently used on that area, whether you go for regular touch ups, etc. It is a different method from the traditional “eyebrow embroidery” technique and doesn’t leave a weird reddish or greenish undertone when it fades. Once the numbing cream kicks in, the procedure takes only around 35 minutes to complete. You can feel the little cuts being made on your skin throughout the process, but they don’t hurt much. You’ll only feel a bearable stinging sensation every now and then. Overall, the pain factor for this was relatively low and I would say a brazilian wax would probably hurt a whole lot more!

Before I knew it, the treatment was over and my brows had new life breathed into them!

This is straight after having them done – with no down time at all, I was happily parading my new brows around town after my treatment!

There will be a bit of redness and swelling, which is normal and not even that obvious. If you stare hard at my picture, you may notice a small halo around my brows due to the swelling, but other than that they were already looking perfect! I think Wayne did a fantastic job and I highly recommend her services!

Not only is she utterly professional, she’s also kind, gentle and friendly which makes the experience that much more pleasant. I appreciated how she encouraged me to embrace a new eyebrow shape I was initially slightly apprehensive about no thanks to other people’s discouragement, but she helped me find the confidence I needed to pull off a new brow look. I heard she’s the most senior brow specialist at Wheelock Place and is highly popular with customers, so you’ll need to book her way in advance if you want a slot with her.

This is my third time doing Brow Resurrection with Browhaus, and it’s my favorite outcome thus far. I really couldn’t be more pleased! There’s no other place I trust more than Browhaus to give my brows new life, and I see myself returning throughout the years to come. They are always professional, accommodating and the results are impeccable.

Here’s what my newly resurrected brows look like:

They may be a little thick and bold, but I think they bring out my features this way. This is with almost no drawing at all, only to fill in small gaps that have lightened after scabbing (which will be fixed during my next touch up). Looking back on the collage of pictures at the start of this post… My brows have come a long way indeed.

In my opinion, the results from my Brow Resurrections are startlingly convincing. Nobody ever realizes it’s not real hair until I tell them. Freshly done brows can look a bit harsh, and they will scab and peel off after several days, so these pictures were taken a few weeks after they were done, when they look the most ideal.

Never under estimate what a drastic difference eyebrows make to your whole look!!! Please take my pictures for example! Having well shaped and groomed eyebrows is essential to looking presentable. To me, they’re as vital as having clean teeth, nice hair and clothes that have been ironed. If you’re sick and tired of having strange looking eyebrows that are difficult to deal with, you don’t have to put up with it a day longer. We’ve all got enough problems in our life to worry about, and I’m just infinitely glad that every single day is a good brow day for me now, and I’ve got Browhaus to thank for that!

Quote “Jessica” at any Browhaus outlet (except One Raffles Place) to enjoy a Brow Resurrection Trial at only $300.

Only valid for first time Brow Resurrection customers, and T&C apply!

  • Sarah

    Hey Jess, just wondering where you got the black dress you’re wearing in this post? It’s absolutely stunning. x

  • shiberty

    Hi Sarah, It’s from Mink Pink, an Australian label! :) If you’re around a UK 10 and would like to purchase this piece, I can let it go to you, drop me an email!

  • anony

    will i be able to enjoy the $300 eyebrow resurrection for the month of october?