Blackmores Go Green

When I think of trusted vitamins & supplements to enhance your overall health and well-being, Blackmores comes to mind. My mum has been encouraging me to take their supplements since I was a kid! She still regularly does.

“For over 80 years, Blackmores has combined scientific evidence with traditional knowledge to offer people a more natural approach to health. As a company and as individuals, we strive to make a difference in everything from the products and services we offer to our commitment to environmental sustainability. Blackmores is not just a leading healthcare brand. We are a company that cares for the environment and the community. Therefore, in everything we do, we seek ways to respect nature, minimize our footprints & to give back to the community.”

You can make your pledge every day to increase your chances of winning and you can make a few pledges at any 1 time. Watch how Singapore city skyline turns cleaner with every pledge made!

I’ve made my pledge already, so don’t hesitate to do the same on your Facebook now.

Most people don’t like to think about environmental problems, but it’s an issue that we should all think very long & hard about, at least from time to time. As responsible citizens of Mother Earth, we should play a role in ensuring a brighter future for the very planet we live on. This planet has been our home for as long as we’ve lived, and will house our children, our children’s children and many more generations to come… Or at least, that’s what we think. Honestly, with how the world has been going about its relentless polluting ways in recent years, everyone should be worried about our Earth’s future. Are there still going to be nice beaches for your grand kids to visit in the future? Or would every beach in the world eventually turn out to be a pathetic wasteland filled with washed up trash?

There’s so much pollution and waste being contributed every single second of the day. So many habitats of animals being destroyed, deep sea trawling, species of flora and fauna going extinct, the sea getting more polluted by the second, our air getting thicker, darker and more filled with unhealthy pollutants. It’s an unfortunately depressing list that keeps going on.

You, or I, alone, cannot change the world.  But YOU can certainly change the way you live your life with minimal effort, and if only everyone made a small little step towards trying to conserve the Earth everyday, what a grand difference it would make after some time! It’s optimistic, yes, but what is life without a little hope? We can’t all just turn a blind eye towards this situation and pretend it’s not happening, can we?

How do you start on your Go Green journey?

Blackmores Singapore is making it easy and rewarding to do just that.

Head on over to their Facebook page to choose a simple green pledge, and stand to win your share of $1,500 cash + $3,000 worth of Blackmores products.  When they achieve 5,000 pledges, they will unlock Eco treats! Blackmores New Eco Krill Vanilla 1000mg will go on 50% off for a week (UP $62). They won’t stop there though – at 10,000 pledges, they will conduct an eco-initiative by planting more trees for a greener Singapore! More than just a healthcare brand, Blackmores strives to care for the environment and the community.

Blackmores Singapore is now also providing exclusive Go-Green Packs, available at Watsons, Guardian and Unity. Each Go Green pack is at an exclusive promotion of 70% OFF second item. Plus, it comes with a $5 gift voucher and a Blackmores recycle bag which you can use for grocery shopping in order to reduce wastage of many plastic bags. Going green can be as simple as Plastic has become the world’s most common material since the beginning of the 20th century. Dozens of millions of tonnes of plastic debris end up floating in world oceans.

Selected Go Green Packs, Glucosamine 1500, Buffered C, Evening Primrose Oil and Omega Daily are available at Watsons, Guardian and Unity.

An eco-friendly lifestyle doesn’t have to be expensive, or difficult. In fact, you can often save money while conserving resources, too. Here are my own personal 10 Go Green tips you could adopt in your everyday life that will end up making a big difference in sustaining our Earth:

1) Using reusable containers, such as food storage and water bottles. Why buy a bottle of water every time when you can simply pack one from home? It’s cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly. 

2) Water is the most important resource in the world, yet its importance is commonly overlooked. People like us, who live in first world countries, take clean water for granted, because it’s cheap here. There are hundreds of thousands of human beings in this world that do not even have access to clean drinking water. I never understood people who leave the tap running while they brush their teeth, or girls who take excessively long showers. It’s completely unnecessary.

3) Support companies that make the effort to do green businesses. Products that are derived from fair-trade, or sustainable methods. Blackmores operates on sustainable fishing methods. Read more about it here

4) Avoid wasting food. Whenever I cook, I would turn leftover roast chicken meat into chicken sandwiches the next day, and using the bones to make soup, etc. Especially when I prepare meat, I make sure none of it goes to waste, I always remind myself that an animal had to give its life for my enjoyment of the meal.

5) Turn off your computer and lights when you’re not using them. I used to leave my computer on for days, weeks, even months at a time because I always couldn’t be bothered to turn it off. Now I make sure I turn it off every time it’s not in use. And remember to turn off your lights when you’re not in the room!

6) Recycle! If you have to buy a plastic bottle outside, at least drop it into the nearest recycling bin you see. I reckon the world should have a recycling bin as commonly as we find trash bins around. 

7) Donate your old or unused clothes instead of throwing them away. I do half yearly massive clean ups of my closet and cosmetic drawers, giving things I don’t need or use to friends and the Salvation Army.

8) Use cloth towels instead of paper napkins. Running a small cake business actually produces an alarming amount of waste. Instead of using paper towels, we make the effort to wash cloth towels instead, and re-use our “waste” in any thinkable methods.. Turning cake crumbs into cake pops or trifles, re-using my baking paper for more than one bake, etc. 

9) Buy re-chargeable batteries – I do this for almost all of my gadgets. It’s convenient, and will save you money in the long-run, too! 

10) Unsubscribe to snail mail newsletters. Don’t you hate opening up your letterbox every week and finding more trash and junk mail you don’t want bother reading? Me too. You can opt to NOT receive these newsletters, which produces an alarming amount of wasted paper every day!!! Choose the e-mailing option instead.
“Going green doesn’t start with doing green acts — it starts with a shift in consciousness. This shift allows you to recognize that with every choice you make, you are voting either for or against the kind of world you wish to see.

When you assume this as a way of being, your choices become easier. Using a reusable water bottle, recycling and making conscious daily consumer choices are just a few…”