Western Australia, you have my heart.

It’s always nice to be back in Perth, no matter how many times I’ve been to this little city. I think of it something like my second home.

I finally made it to this quaint little boat house along Crawley’s Edge and snapped a few photos. Too bad it was nearing winter when I was there, else the skies would’ve been painted more dramatically.

Probably my favorite part of it would be the life that runs through the very center of the city. The Swan River carries your sorrow away.

Perth is the half city, half countryside break I need from Singapore when life gets too hectic or mundane around here. Every time I go to Perth, I get slightly confused and intrigued people asking me… “What did you do in Perth? I hear it’s a boring place! And you always go back.” Well, Singapore can be pretty damn boring to a lot of us locals as well. Sp why do people from faraway European countries still fly halfway across the world to visit our little overpopulated, cramped up city?

Because it’s different. And there is beauty in uniqueness.

In Perth, I do everything and nothing, really. I experience good sleeps, nice weather that isn’t constantly sweltering, long walks in the park, sunsets on the beach, a lot of good food & I caught up with friends & family. Doesn’t sound like an epic adventure to most people, but doesn’t that sound like a jolly good time? To me, it always is. I haven’t been to a whole lot of places in the world yet, but here are the reasons why I somehow keep ending up back in Perth (and Australia).

My mum has a house in Perth. Saving on accommodation is saving the bulk cost of the trip. She also takes me out to nice dinners almost every night! Yay for affordable holidays.

It’s also not too far from Singapore. A 4 hours+ flight is something I can deal with, without getting all claustrophobic on the plane. I really hate plane rides. I used to have a huge phobia, but I had to get over it because my hunger to experience new things was stronger.

I like how it has different seasons to switch things up a bit, yet, they’re not too drastic such that they become overwhelmingly difficult to deal with. I’m not a big fan of snow and I’m quite pleased that Australia doesn’t get near that cold. Their summers aren’t that different from the usual weather in Singapore either (less humid, too!)

My boyfriend’s Australian, and I’m quite familiar with the Aussie lifestyle and accent. I was quite taken aback when I went to the States. I thought I would be comfortable in USA, considering how many American movies I’ve watched (?!?) but I still, I hard a hard time adjusting to the cultural shock. Australia has an extremely diverse ethnicity crowd which makes me feel more at home, or rather.. not so out of place. Racism is less present than in other largely white-dominated-countries. I can walk on the streets at night and still feel quite safe, and I don’t have to be on my guard 100% of the time.

Western Australia truly is beautiful. Australia, on the whole is great… but Western Australia has my heart.

Somebody once asked me if I’m being paid by The Australian Tourism Board to always talk about Australia over the years on my blog, because I’m doing a good job, if that’s so. Hah, I wish! Wouldn’t that be awesome, though? I don’t care to be paid, just whisk me off for new adventures.

The clear blue skies, the pristine beaches and waters…. the vast countryside… it feels so untouched. I mean… I get such a happy high just driving down an expressway admiring how there are no tall buildings in sight, just farms and greenery as far as the eye can see. Coming from a girl who lives in a country that spans 50km at its widest point… do you get what I’m saying?

Do you know I am STILL fascinated by seeing horses & cows on the side of the country road? Maybe I don’t get out of my little urban country barely often enough. But sometimes I pride myself in finding joy in the littlest things.

Never lose that child-like wonder in yourself.

Be grateful for every sunset, every opportunity, marvel at every new sight.

Traveling does not always need to be done in an extravagant way. You do not always need to go to the most extraordinary places on earth to find beauty. Sometimes, the joy of traveling is finding beauty in everyday, extraordinarily normal things. Live a little, breathe a little. I was told that a group of bloggers from China had recently gone to Perth on a sponsored tourism trip, and when asked by the tour guide what they’d wanted to see the most.. Their response was simply, “the sunset”. Apparently, in their hometown, the air is so polluted and the atmosphere so choked with smog, they don’t have many opportunities to witness a clear, vibrant and un-distorted sunset in their own country. They were happy just to breathe in the fresh air and to look up in the skies at the end of every day.

Isn’t that amazing?

“We travel, initially, to lose ourselves, and we travel, next, to find ourselves. We travel to open our hearts and eyes. And we travel, in essence, to become young fools again—to slow time down and get taken in, and fall in love once more.”