What’s Bakin’? #15

I know.

How long has it been since I did one of these? I almost forgot that I actually do these What’s Bakin posts. But since I’ve been doing some different stuff lately… I got excited and wanted to share with y’all two new updates:

1) Instead of Shiberty’s Sweets, I am planning of rebranding the name to Shiberty Bakes!

One step at a time, the website and future shop will be going by the new name. I got too annoyed & frustrated with how people called it Shiberty Sweet, completely missing out the apostrophe and alphabet S. Also, Shiberty’s  Sweets sounds too much like a tongue twister…. you should see my expression when some people try to pronounce the name. Sherbertee sweats. WHAT?! Shiberty Bakes is a lot cleaner. Although, the word Shiberty in general tends to confuse people…. but…. I’ll rebrand myself another day perhaps. (in the distant future, or perhaps never).

2) We’ve started offering DESSERT TABLES!!!!!

Which is the most fun thing to do ever, I tell you. So instead of just cakes & cupcakes that we originally started out with, we thought… why not just do the whole thing? A whole table full of desserts. Anything sweet you ever dreamed of. All customizable to your party theme and preferred flavors! So much yummies on one table, you’ll go weak at the knees.

Check out our current tantalizing menu for dessert tables:

  • Macarons
  • Chocolated coated strawberries
  • Cookies
  • Brownies
  • Jello shots
  • Cake pops
  • Cupcakes
  • Cheesecakes
  • Panna Cotta
  • Various flavours of whole cakes
  • Pies / Tarts
  • Creme Brulee
  • Marshmallow Pops
  • Meringues
  • Tiramisu
  • Rice krispie treats
  • Chocolate fondue fountain
  • Layered desserts in a cup
  • Chocolates
  • Doughnuts

And we’re also willing to try and include anything your sweet tooth mind can dream up that’s not already on the extensive list above.

Here’s what I’m talking about.

A customized dessert table set up done for a little boy’s first birthday! So proud of this table!!!

Styling by MerryLove. It was great working with them once again, the last time they styled my shoot with Yina & Melissa! With every dessert table, customers will get simple table decorations that are in theme with the party and free rental of our cake display stands!

What would a party be without a glorious cake to take center stage and steal everyone’s attention?

Rice krispie treats – with melted marshmallows! I loved this treat when I was in the US. Hope it catches on in SG sooner or later!

Little cheesecake cups with personalized label stickers on them…. Not bad, huh? ;)

Marshmallow pops dipped in white chocolate (which was then colored blue) – the kids won’t stop popping these.

Deliciously fudgey brownies. I’ve featured the recipe here before. Wonderfully rich and sinfully chocolatey, it would be an even bigger sin not to try one of these babies because as Sam says, they’re the best brownies he’s ever had!

Jello cups – can be done with vodka for a more adult dessert table. Jello shots are awesome.

All dessert tables also come with free delivery to your location, set up and tear down after the event. They’re my new favorite thing to do because there’s so much more to explore with, in terms of creativity and flavors, as opposed to just working on cakes!

More dessert table pics…

Individual creme brulee ramekins. So much fun caramelizing the top crust!

Strawberry cheesecake hearts

Pretty macarons & cuppycakes for a baby shower!

Tiramisu cups that really pack a punch. Another dessert that you HAVE to try.

I never used to even like macarons…. now I think I’m positively in love with them. They’re so dainty, delicious (well some of them are, some aren’t) and the flavor possibilities are endless.

These were the Valentine’s Day macarons special we had, that was a total hit with everyone. Flavors included nutella, salted caramel, green tea, wild berries, earl grey, lemon curd, and lychee rose! And yes, I wrote on every single macaron and drew hearts with edible red ink. After a few hundred of these, my poor hands were all cramped up because you can’t use too much pressure.. or the macaron shell would break!

Aside from dessert tables, of course, we’ve been up to our usual customized cakes.

Here’s a few I actually managed a picture of because most of the time, I’m too caught up in the moment or busy that I can’t whip my camera out for a shot.

A balenciaga bag cake. 3d bag cakes are very popular these days! We’ve done Chanel, Hermes, Dior, Balenciaga to name a few.

Adventure Time, which we’ve been seeing a lot of lately too!

League of legends cupcakes. Geeky cupcakes makes the nerdy gamer girl in me secretly happy.

A grand 3 tiered birthday cake for a classy celebration. Fit to be a wedding cake! Each pearl ball was painstakingly hand rolled and then spray painted.

This was when our cake was featured in PRESTIGE‘s magazine Christmas spread. It was awesome seeing our creation get professional styling treatment, definitely an eye opening experience that changed the way I took pictures of my food after that. So much work goes into a good food photo despite it being an inanimate object… you can’t even imagine.

Look at it sitting in all its grandeur. We made those little cookies on the plate, too!

So, you guys have seen all sorts of customized cakes from Shiberty Bakes.

Girly ones, manly(ish) ones, adult cakes, children cakes… of every imaginable size, design and variation. But what you haven’t seen a lot of is actual eating cakes, created solely for the purpose of putting into your mouth and relishing the taste… Not until now. We’ve seen an increase of cakes that require zero customization, food coloring or unnecessary additives and preservatives.

Just pure food porn.

Lemon sponge cake with lemon curd, lemon whipped cream and freshly grated lemon zest. The zesty smell and taste of fresh lemons is to die for!

I’m working with a certain restaurant to provide them cakes, and this sells out the fastest every time. Cookies & cream with a vanilla sponge cake base is here to stay.

Coconut gula melaka – actual coconut cream being whipped into the frosting, with gula melaka syrup and dried coconut drizzles and sprinkled everywhere. One for the older generation.

This is something I haven’t learned how to say no to……… Strawberry shortcake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *heart heart heart* 

You know what’s the best part about making your own strawberry shortcake? You get to pile on the strawberries. MOUNTAINS if you wish… which is exactly what I did.

A naked, rustic strawberry shortcake I did for Marie. Her family had nothing but compliments for it! Which I was all too happy to hear.

Need a customized cake, dessert table or simply craving for deliciousness?

Find us at shibertys.blogspot.sg! ☻