Erabelle: Beauty In An Insant (Erabrowlogy)

Let’s talk beauty!

One of the most commonly overlooked features on a woman’s face and in her make up routine are her eyebrows.

I can’t reiterate enough what a massive impact having good or bad eyebrows could do for your overall outlook! I think eyebrows are just as important as your hairstyle. Yes, THAT big a deal!!! Your eyebrows can say so much about you as a person, and you can derive several things about a stranger you just met by stealing one quick glance at their eyebrows.

  • “I don’t really care about my looks / I don’t have time to groom myself” - Someone who has overgrown and messy eyebrows that have not been shaped recently / ever.
  • “I enjoy taking care of the way I look and I take great pride in my aesthetics” – What nicely groomed and neat eyebrows tell me.
  • “I am angry all the time!!! / I’m really unhappy about something right now” - Excessively bushy / think / dark / harsh eyebrows that can sometimes make you look more upset than you really are
  • “Oh really?” – Over plucked eyebrows will give you that constantly surprised or perplexed look. Not a good look.
  • “I have no idea what I’m doing” – Terribly drawn eyebrows / shapeless eyebrows.

And the list goes on! Of course, this is my personal opinion and does not necessarily accurately reflect the truth of a person, but when it comes to first impressions… One chance is all you’ve got. I’ve had my fair share of bad brow days. Super thick, super thin, too arched, too straight, too dark, too red, I’ve been there and done that (and never want to go back again!)

Honest to god, drawing nice eyebrows is one of the most difficult things a girl will ever have to do. Ever since I’ve gone down the path of eyebrow embroidery, I can’t imagine my life any other way!!! I wake up with good looking brows every single day. No effort whatsoever.

If you’re like many girls out there who need help with your brows (It’s ok to admit it), Erabelle is the perfect place to go to for a much needed brow & beauty makeover!

Erabelle is an expert in the brow industry, having acclaimed multiple awards for their brow services over the past 9 years, you know you’re in good hands!

-”Erabrowlogy is a holistic brow service with a pre-treatment step and boosted aftercare routine, to give beautiful and natural-looking brows that frame the face with enhanced colour retention. The effect is expected to last from 2 to 3 years.

This service will lend colour and depth to pale, faded or naturally sparse brows and can correct the shape and colour of poorly-tattooed eyebrows that downplay one’s attractiveness.
We believe that individuals have unique features and so the one-style-fits-all does not resonate with us. Pioneers of this technique, we understand that oriental features are distinctly different from our western counterparts and have since perfected the art of designing women’s eyebrows according to six common Asian face shapes. Customised to your face shape, the shape of brows will be tailored to perfectly frame your face and eyes and showcase your assets. The colour of dye is selected to complement skin tone and hair colour.”

A couple of other blogger friends & I were at Erabelle’s new outlet at Bugis Junction to check out a live demonstration of Erabrowlogy being done on a pretty (voluntary) model!

The EraBrowlogy Process

Step 1: Brow Preparation
A brow mask will be applied onto the brow area that removes dead skin cells and excess sebum, whilst hydrating the skin. This is especially advantageous for those with oily or dry skin, as unhealthy skin condition is a factor contributing to colour retention.

Step 2: Erabrow Design
Customisation design process includes face shape and eyebrow analysis, designing, trimming and tweezing. Creation of the perfect arch will then be done with Erabelle Long-Lasting Brow Pencil where shade is chosen accordingly to suit skin tone and hair colour.

Here are the 5 important aspects the therapist looks at when they design eyebrows:
1) Length of eyebrows
2) Thickness of eyebrows; determined by the distance between the brows and eyes, size of eyes, size of face and body frame
3) Shape and tip of the brow arch
4) Starting point of the brows – light and natural-looking
5) Ending point of the brows – complete and precise

Step 3: Patch Test
Patch test is done before procedure to test for any allergy to the certified colour pigment used.

Step 4: Preparation of Equipment
New Micropen tips and colour caps are used for every customer to ensure that strict hygiene standards are observed.

Step 5: Application of Colour
The Softstroke technique used coupled with topical numbing cream and micropen seeks to induce an experience of minimal discomfort.
In addition, photos will be taken pre- and post- treatment to monitor the results.

Here you can see that EraBrowlogy has been done on half of eyebrow, and it may look quite dark now, but that’s not the final product yet!

Ready to see the results you can achieve with EraBrowlogy in just one hour?!
Absolutely gorgeous eyebrows that she WON’T have to draw for at least the next 2 years with the full course of treatment & proper care!
There was no bleeding or much swelling involved, and at all times the model seemed perfectly relaxed and at ease, so pain factor should not be much of an issue thanks to the numbing cream, and advanced European technology / standards that Erabelle upholds. You can see a very faint outline of whiteness around her freshly done eyebrows due to mild swelling, but it’s nothing to take notice of and will fade within an hour or two. I’m in love with the natural results! You can save SO much time and never again have “bad brow days”, no matter what time you wake up. Even without make up, you can look put-together with nice eyebrows that frame your face.
The brow pampering doesn’t stop there! With every EraBrowlogy treatment session, you’ll get a Browlogy Care Kit, which includes:
Aftercare cream (5g) – To be applied every morning and night for at least 5 days of the colour-settling process
Hydra Cleansing Water (15ml) – For ease of cleansing, Hydra Cleansing Water can be used with cotton pads to cleanse the face, avoiding the brow area
Skin Calming Mask (5g) – To counter discomfort and redness after the procedure, it is recommended to use this mask for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th nights after the procedure for a soothing effect
Gal pal Yina & I were excited about getting a mini brow makeover! Even though we’ve had our eyebrows permanently done a year ago, it’s faded quite a lot so it’s high time for a brow update! 
Only when you get EraBrowlogy done do you get to lie on this super comfy reclining chair (yes my therapist is putting on socks for me to maintain the hygiene of the place and it helps keep my feet warm too!) Because all the other normal seats were taken up by eager ladies, they assigned me to the luxurious seating! Hehe.
My therapist then proceeds to explain to me what my face shape is (long + heart shape) and what kind of eyebrow structure would suit it. She lamented that one of my brow bone is significantly higher than the other, thus making my eyebrows look a little unbalanced sometimes.. but she would try to correct that for me!
With her trusty set of Erabelle tools.. she begins reshaping my brow story! Getting rid of unwanted hairs, trimming and snipping and brushing away ever so delicately and concisely…
After the process is completed, she shows me the “Before & After” photos she’d taken of me for comparison.. and here it is for your good judgement!
The difference may not be outrightly obvious, however I’ve noticed that she has corrected the color of my eyebrows to better suit my skin and hair color (a very dark brown, close to black) as opposed to having reddish brown eyebrows (because I used to have purple hair, I had lighter eyebrows) 
My therapist also elongated the length of my eyebrows, giving it a more defined tip, resulting in a more polished look! (note: these results are temporary, I did not do EraBrowlogy) As I had very little brow hair to begin with, my difference was not as striking and amazing as Yina’s!!!

Look at her Before & After:

Now THIS makes a convincing case!!!!! 

Yina’s been blessed with thick, bushy eyebrows that can be beautifully shaped into different structures, and she chose a relatively “straight, low arch” soft brow look AKA the korean eyebrow! I am so jealous of her eyebrows. Why do I have so much armpit hair, nose hair.. but no eyebrow hair?!

The both of us all happy with our brow makeover from Erabelle!
Thank you Erabelle for a wonderful pampering session, the next time I’ll be sure to come back to try out their facials, the treatment rooms are too cute, themed differently according to fairytales!
Erabelle puts great emphasis on the environment of their boutiques, making it feel cosy, posh and whimsical all at once. Their therapists are also all wearing beautiful feminine kimonos to represent the great service that Japan is known for, and the kind of service they strive to provide you with!
Outlets Information:
Bugis Junction #02-05, Tel: 6883 1151
Bedok Point #03-27, Tel: 6753 2322
Erabelle Prestige
Orchard VisionCrest #01-06 to 11, Tel: 6836 8388
Vivocity #02-01/02, Tel: 6376 8336
Kuala Lumpur The Gardens Mall FF-227, 4th Floor (opening May 2014)

Duration & Cost:
• Erabrowlogy – 60mins/session for $1,314
Consists of 4 colour services, with pre-treatments and Browlogy Care kits.
As a general guide: 1st colour service (6 – 8 weeks) 2nd colour service (6 – 8 months) 3rd colour service (6 – 8 months)  4th colour service

• Erabrowlogy Redesign & Intensive Change – 60mins/session for $1,690.60
Consists of 5 colour services, with pre-treatments and Browlogy Care kits.

*additional surcharge of $214 applies for Master Artist request, and prices are inclusive of GST.

Erabelle is offering 20% Erabrowlogy discount vouchers to 5 of my readers (redeemable from 1st April – 30th June 2014), so don’t miss this awesome opportunity to discover EraBrowlogy for yourself! 
To participate, please leave a comment on this post & answer this question: “Why are you interested in doing eyebrow embroidery?”  Submit with your name, email address and last 5 characters of your IC number (e.g 1234J) . Winners will be selected on 26th March!