Bangkok Baby!

As a belated 21st Birthday gift, my mum took me (and my elder brother who shares the same birthday) on a trip to Bangkok. All our respective partners came along with, so it was a big gay family affair!

At first I wasn’t all THAT excited to go Bangkok. I was bound for Europe (that woman swore for my 21st she’d take me on my first trip to Europe) but because my brother is going to have a kid realllyyy soon early next year and doesn’t like to fly to places too far away, we settled for Bangkok in the end. She’s all like, “think for your korkor, for many years he will not be able to travel anymore when committed to a kid, this will be our last trip as a family for a long time” so that was that. At the risk of sounding like a spoilt brat….. Boo. I mean, sure I was excited as anyone would be before any sort of trip, but as I’d already been to Bangkok before, I was sure it wouldn’t blow me away again. Not like it really did the first time. The last trip I made there was merely 4 years ago or so, so how much could it have changed since then?

As it turns out…. Life has proven me wrong, once again

No matter how many times you read a book, you’ll always look at it from a different perspective. I concur that A LOT has changed about Bangkok. Or at least, who I am when I visited it both times!

I guess when I last came here at 16 years old, I didn’t realize what a buzzing urban city this was. All I can reallyy remember is my feet aching as I walked through chatuchak and strange little alley ways.

I didn’t have the spending power back then, that I now possess, so a lot of things were left undiscovered in my previous trip. Bangkok is both third world and first world all at once.

 Step into the malls and you’re surrounded by big labels such as Chanel, McQueen, Prada, and soo many other brands… take one step out of the mall and you’ll see sunken faced raggedy clothed people selling dubious looking food under the bridge in completely unsanitary conditions, making absolutely no money. It’s such a stark contrast.

What I do love about it: You have all these cute little artistic cafes everywhere, the food is AMAZING everywhere you go, everything’s so damn cheap and you can seriously buy everything in Bangkok… A dream for people who love cheap thrills, and people who enjoy roughing it out a little, but not too much. The down side to this place is despite how many tourists visit each year, it’s still not that safe (or clean). Traffic is absolutely shit, and everyone is trying to scam you.

 Glamorous luxury is not really what Bangkok is about, good food and cheap buys = where the money at. But still, despite it all, we managed to find a little piece of luxury and extravagance in the heart of Bangkok at Hua Chang Heritage Hotel.

Actually, all credits go to my mum for discovering this gem, I had no idea about it until she chose it.

And she could not have picked another hotel that screamed me more than this one!!!!! Picture spam of one of the prettiest hotels I’ve ever stayed in coming rigghtttt up!

The moment you step into the hotel, you know what the rest of it is going to be like.

Statement pieces of furniture boasting loud colors.

Quilted stuff & rhinestones everywhere (which I adore!) It’s fancy but remains relatively minimalist in other aspects. Modern and contemporary, don’t expect no wooden Traditional Thai vibes here. Everything in this hotel sparkles.


I mean please, check out the dream of a room I stayed in for 4 awesome nights. Fit for a princess!

 The room was brightly lit, spacious, very clean, chic as hell (I don’t care if it’s too girly for a hotel room in general, it’s perfect to me!)

Grabbed this pic from my Instagram (@shiberty)

For the record, not a single part of this trip was sponsored. My opinions are completely my own! :) The service and experience at Hua Chang Heritage Hotel was always top notch, so I highly recommend this hotel if you’d like to indulge a little in Bangkok the next time you go. I know Bangkok is known for cost friendly accommodations all over the city, but just look at the pictures!!!! I believe I make a convincing salesperson! :P I reiterate my point with pictorial evidence, not just words.

I couldn’t resist taking a few (or a lot) of shots around this pretty place…

Don’t let the greenery fool you, it’s not quite as serene as it appears to be.

It IS Bangkok, and it is located right next to the Siam district (10 mins walk to major malls & train, fab location!) so how could it possibly be anywhere near quiet? The loud fountains try to drown out the noise of the traffic, but they’re no match to the massive amounts of zooming cars driving past the swimming pool. You can’t see them, but you can hear them right next to you. So I didn’t bother taking a dip in the pool, despite it being a pretty feature, the ambience just didn’t feel right. I spent every night in the glorious en-suite hot tub instead!

One of my favorite parts of the trip was waking up to a buffet breakfast everyday with my family.

How many of us get to wake up and enjoy a slow breakfast in the morning with the ones we love? They’re either not even there in the morning, or always rushing about…

Not that the hotel’s breakfast was an impressive spread (it was actually relatively disappointing compared to all the other yummies in Bangkok) but it was nice knowing I’d wake up to a gorgeous morning, fill my anticipating belly with food, mull over how to spend a long day ahead with my family, without any work interruptions or other stressful commitments. Just us, and the world to explore.

 That’s the great thing about any holiday, innit? You feel like a free soaring bird. You feel like your work doesn’t own you, and you own your life. That you’re ready for ADVENTURE. The older I get, the more I realize quality family time is extremely precious. I could go to Europe anytime I want to now that I’m financially independent, however, precious family time like this doesn’t come by too often and it doesn’t even matter where in the world we are, as long as we’re together.

Thank you for always giving me the best whenever you can. ♥ Trust me when I say you don’t know how much a difference parents make to your life, until you move out.

Bangkok was a great idea. I miss it already.