Lost at sea with Marco Bicego

Out of all the blogging events I’ve attended over the years, this has gotta be one of the more memorable ones. Perfectly executed with sophistication and the right amount of information and fun factor injected into the event.. I couldn’t not share the pictures with you guys!!!

A private yacht, marveling at and temporarily donning expensive jewelry I can’t afford, champagne, gorgeous weather and a day out at sea.. What could make this day more perfect? 
The fact that I had one of my bestest friends and my gorgeous mom on board with me, of course! :)

It was such a beautiful day to set sail, and simply to be out and about in the sun!

Yeah, I’m one of those girls who brings her mum everywhere. Including media / social events. What can I say? I’m a mummy’s girl!

Honestly though, I wanted to bring my mum to see all the gorgeous jewelry Marco Bicego had just launched. She sure does love her fancy stones and bling. And that afternoon, we were among the first to preview the amazing collection “Murano”, newly released in Singapore!

Marco Bicego

“Enamored by all the little things the world has to offer, Marco Bicego has the remarkable ability to assimilate his experiences and interpret it through his collections. Every collection is symbolic of an exotic location, and every piece an amalgam of his adventures. 
Marco Bicego forms a unique affinity with women, bringing out the spirited wanderlust in all of us. From a walk in the forest, relishing in the silence to the bustling sights and sounds of the cities, Marco Bicego transforms his experiences into cherished trinkets that excite women. 100% hand made in the North East of Italy by expert craftsmen and artisans, Marco Bicego’s jewellery symbolizes both wild abandonment, and a homage to the classic Italian experience.”
My mum just couldn’t take her eyes off these precious jewels!

They were so exquisite up close…. and if there’s anything that gets my mother excited, it’s dangerously expensive things. If I were perhaps ten times richer than I was now, I would buy it immediately for mum, just to see that look on her face again every time she wore it. Every woman deserves to feel that special and beautiful everyday, don’t you think?

I’m not big on jewelry myself and have to admit I don’t know a whole lot about gold, diamonds or precious stones, however, I have to say that Marco Bicego pieces are unlike anything I’ve seen around in stores before. They’re bold, but not too tacky or over the top, with every single piece makes an elegant statement.

The Murano Collection
“Marco Bicego’s latest collection is inspired by the colourful architecture and carefree artistic inhibitions of idyllic Venetian town Burano, the Murano collection is an ecstasy of brightly coloured gems and carefully wrought 18 carat gold. Elements of glass blowing and geometric designs are representative of the beautiful town and is a true expression of the vibrant and fiery art culture in Burano. Emblematic of ‘everyday luxury’, the use of kaleidoscopic precious gems is both delicate and bold to be wearable with any ensemble, for day or night.”

Melissa’s wearing pieces from “Murano”, and I’m decked out in “Africa”, my favorite collection from Marco Bicego!

I absolutely adore how organic they look with the evenly uneven lines and shapes, it looks so raw. The unique texture was created from painstakingly individually hand carved lines!

For some reason Coldplay’s “Paradise” starts playing in my head when I see this. Is that normal?

Vernetta Lopez was our host for the event, and here she is having a Titanic moment!
She was so friendly and down to earth, and made a fantastic emcee. We took a couple of pictures, but I look hideous in them, so I guess those will never see the light of day.  

I know I’ll always have a good time with my baby girl Mel around!! :*

There was only us two bloggers on the yacht that day, with the few other older media people coming from magazines and other traditional publications, which means they had absolutely zero interest of taking any pictures, especially of themselves. Which ALSO meant that Mel and I pretty much had a ridiculously fun private yacht photoshoot going on for the three whole hours we were sailing!!! Highlight of my week.

Taken with my iPhone 5. With good lighting, anything’s possible!

We were busy snapping shamelessly pretty pictures and giggling uncontrollably while everyone else sat back and chatted the evening away while sipping on champagne.

Aw, I have like… the prettiest friend ever :’)

With this girl, I can do anything. Talk about our future plans, go on double dates with our partners, share relationship problems with, conversations about everything and nothing at 2am in the morning, laugh over the most unglamorous situations we get ourselves in and be absolutely silly together. ♥

At one point in time, I met up with her at least 4 days out of a week!

We were happily lying down on the netting, soaking up the sun rays, completely oblivious and unsuspecting… when out of nowhere, a HUGE wave splashed up on us from the bottom (it has holes for water to seep through), soaking us quite thoroughly, to the amusement of onlookers!!!!!!

I got a whole face (and eyeballs) full of saltwater!!! Not to mention I almost lost my phone to the sea as well, much to the horror of the person beside us, who made a dramatic lunge for my phone. He told me if he wasn’t sure whether to help me up, or to retrieve my phone before it fell down a hole and into the sea. I’m glad he went for the phone! The boat rocked up and down like a roller coaster and Melissa and I scrambled about on all fours like monkeys to get to a safe, dry area. A lot of shrieking ensued (and slight cursing from me), but at the end of the day it was all good fun and nothing a towel and drying off in the sun couldn’t fix! 

How amazing would it to be to have a boat of your own, so you could chase sunsets like these everyday if you wanted to? Especially in a country where you could see dolphins, or orcas. That would be a dream come true for me.

For those few hours, I felt transported out of my everyday life, out of Singapore. I really like being near the water. It’s so serene and good for the soul. Like waterfront dining, beach activities and things like whale watching… they make me very, VERY happy!

A big thank you to Marco Bicego and TianPo Jewellery for having us on board! It was nothing short of lovely to have spent the evening with you. :)

“TianPo Jewellery is Marco Bicego’s official retailer in Singapore. This October, TianPo Jewellery is proud to support the Breast Cancer Foundation Singapore with a donation campaign: Step out in PINK. A color long associated with TianPo Jewellery and the Breast Cancer Foundation Singapore respectively, the color pink represents all that is feminine and strong.

For each customer that walks into any TianPo Jewellery boutiques dressed in pink, TianPo will donate $5 to the foundation. In addition, TianPo will be serving glasses of rosé to each customer who wears pink on the weekends of October as a token of appreciation for their support. A salute to breast cancer patients everywhere, TianPo pays homage to the bold and beautiful women fighting the illness with this donation campaign. So step out in PINK and raise your glasses to the strong women around us!”