Halloween Horror Nights 3 at Universal Studios!

Halloween isn’t something I’d normally get excited over, but in recent years, that’s kinda changed.

A couple of nights ago, I scared myself senseless when I went for the media preview of the highly anticipated Halloween Horror Nights 3 at Universal Studios Singapore. It’s an annual event whereby Universal Studios Singapore turns their family theme park into something a little less PG-rated and very Halloween Worthy! Think haunted houses, fake blood & gore everywhere with extremely dedicated scare actors to top everything off. I wouldn’t stop screaming for the first half hour, it was THAT convincing! I attended HHN2 last year for the first time, and it was soooo good. I was blown away by the special effects and elaborate set up. You’ll be happy to know that this year was no let down either.

So, as though a horror-themed amusement park at night isn’t creepy enough, it was practically empty besides the staff and media personnel – I’ve never seen any theme park THAT empty before. When you walk down the street, it looks like this.

Coupled with the eerie music they constantly have playing in the background… enough to raise the hairs on my arms and legs! Apparently an important feature would be displayed here during the actual opening days – they kept it pretty hush hush and wouldn’t tell us what it was!

The park would be a lot more crowded, decorated, and filled on the actual days compared to my pictures. Please bear in mind my pictures are merely a sneak peek of what’s to come, I’m sure USS has a lot more up their sleeves! ;D

Our first stop of the night was (thank god) not a haunted house but the Hollywood Theatre, to catch a mini musical called Monsters Rock, something new they just introduced this year. That gave me sufficient time to mentally prep myself and get used to the atmosphere first!

While the show was kept moderately entertaining by enthusiastic cast members, flashy pyrotechnics & loud chart topper hits being used for the musical, I think this was meant more for the kids than the adults. (Although, really, why would you bring a little kid to such a terrifying event?)

Adults may find themselves scratching their heads halfway through the show. There’s ass grabbing and some sexual references in there as well, might I add. I’m not that keen on musicals in the first place, OR costumed monsters, so I guess my opinion is biased! Waiting for a friend to arrive at HHN3? You can catch this show in the theatre first, instead of waiting out in the open where the monsters could eat you!!!

And we’re ready for our first haunted house experience!!!!!!!! BRING IT!!!

I have 3 big strong men with me so I guess that should be a comforting factor. Although Nich (the tall one) and Jon (the white one) pretty much took turns scaring me the whole night, so I don’t know if it was better or worse having them around.

Nah, I actually love these guys.

There are three houses in total – Adrift, Songs of Death, and Possessions.

Our first haunted house, Adrift, was by far my favorite one! Compared to the other two, it was TERRIFYING. The moment you step in, you get sucked into the ambience and the real world just slips away for ten minutes. Now you’re in hell.

I know it’s a little tricky for you people to imagine how it all went down because you weren’t there, but the lighting, props, actors, music, everything just came together so, so convincingly. I CANNOT GET OVER HOW SERIOUSLY THE SCARE ACTORS TAKE THEIR ROLE. They are constantly screaming at the top of their lungs and flailing about just to alarm you. Like you’re walking down an empty, dark hallway and you think you’re safe, there’d be silence BUT THEN OUT OF NOWHERE a seemingly crazy bloodied up person runs up to your face yelling “JUST LET ME DIE. PLEASEE… JUST LET ME DIE!!!!!!!!!!”

Uh-huh. Something like that. If you’ve ever been to HHN at USS you’d know exactly what I’m talking about!

What HHN3 looks like on my camera, with flash:

What it actually was to me:

I shut my eyes through most of the first haunted house. True story. However!!!!! I managed to pluck up enough courage to remain calm through the next 2 houses. Btw, photography inside haunted houses isn’t normally allowed (yes, they will stop you and tell you off if you try.)

Even if you know the ghosts aren’t real (or are they :P), you can’t help from being freaked out. My spider senses tell me to RUNNNNN whenever something dead-looking lunges for me!

Everything in the damn haunted house moves!!!! Here’s somebody trashing about wildly, screaming for people to “let her out”.

Ok…. I have to say. That’s genuinely rather disturbing. e_e

Here’s some other genuinely disturbing things I found around the park:

Random shirtless dude that started cussing at me or something hahahah. Holding a bowl and something I don’t recognize. I did NOT understand what he was supposed to be. Most people were dead / zombies / in character. What’s he meant to be, a drunk Indian guy????  Anybody knows?

Ok… I’ll admit. hanging stuff really freak me out :( Especially if they look like little children dangling from a tree. Urgh.

When I was minding my own business, chatting with my friends about what we thought of the haunted houses…. THIS walked right by me, ever so nonchalantly

SUPER TALL LOOKING HEADLESS GUY OMG. Probably the best costume I saw that night!!!!! I chased after him for a picture and he turned around and did this.

LOL! Not sure which is creepier. The whole headless get up, or the real person’s eyes staring at me through the black part of the suit. Fuck me.

Apart from haunted houses, there are also 3 “scare zones” which are themed zones that you walk through. Attack of the Vampires, Forbidden Forest & Convention of Curses. I loved Attack of the Vampires’ graveyard setting! Not that I particularly like graveyards in any way normally, but this was pretty awesome.


 At times I think a rag doll is an actor waiting to frighten the shit outta me… and other times, the unsuspecting me falls prey to a costumed character who hid so stealthily in the dark, I didn’t see it coming at all until it was suddenly right next to me. *cue Jessica’s high pitched shriek*

They WILL run up to your face and try to fuck with you by the way, they did that a lot to me because I was one of the few girls there….. so if you’re a naturally violent person… try not to punch anyone? It’s all in the name of good fun.

All I kept thinking of the whole night was, “Wow, how many hours did this take them?” I applaud their hard work and efforts. I really do!!! It’s completely worth the entry ticket fee, to see Halloween Horror Nights at least if you haven’t before.

Just Jonathan casually snapping pics of zombies on stilts.

Just Jessica looking casually terrified of said zombies on stilts.

I’m a wuss. I jump at loud noises and scream when people tap me on the shoulder when I’m not expecting it. Haunted houses and me don’t mix. But it was still a helluva lot of fun!!!!

This lost soul kept crawling on the floor, wailing incoherently… maybe she wanted a picture with me?

Ah, Universal Studio’s signature Egyptian men on stilts!

She looks like a mix of Hermione Granger and Parvati Patil!

Yeah, why not, Sam?

I’m sorry, I really can’t dance. I could probably fly a spaceship better than I could dance, and god knows I can’t even ride a bicycle, let alone operate anything mechanical safely.

A blue Dumbledore. Ganfalf the Blue.  …….A really old smurf?

Just Jon checking out spider lady’s little display.

When I walked past one of the “booths”, some dude picked me out from the crowd and yelled at me in front of everyone…. “WHAT MAGIC DO YOU POSSESS, WITCH?!”

I couldn’t resist retorting, “BEAUTY!” before walking away. Man that felt good. He had no idea what to say to that. These undead men, think they can just pick on you like that….

We ended off our horrifically fun night stuffing our faces with some of the specially prepared food items for Halloween by the different restaurants around Universal Studios. Really cute!

Gotta love this shot I got of a scary nurse injecting jello shots into a victim’s mouth!

Halloween Horror Nights 3 is set to run through these dates: 11, 12, 18, 19, 25, 26, 31 Oct & 1-3 Nov, 7pm to 1am. Tickets are $68 per person for this fright fest, and you can purchase them here. There are also 2 other options: Frequent Fear Nights to re-enter as many times as you want within selected dates, and a VIP tour around the park if you’re feeling extra fancy! 

Whether you’re spooking or slutting it up this Halloween, I hope y’all stay safe and have a frightfully good time!!!! Take lots of pictures!

Thanks again Resorts World Sentosa for inviting me and my friends to the preview. We ran around like crazy, screamed a lot, but most importantly… laughed together a lot, despite all the crazy shit going on around us. :D