Eu Yan Sang – Weight Management Program Post 5

Remember my blog post from a few months back that announced an awesome contest I would be holding, whereby 2 lucky blog readers of mine will get to win a fully sponsored Weight Management Program by Eu Yan Sang to help achieve their goal weight?

Well today, I will be introducing four extremely lucky Eu Yan Sang winners to you… 2 of which are winners from my blog’s contest, and the other 2 lucky girls were picked by a similar contest from SHAPE magazine!!! These 4 ladies / women come from different backgrounds and lifestyles, however they all face the same problem: they’re struggling to maintain a healthy and ideal weight for themselves, despite past efforts. I’ve totally been in that position before, and to be honest, some days I feel like I still am. Being fit is a lifelong commitment. But here’s hoping Eu Yan Sang will be the difference they need to jump start their journey to a healthier life! :) I know it sure was, for me!!
Let’s take a look at the profiles of these lovely women who are bold and daring enough to share their pictures, story, and progress with us. What’s a weight loss story without dramatic Before and After results that will shock all your family and friends, right? It may seem a little daunting to have their pictures plastered on my blog for a weight management post (these are all real stories and people!! no hoax) but I believe it’s good to have some positive pressure to push yourself along. Without pressure or a reason to really stick to your goal, it’s difficult to stay determined. Whenever I went off my diet for awhile last year, I always thought to myself, “Die lah. Cannot. People on my blog expecting to see obvious results… I cannot disappoint them, or myself!!!!!” so maybe this will help them stay on course. :P People are watching you!!!!
So here you have it, the 4 lucky ladies currently undergoing Eu Yan Sang’s weight management program! (30 sessions)

Eu Yan Sang Winner #1
Name: Adeline Koh Chew Yan (Shape Magazine Winner)
Story: “I gave birth 3 years ago, but still look 6 months pregnant. (mother’s apron)”
- I used to be slim, perfect for my height of 1.74m.  However, after the birth of my twins 3 years ago, my tummy still look like 6 months pregnant and I’m unable to shed my post preggies weight!!  My pre-preg weight was 65kg, now at 79kgs, I’m beginning to lose my self confidence as a mother & wife :(  Many friends are still asking if I am pregnant AGAIN, and I look forward to finding real help to slim down and give hope to many of the women in the same situation as me.

(My comments: To be honest, I don’t think Adeline looks 6 months pregnant at all. I think she looks good for her age! :) Nevertheless, let us bear in mind that this Eu Yan Sang weight management treatment is not ONLY for obese or extremely overweight people, it is also suitable for women who want to attain better health and lose a few inches off problemaic flabby areas too!)

Eu Yan Sang Winner #2
Name: Christy Teo (Blog Winner)
Story: “After giving birth, I tried many ways to lose weight, but failed.”
- I tried the meal replacements, pills, I signed up for a gym membership and had a personal trainer. I thought I could lose weight the healthy way in the gym. But I was wrong. Instead, I felt pressured. I would always think that all the fit people in the gym were staring at me, and laughing at my fats. Once, I stopped training half way and burst out crying. Because I could not fight the monster in me.  
I want to be part of this programme so that I can feel good and look good and be proud of myself. And that I never have to look down on myself again just because I am fat.

(My comments: Totally teared up when I read her story :’( I know what you mean. Sometimes, I feel like a monster myself. It doesn’t help that I’m also pretty tall for a Singaporean (about 1.7m) so I appear giant-like when I’m around other petite girls. And I also don’t like going to the gym because the way people look at me in there, it’s like they think I’m wasting my time. I prefer engaging in fun sports with friends, so it doesn’t feel so torturous when there’s a bit of fun factor thrown in there!
Eu Yan Sang Winner #3
Name: Mary Ann (Blog Winner)
Story: “Over the years with lack of exercise and control of food intake, I ballooned to 80kg.”
- I’m very interested in seeking Eu Yan Seng’s help in losing weight as you see, 5 years ago I was only 50kg. But over the years with lack of exercise and control of food intake, I ballooned to 80kg. I hate shopping for clothing as I get angry at myself when the salesperson informs me that I can’t fit or that they do not come in larger sizes.  I don’t even meet my old friends due to the fact that I can’t get over their reaction if they were to see me in this state. I really hope I’ll get picked for this contest and gain back my confidence and most importantly – a healthier body, state of mind and just a healthier me!
(My comments: The insensitive, snarky remarks from other people (rude sales people or friends who lack tact) hurt even more than the self-realization that you’ve let yourself go. Having gone through weight troubles myself, I’m very careful about how I describe other people, especially when the person I’m talking about is in front of me. If it’s rude to call an unattractive person “hideous”, how is it socially acceptable to taunt overweight people with comments like “whale” or “pig”? What you say about other people, says more about you than them. If you know of friends who are gaining weight, don’t tease them about it. Instead, be a good buddy and offer to partake in healthy, physically exerting activities with them!)
Eu Yan Sang Winner #4

Name: Pamela Lee Hui Ying (Shape Magazine Winner)
Story: “I have health problems like sleep apnea, and joint pains resulting from weight gain.”
- After I stopped breastfeeding, I put on 12kg within a few months. This sudden weight gain has been difficult to shed, given my desk bound job. It has caused me health problems like sleep apnea and joint pains, especially in my knees. I want my health and fitness back, so that I can have the energy to keep up with my toddler son.”

(My comments: Apart from being generally physically unfit, weight gain also results in many other sub health problems. For Pamela, it’s joint pains, for me it was accelerated heart rate & a really aching back pain that just wouldn’t go away, until I lost more than 10 kilos did the load finally lighten. Quite literally.)
Here’s some useful and relevant information I found on the internet that I thought was quite insightful.

“Research has shown that as weight increases to reach the levels referred to as “overweight” and “obesity,” the risks for the following conditions also increases:

• Coronary heart disease
• Type 2 diabetes
• Cancers (endometrial, breast, and colon)
• Hypertension (high blood pressure)
• Dyslipidemia (for example, high total cholesterol or high levels of triglycerides)
• Stroke
• Liver and Gallbladder disease
• Sleep apnea and respiratory problems
• Osteoarthritis (a degeneration of cartilage and its underlying bone within a joint)
• Gynecological problems (abnormal menses, infertility)
Overweight is defined as a body mass index (BMI) of 25 or higher; obesity is defined as a BMI of 30 or higher.
Being severely obese has serious psychological and social repercussions. Many people who are overweight are subject to disapproval, even lectures, from family and friends and to sneers and remarks from strangers. Such behavior is propagated by the general societal belief that obesity is caused by a lack of self-discipline or moral weakness. These attitudes carry over into the work world, where a job or a promotion is often denied simply because of how much one weighs.”

Of course, to say that an overweight person lacks self-discipline isn’t entirely untrue. You don’t become overweight from watching your diet and exercising regularly. But the next time before you open your mouth to call someone fat, think about what sort of person you are being by kicking someone when they are already feeling down. Insecurities and the lack of self-confidence snowballs extremely quickly. You think by pointing out to an overweight person that they’re fat will make them motivated and go to the gym? You’re wrong. They already know. They’re not blind or stupid, they have mirrors to look at their own reflections. All you’re doing is hurting their self confidence even more. I would know very well how this feels. And when you don’t feel confident of yourself, you won’t go to the gym. You’ll coop yourself up at home, wallow in self-pity and probably indulge in ice cream to make yourself feel better. It’s a vicious cycle. Obesity may very well be a mental illness as much as it is a physical one.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Losing weight and becoming healthier is more of a mental hurdle than a physical one… believing you’re worth the change and effort, is the most challenging part.

Credits: source 1, source 2
To the 4 ladies above, kudos for embracing the situation no matter how grim it may appear to be, and for wanting to make a change about your weight, AND your life. I think it’s incredible how you are brave enough to share your true story with other women, to motivate the ones who are facing similar problems… :) And to show that you’re never too young or old to make a change or lose some weight! I wish you all the very best of luck overcoming your health and psychological difficulties, and hope for the best results from the traditional chinese medicine method of acupuncture & weight management program you’re currently receiving from Eu Yan Sang…. for those of you who don’t know, it’s the same one I went through myself last year!!!!! You can read all about it from my previous blog posts.
I’ll keep you guys updated about their progress, and meanwhile, stay healthy and keep fighting!