Food on Food Trail at Marina Square

On 20th July 2013, Marina Square organised a Food on Foot Trail event in conjunction with 8 DAYS magazine, and my good friend Yina & myself were invited to participate in the amazing-race-style game activities, running around Marina Square covering the main highlights to share with you guys on our blogs!

With Yina, and her bf Yongzhuan!

The 3-hour programme that day included:

Food Photography Workshop, with food blogger Dr. Leslie Tay and MediaCorp photographer, Hong Chee Yan, to teach participants how to take appealing food shots! Food shots are actually very difficult to master… not only must the lighting be perfect, you have to make the viewer wanna lick their screen to succeed properly!

Participants are then sent to race around the mall to accomplish a series of tasks that requires them to take photos, implementing the tips taught during the workshop earlier.

After looking at all the food at the various task stations, when they’ve completed all their challenges… it’s their turn to feast, at the buffet spread catered by Three Bistro!

We were told to report at Marina Square, where a mini photography workshop was held by Dr Leslie Tay and Hong Chee Yan, teaching us how to take appetizing food photos that would make you salivate!!! (what I do on Instagram everyday hahaha)
Basically, we were given a game card with 6 different pit stops and photography tasks we had to achieve at each station, before we can move on to the next. We were given some pocket money too – $15 worth of Marina Square Gift Vouchers to use!

We were to complete all the activities within a certain time limit to qualify, and the team with the best photos deemed by a panel of judges (Dr Leslie Tay, MediaCorp photographer, Hong Chee Yan and The Muttons from 98.7FM) will win the first prize which consists of $500 worth of The Dining Edition vouchers!!! I think food prizes are the most practical for competitions. Everybody needs to eat everyday, right? :P At Marina Square’s The Dining Edition… you’ll have a hard time deciding between all the options!!!

Some ground rules being covered by The Muttons from 98.7fm, who were our emcees for the day, then we were ushered outside where each team had to down a whole litre of soft drink before we could start. The earlier you finish, the faster you embark on the race!!!

Let the games begin!! And may the odds be ever in your favor.
Our first stop was at The Gallerie to identify the food items as shown in our task sheet and hunt down the stall that sells them. Which isn’t as easy as it seems.. because there’s so many stalls in there!
But…. because I’m such a food person, I recognized most dishes immediately, and managed to get the task done in under 5 minutes!!! Yippeee!
Prawn noodles & yong tau foo were no-brainers. Can’t call yourself a Singaporean if ya don’t recognize those foods at first glance!!!
Getting my stamp of approval to prove that I’ve fairly completed my task! There’s game marshalls at every station. The event turnout was actually very impressive, I didn’t take Singaporeans as the sort of people who would spontaneously appear for an amazing race game during the weekend!
Second pit stop: Food styling at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe. A place I frequent every now and then because it opens till past midnight!

Thank goodness we were one of the earlier few who arrived, because the queue for this station piled up like crazy soon after.

With my partner in crime, Jasmine from Nuffnang, who was so nice as to volunteer as my partner for the day because my original partner couldn’t make it at the very last minute, and helped me navigate around Marna Square (I’m hopeless with directions) and snap the photos in this post. Thank you dear Jasmine!!!!!! I think we make an awesome team :P
We were given a whole table full of props that we could use to decorate the table set up with, to make our photos appear more visually appealing!

I saw some people grabbing Christmas tree ornaments to put beside their food…. hahah whaaaaat? *shakes head* This is HK cafe leh!!!! 

This was the best shot out of the lot, I think.
It was kinda difficult because the lighting in the restaurant was very yellowish and not exactly brightly lit, and flash would’ve looked too harsh… so this will have to do!! I reckon Chinese / Asian food is generally a lot more difficult to photograph than Western food. Probably because Chinese food has a lot of brown sauce in the cooking…. while Western has more bright reds and greens, looks more appetizing

We’re at our Third Stop already!!!

Seems so fast when I’m typing this out, but it was anything but short when you’re in the game. Lol. Each station was located many many many meters apart from each other, in fact most from one part of the mall to the other… and if you’re a Singaporean you will know that Marina Square is HUGE. There was no time for walking, only running / brisk walking. PURPOSELY ONE RIGHT, ORGANIZERS?! I must have burned at least 400 calories.

Not bad lah.

Another food styling shot, the picture had to be taken from a designated spot, at O’Coffee Club. Didn’t have to do much because white plates and western food can’t go wrong! So much easier to photograph. It was mental torture to have to run around photographing all these yummy food but not being able to put it into your mouth!!!!
This isn’t considered a pit-stop but was one of the requirements in the game card as well:
Take a jumping shot in front of the huge Marina Square logo / sign! I can’t jump very high and I was wearing a short dress (from!) so to get these shots in front of many staring passersby, was a feat in itself. 
Ok… much better!!!!
Fourth stop… getting there, getting there! We headed to The Dining Edition, which is a newly formed cluster of 16 restaurants in Marina Square, to take a photo with 4 or more different restaurants in a single shot.
Success! In this shot we have ST.MARC CAFÉ, Beanstro, Addictions Café & Remedy Bar and the last one at the back with their sign blocked out is Bangkok Jam! :P
Fifth stop was definitely my favorite one…. GELATOOOOOOOOO!!! 
At Artisan Alfero Gelato, we were made to answer trivia questions about gelato, and if we got the answer wrong, we would have to buy a scoop of gelato (which you can purchase with Marina Square Gift Vouchers given to us earlier on in the day). BUT if you guess the answer correctly… you get a free scoop of gelato and get to keep the vouchers!!!! Yay! So my question was: “What is one difference between ice cream and gelato?”
Without hesitation, I quipped: “Gelato has lower fat content than ice cream!!!!” and just like that, I received a free scoop of my favorite passion fruit gelato. :D Which tasted soooooooo good and refreshing, especially after all that hustling about! Will definitely revisit this place when I’m back in Marina Square again.

At The Beacon, our final stop of the day! Finally!
We were asked to match the drinks name to the cups: Mojito, Shirley Temple & Pink Lady. 

Such pretty colors!!!!!!

I don’t drink, but I guess things like these are basic general knowledge. I play too much cranium and balderdash board games… I have too many random facts stored in my brain. Lol. 
After more than 2 hours (yes it took that long o_o) of scrambling and squawking like headless chickens…. we made it!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!

Went to get our photos printed out for the judges to look at. We made pretty good time even though our stamina dropped significantly towards the end! :’D
There were 40 teams in total, so that meant 80 people took part in the game, racing around for food in Marina Square that day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With that many people involved…

Did I believe my chances of winning were high? To me, I thought so. Yes. Lol. I’m competitive like that. I honestly thought I did well!!! 

BUT…. My team didn’t manage to snag any prize in the end, even though I still had a lot of fun. Still think my photos rocked. Lol. Especially thankful towards Jasmine for her help on a Saturday!!!! Yina and I used our Marina Square Gift Vouchers to have a nice dinner together afterwards. 
Thank you to the people at Marina Square / 8 DAYS for having Yina & myself over, and for organizing this friendly Food on Foot competition that brought people and food together!  Looking forward to more of these type of events in the future! I discovered a whole bunch of delicious dining options in Marina Square, which I didn’t realize existed before. You will be surprised at how many choices you have in one mall! Happy to have also made new friends while putting my legs and brains to the test. A light-hearted way to spend the afternoon, one I wouldn’t mind doing all over again. :)

This time, can we do something even more fun such as actually getting to eat food at every single station? Lol. I would totally win at that game, for sure.