Pizza and Pasta under one hut!

*points to the title above*

Yep, if you look through my Instagram #shibertycooks feed, you’ll see that about 80% of the food I cook at home is some sort of variation of pasta… not even exaggerating! What’s NOT to love about pasta? (besides the calories lol) It’s an entire meal, on one convenient plate. No need to think too much. No need to cut, or dip, or peel, or do anything to get your food in your tummy.. Just twirl your fork around, and dig in!

I’m definitely a carbs kinda girl. Like I definitely love my red meats and sometimes a good salad, but I NEED to have carbs for every meal. You don’t know how much it killed me to be on a low carb diet back then!!!
Now that I’m no longer on a crash diet and I can indulge in delicious pasta whenever I want, imagine my reaction when I found out that Pizza Hut at City Square Mall was spontaneously turned into an all-new Pasta Hut for a couple of days, and I was invited down to a blogging event to sample a few of their new pasta dishes!!!

I didn’t even know the surprise I was in for, until I got there.

Naturally, I thought I was going to have Pizza at Pizza Hut! Upon arrival, I stared at the sign for a few seconds in confusion. It turns out that from 29 June – 2nd July, Pizza Hut was converted to Pasta Hut to show their dedication to pasta and how Pizza Hut can make good pasta just like their pizzas. Introducing three new yummy dishes – Roasted Chicken Leg Parchment, Baked Penne in Truffle Cream Sauce & Turkey Bacon Aglio Olio! Even better still, each order of a pasta dish entitles you to a complimentary personal pan pizza!!!! I know a good deal when I see one!

When I entered the restaurant, there were already what looked like more than 50 RSVPed blogging guests eagerly waiting for their food! It didn’t take long for myself to get seated and served by a friendly waitress as well.

We were given a choice between the Berri Sparkles & Summer Sparkle for drinks, and of course I chose the latter. Mangoes are my absolute favoritest fruit!!!!!

Sometimes I think I’m still a 10 year old kid. I can’t live without my sparkling sugary drinks. It takes a lot of self control to limit myself to only a few a week! If I could eat and drink whatever I want without getting fat, I’d be chugging down 3 glasses of these addictive and refreshing Summer Sparkle drinks a day.

It wasn’t long before food started flowing out of the kitchen like I’ve never seen a kitchen do so before. Every few seconds, a tantalizing pasta dish would fly out of the doors and onto our tables!

Loud pop music played as waiters danced around with a pasta plate on their hand, gravitating towards customers, performing what would be the very first Pasta Parade I’ve witnessed in my life. Gotta love their spontaneity!

The atmosphere for the night was fun and upbeat, buzzing with excitement. All thanks to an enthusiastic emcee host, fun games like crossword & jigsaw puzzles, and music pumping throughout the evening! Over here, this lady is posing with the Roasted Chicken Leg Parchment. Look at that big fat juicy leg just waiting to be devoured. I’m so hungry typing this now ahhh!

In a matter of minutes, we were all crowded around this table that featured all of Pizza Hut’s signature pasta dishes! Stomach growled like crazy when I was taking these photos because they smelled so good! They have everything from tomato sauce based pastas, to aglio olio, to creamy baked pastas (the best type I reckon hehehe)

I wanted to try everything but along with the side dishes, appetizers and drinks, I didn’t have much stomach space left!

To me, these were the star dishes of the day:

I always get amused by people who order Squid Ink Linguine and their blackened mouths! Quick tip: don’t order this on a date? :P

Turkey Bacon Aglio Olio is the second newly released dish, which I managed to try that day! It’s surprisingly spicy (probably catered towards the Singaporean taste buds), wasn’t overly oily like some aglio olio dishes tend to get, and had just the right amount of garlic to give a nice kick. Mushrooms + bacon is always a good idea!!

However, Baked Penne in Truffle Cream Sauce is an EVEN better idea!!!! 

Everything I love is combined in one plate – button mushrooms, chicken ham, turkey bacon, crusty baked cheese with a gooey center, a slight hint of truffle aroma.. definitely my top pick for the night. It wasn’t a heavy dish, it was actually rather light despite it’s name so people who don’t fancy creamy pastas because of their thickness – no worries about this one being too “gelat”! Happily wolfed the whole thing down.

 Before I forget… let me tell you a true short story (that is moderately embarrassing). The emcee walked over to my table and decided to prey on me, asking “How do you like the Baked Penne in Truffle Cream Sauce, and why?” I can’t even remember what sort of verbal diarrhea I managed to spit out in the spur of the moment but I painfully remember saying “I like creamy things in my mouth.” e_e… Or something along those lines, that could be totally taken out of context. #thatswhatshesaid #cringeworthyanswers #ineedpublicspeechlessons

As if the mountains of pasta wasn’t enough to feed us, Pizza Hut fed us with their popular appetizers as well, like the classic Soup Of The Day (mushroom), Sweet N Spicy Drumlets, Cheesy Mussels and Criss Cross Fries! I’m sure no Singaporean would need any introduction to the taste of these dishes because most of us would’ve grown up eating it!

I love their spicy drumlets, it’s a must-order along with their garlic bread every time my family calls for Pizza Hut delivery and it was the hot favorite among my table because it was the first dish to disappear quickly. :D

By the end of the night, we were all stuffed silly, and satisfied.
My dining partner was the bubbly Rachell, who’s favorite dish of the evening was the Turkey Bacon Aglio Olio (because she loves spicy food!)

Thank you Pizza Hut, or should I say Pasta Hut… for an evening filled with laid back mingling, yummy food, hilarious games and continuous laughter! I’m very pleased by the introduction of new pasta dishes to Pizza Hut because I’m definitely a bigger pasta person than pizza, and I’m sure there are many pasta lovers others out there like me – now you and your friend can enjoy pasta AND pizza under one hut together. Don’t miss out on their awesome Weekday 1-for-1 deals, available from 3 July onwards till 13 August at all their dine-in restaurants!!!!
Double the choices, double the fun, double the yum!! :)

 Head on down to Pizza Hut’s Facebook page to LIKE and find out more about them!

P.S – Check out all the enthusiastic people having fun at Pasta Hut that evening below :D