A pampering session at Bella Skin Care

What defines beauty?

I’m sure everyone has different opinions about what is considered “pretty”, “gorgeous” or “beautiful” to them. It’s true that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Some people like bright colored big eyes. Some like ethnic small asian eyes. Some people like long sharp noses, others prefer cute button noses. But I think there is one aesthetic factor every one in this world can agree on that instantly qualifies as an attractive attribute…. and that’s clear skin on your face (and on your body, for that matter). I believe that having good complexion is half the battle won for being good looking. The other half is having proportionately sized, symmetrical features and being physically fit (still working on that one). I cannot imagine blackheads or zits ever being considered as sexy, or cute, so there’s no wonder why females can spend hundreds of dollars on skin care and cosmetics every other month in a bid to keep their complexion as flawless as possible! Every girl’s lifelong dream is to look good without make up and to never get fat no matter what they eat. But let’s face it – things don’t always pan out the way we want them to.. If you’re overweight, you can exercise or go for slimming treatments. And if your skin needs help, you can go to Bella Skin Care for some much needed salvation.

Here I am at Bella Skin Care, wearing another comfy and simple hollyhoque.com dress (I wore a different dress by them in my previous post!) that happened to totally match their logo’s color… no it wasn’t on purpose, but I must have some level of telepathic ability :P

I have to admit, I have never been taking particularly good care of my skin until just of late.

Prior to this, I had not gone for a facial session in probably more than a year and my regular skin care regime  included the bare essentials – cleansing and closing up my pores with toner. I still remember using body soap to wash my face barely 2 years ago. Only in recent months have I really tried to step up my game and purchase more skin care products, so now I go all the way with cleansing, toning, moisturizing, serum-ing and weekly exfoliating + masking. To really complete my routine, however, I visited Bella Skin Care for a wholesome and revitalizing treatment!

“Established in 1982, Bella has over 30 centres worldwide to date and is the region’s acknowledged leader in advanced skincare services and advanced hair removal solution. Using the most up-to-date facial and hair removal technologies and techniques available worldwide, Bella is constantly enhancing and expanding its exclusive range of professional skincare services. All Bella Skin Care centers are staffed by a dedicated team of qualified skincare experts who are equipped with the latest developments in specialized skincare treatments and hair-removal services.”

The Bella outlet I visited was extremely conveniently located at International Building, coincidentally also the same building where my chiropractor is at!!! So immediately after my chiro sesh, I hopped over to Bella… I can foresee myself coming back here more often now, it’s only a 5 minute walk from Orchard MRT! :)

The interior of the place was minimalist, very clean and simple looking yet comfortable and polished at the same time.

After seating me down with a cuppa tea, the skincare expert analyzed my overall skin condition with this cool machine that could Zoom In x 999 into your skin to see even the tiniest freckle, hair, pore and zit. It shows us all the problems that we can’t see as well with our naked eye. I told the skincare expert that I’ve noticed my skin getting oilier these days, and I tend to get small zits more often than I used to. Also, I have combination skin, which means my T zone is excessively oily but my cheeks and chin area are dry.

She highlighted to me that I’ve got some scarring from recent pimples on my forehead and chin, and blemishes / blackheads that needed to be extracted most notably around my nose. The dark blotches you see on the screen are apparently remnant pimple scars which have faded into dark pigmentation!!!! D:
I didn’t know it would look so dark!

Based on this analysis, it was then decided that the most suitable treatment for my skin would be the…

Pure Blossom Treatment

The treatment room was soooo cozy and comfy, I fell asleep multiple times while the therapist’s soft hands worked their magic on me.

This is my face with zero make up, freshly cleansed. And obviously I won’t be doing any photoshop to my skin or face in this post to show you the real deal. I think I have a yellowish undertone for my skin, and redness around my cheeks, forehead and chin. My chin area has the most discoloration, with random dark patches of skin everywhere, so frustrating! While people struggle with the common oily forehead, I have an uncommon problem with a zitty chin.

I wore contact lenses to the facial, so I was asked tp remove them before starting as I would be more comfortable during the procedure. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring any solution or contact lens casing with me, and to my surprise, they had spare ones ready for my usage! How extremely convenient.

After cleansing, I was treated to a “Welcome Massage”, which took me by pleasant surprise because this is the first facial salon I’ve been to that not only massages your face but your shoulders, arms and neck too. Ultimate bliss!!!!!! Then, my skin was gently exfoliated by scrubbing, prepping it for the upcoming extraction. I know most girls hate the extraction part but I actually quite like it. Doesn’t it feel good to know that all that yucky gunk is being squeezed out of your face?! It’s not recommended that you do it by yourself at home because you might accidentally damage your skin even further by using the wrong methods, so leave it to the professionals! The pain was tolerably and completely acceptable by my standards. My therapist offered to groom my eyebrows (nice touch!) but I had to stop her after awhile because I couldn’t stand the pain from plucking. So yeah, plucking eyebrows definitely ranks way higher on the pain threshold level than extraction for me. I always shave my brows.

Halfway through the treatment, my therapist wheeled in this odd looking tub of orangey liquid.. which turned out to be hot wax.

And told me to dip my hands in them!!!

With raised eyebrows, I followed her instructions. She explained that this hand paraffin wax is going to keep my hands warm and toasty and the aftermath result will be softer, smoother hands!

It did feel quite strange, not in a bad way, when the melted wax eventually dried up, like your hands were encased in wax… a unique experience indeed.

After which, a rose infusion was sprayed all over my face, a botanic ampoule massaged into my skin, and then a relaxing mask was applied as the finishing touch. Everything smelled sooo good because the Pure Blossom treatment uses natural flower extracts! I thought I would be left alone while the mask was setting on my face, but the therapist gave me another massage for the next 10 minutes. So many plus points for extra massages!

By the end of the treatment, my skin was feeling rejuvenated, firm, supple and just plain awesome.

My skin tone looks brighter, more even and despite the extraction, you can’t see any angry red marks on my face! I was extremely glad about this because nothing says “I’ve just gone for a facial” like a bare face with bright red dots all over it.

The Pure Blossom treatment’s key ingredients include Vitamin C and Glycolic Acid, which helps stimulate collagen production below the surface of the skin and detoxifies, restoring a firm, youthful and radiant complexion. You can see the results for yourself!!!!!!!! The whole process took slightly over an hour, time went by quicker than I expected as I was having friendly chats with my therapist the whole time, and by the end of it all I was very pleased with what I saw in the mirror.

Just in case you think I’ve played with the lighting or photoshopped the difference on my skin, here’s the skin analysis upon completion of the treatment.

My pimple scars have lightened tremendously!!!!! Begone, pigmentation. The quicker you get rid of pigmentation when it sets on your face, the easier it will be. The blackheads on my nose were also removed and hydration level of my skin boosted!

The shots above were taken when zoomed into my forehead area, and the reason why the hair disappeared along with the pigmentation marks is because she shaved away the hair excess around my brows!

On the whole, my complexion was radiant and I dare even say, glowing without make up. I don’t mind leaving the house without make up on a normal basis, in fact I do it a lot, but I feel like my skin looks rather dull naturally and would prefer not to be in town without it. Not that day, however. I paraded around Orchard Road, and even went to Mediacorp to support my friends for The Final One and got accidentally filmed on national TV without an ounce of make up on me!!!

Barefaced, loud and proud!

Specially for my blog readers, you girls get to try thePure Blossom Therapy at only $98 instead of the usual pricing of $168!!! Please print out this voucher and bring it along after fixing an appointment with them to use it. Bella has outlets all over in Singapore, from Jurong to Tampines to Serangoon to Orchard so visit their website here for a list of their locations and to make your appointment!

Here’s to beautiful skin, and confidence you can wear even without make up on!