Mio TV Wacky Food Creation

Love eating good food and watching TV? Congratulations, you’re just like every other Singaporean!!!

Singtel mio TV has been around in Singaporean households for 5 years now, and they’ve finally reached four hundred THOUSAND subscribers. 400k is a whopping number of viewers for a small island like ours! To give their thanks and show their appreciation, Singtel mio TV is bringing you this awesome competition where they bring you closer to all the action you see on your TV set!

My Wacky Food Creation Competition

What do I win? ♥ mio TV is offering a lucky subscriber a pair of tickets to dine with Michelin Star Chef Alvin Leung in Hong Kong. 3D2N return tickets and accommodation included!!!
How do I participate? ♥ Whip up a CRAZY, wacky, out of this world food creation.. take a picture of it, and describe your mad meal! Share it on Twitter, Facebook and other social media, then get all your friends to vote for you! The more votes you get, the higher your chances of winning.
How do I win? ♥ The top 5 most bizarre food art will be shortlisted and invited to a showdown, with the Judges’ top pick winning a pair of tickets to dine with Alvin Leung in Hong Kong.

That’s all there is to it. Straightforward, and tons of fun.

Visit this link for more information on contest mechanics and check out other participants’ entries! I think this competition calls my name!!!!  I am always in the kitchen so this is like second nature. But hey, you don’t have to a Master Chef to whip up fun and creative dish, let me show you just how you can come up with a unique and impressive Wacky Food Creation with some everyday cheap household items such as bread, cheese, seaweed, sausages & ham! This took me approximately an hour to do.

Here’s my submission for mio TV’s Wacky Food Creation, with instructional visuals… hopefully it will inspire you hopefuls out there to submit your own entries!!!

Let’s start off with these items. Toasted white bread, a large crispy seaweed sheet, sliced cheddar cheese and some green leaves! The brand of these items don’t matter, as long it looks similar to the colors it’s fine.

Next… I got some chicken sausages, fried them up and chopped them into halved pieces like so!
You’ll see which character it’s used for later ;D

I thought the toasts looked kinda plain so I buttered them, then sprinkled garlic/onion and paprika powder to give it some life and color. Paprika and some sprinkling of parsley flakes always does WONDERS for presentation!

Cutting out simple character shapes with ham, cheese, seaweed and a pair of scissors! Mummy always told me not to play with my food, but I think I can make an exception this time. ;) Mum, if I get to go to Hong Kong because of mio TV’s Wacky Food Creation contest, I’d bring you!!!

Check out the jiggly shape I’m cutting out!! *hint hint* Can you see where this is going yet?

PSYDUCK!!! *Psyduck hurt itself in confusion*
Whaaaaaaat? Did I really just make epic pokemon characters out of some sliced cheese and bread like a boss?

Yes, I did. Is there a limit to my expansive talents?

….No. :P

I WANNA BE THE VERRRYYY BEST. That no one ever was!!!

To catch them is my real test, to eat them is my cause… JENG JENG JENG.

They say breakfast is the most important meal of your day. So why not make a breakfast the kids (and adults like myself lol) would LOVE to eat?! I promise they’ll wake up earlier every morning just to see which pokemon character you make next!!!! I know I would if my mum made me these when I was younger! My Saturday mornings used to spent watching pokemon at 10am on TV.

Jiiiiglypuff~ JigleEeeeeeeeePAHHFFF was made out of ham and seaweed! The red part of the mouth was tomato ketchup squeezed out of a piping bag. I literally could not stop singing the Jigglypuff song in my head the whole time I was making these. I must be annoying to live with.

When I was researching which Pokemon I could re-create into food, I couldn’t get over how genius it would be to make Diglett out of a chicken sausage!!!! I mean he LOOKS like a sausage to begin with! :’D The green part is just some dark green vegetable.


Pikachu cut from cheese, the eyes from shortening… I choose you!!!!!!!! 

…Oops!!! Sorry Pika, you were too delicious! :(Mmmm mmm!

The most cutest breakfast ever, washed down with orange juice, which happens to be my favoritest drink in the whole wide world. Now that’s a great start to my day!!! And really, it wasn’t all that difficult to do. Messy? Yeah.. a little. But difficult? No, no really, just slightly tedious!

But was it worth it, considering this Wacky Food Creation entry could win me an expenses paid trip to Hong Kong to dine with a Michelin Star Chef, Alvin Leung?


What kind of Wacky Food Creation can you crazy people come up with to impress the judges of this mio TV competition? Get those creative juices flowing & your thinking cap on! It can be any type of food you want.. pasta, rice, anything you can cook and make it look as crazy or unique as possible.

Submit your own entry at this link, contest ends 22nd May so best to head to your nearest supermarket soon!

Have fun, and remember, you’re never too old to love Pokemon!