Eu Yan Sang – Weight Management Program Post 4

So, it’s been a couple of good months now since the last time I looked as big and heavy as the picture below….. but just in case you forgot what I used to look like, here’s a gentle reminder.

Weight loss starts not with a change of diet or lifestyle, but with changing your state of mind.

There’s the old me, on the left, and the current me on the right. I love delivering shock-factor pictures like these, they’re always so fun. Especially when you know you’re no longer the person you used to be. Face your demons! I embrace my past because it has made me a better person.

♥ My Story With Eu Yan Sang:

Mmmmhm. No biggie…. just lost like 10 whole kilograms of fat I had the misfortune of putting on after gorging myself with food and spiraling out of control of my own body.

…WHO AM I KIDDING?! It’s a huuuugeee deal!!!!! Last year I dropped about 11kg in total, and of that amount, 5.2kg was with the generous and sincere help of Eu Yan Sang’s weight management program. Read my 100% honest recount of the experiences here: Post 1, Post 2, Post 3. You will notice how my attitude starts to sound more positive in writing from the 2nd post onwards as I begun to see satisfactory results!

I was dealing with weight issues for awhile and was losing weight on my own, but Eu Yan Sang offered me that SHOVE I truly needed to get off my ass and really work those pounds off. Everyone, and I repeat, EVERYONE can lose weight instantly if they wanted to. You will see results in a few days, or a week, even if they are minor.. they are results nonetheless. But it’s just SO much easier when you have someone encouraging (in this case, professional to boot) to guide you along and nudge you whenever you start getting lazy. Many a times I felt like giving up on my low-carb diet last year, but my physician kept pushing me further, pressuring me in all the right ways. The only thing more difficult then losing the weight itself is gathering enough motivation, determination and willpower before you get around to doing it.

Before I started the program, I was really skeptical and hesitant. I told myself even if I only lose like 2kg it’d be an achievement (back then, losing weight seemed somehow impossible to me, it was as though no matter what I did I only seemed to gain more weight) Well imagine my delight when I lost 5.2kg in under 3 months thanks to Eu Yan Sang’s guidance and traditional acupuncture method!!!!!! Go read my previous posts to find out how acupuncture actually helps with raising your metabolism and curbing a monstrous appetite like mine!

Here I am with Physician Yang in a photo taken last week, I was so glad to see her again and gave her a warm hug when I walked into the clinic! I don’t want to seem over dramatic about being so grateful to her and Eu Yan Sang but really, I am. A lot of people pressured me to lose weight along the years, by calling me a pig, fat, obese, troll, etc, but those comments did nothing except piss me off / hurt my feelings / make me feel like not losing weight even more, because they weren’t supportive of encouraging but more of taunting. And I don’t respond well to taunting. I am a rebellious soul and will do mostly always the opposite of what people tell me to. I was just born that way.

But Physician Yang was patient, understanding and encouraging, like a second mother, which is why I felt so motivated by her genuine support. Even when I faltered, she didn’t blame me, but instead urged me to strive to do better, for my own health and sake – not for her, or for anyone else. Anyway, Physician Yang not only helped me find ways to curb my appetite and shed kilos, she also helped in improving my overall health!

Every single visit to Eu Yan Sang’s clinic would result in blood pressure, heart rate checks, asking me if my bowel movements have been regular, etc. Eu Yan Sang’s Traditional Chinese Medicine and practice approaches are more holistic that way, they believe paying attention to little details will help improve one’s overall health as when you feel unwell it means your body’s yin and yang is out of balance. They will try restoring that again for you, and prefer using all-natural ingredients on their chinese medicine as opposed to western drugs which are full of chemicals.

♥ My Story After Eu Yan Sang

I was kinda afraid that after ending my weight management program with Eu Yan Sang, I’d accidentally let my strength slip again and have my weight rebound back up. But surprisingly I haven’t gained any weight at all since ending my treatment and in fact I’ve lost more weight without even trying (no exercise, no special diet, I still eat ice cream and pasta whenever I want to, but within a reasonable amount). I’ve ended my treatment since September 2012, and still I am maintaining the results well!

Generally I try to eat healthier, fresher stuff like homemade sandwiches… it’s not carb free but it’s still delicious (sustainable dieting is key) and relatively good for you compared to fried chicken or hokkien mee!

But on days when I REALLY feel like snacking on something as unhealthy and fattening as potato chips, I try my best to substitute it with the next best thing! In this case, I went away with potato chips and made baked kale chips instead (no carbs YAY!!!)

Have you girls ever had kale chips? THEY ARE SO AMAZING!!! They taste like seaweed except better and 100% natural because they’re organic and chemical free, I just added a bit of salt and olive oil. They taste a lot better than potato chips but have less than 1/10 the calories.

I realized, after a few months of trying to control my diet, that you don’t have to give up good taste if you’re on a moderated diet. I can be losing weight and yet be eating all sorts of food that I love, such as cheese, steaks, mushrooms, soups, deep fried stuff… I just have to eat smart and choose quality over quantity. Sustainable dieting means something you can keep doing for months on end without feeling you’re on the brink of starvation or depriving yourself. Now that I’m lighter, healthier and eating better, I feel amazing! I’m thankful that I’m easier on the eyes these days, too. No need to worry about layers of fat folding around my stomach when I sit down or bend over and I LOVE being able to fit into UK 10 dresses with ease when I used to struggle with Size 14s and 16s.

I no longer have to feel self-conscious or lousy about myself because I can’t fit into normal-sized pretty clothes, or like when I stand next to tall, gorgeous, slim friends… of which I seem to have many of!!!!! I mean obviously I’m not as utterly beautiful as dear Beatrice in the picture above, but I still feel happy with the way I look despite my flaws and imperfections and really, I used to feel like an ogre beside my friends after I gained all the weight. But after all this talk about my success with shedding weight and how many kilos I’ve lost…. I HAVE to admit to you guys..

I’m still not TOTALLY contented with my body and weight. Obviously I can still work on a lot of things!!! I will be the first to say, I reckon my arms and legs are still huge, hahaha. TONS smaller than what they used to be, trust me. But yeah, still pretty big and noticeable.

Ideally, I want to be as thin as my pal over here.

LOL. Just kidding… (I think), no – really, I am. It is not only important to have a healthy weight but also a healthy state of mind! Please don’t let yourself be one of those girls who are SKINNY but think that they are fat. You have a mental / psychological problem, not a weight problem. Although my BMI is now in the healthy and acceptable weight range, my ideal weight is actually about 6 or 7kg lesser than what I am right now. I actually had a New Year’s Resolution post in January stating I want to lose a goal weight of 7kg….. will I be able to achieve my goal this year, with almost half the year gone already???

♥ A New Chapter With Eu Yan Sang Begins

Here’s where the fun part begins!!!!

I will be taking part in SHAPE magazine’s 5km run happening on July 7th, 2013, in a mass awareness and participation project to promote good health and a happier being in general as a result….. And I’d like to invite YOU, my blog readers, to join me on this journey to wellness!

I am holding a contest on my blog, brought to you by Eu Yan Sang TCM Clinics, a chance for two of you to win a fully sponsored Weight Management Program to experience yourself, worth more than $2000 for the sessions EACH!!!!!!!! You guys don’t know how lucky you are omg!!!! I cannot believe this! I have to work and blog to get my sessions sponsored but some lucky two of you are going to get it completely for FREE. Why the world so unfair?? Lol.

All you have to do is just join this awesome contest on my blog and hope you’ll get picked! In disbelief about the effectiveness of the acupuncture I’ve been raving about since last year?! Well here’s your chance to try it personally and boast your own results for the rest of the world to see. To kick start this little health project, you’ll have to take part in the SHAPE 5km run with me. With every contest, there will be rules, so here are mine:

a) Participant must have a BMI of 25 and above (BMI calculation
b) Participant must be willing to be featured in and SHAPE magazine.
c) Participant must be able to commit to the programme (treatments are scheduled at least twice a week) from June to September 2013.

The contest is open from 1 – 30 May 2013. Between 17 to 30 June, Eu Yan Sang will call up shortlisted participants to go through an initial consultation with the physicians to assess their health and determine if they are suitable to undergo the programme. Interested readers are to send the below info to

- Name
- Age
- Height, weight & BMI
- State why you want to be part of the programme (in less than 100 words)
- Photo (optional)

So girls who feel like they need support from like-minded females to go through healthy weight loss methods together with them, pray that the stars align for you and that you get picked, especially if you really need encouragement and support to lose weight.. because I WILL BE HERE FOR YOU!!! I swear!!! Correction – we will be there for each other! I am super excited about being able to share this part of my life with you guys. I always get messages from girls who also struggle with weight issues asking me for advice on how to do it, well now is literally the chance for you to GET IN THE ACTION together with me. We will get fit and healthy together!!!! PROMISE ME YOU WON’T FAIL ME?! Lol. Don’t worry, I won’t let you fail either way.


Quick send in your information to me, and I’ll announce the winners in my next Eu Yan Sang blog post! GOOD LUCK.