Juicy Girls

Here are some simple things that I love in my life:

1) Media preview events. Especially the ones where I can spend time checking out the latest cutest fashion in store & hanging out with blogging girlfriends sipping on champagne, giggling the night away.

2) Taking lots (and lots and lots and lots) of photos in the mean time!

3) Fabulous gal pals ♥

4) Themed parties / gatherings, because they really don’t happen often enough. I like dressing up but I don’t get nearly enough chances to do so! In this case the launch was Pin Up Girl themed in conjunction with their Spring / Summer collection, which got me super excited so I got my hair fixed up & put my red lipstick on + even drew a ridiculous fake mole underneath my eye – what’s not to love about the swinging 60′s??

5) Everything about Juicy Couture!!! ;) 

For starters, there really is no other real point to this post other than to show off my efforts for dressing up that night and also showcasing the beauty of my gorgeous friends and our frivolous evening together. Yep, that is all.

Let the love making to the camera begin!

I have known this girl since the relatively early days of my blogging life in 2008.. Time has passed too quickly! Valerie probably has the proudest dentist in the whole wide world. Her smile… it’s blinding!!! I can’t get over how perfect her teeth are.

While waiting for the mini Juicy fashion show featuring 1.75m tall leggy models wearing their Spring / Summer collection to begin! I LOVE their clothes this season (or rather, every season) and I spotted this super lush corset-like dress I may buy for my 21st birthday. Want want want!

Cute Evonne was the only one who didn’t arrive sporting red lipstick because she didn’t realize there was a Pin Up Girl theme :P

Juli> looking seriously kawaii with her big poofy hair! Ok I actually hate using the word kawaii, and can’t stand people who say it either. Lol. Typing it is okay but I HATE saying it. Nevertheless…. “kawaii” is really the perfect word to describe her so I shall use it just this once. *swallows pride*

I lost count of the number of photos we took that evening. I think when you put a group of girls together, photos naturally happen. Lots of them. It’s just our thing. Don’t judge. But when you put a group of girl BLOGGERS together….. I swear the amount at least doubles! I mean our face is the simplest and best form of exploitation of content for our blogs after all, anyway (YES I SAID IT!)

Wtf Pegs is really super hawt I think I may have a slight girl crush on her!!! And I love our purple hair together. They’re purple but entirely different styles and colors… done by the same salon who takes tender loving care of all our hair needs, Shunji Matsuo @ Somerset 313!

My “EXCUSE ME NO PHOTOS PLEASE!!!!” pose, LOL I don’t even know why we started doing this butttttttt…

This was what happened next. Hahahahah WORK IT BITCHES!!!

Thank you Juicy Couture for the fun-filled evening at your store, your clothes are seriously too cute I’d go broke in 2 seconds thank god I didn’t bring my credit card / Pegs for extending the invitation to us / Juli for your camera’s pics!!!! I can’t wait for the next girly blogging event together!

Also, here’s a shout-out to my salon. They do the best things with my hair. I love the fringe they did for me that evening!!! Can I get away with that hairstyle more often, even when I’m not attending any special events…? You think???

Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon @ 313

Orchard Road, #03-26,
313@Somerset, Singapore 238895
+65 6238 0226
Email: lovehair@shunjimatsuo313.com.sg

Looking back on old photos of me Pre-Shunji era, I don’t know HOW I ever lived with my hair looking so blah because it’s been freaking amazingggg ever since I joined them!!! I owe sooo much to them! I’m sure some of you know I’ve had some really bad hair days in the past (and bad weight days lol). And I kid you not when I say I cannot leave the house to go out without someone asking me where I did my hair or saying something nice about it these days. If you feel like nobody ever notices you / you don’t get enough attention or compliments in your life, please go dye your hair purple tomorrow at Shunji 313. Or bright red / blue / green / something crazy. You will see a 360 degree change and you will never complain about being unnoticed again. And apart from “I’m doing good, what about you?” the other question I answer most frequently in life is “I touch up my hair every 2 months at Shunji Matsuo 313 and I had to bleach it three times to get it purple.”  True story.

Ok, *insert abrupt end to vain post*