The Singapore Zoo

We made a trip to the zoo the other weekend out of spontaneity! Now that I stay in Yishun, it’s actually only like 15 minutes away from my place…. proof that I do live in the middle of nowhere. T__T

I remember the last time I went to the zoo, it was with a bunch of friends from high school that I don’t even talk to now anymore. Time just went by like that.
As it turns out, I still enjoy looking at and learning about animals. I’m 21 this year but I still feel like a kid inside, sometimes. A kid who has a lot of responsibilities. Lol. I hope I never lose this child-like fascination with the world, though. I think it’s an underrated blessing how I’m relatively easily contented, and have the ability to stay positive or happy despite facing trying problems of my own in life. 
I went to the zoo with a 27 year old and an almost 30 year old. And they were both much more excited and amused than I was. 
Monkeys were rocking the ombre style way before us!
I have this thing for touristy stuff. I’m way too happy to give my money away when it comes to doing all the touristy attractions in any place I visit, even the country I live in. I did the flying fox in Sentosa, I’ve been on the Singapore Flyer, I went to the S.E.A marine life park on the very first day it opened…. I don’t think there is one popular local attraction I haven’t checked out yet! Aside from the bungee ride thing at Clarke Quay.
They’ve brought in quite a few different animals since the last time I was here!!!

This is going to be a picture log of random critters more than anything else since our whole day was basically spent gawking at funny looking animals, making rude comments and perspiring in the heat. 

Otters are soooo cute!!!! They’re like these playful little mini sea lions who hold hands and chase after each other and swim in pairs!
Weee, backflip!!!
Hi little red panda! This was in a separate exhibit you had to pay $3/$5 (can’t remember how much exactly) to see, which also contained the giant pandas…
It was so freaking big and scary!!!!! I have never seen a panda IRL before so I thought it’d be all cute and cuddly like people make them out to be but holy shit if I were anywhere near that thing I’d be shitting my pants so bad they would smell it from a mile away. I don’t see how these things are ANY less intimidating than grizzly bears… bears just scare me so much. 
I know people find their black eye rings adorable but I think it makes them appear extra sinister. 
Ok fine… SOMETIMES they’re cute with their retardedly funny expressions. Lol. This is a classic “O RLY?” face.

 And if you haven’t seen the hilarious sneezing panda video from years ago, you have to!!!

We couldn’t figure out what those gun-shot-like wounds on the rhino are! They’re oozing stuff… :3 Were they formed because insects hatched inside their hide and then burrowed out? Does anybody know? And lolol at the bird on the rhino’s forehead. It doesn’t give a damn.
Byrne paid money to feed the giraffe. Money well spent I guess because how often can you say you got to feed this gentle giant?! Their tongues are longgg and sticky and black though…. so I opted out.
Sam’s very pleased about the lion humping another.
This leopard swims like me….. with her head out of the water! “Oh shit, my hair’s gonna get wet!! Gotta keep above the surface!”
So cute! Yet, so deadly.
I don’t even know what this is called but it’s like a mini leopard / jaguar / cat creature….. I WANTS ONE!!!!!! I read in the USA some people kept these exotic felines as pets, they cost like 20k USD but they can be quite dangerous, especially when they grow bigger! You can see me in the picture snapping a shot of it with my iPhone. 
These giant tortoises were so big I was extremely tempted to ride them… I was wondering if I DID jump over the fence and sit on their big shells, what will they do? They won’t bite…. coz tortoises aren’t aggressive…. or are they? I imagine them just shrugging and going, “meh”, then resuming their business of doing absolutely nothing. Just being old.

I know I’ve been pretty absent online recently. Sowie.

What on earth have I been doing besides spending an abnormal amount of time with my bunny Mochi? Well, besides cleaning the house and doing housework because I don’t have a maid anymore and I’m renting a condo, I’ve been madly busy with certain ambitious things I can’t tell you guys about YETTTTT because I’m contract-bound and sworn to secrecy upon my life and I don’t know if I’m one of the finalists or not (something like that), but it’s very exciting news if it does materialize because I’m pursuing another passion of mine which I’ve left neglected for awhile *crosses fingers*, other than that I want to announce that I HAVE RESUMED BAKING BUSINESS with Shiberty’s Sweets!!!!

So that means you can send in your orders and queries for awesome yummeh cakes startin’ NOW. If you’re looking for a nice unique cake for a special occasion coming up, check us out at Where diet goes to die, because sweet dreams are made of these!!! ♥ ♥ ♥