Fashion is for girls of every size

For casual days when you don’t want to think too hard about what to wear, just throw on a simple dress with a girly flair & flattering cut, and go! Also available in coral, peach and red.

A dark green lacey bandage skirt for when you want to dress down, but still out to impress. Also available in black

Wear this intricate lace piece out for a romantic date, a nice family dinner, to social events… any time you need to look like an angel. Also available in pink and navy

These lovely apparels featured today are from the new online boutique,! isn’t your typical blogshop that is a dime a dozen – they specifically specialize in fashionable clothing at reasonable prices for ladies who are UK size 12 and size 14. Why? Because if you’ve ever been a size 12 or 14, you’ll know how terribly difficult it is to find nice clothes for yourself!! Most fashion labels that offer “curve or plus size” clothing range are normally targeted at size 16s and above. And what is considered a  “normal” size, tends to fall under sizes UK 10 and below. Which leaves size 12 and 14s…. right in the middle of nowhere, really. I’ve been there myself, when I used to be a UK 14 not that long ago. I felt like it was impossible to find anything that fit me well even in stores – forget about looking online because 99% of blogshops in Singapore only cater for the average sized slim girl. But just because you’re shaped differently, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy fashion too!!! 
Curvier ladies, rejoice because is right up your alley!!! Lol I couldn’t resist ok. I wear mostly UK 10 clothes now, so the dresses were quite loose on me around the waist area, though that may not be immediately obvious in the pictures I’ve taken because of my body shape and the belt I wore to secure the dress in place. Having said that, I do believe most larger UK size 10s will be able to wear their clothes if you want to! I’m bottom heavy, so their size 12 skirt which had a very bodycon cut, fitted me like a glove. Other pretty clothes I like of theirs is the sexy Anya Scallop Skirt for a girls night out, and a work appropriate Marcille Peplum Dress for the corporate lady! is sharing the love with you girls by giving away this gorgeous Angelic Dress (Creme) to one lucky shopper!!!  All you have to do is mention “ShibertyDraw” when you purchase any item from them, and you will be automatically entered in a contest to win. The contest will run for 2 weeks, after which a winner will be selected and contacted by their team!

I would like give a shout out and applaud this online boutique for being so professional and competitive already despite being a newcomer to the industry – they’ve got everything an online shopper consumer would hope for, from good lighting studio photos to a clean-cut, easy-to-navigate website and even customized wrapping paper / paper bags for your purchased apparels to be packaged in.

To be upfront with y’all, I almost never ever do online shop adverts on my blog because I just don’t like too much commercial clutter on my website, which is also why I’ve also kept it as free from banners as possible as well… But I love the message that is portraying to image-conscious Singaporean girls out there - Fashion is meant for girls of every size!!! I personally know what it’s like to be bigger than the rest. But I want girls in similar situations to know that you can rock your clothes too, if you know what cutting flatters your body type and where to buy such clothes from.

Never let your unique body shape discourage you from experimenting with pretty clothes & feeling good about yourself! ♥